Speech / Presentation on Philosophy examples

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PERSUASIVE SPEECH PRESENTATION : Make people become more open-mined specially to LGBT community
*To persuade; reinforce, modify or change audience beliefs, attitudes, opinions or behaviors *Conduct research. 2 research sources are required. *Begin your preparation outline using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. *Select information which is most interesting and motivating. *See outline example and template provided. *Use standard labeling for the..
Can machines have consciousness at all? If so, of what does it consist?
Task: 1. You need to watch the movie of Tron: Legacy first; 2. You need to answer some parts of the question below: "Mind and Machine: Can machines have consciousness at all? If so, of what does it consist?" So what you need to do are these few steps: 1. definition of consciousness 2. Try to point out that not only human beings have consciousness but others things will..
Should Licensing for Handguns Be More Restrictive?
I want to make debate about my subject and put it into a PowerPoint slides to take YES side of Article that i attached "Should Licensing the Handgun Be More Restrictive?" Then I want to write a summary one page of the whole subject.
To what extent should citizens trust their government, if the government has a history of deceit?
I have a presentation on Theory of Knowledge (TOK).TOK is an IB subject (if you want to do some research on that).On the presentation, I attached there is the progress I made soo far. Ways of Knowing (WoK) and Areas of Knowledge (AoK) should be mentioned. TOK content should be a lot, and it should be the main thing in the presentation. There is a Presentation Planning..
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