Speech / Presentation on Psychology examples

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Persuasive Speech Topic: TedTalk Sangu Delle There's no shame in taking care of your mental health
This presentation will include a minimum of 2 research sources. These may come from TedTalks, books, youtube broadcasts, academic journals, credible magazines, newspapers, personal interviews, television broadcasts, and valid web sources. Make sure you diversify your sources, particularly when using the web. Be sure to cite your references in the text..
Document the foundations of School suicide prevention program
Immediately after the suicide of one of its students, a rural school has contacted you to develop interventions to reduce the risk of copycat suicides. You are concerned that by focusing on the suicide, you may increase the possibility of a contagion. In order to avoid this, you must research available information on copycat or cluster suicides. For your Signature..
Identity Different Theories of Gender Development
Week 5 Assignment: Identify Different Theories of Gender Development Assignment Task: Submit to complete this assignment Due May 6 at 11:59 PM Your task this week will be to debate different theories of gender development. To do this, submit a transcript of a mock debate (or one that you may have overheard) between two psychologists who have primary interest..
substance abuse behaviors presentation (NEED ASSIGNMENT COMPLETE WITHIN 15 HOURS)
At the new veteran’s agency your boss wants you to put together a presentation on life skills to promote client knowledge, skills and attitudes that contribute to positive change in substance abuse behavior. This presentation will be given at a group meeting he is planning for the agency to promote individual counseling for clients with substance abuse disorders...
Dissertation Proposal ppt presentation script/notes
I have a dissertation proposal defense Friday. I have to turn in my ppt and a written script document tomorrow evening. I have attempted to do a draft script but I am having a little difficulty and I am running out of time. I need someone that can write a script for my presentation. I prefer someone who has experience with dissertations and ppt graphics. I will attach..
Neurobiology and Neuroplasticity in Trauma Recovery
Students are to assume that they are working as a therapist in an agency that employs multiple therapists, and that they have been asked to give an informative presentation/traing on Neurobiology and Neuroplasticity in Trauma Recovery. In a 60-minute presentation, students will provide the following: • an overview of the condition or treatment • discussion..
History of Mary Ainsworth and the Strange Situation
This assignment is a 1 to 2 page of the History of Mary Ainsworth and her work on the strange situation. This is a presentation that needs to wrap up in three minutes. I have attached a grading rubrics for your leisure to look at. Any questions please let me know.
Psychology Speech presentation Communication (in french)
The introduction (or preamble) of your presentation serves two purposes: an emotional and a cognitive. 1. The first emotional goal is to engage the interest of our audience. For to reach it you must: at. Excerpt from the case presented the significant elements likely to attract and to interest the public and present it at the beginning of the presentation. • For..
To Inform my audience of the process of habit formation: how to break bad habits and form good ones
1) A printed, detailed 1-page outline of your speech. 2) 2 vocal citations and 2 types of supporting material within speech 3) A printed, detailed bibliography (Works Cited/Reference page) in APA or MLA style.
I need a 20-25 slide power point that includes a visual presentation within the slide show. 5 of the slides must reference material in the TEXT. I have attached the pages from the TEXT that can be used as well as the presentation guidelines. There will also need to be a reference page that includes a minimum of 4 references (1 of which is the text)...
When the going gets tough
In this assignment, you will create a 12-15 PowerPoint slide presentation that is intended for your organizational leaders that describes both a potential problem and an actual problem as they pertain to your organization. Consider the prompts listed below, and base relevant information on the literature of problem solving. Your slides should include thorough..
Eating Disorder Young Men & Boys
I need a 15-24 PowerPoint Slide with notes Professional Advocacy Presentation on Eating Disorder In young Men. APA format ..See Attachment for other requirements
Bullying and Its Effect On Children
Doc outline A.Gen'l Purp. B. Specific Purp. C.Cent.Idea I.Intro Key pt.1 Keypt.2 Keypt.3 II. Body of pres. Mainpt 1, Main pt 2, Mainpt 3 supporting materials each pt min 2 supporting pts New times Roman 12 pt font SubptsABC. 2nd level subpt 123 must include transitions
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