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relationship between self-interest and collective interest, and how it discerning the ideal social life?
Topic: The relationship between self-interest and collective interest is of paramount significance in discerning the ideal social life. How do the great social thinkers react on this issue? Try to consult the works of Huang Zongxi, J.J. Rousseau, Adam Smith and Karl Marx (choose any three) and assess the ways they tackle this issue. Whose view do you prefer..
Relativism, Absolutism, and Biblical Approaches to Ethics
Write a 5 - 6 page paper (stapled, typed, double spaced, APA formatted minus the cover page & running head) labeling & answering all of the following prompts as sections of your essay. Make sure to include an opening introduction and thesis statement, headings for the developing sections of the essay, paragraphs to your essay in which you address the following..
" Explain Descartes’ philosophy and why it was so revolutionary? "
8 pages the 8th being the Reference page “Guidelines for Writing Philosophy Papers” at the Philosophy Department website: http://www.csus.edu/phil/guidance/writing guidelines.html Content: • State clearly what the topic and purpose of the paper is • Clear thesis statement and purpose • Strong introduction • Good explanation of concepts, illustrations..
Compose an original philosophical essay. Clearly explain the issue, problem, or topic you are discussing and explain your position on that issue. If there is a conflict between a position and some feature of morality, for example, explain how that conflict arises and how you would attempt to resolve the issue. The paper should contain a thesis statement in the..
The relationship of Spinoza's conception of God to his conception of human freedom from Ethics
This must be a thorough discussion and evaluation of the relationship of Spinoza's conception of God to his conception of human freedom from his book (Ethics by Benedict de Spinoza). My final class grade is based upon my grade of this paper so it must be an A. Material MUST come from the book.
collectivism and individualism as it applies through parenting styles
Parenting styles and expectations for family members in individualist cultures often are different than those in collectivist cultures. If you placed someone from a collectivist culture in an individualist family, the entire family likely would be thrown off balance. The same confusion may occur if someone from an individualist culture were asked to integrate..
Why is Plato's allegory of the cave so significant? What does it tell us about philosophy?
Its five pages, with a cover and worked cited page. if its possible can the deadline be Wednesday @ 7:00 am. it does not have to be an "A" paper. a "B" or "C" will do just fine. (Do not spend more than ½ page rephrasing the allegory – you can assume your reader is already familiar with)
Axial Age. Robert Bellah "Religion in Human Evolution"
Introduction- 2 Paragraphs Is the axial age and convergence and the basic motives for presenting the Question ( Is there a noticeable gap be tween Robert Bellah's evolutionary framework and his case studies of individual religions- So update the evolutionary theory. Secondly outline your position on the axial age. in terms of Bellah's metanarrative possibilities..
explain how it is it possible to conceive of religion without the figure of God
Please write an essay in which you explain how it is it possible to conceive of religion without the figure of God. Do this using Cahn's essay and consider making reference to other figures such as James, Hick, Tillich, or Rachels, when making your case. Please include at least six direct references to the original text(s). MLA format with double spacing..
An Inquiry into the Sources of Morals by David Hume
- Explain Hume's methodology for determining moral principles. - Strengths and weakness identified as a result of his methodology. - Would you come up with similar principles today? (Explain you r position.)
Summarize the article Man a Machine by La Mettrie in 1000 words and cite
n approximately 1000 words, summarize the article, "Man a Machine". Use paragraphs and indent. Use citations after the word, sentence or paragraph for the page number(s) where you quote or paraphrase from the article.
Theories of faith, traditional predicates,and aruguement of exsistence of god
-explain difference between authentic and inauthentic faith -explain Tillich's view about object of faith -use direct citation MLA format - 6 Passages -conclude with assesment of Tillich's distinction.
Final Exam -4 topics- in General Ethics, Philosophy and Morality
This is a FINAL EXAM due on FOUR different topics-250 words each -1000 words total. The answers need to be in argument form. PLEASE see the attachment for details. Looking for someone to work WITH ME.
“Descartes "are you sure if you are dreaming or not".
I need a philosophy paper on “Descartes "are you sure if you are dreaming or not". with the following requirements: The point of this paper is for you to be the philosopher, in conversation with another philosopher or philosophical idea. Pick a specific argument, topic, or question as presented by a philosopher we read in class (Descartes "are you sure if you are..
utilitarian for and against compulsary vaccinations
600 words essay, state the view of the philosophers. what would the utilitarian argue be FOR and AGAINST compulsory vaccinations.. this paper should be for vaccines and also against compulsory vaccinations, so one paper for and one paper against in a utilitarian term
Does Swineburne 's provide provide a sufficient repose to the problem of evil in your view?
write as completely as possible scholarly in 5-7 pages double spaced , 12pt font, 1"margins). No outside sources should be used . Quotes from the required text require only a parenthetical page reference after quoto. All papers are scanned and uploaded in pdf form into waypoint an online datebase for archiving and plagiarism detection purposes. are the instruction..
Does freedom of speech give people the right to use hate speech? Support
4-6 pages, double-spaced, 12 point font consistent citation style in text and bibliography Begin with a clear thesis statement, then give an overview of the argument[s] in support of your thesis. Include at least one strong objection to your thesis and show how this objection can be overcome. If the objection can not be overcome state why you still defend your..
The Mind of God: the Scientific Basis for a Rational World
essay should be approximately 10 pages in length and should give a summary/analysis of the author’s argument and your own evaluation of that argument. In many cases, you should pick just several chapters from the book. Consider reviews and/or articles about your author
“WHAT ARE THE SOURCES OF PERSONAL ETHICS AND ETHICAL BEHAVIOR?” Points to remember and discuss: 1. Ethics and morals are not the same. Define what they are and then concentrate on the ethics alone 2. Remember that ethics are how you treat others; morals are belief values held personally by individuals 3. Ethics by virtue of their source(s) are universal and absolute,..
Gender Essentialism
I desire a philosophy term paper arguing against the notion that gender essentialism is inherently bad, from an evolutionary perspective.
Ethical implications of Canada's Medically Assisted Suicide Legislation
Paper should be 10-12 pages double spaced and must be in APA style. Choose a topic that involves a bioethical question relevant to Canadian society and Health Care. Eg you can review the new Medical Assistance in Dying legislation in Canada. Explore the ethical implications of the selected topic using 2-3 ethical theories; principlism and utilitarianism...
Philosophy Paper
Write a 3-page paper on the following question: Consider the following passage: "Mary is confined to a black-and-white room, is educated through black-and-white books and through lectures relayed on black-and-white television. In this way she learns everything there is to know about the physical nature of the world. She knows all the physical facts about..
Gender Revolution
Three page issue paper following the requirements for each paragraph. It is based on the documentary: " Gender Revolution: A journey with Katie Couric" Also answer 7 question from the documentary and the philosophy book. A summary of an Article about gender identity. A summary of a TED talk about a gender revolution...
I need you to watch the documentary "Shouting Fire" and write a 3 page issue papers responding the five requirements that are in the attached file. The book that I need you to use is "An examined life. Critical Thinking and Ethics". It is a philosophy book. I need you to use the chapter of DUTY ETHICS/DEONTOLOGY..
Theories Comparison
Our group chose the case below for this term paper and two theories (Caring and Utilitarianism) I provide you in the attachment will be applied to this case. Here is the link of the case: https://www.cnet.com/news/facebook-content-moderation-is-an-ugly-business-heres-who-does-it/ Please help me do the comparison for the two theories, you can see the..
Comparing theory
Please read the notes of these two theories, outline, and the case. You should read the case ( text me for the link of the case ) to understand what this case is about. Then, you compare the same and different of 2 theories in this case. Please read the outline carefully. In addition, you only can use the notes that I gave you. Do not use outside resources. Thank you...
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