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Assignment 1: WK #1: Article Review: Motor Units- Advanced Methods of Strength and Conditioning
Advanced Methods of Strength and Conditioning Course Please view attachments Due June 7. Assignment 1: WK #1: Article Review: Motor Units Assignment 1: WK #1: Article Review: Motor Units DUE: Jun 7, 2019 11:55 PM Instructions: For Assignment #1 you will need to access the following article. Travis W. Beck, Jason M. DeFreitas, and Matt S. Stock, The Effects of..
Student Replies/Glycemic Index and Sports Performance
Students were to For this forum, we will discuss the efficacy of the glycemic index for athletes. Find one research article on the glycemic index and exercise or athletic performance and investigated the effect of different glycemic diets on endurance or performance. Please continue the discussion by following-up with two other students' posts Student 1For..
Glycemic Index and Sports Performance part 2:Reply
Can you clarify the methods used in your study...participants consumed three different meal conditions (high, low, ??) and then ran as fast and far as possible in 90min? And if everyone ran for a set 90min, how did the researchers determine that both the high and low GI groups "prolonged exercise"? Lastly, to what does "they" relate when discussing an increase..
Coach Power Diet Analyze, Nutrition for Sports Performance
For the week 1 assignment Instructions, there is an interactive experience that allows you to choose from 3 case scenarios and evaluate an athlete's diet 3-day recall (assume one individual on the given team). You must meet all three coaches I choose Coach Power scenario. Once you've chosen the coach you'd like to work with, a word file will download that contains..
Social Class: Do Money and Power Matter in Sports?
List and briefly describe the selected topic. Briefly describe the significance of this topic and your rationale for researching this particular topic. Briefly describe and list sources you will use when researching this topic (i.e. specific journals, books, articles, etc.). Also, at least 75% of your sources need to be scholarly; newspapers, magazines,..
Diet Analysis Program/ Nutrition for Sports Perfomance
For the week 1 assignment, there is an interactive experience that allows you to choose from 3 case scenarios and evaluate an athlete's diet 3-day recall (assume one individual on the given team). You must meet all three coaches (open all three of their screens) and then go back to the "director" screen. From there, you will be able to choose a scenario. Once you've..
Forum 2B: What is the science on protein supplements?/ Sports Nutrtion
Title: What is the science behind protein supplements? Due Date: Initial forum post by Wednesday 11:55 PM EST This week, you are learning about protein. Many athletes consume protein supplements. In Forum 2a, you found a particular protein supplement and presented information on it. Now, let’s find out about the science behind these. How safe are these supplements?..
Mining for Articles/Nutrition for Sports Performance Course
Part 2: I personally drink milk or eat yogurt nearly every day, and think it's one of the best refueling snacks out there! Why did the researchers in the study 1) focus on Japanese athletes, and 2) what is the physiologic connection between milk/dairy consumption and sleep quality? Lastly, in your opinion, do you think the dairy itself helps improve performance..
An Analysis of Sports Markets - Franchise Relocation & League Expansion
Economics/Sports Paper Need to write a research paper about why certain teams move to different locations and the factors that are involved for franchise relocation. Factors: Owner's personal preference, the political climate and the economics of the location.
The factors that affect the Sports industry in China
Topic for Proposed Paper: The factors that affect the Sports industry in China 1. The political background in China affects the sports industry. The Chinese government used to focus on economic growth and ignored the development of sports. However, President Xi Jinping has been supporting the sports industry in China. 2. The government-oriented economy..
Practice Conditions and the importance of Transfer
Why does random or varied practice temporarily inhibit performance and enhance learning. Provide an example to support your position. The initial post of at least 300 words in response to the main question is due by Wednesday night, 11:55pm Eastern Time. At least Three Replies to classmates of at least 150 words and professor reply are due by Sunday night, 11:55pm..
exercise program + justification + exercise workbook (as per instructions below)
exercise program sport specific to rugby league ONE WEEK + justify 500 words + workbook of the exercises MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH TRAINING PROGRAM DESIGN Read attachments - instruction and samples (((((With the workbook, I just need the pics and information I can do the rest))))) Everything must be referenced even pics, if not I will send back I don't care if..
1 week exercise program sport specific (rugby league) and justify it + workbook to illustrate exercises
Read attachments - instruction and samples ((((( With the workbook, I just need the pics and information I can do the rest ))))) I just need to know that you know how to write an exercise program that is sport specific and you know how to justify it Everything must be referenced even pics, if not I will send back I don't care if you over reference, better than not enough...
Calcio celebrities: A sociological analysis of the most important footballers in Italy and Europe
I would like to discuss the influence of calcio (the name for soccer in Italy) celebrities in Europe and Italy more specifically analyze their economic value to their club teams and the assets they bring along with them. I wanna use cristiano Ronaldo as an example... Along with that look at their social media use (endorsements, advertisements and personal style)...
Think Through a Moral Problem using a Decision-Making Process
Step 1 - Describe the moral problem in detail. Step 2 - Determine your possible options given the circumstances (List 3 or 4). Step 3 - Determine the best ethical option. i have examples of how layout should look
Assignment 1: Diagram a motor skill using the above information processing model.
Assignment Instructions Information Processing Model Adapted from………… Atkinson, R.C.; Shiffrin, R.M. (1968). "Chapter: Human memory: A proposed system and its control processes". In Spence, K.W.; Spence, J.T. The psychology of learning and motivation. 2. New York: Academic Press. pp. 89–195. Assignment 1: Diagram a motor skill using the above information..
The Influence of Memory on Learning and Performance
Describe the difference between serial and parallel processing of information. Select a skill and illustrate how each of these concepts relates to the interaction between short-term and long-term memory. The initial post of at least 300 words in response to the main question is due by Tuesday night, 11:55 pm Eastern Time. At least three Replies to classmates..
Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and the Impact of American Football on the Human Brain
Using APA guidelines and at least 30 references (Scholarly articles), write a 40 paged research paper on Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) and the impact American football has had on the brains of high school, collegiate, and professional athletes. The paper should be divided into four subtopics related to the main topic (about 10 pages each)...
Sports Participation & The Barriers That Affect It
This assignment requires you to conduct and write about a research project based on a topic of your choice. Your topic should be related to your studies and agreed with your supervisor. There should be an attempt to answer the research question posed (by the student). It should incorporate an in-depth critical review of the related academic literature and recommendations..
Writing/Research Project - NCAA - End of Amateurism
Writing Assignment: NCAA-The End of Amateurism? NCAA and use of student-athletes' likenesses for their commercial purposes/gain; applicable to high school and media contracts? Please make sure to discuss the Ed O'Bannon v NCAA case, including the NCAA's appeal of the initial court decision. The NCAA, collegiate athletic conferences, and now state high..
Recognizing Conflicts of Interests is an important skill for coaches and athletic administrators.
ASSIGNMENT: Research your school, school district, or university’s policies on conflict of interests. Also research your state’s statute on conflict of interests. Please summarize the policies and then, being the issue spotters you need to become, look around your organization and see where there is the potential for violation or actual violation of the..
How a Character and Leadership program will help your student/athletes and school community
Athletes want and need someone they can count on whether it be a coach or a fellow teammate, so they need to be sold on your vision and approach this happens by developing and creating an atmosphere for new ideas and challenges which can be explored and presented. Class your Character and Leadership Academy should focus on what days of the week and what time your class..
Advanced Theories and Strategies for Coaching Football
final project will be comprised of a power point with your organizational approach with program philosophy and expectations for coaches, players, parents, booster club, initial parent meeting, Leadership Academy followed with 4 distinct phases representing a year-round organizational approach for running and installing a successful football program..
Ethical considerations of CSR (Sporting Brands Goods Manufacturing) - An Asian Perspective
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to study the sporting goods/sports brands (clothing and footwear) industry through the prism of the CSR. First of all, it investigates the ways in which companies of this sector deal with the ETHICAL & Social responsibility issues that are specifically important to the characteristics of the sporting goods Manufacturing..
Roles and responsibilities of the modern day football (soccer) manager. Key qualities and characteristics.
Hello, I'm gonna an essay. Please take a look the assignment brief at the attached file. I will provide additional helpful information/materials. List with preferable references. The writing size font should be 12 or 14. Submission date: 31st October 2018 before 2:00pm
Develop a written comprehensive personal system of management.
Research clearly suggests that coaches who are effective at managing their teams have a plan for success. To help you manage your team so athletes may have a quality learning experience, it will help if you develop a written comprehensive personal system of management. Your written personal management model will: A. Promote trusting relationships between..
effective leader in athletics and the other person an effective leader in business
Conduct an interview with two people. One person should be someone you perceive to be an effective leader in athletics and the other person an effective leader in business (Someone outside of your family and current place of employment). Investigate the leadership techniques and principles which these leaders implement to lead the group that has been entrusted..
Discussion Board 5-Cardiovascular and Respiratory Responses to Exercise
What is the heart’s job during exercise? Is the goal of exercise an increase in performance and conditioning or is it to get the heart rate up? How are each of the following affected during higher (70-90% VO2max) and lower/moderate (40-70%) intensity exercise – heart rate, blood pressure, cardiac output, heart rate variability, and ventilatory control? What..
How Drugs (illegal performance enhancement drugs) in sports affected New Zealand Society
This assessment is a *sports* article about how performance enhancement drugs have affected new Zealand sports and up to what extent. but this should have minimum *2800*words and maximum of 3200 words. I am looking for for excellence level writing. all the instructions are attached below.
literature review of the advantages and disadvantages of anabolic steroids in sports
Use the attached bibilography to write a liturature review. Please add some journalistic and scholarly sources. I attached a sample of a literature review paper that you can use as a template. The literature review should include information about the following areas: Major studies – What are the major studies in the subject area? Which ones provide a general..
College football and Basketball student athletes should get paid
intro 45ish seconds -Intro clearly identifies issue, provides sufficient background info to familiarise assessor with issue, signpost main supporing reasons supporting reasons 2-3 mins rebuttal 1min solution or way forward 1min conclusion 30seconds
Rehabilitation on Achilles tendinopathy for a squash player
Title: Rehabilitation on Achilles tendinopathy for a squash player Introduction This section should identify the purpose of this report and place the athletic patient in a real world, sporting context; it should summarise the contents and the conclusion of the report. Discussion – The patient Define the injury/condition; critically explore the epidemiology,..
the role of baseball and boxing in shaping the american identity
you have to use five sources which are: 1-Nick Trujillo, “Hegemonic Masculinity on the Mound: Media Representations of Nolan Ryan and American Sports Culture,” Critical Studies in Mass Communication, 8.3 (1991): 290-308. 2-Lisa Glebatis Perks, “Sox and Stripes: Baseball’s Ironic American Dreams,” Communication Quarterly, 60.4 (2012): 445-464. 3- Daniel..
Team Project – Social Media Marketing Plan or Sponsorship Proposal
INSTRUCTIONS 1) Select a large, recurring sports event from a tourism perspective. 2) Research a major city that you think would be a prospective host location 3) Develop a plan/proposal using the format to be provided (under separate cover) CONSIDERATIONS A. How many overnight stays may be attributed to the event? B. What are the tourism impacts on the host..
A commentary on social media research from the perspective of a sports communication.
INSTRUCTIONS: Please follow the below instructions 1- In one or two paragraphs, clearly states the purpose of the investigation in the form of a problem, question, or issue to be resolved, and summarizes the method, results, and conclusions sections. 2- Provides background research into the topic area summarizing important findings from earlier work with..
Macro-economics, Business and Finance of International Sport
Research the security expenditures for the 2004 Athens Olympics. List (and explain) three ways in which those expenditures affected the Greek macro-economy and three ways in which they affected the European macro-economy. B. Investigate the general economies of the Republic of South America and Germany to determine how the economic impact of the 2010 FIFA..
How gender, race, and other factors affect the sporting experience in Latinas
The sporting experience is influenced significantly by gender and race but other factors such as economics, politics, class and religion interrelate in ways that influence sport participation for different groups of women. Select a specific group of women(Latinas please )
Outline and discuss why safeguarding is important in both junior and adult contexts of sport?
Discuss with reference to two recent cases (one junior based and one adult based) including outlining lessons learnt for the future. • You should demonstrate good understanding and engagement with relevant language throughout; • You should demonstrate engagement with the key issues discussed during the course; • You should demonstrate your understanding..
Athlete community relations in the world of sports by Alexander B.
The instructions are in the document. Can't be plagiarized and try to have it done before tomorrow at 7Am. Please and Thank You.. Eastern Standard Time Please put this as the word documents title when you save as: Athlete community relations in the world of sports by Alexander B. Thanks
Quantitative Data Handling using IBM SPSS Statistics
This assignment comprises data taken from a research project. You will have to demonstrate your ability to conduct appropriate statistical analyses for the data sets given using IBM SPSS software. Please answer all questions within each scenario, as instructed, in a separate word file. - Criteria to meet: 1) Test the data for parametric assumptions. Report..
Soccer is one of the most popular sports around the world.Discuss the factors leading to its popularity
Subtopic 1.Evolution of soccer facilitates the development of soccer 2.localism make people support the football team of their places 3.Promotion of soccer catches more public attention 4.Advanced technology lead to the increasing popularity of soccer
High School Athletic Participation and Academic Performance
Topic: High School Athletic Participation and Academic Performance Write the introduction to a proposed study (mixed methods). Include one paragraph each for the research problem, the related literature about this problem, the deficiencies in the literature, and the audiences who will potentially find the study of interest. I will be looking for the following:..
Strenght and conditioning ( NEEDS ANALYSIS PROJECT)
Hello Very urgent!!!need help with with my Analysis!!! It is about designing a training program for a 16 years old, male , basket ball player to improve his speed FOR IN SEASON TOURNAMENT . PLEASE NOTE, YOU ONLY NEED TO WORK ON MAKING HIS SPEED BETTER. ALSO, THE DAYS OF THE GAME IS TUESDAYS AND FRIDAY, SO MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT TRAIN HIM ON THOSE DAYS. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT..
Exercise physiology lab report O2 cosumption using WINGATE CYCLE TEST
Hi How is it going? please I need your help writing my lab report about the anaerobic capacity power using WINGATE CYCLE TEST. the lab format is introduction Methods Result Discussions/ conclusions Refrences the lab report has to be done as soon as possible preferably tomorrow Friday 20th of October at 10:30 Am...
The Evolution of Technology and Mechanics in Motor Sports Racing
This is a research paper that needs to be surrounded around the topic of how technology and mechanics have changed in the world of motor sports racing from the beginning to present day. I would like for the writer to write about different motor sports as well. NASCAR, Drag Racing, Kart Racing, etc..use as many different types of motor sports you would like. The writer..
Why Asian-Americans are non existent in American sports
In this essay you will show that our what we assume about something or someone we are not familiar with can get in the way of the truth or at least cause us to oversimplify or generalize. By contrasting a stereotype or an assumption with the truth and explaining the difference, you will demonstrate how such thinking clouds our judgment...
Current issue related to the core product of sport
The purpose of the assignment is for you track a current trend/issue and see how and why it has evolved over the last decade. Please full this paper with as much detail as possible it is very important to stick to the topic and to be very clear. Keep in mind that change does not occur without people knowing the need for change. Thus, tracking the trend allows you to search..
Role of Partnerships in Rural Recreation in Canada, Community Resilience
lets describe in this way what I need. the paragraph title is rural recreation in my thesis. So, from general perspective of rural and recreation, and then rural Canada, I need to explain what is rural recreation. Also 'there is a dearth in research that explains rural recreation in Canada" Another paragraph I need on "community resilience theory"... in general..
Business Leadership at ESPN, from the Mailroom to the Boardroom By George Bodenheimer
This assignment is based on the book by former ESPN President, George Bodenheimer. Throughout the 31 chapters and George’s 13 years as President (30+ years overall) at ESPN, he was confronted with many situations that required him to make decisions – some easy, others difficult and quite complex. These decisions greatly impacted his career and the growth of..
Definitional Argment- pick a topic dealing with a sport
Make a specific case ( object, situation, person and argue whether or not it falls into a Both arguabe and consequential: for whatever topic you choose. 1.) Could be someone credibly argue, with reasons and evidence, that the specific case( object, situation, person) does not fit position) 2. Are there consequences ( ethical, legal, financial social) involved..
Case Study Response: The Secret Lives of Sports fans
Each student will be asked to choose from a variety of case studies that pertain to sport finance challenges and write a 4-page paper (with references) describing how they would address the particular challenge(s). Students will be asked to describe the challenge, to offer some historical perspective, to offer potential solutions, and ultimately offer a..
stereotypes of athletes
I have attached the assignment my professor gave me. The essays broad topic is stereotypes of athletes, but the essay needs a more focused topic within that. For example, off the top of my head, a more focused topic could be, College athletes don't have enough time to do schoolwork and sport, but no one see's that. I have also attached my grading rubric...
Practice Makes Perfect
Would like the narrative to describe going from a losing season to winning a Championship.
Football Club "X" development strategy (Theory part)
I need theory part about strategic planning in general and about specifics in football club field
Ethical Issues in Interscholastic and Intercollegiate Sport
Write about an athletic event that you have attended. Write a 2 page paper explaining how an ethical issue was handled (i.e. sportsmanship, violence, rules, coach behavior, athlete behavior). Describe the situation and explain how ethics played a role.
Technique and Skill Testing in Football
Title: Grassroots players self-teaching technique and skill using video play back
MURDERBALL documentary movie
MURDERBALL documentary movie How is movement portrayed? Are the action scenes (and the sport in general) what you expected? Why or why not? How different would the action scenes have been if the movie was about regular rugby? What would the biggest differences have been? How are the athletes portrayed? How do they compare to able-bodied athletes in their mind-set?..
Writing Sample
subject: Importants Of Sport Analytics and how it give your team an advantage. From game plan to player eval.
What is leadership?
What is leadership? Critically evaluate the various conceptualisations of leadership and their relevance for organisations today. Investigate if there is a difference between leaders and managers and if their behaviour styles influence their followers behaviour in organisations today? Explore leadership traits and investigate if there are born with..
The 1990 Obesity epidemic
1)Please refer to: ACSM's Behavioral Aspects of Physical Activity Chapter 2 on the the social ecological factor 2) Give focus and stress upon the the social ecological models . 3)View it from the perspective of an individual that is both apathetic to the obesity epidemic and someone who is directly impacted. 4) Follow the structure pattern(picture) in doing..
Jr. College Assignment For this assignment, the professor am asking you to first find two articles. The first is an article from a media source (newspaper, magazine, etc) that cites some scientific study. Describe the study as reported in the news article. Be sure to include in the introduction the main question the researchers are interested in and also the..
I need about sports on the subject of hockey in my life. Features and popularity among young people
College Athletics Issues and Trends
Topic: Current and Future Trends and Issues for Student Athletes and Athletic Program. Length of paper is 18-20 pages. APA Style.
Current Event: Antidoping Officials vs. U.S. Olympics Leaders
Each student will be responsible for searching for three unique current event articles relating to sport organizational behavior/theory to be submitted at various times throughout the semester. Students will write a summary of the current event and its relevance for the sport management industry, including how it pertains to a sport/exercise/health manager’s..
misrepresentation of racial and ethnic discrimination in sport
Write a paper to state your findings and provide your references. Do not copy and paste information, this assignment will be checked on turnitin for plagiarism. Some examples of issues to address include: underrepresentation of minorities in the sports mass media (TV, radio), underrepresentation of minorities in head coaching and administration, private..
What influences Health and Wellness
1a.Week 1 Forum 1a What influences health and wellness View Full Description For this forum discussion, choose 2 of the following to discuss in your forum. How does _________________ influence health and wellness? Gender Race/ ethnicity Income Education level Why do women outlive men List one social detriment that affects our wellness in today's society...
sport and recreation in new zealand
1. Introduction Include: • The purpose of this assignment. • Short introduction of your chosen two organisations. • Introduction to IOR theory; types of IORs and strength of ties. The purpose of this assignment is to critic and discuss the sports and recreation organisations from an inter-organisational theory perspective. In this assignment, I will discuss..
Based on the situation, what things could have been done to avoid this situation? What could be changed at the gym? Was the gym at fault? Was the recruiter at fault? Was Danny at fault? Give reasons for your answers. I will provide the link of the story
Sportscenter Paper
All students will be required to watch one episode of Sports Center on ESPN and write a 3-page paper relating the news coverage to sociological topics discussed in the text, readings, and class. Students must use and cite at least 2 references outside of class reading materials. All papers must be proofread and in APA format...
Major Venues
Instructions attached Must include brief powerpoint presentation MUST KNOW APA FORMAT
Forum 5 Team work
Forum 5: Teamwork What type of leader are you? If you were leading a team, which philosophy of leadership would you use? Describe a situation that would demonstrate your leadership style and ability to lead a team. You can use a previous example or a hypothetical situation. Side note: I think I am a combination of styles being Transformative Leadership,Hands-On,..
Schooled: The Price of College Sports
Watch Schooled: The Price of College Sports. This video discusses, in great detail, the tremendous growth of the NCAA. You will get a glimpse of the history of the NCAA. However (and more importantly), you will see how the NCAA grew into a multibillion business all while exploiting the student-athlete. After watching, write a 2-3 page paper reviewing the video...
Ethical Dilemma
300 Words in the initial post, APA Format. Forum 4: Ethical Dilemma ACSM-Code of Ethics #'s 5 and 7 state the following: 5. Members should not advise, aid, or abet any athlete to use prohibited substances or methods of doping. 7. Members should maintain confidentiality of personal medical information and protect the right of the clean athlete to compete. You..
Comprehensive Strength Training Program
The Final Project you need to develop a comprehensive strength training program for anyone other than yourself. This project must demonstrate your ability to effectively design an appropriate and effective program for use in the business world. Follow these guidelines to develop your program: Please see attached below for further details, and determine..
The power of brand loyalty
In this discipline, customers are often extremely loyal to specific teams and leagues. What inspires this loyalty and how does this affect future customer behaviour
Communication and Leadership replies
Please see attachment for replies, Replies from student Assignment on Communication and Leadership forum. Add on to what they wrote, something you agree with or like that they notated, add any additional references or related sources. Must be 150 words due by 7/20 Saturday by 1155 EST.
replies for squat variations
Please see attached for replies, Replies from student Assignment on Squat Variations forum. Add on to what they wrote, something you agree with or like that they notated, add any additional references or related sources. Must be 150 words due by 7/20 Saturday by 1155 EST.
Power Point/ prezi presentation
*Provide arguments as to why the audience should think the way you do about the topic and do things your way rather than continuing with their present behavior. Anticipate and refute the audience's reasons for saying "no." Your persuasive intent should be reflected in your claim and thesis (central idea) and should be reinforced throughout the speech. The speech..
Week 7: Squat Variations
Week 7: Squat Variations View Full Description For this week's forum we are going to discuss how to use a variety of squats in a variety of training conditions. We know that mechanics changes can change the way that muscles are worked. Mechanics change the focus, target, purpose, and results. Answer the following questions: 1. Choose two different type of squats..
Week 6: Mental Health Benefits of Strength Training
Week 6: Mental Health Benefits of Strength Training- Reading is in attachement View Full Description and Attachment(s) For this forum we will look at the benefits of strength training. Please read the article for this week titled Resistance Training Improves Mental Health. Answer the following questions: 1. Which aspect were you the most surprised that resistance..
3-page paper comparing how MIRACLE and RUDY
Write a 5-page paper comparing how MIRACLE and RUDY address the following topics: How does each film depict the team/character as an underdog? Discuss four factors portraying Rudy as an underdog Discuss four factors portraying Team USA (or its individual team members) as an underdog How does each film depict the pursuit of the American Dream? Identify and explain..
Sports Research Proposal
You must address the four questions below: a. What is your topic? b. What is your thesis statement? c. Why you want to write on this topic? d. How you are going to defend your thesis statement? Specifically, provide four scholarly resources you intend to use.
Week 5: Training Order
Week 5: Training Order View Full Description and Attachment(s) For this forum you will read the following article: Please see the attached article to read and instructions The article can be found in your Resources. Once you have read the article, answer the following questions: 1. Do you typically train large muscles first? Why or why not? 2. Do you typically..
Student replies week 4
Need to be completed in next 4 hours, 8 EST, no later than 9 pm EST. 6/30 today. Related to the eccentric assignment- need you to answer questions asked based off that assignment. You did an outstanding job on this weeks post with providing very detailed information. You provided some great examples on how an experienced, unfit, or elder can use negative training..
Annotated Bibliography
Subject is on wether trophies should be given out to everyone who participates or just the winners in youth sports. I have attached 3 scholarly articles to be used but there needs to be 10. 10 sources, at least 300 words per source. There should be 10 entries in the bibliography, 1 entry per source. Each entry should include a citation in APA format, a summary, and..
Case Study Response: Super Bowl & the Economy
Use the case study in the link attached to describe how they would address the particular challenges. Describe the challenge, to offer some historical perspective, to offer potential solutions, and ultimately offer a recommended course of action.
Sharing your ideas-Coach Power
Forum 8B Title: Sharing Your Ideas Due Date: Initial forum post by Tuesday 11:55 PM EST 200 words In this forum, share the material you developed for the fourth assignment. In the post discussion area, provide a brief synopsis of what you developed. This is related to powerpoint you developed for Coach Power and Lifting Team...
Does nutrition improve athletic performance?
Course Nutrition for Sports Performance Forum 8A: Does nutrition improve athletic performance? View Full Description Forum 8A Title: Summing It Up – Does nutrition improve athletic performance? Due Date: Initial forum post by Tuesday11:55 PM EST Reflect on what you have learned in this class. Did you learn what you thought you were going to learn? Does nutrition..
Ticket Sales Analysis
• You are the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for a professional basketball franchise that just opened a new arena 7 years ago. Your team has a good winning tradition with your last championship coming 5 years ago. Unfortunately, the team has been upset in the first round of the playoffs the last 3 years and some of your fan confidence is starting to wear thin...
two sports
you will write a Comparison Essay. Choose one of the following topics to compare: 1. Two sports Be sure that your essay includes 5 paragraphs : Intoduction (Hook, Connecting Information, and Thesis Statement), Body (three paragraphs with the comparisons), and Conclusion( Restate the thesis Statement and Close...
Week 7: Final Project
Week 7: Final Project- please see attachment Assignment Instructions Use this interactive experience to select one coach for whom you will create an informational brochure or handout (be creative, but assume that this material will be used by athletes and/or their parents). Consider well-rounded strategies that approach your chosen topic from several..
Title: Alcohol and the Athlete
Forum 7A Title: Alcohol and the Athlete Due Date: Initial forum post by Tuesday 11:55 PM EST Drinking alcohol is an accepted norm in the American society, and often an athlete will drink alcohol containing drinks following a workout or game. What effect does this have on athletic performance? This forum will investigate that question. For your initial forum..
Forum 6 Body fat replies
Professor- 150 words It looks like part of the methodology is missing--what exactly did they test and to what ironman variables did they compare it? Did all participants compete in the ironman race? Please also describe the relationships found (we need to know their direction and strength to make sense of them). And if the participants were of different race..
reflection on coaching skills on water rafting
reflect on the learning environment at wero, both created by you and as a result of the location itself. The impact of these factors should be clearly stated. You should concentrate your work on how you used or modified the environment to help learning and how the environment effected your coaching and the group’s learning. This assignment should be approximately..
Should Football be banned in America?
Debatable or controversial issue in sport 5-7 pages plus title and references 10 sources, including 5 peer reviewed articles APA citations
reflection on coaching skills on water rafting
you will facilitate the learning of a skill or manage an aspect of the learning environment for five other members of your workshop group. These skills will be related to your group navigating a raft, firstly in flat water and then in whitewater conditions. You are then required to submit a written assignment, reflecting upon your planning and facilitation of..
student replies to programming
Please reply back to students and continue on from what was written be sure to add some questions based off of what was written - share what you found interesting or other research may have found must be completed today in next 5 to 6hours- 6/9 APA format 150 words for both student replies Student 1 After looking at the different training programs in the back..
Week 1: Programming
Week 1: Programming View Full Description We are starting our class out by examining the strength programs in the back of our book first. For this forum, answer the following questions: 1. In Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Track and Field, pages 125-136 of there is a program, with progressing levels shown for endurance/fat burning training, first for..
Waivers and Participation Agreements
Describe the difference between waivers and participation agreements. Using the section from book attached. Please include page number when referencing ( pg.416 ) . It can be due by tomorrow night ( 2/13/17 )
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