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Communication anxiety and the fears associated with communication anxiety can be solved by doing w, x, y, and
Term Paper 1. It must be in APA format. 2. It must include citations and a References page formatted the correct way. 3. It must be 9-11 pages and the abstract, the References page and the cover page do not count toward the 9-11 page requirement. 4. It must be double-spaced, in 12 Times New Roman Font. 5. You must use this thesis: Communication anxiety, and the fears..
Critique of Scientific Claims: Does Cigarette attract women?
I attached the instruction in the docx document " Paper Assignment 2017.docx". Please follow all the requirement in the doc. Please use Times New Roman font , size 11 point, 1.5 spacing, and 4 pages. Step one and two had already completed, the advertisement picture that I found is attached as .jpg. Step three "How to Find Scholarly Articles” is attached. Please..
Wk 5 Individual Assignment: U.S. Health Care Systems for Small Populations, Part 5
Assignment Content Write a 700- to 1,050–word paper that considers the cost of providing the health care service and running the facility you have proposed. Include an evaluation of your planned revenue streams and determine whether you would still be in business a year after you open. Consider the following costs: Loans (property, equipment, inventory)..
Supply Chain Management Essay + Inventory Management Sum
Assignment 1 Globalisation is no longer restricted to giant companies. Technology advances have made it possible for SMEs to establish a global presence. Companies previously regional in scope are using the internet to become global almost overnight. Information technology is the ‘enabler’ that lets companies gain global visibility and link disparate..
Nursing Issues and Trends: Technology in Health Care
Hello, I have attached a copy of the directions and topic for this paper. The paper is in APA format and must be 6-8 pages. Please make sure the references are peer-reviewed scholarly sources that are no more than 5 years old. Let me know if you need anymore information! Thank you!!
The Struggle for Freedom and Equality in the 20th century
Students, please view the "Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment" in the Student Center. Instructors, training on how to grade is within the Instructor Center. Assignment 2: The Struggle for Freedom and Equality in the 20th Century Due Week 9 and worth 180 points As illustrated within the text, the twentieth century saw highs and lows in the arena of civil rights..
sociology short paper (3 academic sources required)
3 page short paper, minimum 3 academic sources required. I've attached a few academic sources from class, please use them and find 3 other academic sources. I will not hire you if you do not have an access to academic database. I check your paper very carefully, and I will ask for revision if you don't follow direction!..
w10 Assignment: Write a Paper Examining Issues Facing Women with Co-Occurring Disorders
Your task in this assignment is to explore the relationship between women and co-occurring disorders. Specifically, you will examine the evidence as to whether there is a gender difference in co-occurring disorders. You may agree that there is a gender difference, disagree, or argue that more research is needed before a conclusion can be reached on this issue...
Explain the impact of globalisation on work and employment.
Using examples from two countries, apply ONE approach on globalisation to explain the impact of globalisation on work and employment. The assessments are marked using the learning outcomes of the module as the assessment criteria: 1.Apply, compare and evaluate sociological perspectives on work, employment and work organizations 2.Identify and analyse..
Discussion about Euthanasia related to Christian Ethics
Euthanasia First, I will give a definition of what is the Euthanasia. Is it legal? Does it against the ethics? Then, I am going to analyze it in four different situations: Voluntary euthanasia, Non-voluntary euthanasia, Involuntary euthanasia, Passive and active euthanasia,
Writing-as-Thinking: Assess Your Literature Review Skill Set
Using reflective writing as a critical thinking process, consider the new learning you have gained in this course and how you will apply it to your future dissertation literature review. Reflect on the gains and challenges in this experience; and evaluate the current state of your ability to source, survey, and synthesize scholarly sources against the five..
Assignment 3 Operation, Technology, and Management Plan with Financials (100 points)
For this assignment, you will plan out the operations, technology, management, and organization for your company. To do this, you will use the “NAB Company Portfolio” that you downloaded from the Student Center. Before you get started on this exercise, watch the video below for some helpful tips on completing Assignment 3 Part 1. For fullscreen viewability..
Hong Kong Educational problems or Housing problems
Write an academic essay using a problem-solution structure. In your paper, you should include the following: • An appropriate title • A description of the problem • An explanation of why the problem needs solving • A clear thesis statement • An explanation of why your preferred solution is the most appropriate option by - evaluating two possible solutions to..
Naval in Asia Pacific Region: Development and Problems
4200 words, not more than 20 hours. Answer these question: 1. Is naval modernisation in the Asia Pacific region inherently de-stabilising? 2. What are the chief problems likely to be encountered in ‘growing’ a navy in the Asia-Pacific region? 3. How is the South China Sea dispute affecting naval development in the Asia -Pacific region?..
Video Art as a Contemporary Medium - proposal essay
First write a proposal.. A project proposal should answer these questions; Goals and Objectives: What are the objectives of your project? Describe any key expressions, impressions, or insights that you intend, and the audience that you intend them for. Significance: Cite sources of artistic/design inspiration for the project. (They can be past or current..
Explain Information Systems Assignment with questions below
1) Explain a system that you use in your daily life and explain each component of the system. You may use a diagram to help explain the system.2) Consider the four definitions of information presented in this chapter. The problem with the first definition, “knowledge derived from data,” is that it merely substitutes one word we don't know the meaning of (information)..
Shared Leadership from Perspective of Culture : How much Is Culture Effective in Making SL Easy or Difficult
I need a term paper for my cross cultural PhD lesson. The paper size to be five thousand words. I will attach documents which I request to be used as reference for the paper, which is to have reflections on the attached reference documents. The due date is May 13th.
Signature Assignment: Environmental Scanning (MGT) 498
Purpose of Assignment A strategic management plan addresses four different management functions: environmental scanning, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, evaluation and control. Weeks 3, 4 and 5 individual assignments (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) are integrated to generate a strategic management plan. The purpose of the Week 3 individual..
Present Feuerbach’s case for modern humanist atheism
Briefly outline those aspects of atheistic critiques of religion which continue to be convincing to theologians as well as those which are not. Must use these Sources: Ludwig Feuerbach, “Preface to the Second Edition, 1841” In "The Essence of Christianity" Leipzig, 1841 http://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/feuerbach/works/essence/ec00.htm..
Family Relationships: Passivity: How does the act of passivity effect the characters in a work of literature.
Topic: Passivity: How does the act of passivity effect the characters in a work of literature. You must use "Cathedral" by Raymond Carver and "Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman 4-5pages in length 3-4 in-text citations (minimum) Work Cited page MLA format
Sociology of education in Historically black colleges
Sociology 5263: Sociology of Education Writing Assignment What: The semester writing assignment in Sociology 5263 is a 10 to 15 page paper on a subject of your choosing written from the standpoint of the sociology of education. In your paper discuss how your subject is connected to ideas and topics discussed in the course. Education includes formal instruction..
FINAL EXAM FOR BIOLOGY PRINCIPLES ( Genetics and Human Evolution)
PLEASE FOLLOW ALL THE SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS AND QUESTIONS GIVEN IN THE ATTACHED FILE BELOW. THIS FINAL IS WORTH DOUBLE POINTS FOR MY GRADE, SO PLEASE TAKE THAT IN CONSIDERATION. Absolutely no plagiarizing, I will be given an automatic zero that I can not afford. The assignment needs to be typed in Times New Roman, doubled spaced with 1-inch margins on all sides...
Modern Family linguistic analysis of what makes the comedy in the TV series
- the deadline: 05.02.16 (in the evening until midnight) - 3500-4000 words - doesn't have to be an A, as long as I pass (due to the lack of time) the content should look like this: Table of Contents 1. Introduction (500 words) 2. Previous work (600-700 words, 2.5 pages) 3. Material and method (800-1000 words) 4. Results and analysis (1200-1700 words) 5. Conclusion..
Should the public’s right to know be valued above the right to privacy of candidates for public office?
The work is to be written as a formal academic paper. The text should be structured into three main parts: introduction, main text and conclusion, followed by a bibliography and appendices (if any). The main text should be further divided by headings and subheadings. The introduction should include the background information of the case or issue you want to..
Compassion of the Elector System of Authoritarian Regime: Case Study of China and Singapore
2018R2 Comparative Politics and China Term Paper Guideline: You are expected to write an essay between 2000 to 2500 words, excluding the footnotes and references, to conduct a comparative politics framework driven case study of the Elector System of China and Singapore. This paper should consist of the following 4 parts: introduction, literature review,..
Final deliverable: Your deliverable should be an 8-9 (max) page double spaced (use normal headers, footers and margins=1", Font=Times or Ariel, Size=12) Word document in APA Style (plus references) which addresses the topic you selected. NOTE: Paper should be 8-9 pages long PLUS the Cover Page and References or List of Works Cited (no attached abstract required)...
Why is it important for a democratic society to have women involved in professional media and legal roles?
It is required to be a Persuasive Essay relevant to social science. Need to be 6 pages in length. Why is it important for a democratic society to have women involved in professional media and legal roles? What can be done to reverse the dearth of females in these professions?
Conflict Analysis paper ( War of Bangladesh of 1971)
The conflict analysis paper is a four (4) page report designed to connect the readings of the course to real world contexts wherein the dynamics of war and peace played out. Within this analytical paper, you will be required to do the following: Topic for Conflict Analysis Paper: Pick an interstate conflict since 1900 (pick any after War # 81) from this list. You..
Ethnocentrism Analysis Paper: Dealing with Effectively with Ethnocentrism
Analyzing and assessing various stages of ethnocentrism is essential in maintaining and creating a cohesive, productive environment. Developing strategies to engage and assist an individual is key to a leader’s success in this multicultural age. Students will write a 5-6 page, APA, (cover page and reference page are not including in the total) paper: Criteria..
Unhealthy diet and lifestyles in minority young adults
Unhealthy diet and lifestyles is the topic of your educational project that you will provide to the community. The community is Jackson Heights, NY. The community that you will be addressing for your educational project will be minority young adults (age 17-25) The place where the educational project will be held is the Apicha community health center on 4/13/19..
Role of women in the machine tool working during the world war II
Objectives: 1. Examine, in depth, one specific event, topic, or person in American History since 1877. 2. Research an area of US History from 1877 to present. 3. Produce a well written a term paper. Rationale: This term paper provides an opportunity for the student to examine, in depth, one specific event, topic, or person in American History since 1877. It will..
Roles of governments and NGOs on mitigating emissions in China
In this essay, students should demonstrate the interdependent roles of different actors in the governance regime, the impacts of these interdependent relationships on environment / welfare of human or species and provide suggestions for coping the challenges arise from this governance regime.
Milestone- 2-in-1 wash and dry suitcase Final Paper
Instructions: - Please follow the Milestone rubrics - Please read at each of Milestone 1, Milestone 2, and Milestone 3 and those feedbacks - There are red highlight for each Milestone paper, which are the most important details must need to fix / add. - After fixed all 3 Milestone paper, please use “ Final Project outline structure”, put all 3 papers together, make..
How Will I Apply Anthropological Theory and Methods to my Future Career as a(n) human resource employee
There are two pieces to this assignment. 1. Abstract and annotated bibliography. The abstract is your chance to tell me the topic of your final paper and the bibliography is your chance to demonstrate that you've done enough research on that topic to know that the paper is a possibility. I expect the majority of your proposed sources to be from the field of Anthropology,..
Ethics and Social Responsibility (Needed later this evening 01/29/2017)
make sure the references I can get to them and are accessible by me and make sure most of the the references are peer reviewed or scholarly . he purpose of this assignment is to help students understand the influence that ethics and social responsibilities have on the strategic planning process. Assignment Steps Write a 700-word report in which you address the..
Assignment based on a case study of Wal-Mart’s Global Operations
This assignment is based on a case study of Wal-Mart’s global operations. The details of the case are included in the attached articles. Answer following questions by using appropriate theories and the case study materials. 1. Distinguish following international entry modes: acquisitions, greenfield investments, and joint ventures. Outline what factors..
Theoretical framework of classifying market efficiency
It is widely assumed that “Asset Prices such as stock prices always incorporate the best information about fundamental values and that prices change only because of good, sensible information” (Shiller, 2003, page 83) Describe a theoretical framework of classifying market efficiency and assess to what extend the about quote is relevant in terms of explaining..
Hold prosecutors and police officers accountable for deliberate misconduct
Read the uploaded paper guidelines, write the paper about holding prosecutors and officers accountable for misconduct (is the topic), and make sure the questions below are answered: Hold prosecutors and police officers accountable for deliberate misconduct Defend why you chose this particular reform. Why is this issue such an important problem in the criminal..
Write a Paper on Explanatory Models of Co-occurring Disorders
Models of co-occurring disorder provide guidance in understanding the etiology and development of the dual or multiple disorders. The reading for this week provides an overview of the basic models that explain co-occurring disorders. As you complete this assignment (as outlined below), review the bulleted questions posed above in this week’s introduction..
Describe and discuss three paintings/sculptures with religious content from Baroque and/or Modern art.
Try to avoid lengthy boibliographies about the artist, focus on the works. Take into account iconography and style of the work. In particular describe and discuss the religious/theological/spiritual dimensions and meaning in the works. Must attach pictures of the works chosen.
list in your opinion the two most important themes of the pentateuch
Reference from the bible mostly. Chose at least 3 other sources but do not directly quote. This is a preparation for an exam so no particular referencing form needed. just let me know the names of the sources you chose. Thank you!!
How to link Organization Design and Management with High-Quality medical and health care,"
Based on your textbook chapter 4 Prepare a PAPER about "How to link Organization Design and Management with High-Quality medical and health care," you can include another source. Please use APA format, double space, 12 fonts, four (4) pages plus Title and references pages, six (6) pages in total. I will have chapter 4 text book attached..
use the above website for essay and follow the questions below i need 300o 550words refernce with M.L.A 1. What is the subject of study (planets, stars, galaxies, black holes, the expansion of the Universe, dark matter, dark energy, fundamental laws of nature, etc.) in your chosen article? What instrumentation/method was (or is being) used in the study? 2. What..
English Literature Term Paper of "The History Boys " compare to others film, story and novel
Deadline on 25/3 upload to our school turnitin. The best is totally follow the guild-line of the term paper (Compare "The History Boy" and one of the movie that the guildline provide at the back ) The writer can choose one of the movie/film he/she want at the back page of the guild-line Before Writer must read the History Boys Book(I provide the pdf.) and one of the..
The Role of Culture and Diversity in Organizational Behavior in Business
Students may select any Business Organizational Behavior topic: The Role of Culture and Diversity in Organizational Behavior in Business Students should use (books, journal articles, etc.), to write the paper. Length should be 5-10 pages. Students should not rely on websites or encyclopedias (including online encyclopedias like Wikipedia) for references..
Research and select a current trend in the area of Computer Technology
***Please Read Carefully*** ***This is a 3-part assignment*** Research and select a current trend in the area of Computer Technology. Part 1: Write a formal term paper proposal, of at least 400 words minimum. Part 2: Prepare a PowerPoint brief with a Title Slide, 8 content slides, and slides for the bibliography (no less than 10 references) This brief will be..
methodology, ideology and activities of one currently active international terrorist group
-The paper will examine the methodology, ideology and activities of one currently active international terrorist group (you choose) - I am not mentioning any group, so you need to choose a terrorist group that you have the knowledge the most. ( pick one that you can write best, and answer all the questions which is stated below this. ) - you need to use academic external..
Excel Doc analyzing financial statements (6 tabs), Word Doc Paper (10-15 pages)
Analyze a publicly traded company’s financial statements for the prior five years. Include the following items as supplemental schedules to the analysis, prepared as individual worksheets within an Excel spreadsheet: 1.Horizontal analysis of the prior five years’ income statement and balance sheet. 2.Vertical analysis of the prior five years’ income..
Signature Assignment: Prepare a Higher Education Leadership Case Study
During this course, something caught your attention: the need for higher education leadership to adopt new technologies or how governing boards lead through change. This final project will solicit the concepts you have learned in this course and oblige you to expand your knowledge into application and demonstration of your understanding through a case study...
Choose a Religion in Dublin, and write about it sticking to the folowing guidelines.
Pretend you are part of a team writing a guide book to religion in Dublin. Chose a religion that you believe should be included in the book. You must pretend that you have visited and researched a place that is connected to your chosen religion (eg: a church). Guidelines for essay: Formal Essay Questions and breakdown (please address them in your assignment, add..
Did the Greeks believe in their myths? Analyse Paul Veyne’s contribution to the discussion.
Must read at least 2 of these sources. Sources: Veyne, P. Did the Greeks believe in their myths? An essay on the constitutive imagination (Chicago: 1988). Calame C. “Greek Myth and Greek Religion”, in R. D. Woodard (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Greek Mythology (Cambridge: CUP, 2007), 259-285. Bremmer J. N. Greek Religion (Oxford: OUP, 1994)...
Exploration of Emotional/Mental Health in Pregnancy
Goal: To explore and describe an emotional/mental health issue of a childbearing family and analyze the findings relative to family nursing research and family theory. Assignment: Students will select an emotional/mental health issue that may be experienced: Student must choose one of the following - Dealing with infertility A loss in pregnancy such as..
To Thwart a delusion territory of caliphate in Southeast Asia: Radicalism into a new ideology
Title: To Thwart a delusion territory of caliphate in Southeast Asia: Countering the transformation of Radicalism into a new ideology 2 days, 4ooo words, times new roman 12, citation more from books 2014 up citation in Chicago style 17-20 references Main discussion: 1.Opacity of ideology in the fusion of nationalism and religion 2.Stopping the spread of radical..
Why and how to reduce violence during sports competition in collision and contact sports
number 6. I only need the paper not the presentation Why and how to reduce violence during sports competition in collision and contact sports such as football, ice hockey, boxing, wrestling and lacrosse.
Product-Based Operations Management Assessment of Amazon.com [Portfolio Project]
PORTFOLIO PROJECT (325 points) The final Portfolio Project is structured to help demonstrate your understanding of the course material, as well as the implications of new knowledge gained from outside research. The subject organization may be your workplace, an organization that you are familiar with, or an organization discovered in your research. Information..
Memorandum on the Department of Homeland Security from you to the President of the United States
Your paper should describe the Department of Homeland Security from an administration/management perspective and if the Department should continue or be abolished. Take into consideration everything we have covered during this course. The memorandum should end with a consideration of the question of “liberty versus security” and if the feeling of heightened..
The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Decision Making in nursing leadership
- You will develop a synthesis paper, based on the topic goals and objectives that represent an integration of theory in nursing administration. - The paper must demonstrate understanding and application of concepts and theories. - The paper should be written according to the APA guidelines. - The paper should contain proper grammar and be free from spelling..
Acrylonitrile Production: Safety, Loss Prevention & Environmental
1.0 Chemical Hazards 1.1 Acrylonitrile 1.2 Hydrogen Cyanide 1.3 Acetonitrile 2.0 Environmental Impact 3.0 Treatment of Disposal Waste Line 4.0 Emission of Gases 5.0 Process Safety: Fire Hazards and Explosion The paper can include tables / figures 12 times news roman with 1.5 spacing..
how social cognition, emotions and self-concept are depicted in Shallow Hal.
analyze how social cognition, emotions, and self-concept are depicted between the main characters in the movie Shallow Hal. Your critique should examine the relationship between the media representation of these themes and the empirical research you have read on the same topics. You should note points of agreement and points of disagreement...
California AB 109, Propositions 47 and 57 and their effects on the Criminal Justice System.
Critical Assignment: Research Paper / Narrated PowerPoint Presentation. California AB 109, Propositions 47 and 57 and their effects on the Criminal Justice System. NOTE: This assignment must be completed and submitted in order to successfully pass the course. California has undertaken criminal justice reform on many levels to address rising prison population,..
Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Project
Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Project CHOOSE SPANISH For this project you will select a language that you will learn as a second language, as much of it as you can. During this time you will be working from two different Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) programs. Do not choose a language that you already know very well. A good choice would..
The relationship between project management and overall performance of a company.
Final research paper (see rubric) with the following requirements (Submit by February 17, 2019.) ▪ 10 -15 pages in content length plus cover page, references ▪ 12 font-size, 1” margins, double-spaced, including figures, tables, etc. ▪ APA formatted ▪ Minimum six (6) sources - at least four (4) from peer reviewed journals ▪ Include an abstract, introduction,..
Incorporating Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development into the Justice System
Imagine you are the chief of police. As the chief of police, you will need to ensure that your law enforcement officers lead ethical careers. research Kohlberg’s stages of moral development and find at least two (2) relevant articles that discuss Kohlberg’s theory, Means vs. Ends, and Kantian ethics. Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you: 1. Identify..
CRITICALLY discuss the role of hospitals in the Integrated Health Services Delivery in Trinidad and Tobago
Assignment: CRITICALLY discuss the role of hospitals in the Integrated Health Services Delivery Network in Trinidad and Tobago. The entire paper and references are to be done APA style There must be at least 12 references from a combination of journal articles and books. No electronic references. This pertains strictly to Trinidad and Tobago so the topic must..
Strategic Planning and Operations in The Health Care System
There has been a recent reduction in budget allocation to the health care sector and hence the hospital as a result of the impact of low energy prices and the consequent reduction in the Government of Trinidad and Tobago revenues. Write a proposal to the Chief Financial Officer of the hospital and indicate the rationale for the retention of selected services (i.e...
Strategic Planning and Operations in the Health Care System
The name of this course is Strategic Planning and Operations. The name of the program is Masters in Health Administration. I work in the Orthopaedic Surgical Department of a hospital where orthopaedic surgeries are always being performed. These surgeries are classified as elective or emergent. Joint replacement surgeries are considered elective surgeries...
Term Paper OutlineSCI-115Evolution – Your Inner Fish
Please see full requirements,This is a 10-page term essay (not including the title page and reference list page) 10 pages; double spaced; Arial or Time New Roman Font; 11; and APA style required for all references. This is a scientific paper, not totally a personal opinion paper
Reconstruction and the Age of American Imperialism
You will have a pair of two primary sources. You should use your knowledge and analytical skills—in addition to relevant readings from the A People and A Nation  text—to provide context for these primary sources and to explain how they relate to one another. In this assessment, analyze the corresponding two primary sources...
Annotated Bibliography Last Four Hundred years in Western Civilization
review, and summarize four different reputable sources concerning a topic related to the last 400 years in Western civilization. Your four sources are required to come from the CSU Online Library and fit the following criteria: One primary source: A document, object, or other material directly related to the topic and time. This should be a document that provides..
product liability taking up the ethical and legal issues of producing a product for consumer distribution
There will be a term paper that will be due at the end of the course. This paper should not be longer than 15 pages, double spaced and in 12 point font, reflecting an understanding of the course materials. The topic of the term paper should be focused on product liability taking up the ethical and legal issues of producing a product for consumer distribution. The topic..
Challenges and Difficulties of Gene and Stem Cell Therapy in the Treatment of Parkinson’s disease.
Term paper should be typed and double spaced. It should be 10 pages including illustrations but the abstract and references are not included in the 10 page limit. It should be organized with a • Summary or abstract (one page maximum), • Introduction, (one page) • Main content or the body of the paper (6 pages) • References (in addition to the 10 pages). In the introduction..
Who Really Benefits from Agricultural Subsidies Evidence from Field-level Data
Content the same as for seminar presentation, but take into consideration the comments that you have got during the discussion at the block seminar. Formatting details are up to you. If you use abbreviations (abbrev.), introduce them in-line. There is a strict maximum of 2500 words for your seminar paper. This limit excludes the words on the cover page and in..
Final Paper - The Tempest and Othello (Compare and Contrast)
Instructions are attached, please follow them to the letter. I need an A on this assignment and I need it to be done in 24hrs; please do not make an offer if you do not have prior experience with the requested topic. The paper needs to have a main thesis and must provide textual support from both plays...
relationship between self-interest and collective interest, and how it discerning the ideal social life?
Topic: The relationship between self-interest and collective interest is of paramount significance in discerning the ideal social life. How do the great social thinkers react on this issue? Try to consult the works of Huang Zongxi, J.J. Rousseau, Adam Smith and Karl Marx (choose any three) and assess the ways they tackle this issue. Whose view do you prefer..
Taking Back what's Mine? Females Rappers in a Male Rappers World
General Scope of Assignment First of all, I had not originally intended to write a prompt for this assignment, but it was requested, so please forgive me if this seems a bit scattered. The assignment for the final paper is more open than the previous ones. Essentially, it is simply to explore a subject of your choice that is related to hip-hop culture. There are a..
Hall, Marx, and Gramsci Explain Why & How Trump, the Kardashians, and Ryan Toys Have Societal Impact
mbination with oneor more the following readings:Theodore W. Adorno, “On Popular Music” Louis Althusser, “Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses”Roland Barthes, “Myth Today”Walter Benjamin, “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”Jacqueline Bobo, “The Color Purple: Black Woman and Cultural Readers”Jay David Bolter and Richard..
interpretation of one work of art (A painting and a sculpture)
interpretation of one work of art Final Presentation and Essay Assignment * Due Monday, December 17th, at 23:59 by electronic submission Write an essay 3000-3300 words in length that is an interpretation of one work of art, chosen from the list below, in relation to one text that we have discussed in the course. As with all core essays, please do not refer to any..
4-page argument, based in close reading, on “lyric” in Boland’s A Woman Without a Country: Poems (“Art of Empi
Your assignment for Paper #3 is to write a four-page argument (double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman, one-inch margins), based in close reading, on one of the following assigned poems: either Claudia Rankine’s “February 26, 2012 / In Memory of Trayvon Martin” or “Stop-and-Frisk” (in Citizen: An American Lyric) or Eavan Boland’s “Art of Empire” or “Studio..
Managing organizations and Leading People/ City of Houston
For this task, you will write a 10-16 page paper on an existing organization with which you have had personal experience. The organization can be a business or a nonprofit, and you may represent any level of the organization (e.g., team, division, whole) in your analysis. Your description of the organization should convey personal experience, rather than information..
Government Initiatives to Prepare for and/or Mitigate Against a Cyber Attack
- A discussion of a particular program, to include how the program could be improved, - A discussion of how mitigation strategies were enacted by a State or local government, - A discussion of how the federal government has encouraged preparedness against a certain type of threat, - A discussion of a statute/law designed to encourage mitigation or preparedness..
Fandom in the EDM ( Electronic dance music) subculture and it's culturel value
EDM (Electronic dance music) as a subculture. How do fans identify themselves, esp young people? What is the relationship between EDM celebrities and those fans? DO they have an expectation on their favourite EDM DJ? their personal image? Give example to support. The crazy fans behaviour. Is there a hierarchy in the fan community? A recent trend, the EDM is becoming..
Doctorate in Nursing Pratcice Nursing Science and Theory: Scientific Underpinnings for practice
APA format 6th edition format 0-4 pages 1. Description of one DNP Essential -description is clear and succinct 2. Essential is applied to student's future practice or current practice with attention to how the DNP will change this- Application of DNP Essential is fully discussed 3. References are cited when examining the Essential - Current (5-7 years) scholarly..
Domestic violence in North Carolina domestic violence perpetrators should be prosecuted
Argumentative domestic violence perpetrators should be prosecuted. Six- to eight-page essay (full pages, not counting media and Works Cited page). Excess pages are judged on a “need” basis. To meet the “complete” draft requirement, essay text must reach the bottom of the fourth page, include in-text citations, and have a separate Works Cited page. A clear..
Major character or theme or issue in one literary works.
Discuss a major character or theme or issue in one of the literary world of any of the authors and should include at least one good secondary source. Authors are Nathaniel Hawthorne, John Updike. Jacob Grimm, Wilhelmina Grimm, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Octavio Paz. The text of the literary works is the primary source , secondary sources are essays , articles..
Counselling - children and adolescent with mental health problem or special educational needs
Using one particular theoretical or empirical perspective discussed in the classes, write a paper exploring contemporary counselling process and skills that could help children and adolescent with mental health problem or special educational needs. Implications of the theoretical or empirical perspective discussed should be given for both understanding..
Bishops, Statesmen, On the Bombing of Innocent & MAD is the Moral Position
Read the two short articles and write a clear, concise, and well-constructed essay arguing in favor of the the more persuasive of the two positions. THe article should clearly address the logic and ethics behind that article's point of view and in contrast to the opposing article.
Enhancing support to Mentally ill: Directions for Future Development of exciting medical system
- 3,000 words (including references) on typed, double-spaced pages, 1-inch margin - Properly use section headings and subheadings - The paper has to be presented clearly in an academically relevant approach with evidence-based analytical reasoning. - Theories and concepts learned from this subject should be applied in the analysis appropriately. - References..
the reimbursement of travel expenses (ontario laws)
What the paper is about is analyzing the policy of reimbursement for travel-expenses including the form for the claim subject to Ontario laws. The following needs to be included: 1- Pull out of my choice an expense policy applicable to the laws of Ontario 2-Explain all the clauses and apply 20 legal principles to the policy with recommendations The length needs..
The benefits of Art Education for Elementary Students
What are the benefits of Art Education for Elementary Students? 1500 words, 3 references required. Check your work for spelling and correct usage. 10 font, double spaced, 1 point deducted for every 10 words under the 1500 word limit. 3 points deducted for each reference under the 3 required. No more than 11% of your paper should be referenced. Anything referenced..
The Constantly Changing Expectations in the Hospitality Industry
Open the attachment that is attached to this posting. All of the requirements are listed there along with the ONLY approved sites for research. The topic is: "The constantly Changing expectations in the hospitality industry" Needs to be 1,200 words, AP THIS IS DUE AT 11:00pm 12/1/18
POM Project - Creating My Own Warehouse Doors Business
NEED IT IN 20 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The complete instructions are in the first file, an outline is in the second file, and an example of what is expected of the work on the third file. Need a diagram for the layout part of the factory or business and forecasting small numbers with a small chart created by the writer. Everything else is writing from a bussiness..
POM Project - A Company that manufactures air condition systems for homes
NEED IT IN 20 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The complete instructions are in the first file, an outline is in the second file, and an example of what is expected of the work on the third file. Need a diagram for the layout part of the factory or business and forecasting small numbers with a small chart created by the writer. Everything else is writing from a bussiness..
Stratification--- How Race, Class, Gender and Aging are Related
> MUST write a paper to explain how race, class, gender and aging are related. > Must use at least one theoretical perspective (Functionalist, Conflict, Symbolic Interactionist) to explain the topic. > Must use APA Style (Cover Page, Content Page, and Reference Page) with ONE CITATIONS. > Must use any book sources or scholarly articles for research. > Please..
Professional Membership/Leadership Plan/Involvement
Professional Membership/Leadership Plan: Membership to professional organizations is important and vital for continuing education, further learning, and networking. Students are required to join a professional organization to complete this assignment. Organizations and memberships will be discussed in course lecture content. Discuss the following..
‘One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman’. Simone de Beauvoir.
‘One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman’. Simone de Beauvoir. Discuss the relevance of the existentialist idea that one has to become a ‘self’, or give meaning to oneself, through living ‘authentically’ and not with reference to everyday social norms, labels and stereotypical images. Harvard style referencing. I support the author's arugument. So it'll..
What can parents do to minimize conflict with adolescents or handle it effectively?
Write a 4-5 page paper on one of the topics listed below. The paper must be based on at least 3 sources and at least one of these sources must be one of the websites or online articles, or other books and articles that I list with the topics. The paper should have an introductory paragraph or paragraphs that introduce the question that you will address in your paper,..
Use Social control and self control theory to explain delinquent/criminal behaviors
ard 2000 words Deadline: 4 Dec Use Social control and self-control theory to explain delinquent/criminal behaviors of a life story(fictional) Critically examine the strengths and limitations of the theory in explaining juvenile delinquency what the family can do to prevent the case from the juvenile involvement in delinquency/crime in the future..
Final Paper- “Neanderthals and Denisovans as Biological Invaders”
TOPIC: “Neanderthals and Denisovans as Biological Invaders” ( In my paper, I would like to dive deeper into explaining what these species represent in our human lineage. Starting with the first dispersal of hominins to Eurasia, dating back to about 1.8 million years ago. I want to tie in the “story of Eurasia dispersal” as a minor event within the broad context..
Interpretive Argument on Ha Jin fiction shorties (Temporary Love, Children as Enemies and In the Crossfire)
In an essay 9 pages in length, you will use a specific literary theory (see the “What is Theory?” document in Files) through which you will analyze "Temporary Love" by Ha Jin, "In the Crossfire" by Ha Jin and "Children as Enemies" by Ha Jin, determine the meaning, and argue for the validity of your thesis. PLEASE: Workcited page at the end and see attachment for writing..
Kurdish Issue in the Middle East: A nation without nation
Rubric for term paper Thesis (10%) • Clearly articulates your position on the prompt. • Should be no more than one to two sentences, easily identifiable, towards or at the end of your introduction. Formatting (15%) • Use consistent formatting of your choice (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.). • Font: 12. • Double-spaced, please! • One inch margins on all sides Organization..
term paper outline " Why some women are obligated to have their child because of religious oppression"
Your outline must include introduction, body, and conclusion sections in outline format. You should include topic sentences (for each section) and paragraph transitions that help tie your major points together. You may use the outline template provided. Use APA formatting as appropriate assignment needs to be done by 11-26-18 at 12:00 pm easter time..
President’s health care reform efforts throughout history
1.Discuss three stakeholders and how they will be effected by the passage of the bill 2.choose one of the presidents from the attached list ! Discuss the presidents proposal and the factors that prevented from moving forward and becoming a law. State which party the president was from and which party you held majority control(house of rep , senate)..
Choose two major myths or episodes in Classical mythology (i.e. a major Homeric hymn or set of hymns, a substa
These are the exact words from the syllabus: Draft of the Term Paper: A brief summary of the topic to discuss is required. You must also list the scholarly sources you will use. The length of this draft should be about 500 words. Term Paper: The final paper must include at least three scholarly sources (academic journal articles or chapters of scholarly books) and..
Chartered Institute of Management Accountants’ Code of Ethics
The purpose of a briefing paper is to provide information about an issue that is occurring in the cost accounting area as it affects businesses and business decision making. The length of the brief is four pages (it should be no longer than 4 pages with references, but the title page and the references are not counted as part of the 4 typed pages.) Each briefing paper..
some issue or person from the history of psychology
It is expected that each student will take a historical perspective in writing a term paper on some issue or person from the history of psychology*. The papers are to be about 8 pages typed double space (12 point font only) in the standard APA style. If you are not familiar with this style of referencing and paper writing please take a look at the APA publication manual..
religion the opium of the people; an examination of relgion on the igbo tribe of nigeria during colonial exp
TITLE ‘Religion the Opium of the People’, An Examination of Religion on the Igbo Tribe Of Nigeria During and After the Colonial Experience ABSTRACT Nigeria was amongst other African nations that were colonized by the West. The British colonialists found it an easy task to impose the indirect rule policy, Christianity and Western education to the Southern part..
Chocolate industry not taking responsibility in ending child labor
I am looking for a brief examination of the relationship between the chocolate industry and child labor. It should come from the (correct) point of view that the industry is not doing all it can to end child labor. I would like it to be done in 10 hours.
Historic and contemporary influence of a South Asian or Middle Eastern culture or community on Hong Kong.
In this paper you will research and write about the historic and contemporary influence of a South Asian or Middle Eastern culture or community on Hong Kong Choosing a culture or community. First identify a community or culture that has had both historical and contemporary influences on Hong Kong. For example, you could choose a regional community, a religious..
the reimbursement of travel expenses (ontario laws)
What the paper is about is analyzing the policy of reimbursement for travel-expenses including the form for the claim subject to Ontario laws. The following needs to be included: • Pull out of my choice an expense policy applicable to the laws of Ontario • Explain all the clauses and apply 20 legal principles to the policy with recommendations The length needs..
What was the role of women in new france? Was it different than in old france
Hi i want my term paper on Tuesday evening, 13 November and plz make sure u use the source that i use in my biblography i am sending u that pic as well and plz write it according to instructions and i want it plagiarism free plz make sure that thanks
Analysis of Chronic Non Communicable Disease using the Chronic Disease Care Model
Assignment: Students are expected to conduct an indivudual family assessment with at least one member of the family being diagnosed with a chronic non-communicable disease (CNCD). They are to use the Chronic Disease Care Model in identifying the multifaceted challenges affecting the individual as well as the family. They are required to develop and implement..
Factors necessary for effective implementation of a health plan
CRITICALLY discuss the factors necessary for effective implementation of a health plan. A minimum of 20 references from a combination of journals, articles and text books. Try to AVOID using websites as references. Using APA style of referencing. Some key factors to be critically discussed will be uploaded in a pic..
The impact of social control theory on crime prevention policies for adults or juveniles
Students will write a paper, no longer than 2,500 words (excluding title page, abstract, and references) that critically examines a major issue in the criminal justice field. This will require students to critically analyze criminal justice policies, the theories behind the policies, and the consequences and/or benefits of such policies. Students may..
Factors necessary for effective implementation of a health plan
CRITICALLY discuss the factors necessary for effective implementation of a health plan. (2000 - 2500 words) A minimum of 20 references are to be used from a combination of journal articles and textbooks. Try to AVOID using websites as references. References are to be done APA style. Some key examples of these factors are leadership and transformation, monitoring..
Factors necessary for effective implementation of a health plan
CRITICALLY discuss the factors necessary for effective implementation of a health plan. (2000 - 2500) words. A minimum of 20 references are to be used from a combination of journal articles and textbooks. Try to avoid using websites as references. Some key examples of these factors are leadership and transformation, monitoring and evaluation plan, resources..
Investigative Essay to address the issue of workplace communication in the field of organizational behaviour
Assignment: An investigative essay is similar to a research essay, but the difference is most investigative essays allows for some form of personal experiences or opinions. The primary goal of an investigative essay is to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the subject chosen in an unbiased manner. This requires performing significant research, interpreting..
Analysis of bioethical issue in the health care service delivery
Assignment- Students are to visit one of the primary health care facilities and make an observation of the delivery of services. During this period they are to identify one bioethical issue in the delivery of health services using the Social Determinants of Health ( SDH ). This should then be analyzed using empirical data and make necessary recommendations..
Analyze future trends in the health education and health promotion field by describing three of these trends
Analyze future trends in the health education and health promotion field by describing three of these trends that, in your opinion, will have the most impact on the field. Make sure to include a description of the trend, what is the current status of the trend and how it will eventually impact the health field (include a real-world example). Approximate length..
Analysis of ethical issue in healthcare service delivery
Assigmment: Students are to visit one of the primary health care facilities and make an observation of the delivery of services. During this period, they are to identify one bioethical issue in the delivery of health services using the Social Determinants of Health (SDH). This should then be analyzed using empirical data and make necessary recommendations..
650 Clinical Psychology: Psychological Treatment Plan
Psychological Treatment Plan It is recommended that students review the e-book The Complete Adult Psychotherapy Treatment Planner (Jongsma, Peterson, & Bruce, 2014) for additional assistance in completing this assignment. Clinical and counseling psychologists utilize treatment plans to document a client’s progress toward short- and long-term goals...
Texas Voter ID Law and the Voting Rights Act (1965)
An introduction and brief overview of the policy relationship. What are the major issues facing each level of government? What are the reasons for initiating changes to the policy? What are the options to be considered (discuss several)? What are the pros and cons of each potential reform (costs v. benefits)? Which is the best option moving forward (pick one)?..
What was the role of women in the French Revolution?
Think of examples before, during, and immediately after the revolutionary events, giving examples for all three Estates, e.g. someone from the ruling aristocratic class, then women from working and peasant class, and someone from middle class - bourgeois. Use and cite at least once your e-book, a video documentary (see suggestions below), and an academic..
Book Review on, Imperial Hygiene: A Critical History of Colonialism, Nationalism and Public Health
eview the book in connection to environmental history or a subfield of environmental history. How does the book contribute to scholarship? What are the author's main arguments? Do they provide sufficient evidence to support the argument? Is the author arguing against or with current scholarship? All of these questions should help you analyze the reading..
Bill Gates: An Examination of Personality Across Time
The attached files have all the information pertaining to the paper including the lecture slides containing the possible personality models. I believe the Big 5 Personality model and Hierarchical Model will be the easiest to compare and contrast Document format: -12 size font, Times New Roman -double spaced -use of lecture slides as references is strongly..
Obesity in pregnant women: priority population report
Obesity in pregnant women The critical assignment in this course is a priority population report. You will identify a priority population who are at increased risk of being overweight and obese. Your discussion should include the social determinants of health that lead to health disparities and contributed to higher rates of overweight and obesity among..
Curriculum Unit Development on Chlamydia for children at the age of 12
The critical assignment in this course is to develop an educational curriculum unit. According to your text, “a unit plan is a vehicle for providing multifaceted learning opportunities designed to enhance the delivery of instruction and assessment. The elements of the unit plan collectively provide a big picture of health intervention. Just as individual..
Case study/Questions paper & Short answer worksheet
Read the case study: Portrait of a Family Provide short answers of 250-500 words each, addressing each of the following; Describe how each role in the family system operates to support and/or deny the addictive behavior. How does family support, or lack thereof, influence the outcome of the addicted individual in the story? Describe the potential impact treatment..
Assignment 1: LASA 2: Analysis of Technology, Culture and Victims in Crime
Jamal, a straight A junior in High School, was recently involved in a physical fight with another student in the corridor of the school. Juan is a recovering alcoholic who has absenteeism issues and poor grades. Although Juan was held back in sixth grade, and struggles with social situations, he has never been involved in any disciplinary action at school. However,..
Effects of Technology on Children's Communication Skills
Are we in the best, the worst of times or a combination of both?
Are we in the best, the worst of times or a combination of both? Paper must have a multitude of resources, facts, examples and references to support and defend whether or not they believe we are 1) Currently in the Best of Political times, 2) In the Worst of Political Times or 3) A combination of both. Paper must identify and explain different agents of political socialization...
Mental Stigma victims may impact a person to have a serious mental illnesses
the whole title should be: Mental Stigma victims may impact a person to have a serious mental illnesses such as phobia, social anxiety, or even suicide . Please feel free to modify and shorten the title and the story I provided. Same as last time. But to remind you in an attachment. and a story of a study case in a different attachment...
s18c and s18d of the Racial Discimination Act and the constitutional issues that arise.
This assignment must be done by someone who is aware of the Australian case law and research as well as the referencing criteria of the AGLC. It must have up to date research and articles - and not exceed the word count of 4,500 including footnotes.
Purinergic Signalling in Microglia in the context of Parkinson's disease
Words from my Professor: "Interested in the relationship between purinergic signalling and inflammatory neurodegeneration on Parkinson's disease. So the dopamine neurons are important for the basal ganglia motor system which become degenerated. My lab is interested in why they degenerate in the context of inflammation and how the inflammation in the..
Meta-Regression-Analysis,An overview of environmental economic studies that follow and those that fail
I have all the necessary literature. The introduction (1-2 pages) stresses the relevance of the topic. Section 2 explains the steps that need to be taken for a meta-analysis. From section 2 you could identify a number of issues that you want to focus on in your comparison of empirical studies. 4 pages Section 3 gives an overview of the empirical studies that you..
Police Brutality: How social media is being used as a tool to fight back
- Discuss the different social media platforms - Different ways users can upload media & content o #HashTags (Refer to a hash tag campaign) -- #BlackLivesMatter o Twitter, Facebook, Etc. - The comments following articles on current events can provide just as much information as an article - The public decides what topics are newsworthy..
Inner IPE (International Political Economy) Child paper - HIL (Heterodox Interventionist LIberal)
A paradigm is a POV (point of view) utilized to understand something. It determines your priorities, the questions that you find most interesting and important, and locates policy goals, methods to solve problems, and prioritization of Cui Bono interests. IPE children may be LIberal (Heterodox or Orthodox) or Structuralistor HYBRID (hyphenated as i.e...
Social Media Marketing Business Plan/ Property Management Business
I attached some information that should be included. I need a rough draft and a final draft. Instructions: Your social media marketing campaign will contain the following headings and components: Executive Summary (1-3 Paragraphs) Much like an abstract, the executive summary is a snapshot of the entire plan. Meant for a busy executive, the summary should..
Social Media Marketing Campaign for Small Accounting business
Instructions: Your social media marketing campaign will contain the following headings and components: Executive Summary (1-3 Paragraphs) Much like an abstract, the executive summary is a snapshot of the entire plan. Meant for a busy executive, the summary should highlight the key areas of the plan including the goals, vision, needs, priorities, and (most..
Negative Portrayal of African Americans in Hip Hop Music
The topic is in the title. I need my Integrative projects final paper completed by tomorrow mid day if possible. The all the articles to reference are provided as well as the Intro and first body paragraph are completed. I need 2 more paragraphs, 1 referencing psychology articles, and 1 referencing sociology articles, as well as the conclusion...
Code of Conduct for IT Professionals and its implication on computer security
conduct a survey on two issues namely professional ethics and computer security. Specifically,conduct a literature survey on code of conducts (a.k.a. code of ethics) for IT professional and its implication on computer security (especially on the aspects related to data privacy). write a 2-page summary in the ACM format (https://www.acm.org/publications/proceedings-template)...
analyzing the books by Voltaire. Marx/Engels, Hoffer, and Memmi.
Students should prepare a 5-to-7 page paper (which excludes bibliography and endnotes) analyzing the books by Voltaire. Marx/Engels, Hoffer, and Memmi. How do they address man's alienation in modern society and how do their solutions for man's alienation compare with and differ from each other? Voltaire, Candide Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The Communist..
the legacy of racism in current medical ethic issues
Term Paper Requirements:  Discuss the historical and contemporary aspects of your topic.    Discuss current public policy debates relevant to the topic you choose. This section should cover proposed solutions to problems related to your topic and arguments in favor of and opposed to those solutions.    Express your personal opinion regarding the proposed..
Slave Patrols and Contemporary Law Enforcement Agencies in the United States
The term paper should be double-spaced and should have a minimum of 6 pages (not including your APA Title Page or Reference Page(s)). The paper should have four parts, an introduction, and the main body of the essay, conclusions, and the references. It should also include a cover page with the student's name, course number, the title of the paper, instructor’s..
Relativism, Absolutism, and Biblical Approaches to Ethics
Write a 5 - 6 page paper (stapled, typed, double spaced, APA formatted minus the cover page & running head) labeling & answering all of the following prompts as sections of your essay. Make sure to include an opening introduction and thesis statement, headings for the developing sections of the essay, paragraphs to your essay in which you address the following..
Worksheet of terms for Prologue: Texas's Political Roots
PROLOGUE WORKSHEET ASSIGNMENT Read "Prologue: Texas's Political Roots" from your textbook, TEXAS POLITICS TODAY, pages xxi-xxvii. After reading the Prologue, complete the Worksheet of Terms for "Prologue: Texas's Political Roots." As you know from reading your syllabus and welcome statement, you will have a "worksheet of terms" for each of the four units..
Nationalism in SouthEast Asia : The Assertion of Asian States (southeast asia)
the paper has to be of 2500 words minimum. It needs to be well-structred, the paper needs to be presented as to confront the ideas in the two articles here attached .So it's about a critic of the ideas and arguments presented in the two articles ,and also to draw a general idea from these two articles related to the subject of Nationalism in Southeast Asia" the assertion..
Interview: Activities in Progress to Reduce Health Disparities Report
Master's in Public health for social and biological determinants of health class. Due Oct 1 by midnight. the purpose of the interview project is to identify and critique activities in progress (research, intervention programs, policies, etc.) for the elimination of social inequalities that directly impact health such as racism, sexism, poverty, social..
What is a model analysis for international relations and which is best: idealism or realism?
Follow the outlines as provided, it has the thesis, argument and conclusion of the works. I have included works cited and add more as needed for the paper. There's also term paper guidelines to be met and good sources to back the argument from. Using standard fonts, margins, and double spacing..
Are there monsters in Gillian Flynn’s novel, Gone Girl
Essay Topic #2: Are there monsters in Gillian Flynn’s novel, Gone Girl— and if so, who or what are they? Discuss what Flynn says about what a monster is and what makes someone monstrous—and how she says it-- in this novel. Your paper should contain:  a thesis statement which clearly identifies the main points that the paper will explain/ explore, contained in an.....
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Ethics and Risk Management Study
The purpose of this assignment is to analyze and select an appropriate method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for a business dispute, to examine unethical business behavior, and to develop risk management procedures to avoid or reduce claims and litigation. Read the following scenario: Dazzling Dough Co. sells pizza dough to local pizza restaurants...
Hypochondria causing illness anxiety disorder develop mostly when overexposed to disease information
Case study paper will be 4-6 pages in length, double-spaced, 12 point font, and in APA format. Requirements: 1. Students will pick one diagnosis covered in the course as well as a theoretical standpoint from which to write about this diagnosis. Special attention should be given to how the theory explains the origin, manifestation, and treatment of the chosen..
Anatomy and Physiology of the Cardiovascular System Signs and Symptoms of Shock
This is for an EMS class. Can't be too intellectual (not my wheelhouse) !! Attached are the term paper requirements and the Cardio Rubric... I need a rough draft for "peer review" early enough to submit to get final draft. (Same requirements as for Respiratory)
BENCHMARK ASSIGNMENT: Field Portfolio (60% of grade)
successful completion of the benchmark assignment is required. The School of Education requires that students in methods courses observe and participate in elementary school classes to integrate theory with actual teaching practice. Therefore your field participation is integrated into this assignment. This project consists of a NARRATIVE PAPER that..
International Relations, Realism. Constructivism, liberalism.
First, write 1500 words for the prompt as attached. You have to see the details and Tips, cite from the require reading and textbook as attached. See the details for class powerpoints for your argument. Second, write a speech draft 1 page, for “ realist pessimist view in military factor”
in 24 hours. 5 pages esl English paper. Read and write. Only need simple vocabulaires
Prompt in the attachment. Due in 24 hours. mla. 5 pages Required readings: Memoir Breaking Night: see attached files Article "The significance of Grit" :http://www.ascd.org/publications/educational-leadership/sept13/vol71/num01/[email protected]th.aspx Article "Framework for Success"..
To what extent are the lives of adolescents and young adults shaped by parental and peer influences?
Please extends the paper by 3 pages and make corrections where it states it needs it. I can answer any questions Must be eight to ten double-spaced pages in length (excluding title and reference pages), and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Must include a title page with the following: Title of paper Student’s name Course..
The War of 1812 has been called the "second war of American independence". Is this a fair description?
(a) To indicate the exact source of every quotation used. (b) To acknowledge indebtedness to others for opinions or ideas. (c) To show the source of factual details. (d) To give authority for a fact that the reader might be inclined to doubt. (Naturally no note is required for facts that may be regarded as matters of common knowledge and that are generally accepted..
Customer Profile for Target Market + Marketing Mix
Assignment: Part 1: We are opening a Cora's restaurant in the city of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. I need a Customer Profile for Target Market involving demographic, psychographic, geographic and behavioristic variables. Part 2: I need a marketing Mix for the assigned store.
" Explain Descartes’ philosophy and why it was so revolutionary? "
8 pages the 8th being the Reference page “Guidelines for Writing Philosophy Papers” at the Philosophy Department website: http://www.csus.edu/phil/guidance/writing guidelines.html Content: • State clearly what the topic and purpose of the paper is • Clear thesis statement and purpose • Strong introduction • Good explanation of concepts, illustrations..
HIV/AIDS and methods to support the HIV/AIDS-positive client during the therapeutic process.
An important component of being a competent counselor is to identify a variety of methods that can be implemented when counseling clients who may present with HIV/AIDS. Write a paper of 1,000-1,500 words discussing HIV/AIDS and methods to support the HIV/AIDS-positive client during the therapeutic process. Address the following in your paper: Discuss how..
Part 1: IFRS Research Paper / Part 2: Microsoft Research Paper
PLEASE PAY THOROUGH ATTENTION TO DIRECTIONS AND DETAILS OF ASSIGNMENT Length: about 4 pages Part 1: IFRS Research Paper - read attachment. Part 2: Technology Stock Research Paper (Microsoft)- also read attachment.
Topic Discrimination against African Americans housing or healthcare
.  This is a term paper  5-6pages 1 font APA / ASA style . Use two journal source one book and  the internet like  edu internet source. Paper should be analytical , criticizing or liking your sources and why,
Keeping up with the kardasians episode and relating it to family course theories
This is a family studies term paper, I will be providing you with notes on my episode, and what to do. I was thinking of a good introduction about my episode, and talking about the episode but relating it back to the theories in supposed to talk about.
The Federalists Papers topic: Separation of Powers in APA Format
Students are required to write a 1-page term paper. Essays must be typed, 12 point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, justified alignment, and single spaced. Write a short synopsis on a chapter of interest in The Federalist Papers. Students are encouraged to address one of the following topics: The Articles of Confederation, Separation of Powers, Federalism,..
The Future of Digital Crimes and Digital Terrorism
In the United States, a number of law enforcement agencies, including the Secret Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Department of Homeland Security among others have taken on roles to fight computer crimes and terrorism. Use the Internet or Strayer library to research articles on the efforts of law enforcement agencies to combat digital..
Strategic Plan, Part 2: Internal Environmental Analysis
This is building on the previous paper that you prepared for me. Can you get these assignments completed for me by Sunday morning. Assignment 1 Write a 1,400-word minimum internal environmental analysis in which you include the following: Assess the organization's internal environment. Identify the most important strengths and weaknesses of your organization..
Final Audit - Red Ocean Strategy Current Business Model Considerations
Final Audit - Red Ocean Strategy for General Electric Current Business Model Considerations Using the previous assignments to work off of, please create a Red Ocean strategy for General Electric Grading Criteria Pay attention to THIS... Audit Background Accurately, clearly, and completely identifies the variety of factors that create the unique organizational..
Lending Institutions, Health Care, and Human Capital
Write a three to four (3-4) page research paper in which you: Explore whether or not funding from international lending institutions like the World Bank and the IMF are helping or hindering the social, economic, or political development of the country that you have selected. Support your response with examples. Discuss, with examples, at least four (4) substantive..
Emerging market - compare and contrast China and India
compare and contrast china and india in 1. political system 2. Economic factors (ex. GDP Exports etc) 3. culture or other factors Based on the statistical data from World Bank, IMF, heritage foundation, country watch and so on. and include your thought on the implication of your findings. (This is most important park) For example, in 10 years, what does that situation..
The fuel plant explosion that happened in (PEPCON) near Henderson, NV in 1998
Instructions: 1- Assess which elements of PSM (Process Safety Management) have failed. 2- Describe the details of the incident and consequences. 3- Outline the root cause or causes of the incident. 4- What could have been done to prevent the incident. Font size 12, New Times Roman, Double Space. Outlines file is attached..
were the german militarism and diplomacy responsible for the world war I?
This assignment requires you to analyze a debate in world history. In this case you must determine if the German nation was primarily responsible for the outbreak of World War I. Again, you are required to identify the debate in the introduction of your paper, lay out the evidence used by both sides to make their case, and then conclude with why one side is more convincing,..
Planning an IT Infrastructure Audit for Compliance
Define the following items for an organization you are familiar with: Scope Goals and objectives Frequency of the audit Duration of the audit Identify the critical requirements of the audit for your chosen organization and explain why you consider them to be critical requirements. Choose privacy laws that apply to the organization, and suggest who is responsible..
Succession to an adopted child (Civil Code of Quebec)
Will the succession be able to be equal to his brother if the parents are dead and the brother is their natural child and there was no will written. Answer using articles of the civil code of quebec to prove they have equal rights
ATC navigation systems, ie. GPS, ILS, MLS, RADAR,
Using APA Format; prepare a detailed, referenced report using 12 point font in an MS Word compatible format. Guidelines for APA Format can be found in Course Home, under Writing Help. The report shall be no less than 6, full double spaced, typewritten pages, exclusive of your title page and reference page. (which means you will have an overall minimum of 8 pages)..
Lending Institutions, Health Care, and Human Capital
Use the Internet to research one (1) developing nation of your choice. Your research should include an examination of lending institutions, health care, and human capital, as well as the material covered by the Webtext and lectures in Weeks 6 through 9. Write a three to four (3-4) page research paper in which you: Explore whether or not funding from international..
Ethics in Health care, paper with comments needs editing
I have a paper with comments from professor, and it needs professional editing, and adding some sources! I need you to fix and what is necessary in the paper! do not put your offer if you cannot do it! price is Final, and due in 24 hours!
Scottish identities past and present : language and linguistics
1.To write a term paper in the linguistic format: 2. topic : assessment of syntax in scottish language 3. working with the Scots Syntax Atlas . You could study general Scots vs. locally restricted grammatical features. Or compare urban and rural dialects
Ten Principles of Economics and the Data of Macroeconomics
Purpose of Assignment The purpose of this is assignment is for students to review the basic principles of economics and the concepts of the circular flow model, showing the connectivity of society's economic players and the flow of goods and money within an economy. Students will learn how society allocates its scarce resources and how economists are both scientists..
Data Visualization/Virtual Reality Information Systems
1. Describe how the database supports the selected topic 2. Discuss what the database has a role to implement the selected topic 3. Discuss your idea about to improve the current topic in accordance with the database progress 4. Draw each component for the database and explain their function related with the topic 5. What is the future work for improving your research?..
Environmental/Occupational Case Study on tinnitus/hearing loss in the work place
CASE STUDY on Tinnitus i have provided some paper to help build this finale paper Introduction: Describe the health hazard. Identify the key problems and issues in the case study. Background: Set the scene: background information, relevant facts, and the most important issues. Demonstrate that you have researched the problems in this case study. Why is this..
Title IX is overly broad and ought to be ruled unconstitutional.
-Your term paper must be at least 2,500 words and no longer than 3,500 words. -term paper must be formatted according to Chicago Manual of Style guidelines and must include a list of references at the end -Cite least 10 reputable resources in your term paper.
“Critically evaluate Coca-Cola’s current policy and performance on sustainability”
Coca-cola’s report on sustainability is available here: http://www.coca-colacompany.com/sustainability. Please consider this in light of their products (in particular the health concerns) and their packaging (in particular plastic bottles) Your report should follow this format: * • Introduction * • Findings * • Conclusions * • Recommendations Please..
Analytical Analysis of Citizen: An American Lyric
While your format requirements are somewhat more open-ended, the argumentative requirement itself is the same. You will organize these individual readings or your text(s) around a clearly defined thesis, one that takes an argumentative risk for which your textual analysis will form the support. You will show your reader something about the literary features..
Identify any historical purpose’s behind the writing of Luke's Gospel, Acts of the Apostles, & John's Gospel
Identify any historical purpose(s) behind the writing of Luke's Gospel, Acts of the Apostles, and John's Gospel. Include a reference to any historical factor mentioned in the recommended sources that may have triggered the writing of Luke's Gospel, Acts of the Apostles, and John's Gospel as well as references to statements within those three. Class lesson..
'Discrimination of Employment" based on race, gender or religion
(Term Paper) Students are required to write a 12-15 page term paper that addresses some aspect of racial, class and sex disparity. Students are advised to consult with the instructor about their topic throughout the semester. The following is an example of a suggested format for the paper:  An introduction that identifies a problem or issue and explains why..
Memorandum on the Department of Homeland Security from you to the President of the United States
Your 5-7 page memorandum on the Department of Homeland Security from you to the President of the United States and a CC to me is due this week. Your paper should describe the Department of Homeland Security from an administration/management perspective and if the Department should continue or be abolished. Take into consideration everything we have covered..
Integrating a Christian and Ethics based perspective into the organization?
It's not always easy for Christian Managers working in a secular organization. As a manager, you will be faced with decisions every day. When making decisions you should ask if there are biblical steps to take in making the decision. For your midterm, imagine you are the manager of a secular business. In what ways would you integrate a Christian and ethics based..
Do Businesses Have a Responsibility to Society Beyond Making Profit?
Rationale To build on the themes and issues explored in the course, deepen your understanding, and enhance your critical thinking and communication skills, you are to prepare a paper that synthesizes your review and analysis of one of the four issues covered in Weeks 1 through 4. Choose an issue that interests you and that you want to explore in more depth. Description..
Through the case study and additional research of articles and public company documents, develop a paper about business level strategy. Following Porter’s Five Force Model, your paper must address the following questions: What is (are) the main industry (industries) in which the company competes? Using S.W.O.T., identify the assets of the firm, the capabilities..
Kennedy v. Louisiana US Supreme Court 554 U.S June 25, 2008
Kennedy v. Louisiana US Supreme Court 554 U.S June 25, This assignment is to demonstrate your mastery of how the criminal justice system works. This assignment is designed to give you an opportunity to display your knowledge of the parts and processes of the criminal justice system. The more specific and detailed the paper is, the more effective it will be in demonstrating..
Dancing as coping strategy in the novel "Kiss Of The Fur Queen"
A critical analysis to this topic, a case study in which you have to test your hypotheses. You are required to format and structure according to MLA-style, which means that you are required to refer to the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (7th edition) for all matters of citation, spelling, structure and formatting. Papers will have to be 10 pages long..
Difference between fixed and floating interest rates
What is the difference BETWEEN fixed and floating/fluctuating interest rates? Analyze how foreign exchange rate is determined when dealing with the business implications. Also, compute the exchange rate between the USA Dollar (fixed) and a country currency (floating) of your choice, then give the rates. Go to www.oanda.com/Forex or www.xe.com/currencyconverter..
Define and discuss the legal concept of “genericide” in its relation to trademark law.
Define and discuss the legal concept of “genericide” in its relation to trademark law. Use the example of Google (and the somewhat newly coined, popular verb “to google”) to explain the process of “genericization” and discuss its implications. 1. How might a company such as Google prevent the term “to google” from becoming generic? 2. What would the effects..
Pathopharmacological Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice
Please see the attachments which include the instructions and grading rubric. There's no set number of pages but all info must be included to pass. Headers must be provided for each rubric section. Let me know your price and timeline for completion.
Slavery, Freedom, and Expansion in the Early American West (2007) – slavery and western expansion
you supposed to read this book (John Craig Hammond, Slavery, Freedom) I can send it to you or pay for that if you want to order that by yourself.read and analyze for a historiographical book review. I have also given you a few comments on the themes/content of each book.
Linear Regression and Simple Exponential Smoothing (SES) Forecasting
You must know EXCEL! recasting Scenario: You are a consultant for the Diligent Consulting Group (DCG). You have completed the first assignment, developing and testing a forecasting method that uses Linear Regression (LR) techniques (Module 2 Case). However, the consulting manager at DCG wants to try a different forecasting method as well. Now you decide..
Egyptian Legends ( King Tutankhamun,his tomb and the afterlife)
College undergraduate term paper APA Style format, with bibliography, 10 pages or more. The aim of the paper is dealing with Ancient Egyptian spirituality, superstition and legends mainly focused on the life of Pharoah Tutankhamun. How sociological studies about myths and legends illustrate the purposes of these legends while touching on some the key points..
Addressing Traumatic Emergencies in an Organization
Assignment (2–3 pages in APA format): Draft a plan for a human services organization explaining how to address traumatic emergency situations. Include both how to respond to the emergency and how to address any long-term effects. Finally, explain your greatest concern about the safety of mental health professionals working in a human services organization...
Employee Legal Handbook for a healthcare discepline
An academic paper to form the basis of a legal handbook for employees, which could be used during new employee orientations. This paper should include: A description of the organization you chose. A list of all employee professions or disciplines. Credentialing/scope of practice Legal employment qualifications (e.g., I-9, EEOC) HIPAA (confidentiality,..
Final writing assignment - Tuskegee Syphilis Study
This professor is VERY strict with instruction! TEXTBOOK: Ferris and Stein, The Real World: FIFTH EDITION DISCUSS and REFLECT on Tuskegee Syphilis Study USING SOCIOLOGICAL TERMS/THEORIES from the REQUIRED TEXTBOOK and LECTURE SUMMARIES! I will attach lecture summaries to the hired writer :)
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