Term paper on Finance examples

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Excel Doc analyzing financial statements (6 tabs), Word Doc Paper (10-15 pages)
Analyze a publicly traded company’s financial statements for the prior five years. Include the following items as supplemental schedules to the analysis, prepared as individual worksheets within an Excel spreadsheet: 1.Horizontal analysis of the prior five years’ income statement and balance sheet. 2.Vertical analysis of the prior five years’ income..
Consumer Retail/gaming – Amazon to acquire Twitch for USD 970m
IMPORTANT: - DEADLINE: 07.10.2016 (01:00 p.m. UTC+01:00) - Use the Style Sheet ACA English - Two assignments á 250 words (assignments.doc) Project goal: The goal of this semester project is to examine a major M&A event between two companies, looking into all aspects and implicants of the deal. The output shall be a group effort to produce an academic writing..
Term papers are based on the prominent book Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk
Due Date: June 25th, 2017 (Sunday) by 11:59 p.m. For your term paper, you may choose a chapter you would like to elaborate on. By this, I mean that you will write a summary of ca. 5 pages and include what you have learned so far in this course as well as add the literature you consider most relevant to the topic. You can also add practical information as well as an application..
rfp response to attached rfp
make an rfp response in excel. the assignment instructions are attached.
accounting Information system
What is the role of AIS in the value chain of a manufacturing organization? 270-320 words
principles of finance
there is 10 questions of calculations and 4 small questions
bily Analysis of Marks and Spencers annual report
You have recently attended a workshop aimed at improving your understanding of company Annual Reports using Marks and Spencer’s report as an example. During the workshop you looked at the following sections of Marks and Spencer’s annual report:  The Strategic Report which included a focus on ‘Creating Sustainable Value’,  The Directors Report which focuses..
Strategic Financial Management
AYR Co. is considering two separate projects known as ‘Aspire’ and ‘Wolf’ which are quite different but each of which has the potential to increase AYR Co.’s market share. To date $120,000 has been spent on market research into the increase in demand that can be expected for each project. The next stage is to conduct a financial appraisal to determine which project..
Financial Strategy Project
This project provides you with the opportunity to apply tools and concepts from the main course text, Corporate Financial Strategy, by Ruth Bender, and key insights from The Great Deformation, by David Stockman. Select a publicly traded company that you have some interest in learning more about. Be sure to select a company for which relevant financial information..
2 page paper on financial administration
two to three page Word document explaining the five (5) most important concepts dealing with financial administration, please make up things dealing with that subject. And also write about how i could use it in my personal and/or professional life.
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