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Memorandum on the Department of Homeland Security from you to the President of the United States
Your paper should describe the Department of Homeland Security from an administration/management perspective and if the Department should continue or be abolished. Take into consideration everything we have covered during this course. The memorandum should end with a consideration of the question of “liberty versus security” and if the feeling of heightened..
Assignment 1: LASA 2: Analysis of Technology, Culture and Victims in Crime
Jamal, a straight A junior in High School, was recently involved in a physical fight with another student in the corridor of the school. Juan is a recovering alcoholic who has absenteeism issues and poor grades. Although Juan was held back in sixth grade, and struggles with social situations, he has never been involved in any disciplinary action at school. However,..
s18c and s18d of the Racial Discimination Act and the constitutional issues that arise.
This assignment must be done by someone who is aware of the Australian case law and research as well as the referencing criteria of the AGLC. It must have up to date research and articles - and not exceed the word count of 4,500 including footnotes.
Succession to an adopted child (Civil Code of Quebec)
Will the succession be able to be equal to his brother if the parents are dead and the brother is their natural child and there was no will written. Answer using articles of the civil code of quebec to prove they have equal rights
Memorandum on the Department of Homeland Security from you to the President of the United States
Your 5-7 page memorandum on the Department of Homeland Security from you to the President of the United States and a CC to me is due this week. Your paper should describe the Department of Homeland Security from an administration/management perspective and if the Department should continue or be abolished. Take into consideration everything we have covered..
Is the U.S.-Iran Nuclear Deal a treaty, and is it good for both the U.S. and Iran?
The term paper is for an International Law class and it must be 10 pages minimum not including the Bibliography. The paper must use Chicago/Turabian reference style. It also must contain 10 sources, 2 of them from a book. The topic question for this paper is "Is the U.S. - Iran Nuclear deal a treaty, and is it good for both the U.S. and Iran?". I would love for the paper..
LASA 2: Policy, Lawsuits, and the Mitigation Plan
Assignment 1: LASA 2: Policy, Lawsuits, and the Mitigation Plan It is important for those who have an interest in the criminal justice system or in law enforcement to learn about some of the challenges working in a litigious society can create. Criminal justice agencies have developed methods to reduce the chances of incurring lawsuits against their officers..
law reform commission submission on vitiating factors in contract law
I need a hd paper that is to be written in clear plain legal english. It is to be laid out clearly with headings and sub headings and evaluates the current Australian legal system of contracts. The topics that have been covered are misleading and deceptive conduct, mistake, duress and undue influence, unconscionability and third parties, void and illegal contracts,..
cyber security/ the protection of the United States financial infrastructure
To ensure you are improving your writing ability, a mini-paper is assigned. It will be at least 6 pages (minimum 1400 words, not including the title page and references page or any pictures, charts, graphs, etc. you include), in APA format, and will demonstrate your use of both scholarly articles (a minimum of four) and other references like current news coverage,..
How the 1601 Poor Laws impacted Elderly and Disabled
PAPER TOPIC: How has the English Poor Law of 1601 impacted the welfare systems as we know them today? The English Poor Law of 1601 altered the course of social welfare policy and practice and has continued to impact social welfare policy to this day. Choose two of the populations provided for in the Poor Law and trace how services to those populations have evolved..
One major book about criminal Justice Issues from the list below to be analyzed and submmitted as your final Research Project for this course: Pick One Book only!
Elijah Anderson, “Code of the Streets” (2000) • John Braithwaite, “Crime, Shame and Reintegration” (1999) • Nils Christie, “A Suitable Amount of Crime” (2004) or “Limits to Pain: The Role of Punishment in Penal Policy” (2007) • David Garland, “ Culture of Control” (2002) • Bernard Harcourt, “ The Illusion of Free Markets: Punishment and the Myth of Natural Order”..
value judgements with ethical reasoning- health care law and ethics
The following questions involve value judgments. Ethical Reasoning Methods 1. duty-oriented 2. consequence-oriented 3. divine mandate 4. virtue ethics reasoning. Answer each question for each of the above ethical reasoning methods. Be sure to explain your answers and why they may change with each theory. 1. Should I take a gift from a patient? 2. Should a..
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center v. Nassar. Briefing.
http://www.scotusblog.com/case-files/cases/university-of-texas-southwestern-medical-center-v-nassar/ I need a five page paper, double spaced, briefing this case. Title page and Citations page required as well, not included in the five pages. I have attached all instructions that may be necessary, but I need this by Friday morning...
Should Adequate Warnings Always Protect Against Products Liability?
The paper must be 17-21 pages in length, conform to blue book standards, be appropriately footnoted, free of plagiarism, and should be well-constructed, well-written and well-referenced. Use cases in the paper, regulations, statutes ... etc, mention examples, answer for this question: Should Adequate Warnings Always Protect Against Products Liability?..
The Future of Digital Crimes and Digital Terrorism
In the United States, a number of law enforcement agencies, including the Secret Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Department of Homeland Security among others have taken on roles to fight computer crimes and terrorism. Use the Internet or Strayer library to research articles on the efforts of law enforcement agencies to combat digital..
ADR Critical Analysis: Mediation as a Fair Alternative to Resolving Legal Disputes
QUESTION: "Every civilized system of government requires that the state should make available to all its citizens a means for the just and peaceful settlement of disputes between them as to their respective rights. The means provided are courts of justice to which every citizen has a constitutional right of access..." (Lord Woolf, Access to Justice Interim..
In school bullying mediation
Topic: The topic that I have selected is in school bullying mediation Issue: The issue that I will address is how and when may a professional mediator be more beneficial than a teacher or principle in bullying cases in elementary schools?
The first attachment is the (SOPRANO - COMPLAINT ) BASED ON THIS YOU NEED TO WRITE AN ANSWER. THE SECOND ATTACHMENT IS an example of an Answer, Defenses, and Counterclaim. This will show you the form of the pleading. Generally, you have three components: Answer, Defenses, (then insert your wherefore clause and sign), then a counterclaim (the counterclaim is..
Article Paper
Full instructions will be in the word document that i have attached. this is a assignment in which you have to read the articles and respond the questions assigned by the instructor. all the questions are in the attached word file. do the assignment based on the format that the instructor has given. please be aware that this is a Canadian Civil law course. any further..
Sample Paper/Plans/Points on Questions-Public Law
I just need points/an essay plan for each of the following questions please.
The Political Economy of Regulation
***My major is Law and Economics. Instructions for the paper as I received: Apply the analytical frameworks discussed in Richard Posner’s “Theories of Economic Regulation” to a specific Federal regulation or area of Federal regulation. Specifically, discuss the role of interest group politics in the creation and operation of the regulation at issue, making..
WRITE AN ANSWER OF COMPLAINT FOR MOTION FOR DISMISSAL. I HAVE ATTACHED THE QUESTION BELOW. ALSO I NEED A DRAFT BY WEDNESDAY (03-08-17) At around 6pm. The draft can be 3 -4 pages but the final product needs to be 10 pages.
Paternalism vs. Externalities
Paternalism vs. Externalities (give your project a title) 150 words - 200 max Consider an agreement between heterosexual spouses entered into at the time of marriage in which, the woman spouse promises to notify the male spouse of any pregnancy and/or her intention to have an abortion, unless the woman in good faith believes that such notification would subject..
Examining the Federal Agencies Involved in Combating Cyber Attacks
Graduate students are required to submit a paper. The paper should be five pages of text excluding the bibliography. You are expected to have at least 10 different references in the paper with at least five from academic journals, government reports, or reports coming from think tanks centers, etc. you cannot use materials referenced in the book. You are to use..
The exam consists of two questions. You must use the textbook and three additional outside sources to support your answer (no google or Wikipedia). You must use empirical research articles. You must go and retrieve article for from a database. You must use APA format (google it) and you must provide a bibliography of sources cited. Make sure your answers reflect..
Canadian Insurance Law
This is a Canadian Insurance Law Assignment. Topic: This Assignment involves the application of the causation test in tort-based motor vehicle law (not in no fault SABS cases): ' injuries arising directly or indirectly from the use or operation of motor vehicle. The Vytlingham v. Farmer case (2006) OJ 2266 (ONCA), presents contrasting interpretations of..
Final Exam Courts and Probation
1)Courts are the segment of the criminal justice system responsible for imposing sentences on convicted offenders. Unless otherwise required as part of a mandatory sentencing structure, courts will often have a variety of alternatives when imposing punishment. 2) The correctional system has the responsibility of supervising offenders sentenced for..
Analyze the American correctional system and its use of alternative programs when administrating justice.
Examine the organizational structure and the administration process of the U.S. justice system. Differentiate among the various components that influence the administration of the criminal justice system. Describe the use of force and the use of discretion in criminal investigation. Examine the administration of the courts when addressing sentence..
Ethics Paper
2 page paper, single spaced Article link: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/costco-wholesale-pay-1175-million-settle-allegations-lax-pharmacy-controls
environmental law nsw
I need it by Thursday 11:55pm AEST. so ET time would be wednesday, if im correct! Please follow the instructions and relate the scenarios to relevant environmental law legislation that the question paper states please! also the text book! More information in the attached instruction! Thanks
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