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Writing-as-Thinking: Assess Your Literature Review Skill Set
Using reflective writing as a critical thinking process, consider the new learning you have gained in this course and how you will apply it to your future dissertation literature review. Reflect on the gains and challenges in this experience; and evaluate the current state of your ability to source, survey, and synthesize scholarly sources against the five..
Hong Kong Educational problems or Housing problems
Write an academic essay using a problem-solution structure. In your paper, you should include the following: • An appropriate title • A description of the problem • An explanation of why the problem needs solving • A clear thesis statement • An explanation of why your preferred solution is the most appropriate option by - evaluating two possible solutions to..
Signature Assignment: Prepare a Higher Education Leadership Case Study
During this course, something caught your attention: the need for higher education leadership to adopt new technologies or how governing boards lead through change. This final project will solicit the concepts you have learned in this course and oblige you to expand your knowledge into application and demonstration of your understanding through a case study...
Curriculum Unit Development on Chlamydia for children at the age of 12
The critical assignment in this course is to develop an educational curriculum unit. According to your text, “a unit plan is a vehicle for providing multifaceted learning opportunities designed to enhance the delivery of instruction and assessment. The elements of the unit plan collectively provide a big picture of health intervention. Just as individual..
BENCHMARK ASSIGNMENT: Field Portfolio (60% of grade)
successful completion of the benchmark assignment is required. The School of Education requires that students in methods courses observe and participate in elementary school classes to integrate theory with actual teaching practice. Therefore your field participation is integrated into this assignment. This project consists of a NARRATIVE PAPER that..
Comprehensive Teaching Strategy Written Assignment
Your final assignment will be as follows and I am providing a "very" rough idea of the layout for the assignment (as a non-nursing topic, but yours must be nursing related). Assignment Directions: Select one teaching strategy that you unfamiliar with related to teaching/learning in the classroom. Next, design a plan to teach two challenging topics in nursing..
The relationship between health policy and politics
In this paper give a voice to a vulnerable population! Develop an advocacy statement, just as if you would testify at the United Nations or at a local national government – include a brief description of the population (e.g., children, elderly women, specific racial or ethnic groups, people living with a disability or in poverty, etc.) and its vulnerability..
For the term paper (paper could be a conceptual paper or reaction paper), students are to INDIVIDUALLY come up with a maximum of 4-page assignment (format of paper would be like that of an article in journals) on any topic (covered in the course) of their choice. References for the term paper should be minimum of 5 references include book. The term paper should come..
Critique the curricular and structural concepts that inform educational practice in Community Nursing
Includes aspects of curriculum theory, assessment theory and the ethics and values in the educational process. Supported using theoretical and empirical literature. 4500 words books Stuart, C Assessment..., Goldenberg, D Curriculum developement....., Stenhouse, L, Curriculum research To be ready for May 5,2017..
Facilitating Equity
Through reflection on this week’s Required Studies and your personal experiences with equity and equality, consider how you might best impact change in your professional world. While you might not have the power to enact system-wide change, you have the power to begin change in your community of learners. Reflection on change: In 1-2 pages, identify a change..
Socioeconomic Status in the Classroom
Reflect on the impact of socioeconomic status (SES) on you and your students or the students in your neighborhood school. Write a 2- to 3-page response to the following: Is your socioeconomic status similar or different from the students’? In what ways is it similar or different? How do differences between your SES background and your students’ SES background..
Social Science
Term Project Part 1A Social Science The purpose of the term project is to enhance students’ ability to develop unit projects in each of the major content areas. The content area for Part 1 is: Social Science (Self & Society, Civics, History, Geography & Ecology, Economics) Language Arts and Literacy will be integrated into each of these content areas. Students..
CREATE A quantitative survey
Develop an Abbreviated Research Proposal
n the simplest of terms, the development of a research proposal informs the reader of what will be researched, why it is in need of further research, the intent of the research, and how it will be researched. A research proposal should be clear, concise, and objectively written following the scientific exploratory research process to support validity in the..
Benchmark - Maximizing Assessment Practice through Domains, Technology, and Partnerships
Use the balance of your practicum hours to inform and deliver your presentation and collect feedback. For this benchmark, you will describe technology and other appropriate assessment tools and approaches to observe, document, and collect data to inform practice and decision making for early childhood learners. Presentation: Create a 15-20 slide presentation..
SEI Historical and Legal Foundations Memo
Assignment Content Review the laws and court decisions below which have provided an important foundation for current policies regarding the education of English learners. Select a law or court decision from the list that you feel has had the greatest impact on English language education: Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Imagine you are the administrator..
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