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English Literature Term Paper of "The History Boys " compare to others film, story and novel
Deadline on 25/3 upload to our school turnitin. The best is totally follow the guild-line of the term paper (Compare "The History Boy" and one of the movie that the guildline provide at the back ) The writer can choose one of the movie/film he/she want at the back page of the guild-line Before Writer must read the History Boys Book(I provide the pdf.) and one of the..
Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Project
Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Project CHOOSE SPANISH For this project you will select a language that you will learn as a second language, as much of it as you can. During this time you will be working from two different Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) programs. Do not choose a language that you already know very well. A good choice would..
Final Paper - The Tempest and Othello (Compare and Contrast)
Instructions are attached, please follow them to the letter. I need an A on this assignment and I need it to be done in 24hrs; please do not make an offer if you do not have prior experience with the requested topic. The paper needs to have a main thesis and must provide textual support from both plays...
4-page argument, based in close reading, on “lyric” in Boland’s A Woman Without a Country: Poems (“Art of Empi
Your assignment for Paper #3 is to write a four-page argument (double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman, one-inch margins), based in close reading, on one of the following assigned poems: either Claudia Rankine’s “February 26, 2012 / In Memory of Trayvon Martin” or “Stop-and-Frisk” (in Citizen: An American Lyric) or Eavan Boland’s “Art of Empire” or “Studio..
Major character or theme or issue in one literary works.
Discuss a major character or theme or issue in one of the literary world of any of the authors and should include at least one good secondary source. Authors are Nathaniel Hawthorne, John Updike. Jacob Grimm, Wilhelmina Grimm, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Octavio Paz. The text of the literary works is the primary source , secondary sources are essays , articles..
Analytical Analysis of Citizen: An American Lyric
While your format requirements are somewhat more open-ended, the argumentative requirement itself is the same. You will organize these individual readings or your text(s) around a clearly defined thesis, one that takes an argumentative risk for which your textual analysis will form the support. You will show your reader something about the literary features..
Postcolonial and psychoanalytic approach to "The Bread of Salt" by N.V.M Gonzalez
Thesis statement: forcing circumstances in terms of immaturity leads to an act of confession and reconciliation with reality in "The Bread of Salt" I. BACKGROUND INFORMATION: A. Social stratification in Philippines B. Colonization of the Philippines II. FORCES OF CIRCUMSTANCES: A. Class struggles B. Poverty C. Immaturity of love III. INNER STATE OF DELUSION:..
individual approach (a title of your own) to a carefully and appropriately selected American literary piece
Write an essay with an individual approach (a title of your own) to a carefully and appropriately selected American literary piece,sustained with a clear-cut thesis-statement, close textual reading as well as subtle analysis,with a length of 1500 words plus two annotated bibliographies.
Analyze one element of Everyday Use. Show how that element works
- The goal of this essay is not to announce your own beliefs, but to convince or persuade somebody else to change their opinion by the weight of your comprehensive argument. Other than a brief paragraph introducing the topic, advance your argument in every paragraph. Remember to have a clear thesis, and to advance your analysis to prove your thesis. Do not write..
Black feminist criticism according to Farrah jasmine Griffin
Skim "That the mothers may soar and that the daughters may know their names: A retrospective of black feminist literary criticism." (PDF can be found online) And answer the following questions.... What does the theorist claim about race and gender? Why are these identity categories important? How do they work in society? And finally, why are they important..
Barbara Smith and Toni Morrison on Race and Gender
5 pages MLA format, double spaced. Answer the following questions in the paper: What does the theorist claim about race and gender? Why are these identity categories important? How do they work in society? And finally, why are they important to think about in studying literature? Try to summarize the theorist's claims and approach as best you can by combining..
Discussion questions on the novel The River’s Song by Jacqueline Bishop
Guide Questions for Discussion Type Exam on the novel The River’s Song by Jacqueline Bishop Instructions: Write concise, but also substantial answers to each question below. The answers will be written as a well developed paragraph (range of sentences 8+).
Historical Context Shaping the Adaptations of Pinocchio
The Adventures of Pinocchio by C. Collodi is the literary work Pinocchio - 1940’s film and 2012 film Using a literary work of your choice and two film adaptations from different eras, you will write a coherent, well-supported and well-reasoned argument advancing an analysis of how historical context shapes adaptations in terms of content and style.This paper..
Use either Thoreau's "Walking" or Abbey's "Down the River" to criticize or refine one of Cronon's arguments.
Use either Thoreau's "Walking" or Abbey's "Down the River" to criticize or refine one of Cronon's arguments from "The Trouble with Wilderness; or, Getting Back to the Wrong Nature." That is, drawn on one of their essays to offer a challenge or extension to one of Cronon's claims, arguing that it needs to be changed or complicated. If you choose this option, go beyond..
the closed door system "a fashion in the hindu society"
i want my paper with a minimal reference of 7 and an analytical study of one text which i have uploaded in image section. the extract material is castes in india.. their mechanism, genesis and development by ambedkar
Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights
I need a thesis statement+outline and the paper itself. there are three steps and this is my graduation project so this should be well-done work.
Answering based on the "American Dream" prompt from poems
Please choose one of the two poems below from our poetry module, and answer at least two (2) of the "Joining the Conversation: Critical Thinking and Writing" questions/prompts that follow the respective poems. You may only choose one (1) of the following poems and can respond to the prompts specified. You will be awarded points based on the depth of your responses..
Answer two questions book provided
Please read the guidelines before showing interest on the assignment.
Portrayal of Men and Women in Early Meiji Japanese Literature
Compare and contrast the portrayals of women versus those of men in Drifting Clouds and The Quilt. Make reference to Siever's chapters on the changing ideas of gender and women's position in society. How might these changes, or lack thereof, affect the portrayals of women in these two texts? Please read the instructions carefully and ask if anything is unclear...
A man of the people literature review
I want a writer I shall consider for a long-term project once they are able to complete this task. I want a paper that is free from plagiarism
discussion paper
Girl” 579 Chapter 13 “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” 83 Chapter 3 Write a discussion paper (1-2 pages) on these two stories by Sunday. Discuss how each story discusses gender (particularly female but you can mention male as well)...
use of first-person narration in EdgarAllanPoe’s “The Cask of Amontillado” and how it effect on the story .
title:The use of first-person narration in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado” and how it effect on the story . Paper Guidelines -This is a single-spaced, one-page paper. The length must be strictly adhered to. Please do not go over the page limit. -The font should be Times New Roman, and the font size 12 pts. -analyze the literary device that is being used..
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