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Naval in Asia Pacific Region: Development and Problems
4200 words, not more than 20 hours. Answer these question: 1. Is naval modernisation in the Asia Pacific region inherently de-stabilising? 2. What are the chief problems likely to be encountered in ‘growing’ a navy in the Asia-Pacific region? 3. How is the South China Sea dispute affecting naval development in the Asia -Pacific region?..
To Thwart a delusion territory of caliphate in Southeast Asia: Radicalism into a new ideology
Title: To Thwart a delusion territory of caliphate in Southeast Asia: Countering the transformation of Radicalism into a new ideology 2 days, 4ooo words, times new roman 12, citation more from books 2014 up citation in Chicago style 17-20 references Main discussion: 1.Opacity of ideology in the fusion of nationalism and religion 2.Stopping the spread of radical..
Why and how to reduce violence during sports competition in collision and contact sports
number 6. I only need the paper not the presentation Why and how to reduce violence during sports competition in collision and contact sports such as football, ice hockey, boxing, wrestling and lacrosse.
Managing organizations and Leading People/ City of Houston
For this task, you will write a 10-16 page paper on an existing organization with which you have had personal experience. The organization can be a business or a nonprofit, and you may represent any level of the organization (e.g., team, division, whole) in your analysis. Your description of the organization should convey personal experience, rather than information..
The Constantly Changing Expectations in the Hospitality Industry
Open the attachment that is attached to this posting. All of the requirements are listed there along with the ONLY approved sites for research. The topic is: "The constantly Changing expectations in the hospitality industry" Needs to be 1,200 words, AP THIS IS DUE AT 11:00pm 12/1/18
Professional Membership/Leadership Plan/Involvement
Professional Membership/Leadership Plan: Membership to professional organizations is important and vital for continuing education, further learning, and networking. Students are required to join a professional organization to complete this assignment. Organizations and memberships will be discussed in course lecture content. Discuss the following..
Choose two major myths or episodes in Classical mythology (i.e. a major Homeric hymn or set of hymns, a substa
These are the exact words from the syllabus: Draft of the Term Paper: A brief summary of the topic to discuss is required. You must also list the scholarly sources you will use. The length of this draft should be about 500 words. Term Paper: The final paper must include at least three scholarly sources (academic journal articles or chapters of scholarly books) and..
Slave Patrols and Contemporary Law Enforcement Agencies in the United States
The term paper should be double-spaced and should have a minimum of 6 pages (not including your APA Title Page or Reference Page(s)). The paper should have four parts, an introduction, and the main body of the essay, conclusions, and the references. It should also include a cover page with the student's name, course number, the title of the paper, instructor’s..
Keeping up with the kardasians episode and relating it to family course theories
This is a family studies term paper, I will be providing you with notes on my episode, and what to do. I was thinking of a good introduction about my episode, and talking about the episode but relating it back to the theories in supposed to talk about.
ATC navigation systems, ie. GPS, ILS, MLS, RADAR,
Using APA Format; prepare a detailed, referenced report using 12 point font in an MS Word compatible format. Guidelines for APA Format can be found in Course Home, under Writing Help. The report shall be no less than 6, full double spaced, typewritten pages, exclusive of your title page and reference page. (which means you will have an overall minimum of 8 pages)..
Environmental/Occupational Case Study on tinnitus/hearing loss in the work place
CASE STUDY on Tinnitus i have provided some paper to help build this finale paper Introduction: Describe the health hazard. Identify the key problems and issues in the case study. Background: Set the scene: background information, relevant facts, and the most important issues. Demonstrate that you have researched the problems in this case study. Why is this..
Finland economic opportunities and recommendation on how Malaysia can improve international trade with Finland
i was requested to do a desk research about finland and write a term paper about Finland economic opportunities and recommendation on how malaysia can improve international trade with finland. 10 pages exclude references. 1.5 spacing. Arial. Reference style APA
Debate the Value and Ethical Concerns of Psychological Profiling
Write a 5 page persuasive paper (excluding cover and reference pages) that debates the value and ethical concerns of Psychological Profiling. Using critical thinking, construct a persuasive argument on why Psychological Profiling has value to the areas of society, police, courts, and corrections . Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Psychological..
What if Africans colonized American along with Britain and Spain
I have recently paid $45 for a writer to do this assignment and was not done correctly. I need a paper written in the past tense as to if Africans had come to America just as Britain and Spain did to colonize the Americas. I needed written as if this really did happen in history. As if people were to go back and look at history and slavery was never thought of. There was no..
The benefit and liability of a fire protection system
In order to pass the class, each student will complete a 10-Page Term Paper including cover page and reference page with a minimum of “5” reference cites. The topic of the term paper is called “The Benefit & Liability of a Fire Protection System.” Please identify a single type or multiple types of systems in your research; choose some of the hazards and how they affect..
Describe fully the Amazon’s staffing practices by using all 3 Components of Strategic Staffing
This is a portion of term paper for HR management class called Strategic Staffing, covering these area: 1) Sourcing Talent 2) Acquiring Talent 3) Deploying Talent we have to use supporting research from academic journal articles. I will upload some of them for you an i also will upload the Interview that we did with amazon HR in addition to one Amazon Research articles..
finaal research paper the topic is why is traditional schooling better than online school this paper have to be in APA style
Reviewed the Research Paper Guidelines to ensure your paper addresses all required components and develops a clear position in response to one of the writing prompts provided. •Reviewed the Model Final Research Paper and Week Five Assignment Template in order to understand expectations for the assignment. •Incorporated a minimum of five scholarly sources...
Reflection on Your Proposed Amendment to the Constitution
In at least 250 words reflect on your proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution that you presented to your peers in the discussion board.. This assignment is about creating and communicating a fully developed argument. First, describe your proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution. (this is a thesis statement) Second, present and describe three (3) arguments..
Taino Women and their Effects on Modern Puerto Rican
This is for a Puerto Rican class, please use two academic sources for the assignment. Also, add a citation sheet. Talk about the Taino women role and how they relate to Puerto Ricans today. Culturally
South Asian American Digital Archive (SAADA) Assignment
I need a 5 paged paper on "Political Activism of Indian Students Against Indian Dictatorship in 1976" based on a few archives chosen from the South Asian American Digital Archive. I am attaching the assignment guidelines and the topic paragraph (along with links to the image archives)
Co-occurring Disorder (Anxiety and Eating disorder)
write a 6 pages paper based on the outline I've uploaded on Co-occurring disorder Anxiety and Eating disorder. Instructions: Length:6-8 pages, double-spaced, maximum 12 point font, 1-inch margins, plus references, plus a brief abstract. Citation: Citations should support assertions. At least 7 total, with at least 5 of these from peer-reviewed literature..
advantages and disadvantages placing police officers in schools
(I have already added my part of 3 pages, plus some references.) You will be required to submit a term paper. PLEASE CHANGE THE TITLE AS WELL!!!!! The paper will be a research paper in which you will select a current criminal justice practice, determine two applicable criminological theories that apply to it, and evaluate its effectiveness. I will assign tasks..
time is the most important element of a succesful insurgent campaign as it can make up for other weaknesses
its a strategic studies.. Robert Thompson, Defeating Communist Insurgency: Experiences from Malaya and Vietnam (London: Chatto and Windus). (Skim Chapter 1 for background, Chapters 4 & 8) Andrew Mack, Why Big Nations Lose Small Wars: The Politics of Asymmetric Conflict in Thomas G. Mahnken & Joseph A. Maiolo (eds) Strategic Studies: A Reader (London; New..
Social Entrepreneurship as a mechanism for economic wealth creation in Private sector organizations
I need a well written term paper , 7 pages from the below source Darshani, R. K. N. D. and Travis Perera. "Social Entrepreneurship as a Mechanism for Economic Wealth Creation in Private Sector Organizations." Sri Lankan Journal of Management, vol. 22, no. 1, Jan-Jun2017, pp. 95-134. EBSCOhost, search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=bsh&AN=124431518&site=ehost-live..
The 2001 - Aviation and Transportation Security Act
The paper must be written in accordance with APA standards using the current edition. The required length is 4-5 pages of context excluding the cover page, charts, tables, graphs, diagrams, photographs, the reference page, or the appendix. Times New Roman, and 12 font
Therapeutic management of Huntington’s disease (zoology)
Scientific term paper (review) it's ok to use a scientific website such as PubMed to get the information. 5000 words. Abstract, introduction, body, conclusion and 25 references or more. Conclusion should include future directions in the therapy of the disease or any recommendations It's ok to include figures, tables or graphs...
Psychology- Patient in case study needs to diagnosed
Read the case and assign a diagnosis. Provide a rationale for the diagnosis you select, as well as a discussion of any alternative diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. Should be 2-3 pages, double spaced
Civil military Relation In Malaysia - Relationship Between The Military And the Police
Finish in 6 day 5000 words For the paper assignment that's due for this course- we would like you to broadly follow the Chicago style This is also most commonly followed in the Journal International Security. Footnoting and referencing style is important- so please follow the guidelines.
Term Paper presenting the process of RFP (request for proposal).
Please write a 10-15 pages presenting the process of RFP (Request For Proposal) use “Business Research Requests and Proposals” Apendix A as one of your references. You need to have total of minimum of 10 references used.
Research Paper
Please follow the attached file that has all instructions of the outline for the paper. This paper is on Menieres Disease. Must have at least 3 scholarly sources. 3 pages long double spaced 12 font.
Port Security
Answer each question below with at least 350 words and with its own references section. 1 - What are 3 resources available to the port FSO in assessing domestic and international risks associated with terrorism and other criminal activity threats posed to port maritime operations? 2 - What is the role of the United States Coast Guard in port security operations?..
Research paper
I attached instructions of what the outline of this paper should correspond to.This paper is going to be on the disorder called connexin 26. This research paper must include 4 sources. Scholarly articles or websites such as .org or .edu And must be at least 3 pages long.
Management Challenge
Assignment Instructions: For this assignment, please choose a company facing a contemporary management challenge, such as: Examples Only: - Globalism (e.g. Google in China) - Ethics (e.g. Well Fargo opening accounts without the knowledge of customers) - Fracking by the natural gas industry (e.g. Increase in earthquakes in Oklahoma) - Social responsibility..
Personal Change
Please see uploaded hand out need complete by Monday at least 5 to 6 pages all questions answered.
Whooping Cough New Recommendations Whooping Cough is a highly contagious bacterial disease caused by Bordetella pertussis and a disease that doctors may no longer recognize because it has become so rare. Alarms went off in California in the Fall of 2011, where nine infants have died from the disease. There is a great public service commercial that is targeted..
URGENT need it in 2 hrs
Description An effective and thorough reading response needs to include: o An accurate and thorough summary of the main points of the reading. I need the essay in 2 hours. o Your opinion supported by examples from the text. o MLA citation style as needed and works cited page. o Transitions and signal phrases to connect the various parts of the paper. o A well-crafted..
Leadership approaches and theories
In this paper, I need to draw from different approaches as discussed in Peter G. Northouse (Leadership: Theory and Practice, seventh edition) and Nannerl O. Keohane (Thinking about leadership) to develop your own theory of leadership and how it applies to the workplace or other leadership situation. Clearly identify the leadership theories that inform it,..
Teaching the adolescent learner
Students will demonstrate their understanding of topics covered in the course by preparing a final paper entitled “Teaching the Adolescent Learner.” The paper will cover important items from the assigned class readings and class notes. This paper is a persuasive, justification for why teachers should use particular practices and strategies in the classroom..
Describe one of the 10 worst infectious disease outbreaks in history Visit the Discovery Channel website: https://youtu.be/tefAgSl-SWs Describe one of the worst infectious disease outbreaks in history based on the video link above. Identify the causative microorganism. Using the resources available on the Internet, describe in detail how this organism..
Reflective Paper
Reflective Paper The purpose of this assignment is to help you assess your achievement of the course learning goals: Students will be able to: Articulate the concept of interdisciplinary knowledge production and the ways in which it underwrites all aspects of the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences; Think and write critically as an individual capable..
Scenario IV Scholarly Paper
Write a paper on the scenario below that is a minimum of five (5) pages, (Exclusive of cover page and bibliography) and no more than 8 pages. Identify the jurisdictional law that you will apply. (E.g. you can choose to apply Florida Law, Texas Law or any other state of your choice.) Be sure to use APA format with proper bibliography and in text citations. You should..
Palliative Care
The National Consensus Project for Quality Palliative Care report Clinical Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care In the report, review the following domains: Domain 3-Psychological Aspects of Care Domain 4-Social Aspects of Care Domain 5-Spiritual Aspects of Care Domain 6-Cultural Aspects of Care Domain 8-Ethical and Legal Aspects of Care..
Course Paper/Term Paper
Please follow the instruction and rubric that is attached. Included with this paper I need 10 slide PowerPoint APA style. Each slide must have a title and 6 bullets. Each bullets have 6 words. The Power Point must have a title page and reference page per my instructor. This assignment is due by Monday, March 13th. I'm willing to pay $100...
2002 - Homeland Security Act
1.The required length is 4-5 pages excluding the cover page, charts, tables, graphs, diagrams, photographs, the reference page, or the appendix. The format will be double-spaced, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman, and 12pt font.
Environmental Sustainability in Canada
Discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with implementing a sustainable development strategy, at the national, regional or local level in Canada. What are some of the problems that need to be overcome, and opportunities that need to be realized, in order to pursue a development path that does not sacrifice environmental sustainability? Citation..
what are the reasons behind Child labor in afghanistan ?
Academic writing term paper
This term paper about greenhouse heating process, for now just introduction outline and references
Book Review on the book, There Are No Children Here by Alex Kotlowitz
4-5 pages, double spaced, Please number and respond to each of these sets of questions. 1. What were the most important points raised in the book, in your view? 2. What points did the author make that lacked adequate support or explanation? What counter-arguments did she/or he overlook? What other weaknesses or deficiencies did you find in how the author presented..
Midterm Paper
Examine why social and cultural awareness are important for international civilian police working in UN peace operations. In what ways can a lack of social and cultural awareness compromise a mission? This assignment helps you achieve our fourth course objective (CO-4): Examine social and cultural awareness within international civilian police working..
California's Logic Model and Healthy People 2020
Review a logic model in CDC Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention: State Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Programs. A PDF of the document is available online at www.cdc.gov/dhdsp/programs/spha/evaluation_guides/docs/logic_model.pdf. Then, write a minimum five-page paper, using the logic model to illustrate how your state’s health department..
Trends in HR
Analyze the following trends in HR over the last 10 years in 700 to 1,050 words: Employee experience (culture, work-life), engagement Data (tracking turnover, performance, attendance, etc.) Performance - going away from ratings, social performance Increased need for data and analytics tools Five generations in the workplace (focus on millennials) Summarize..
The Social Impact of Alzheimers Disease and the effects it has on the individual, family members and caregivers. I also need a bibliography and to sight the references.
federal preparedness and mitigation programs.
Submit your completed term paper. The term paper will be on federal preparedness and mitigation programs. The paper should be written in APA format, double-spaced with 12-point, Times New Roman font. Beyond the 8 pages, the paper will need to have a title page and a reference page as well as at least 5 sources. The assignment should be submitted in Word...
Sensation and Perception
Class Project - Due Jun 30, 2019 11:59 PM PSYC 310 6380 Sensation and Perception (2195) A class project that critically evaluates recent research on a problem in sensation and perception should be submitted not later than the deadline listed in the syllabus schedule, using Eastern Daylight or Eastern Standard time, whichever is appropriate for the time of year...
ethical dilemma
The Signature Assignment for this course will be a 5-8 page essay. You will also need to include a cover page and a reference page. Please note that these are in addition to the 5-8 pages in your essay). You should use a minimum of 5 sources please include the articles attached. the assignment is also attached...
leadership analysis - Rosa Parks
Key Events. (no more than 2 pages!) A short summary of the key events in this leader’s life that may have impacted their approach to leadership. Note: This is an analysis – not a biography. Do not write a book report! Leadership Approach. Analyze your leader integrating the readings and key learnings from class. Demonstrate that you not only understand, but can..
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