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epideictic speech in honer of Black Wall Street specifically Dr. Oliver J Hooker
I have to write a 3-5 minute speech hindering black wall st but specifically Dr Olivia j hooker . It needs to be deep and funny and explain her role in black wall st and must capture the attention of college student . Must also include Mention of Sarah Rector who was not part of black wall st but is also a powerful African American women Include questions or task that can..
Challenges and solutions to controlling body temperatures (Cold)
Subject Ergonomic ( Safety and Health ) Topic: Challenges and solutions to controlling body temperatures (Cold) It's for a presentation slide to the lecturer. Given time 15 - 20 minute only - A description of the problem today in the industry - Health problems that may occur Possible solutions - An internet link (URL) where other students and the course team can..
formulate a consistent policy to dal with cyber-bullying of student off campus.
inspired (Monroe's Motivated Sequence ) In form of an outline: Introduction: with a good attention gather, as credibility, relevancy and preview main points Body ( I. need , II. Satisfaction( the policy) III. Visualization ( policy in place) Conclusion: summarize the main points,sing the ending , finale, action (wow statement) Outline format!!! ( you are..
Focus on a person that helped shape the person you have become
This is a speech in public speaking, 2 to 3 minutes length of speech.My name is Grace, i have 2 kids, Jayden 10yrs old and Kayla 9 yrs old. My husband is a Registered nurse, and he was helping me to become a BSN.Right now i'm an LVN with the support, guidance,encouragement,motivation, of my husband. You can add more things that my husband did to me that help me shape the..
Is it morally defensible to refuse to vote? Pro side
(Introduction for pro-side) Please give a reasonable opinion why i can refuse to vote. It needs to beat for debating. I need within 20 mins Just 1 paragraph i need http://www.thepublicdiscourse.com/2016/08/17550/
Should celebrities who break the law face stricter penalties?
This speech has to be a persuasive speech ... Its a argument between "Should celebrities who break the law face stricter penalties" I agree with this statement . This speech is to persuade the audience that Celebrities who break the law face stricter penalties. I have attached my outline for you !! please include references. Please you have to make sure that the..
An Investigation in The Effects of Inexperienced Maintainers in Aviation Maintenance
15 Slide Power Point presentation that shows in-depth information on the effects of In-experience maintainers in the Aviation Maintenance Industry. ATTACHED IS THE PROPOSAL FOR THE PROJECT PRESENTATION. PRESENTATION MUST SHOW UNDERSTANDING OF ALL 11 PROGRAM OUTCOMES. ****THE INFORMATION IN THE PRESENTATION NEEDS TO BE IN-DEPTH AND REFERENCED****..
urgent Informative speech in less than 4 hours please
Hello everyone, I need an informative speech with six sources. I need sources from journal like "The NewYorkTime" or magazines, academic journals or newspapers. Also the speech need to have some specific points: 1 Attention getter : ... 2 Significance : .... 3 Thesis : ... 4 Preview : ... 5 Point one : .. 6 Transition : ... 7 Point two : ... 8 Review| Restate thesis..
Persuasive speech with imagery and personification
I need a persuasive speech with imagery and personification that is 5-7 minutes long. The speech has to be from a any time period. It can be a speech from the period of the 1800's to 2000's. I have to recite the speech in that time period language. I can pay $4 a page. I need it in the APA format and I need it tonight or by 6am...
Informative speech about French,Paris (Eiffel tower)
Name Withheld SPCH 1315 Professor Hopkins Barnes Informative Speech Outline Introduction I. Attention Device I will use a classic figure ground image of a chalice that also looks like two faces when you look at it from a different perspective. (proprofs.com, 2012) II. Relate Topic to Audience (Purpose) Art and graphic design are more than just drawing lines..
Steering the Ethical Culture of an Organization through Communication
Prompt Begin by reviewing the text concerning ethical culture and communication. Next, imagine that you are the leader of an organization in the field of which you are intending to make your career and the ethical culture of this organization is unhealthy. You are concerned and want to steer the culture in the right direction. Pretend that you and several committees..
Proposed Amendments in Murray Darling Basin Plan
details of the topic and Instructions to address the issue are available in attached file. Instructions must be followed. word limit is 1500 and plagiarism doesn't matter. There should be no irrelevant material.
5 minute Persuasive Speech In Outline form (Please chose somthing that relates to the medical field)
Persuasive Speech (include 2 sources referenced in APA) Research two sources for facts, statistics, anecdotes, etc. as evidence/support for your claim. Choose an issue on which you want to argue for or against, and on which you want to persuade your audience to agree with your claim. The speech should be 5 minutes long. Once the research is completed, a formal,..
Persuasive speech on the benefits of eating together as a family for your children
Attached is a sample persuasive speech outline that was presented to the class with an Introduction, Body, Conclusion, and Bibliography (needs at least 4 reliable sources and it does not matter from where). I just need an outline put together with the requested topic.
The uselessness of Gun control (Super easy quick essay)
Using the topic you have selected for your in-class persuasive speech, review Chapter 18 to identify five different motivational/emotional appeals you can use in your persuasive speech. Take the arguments that you have developed in the Persuasive Arguments assignment, and develop them further using at least 5 different motivational appeals. This essay..
Informative Speech on Environmental Issue: Sports and the Environment
Informative Speaking An environmental issues approach for this and future speech assignments is required. Local and regional issues are always better than subjects that are distant or broad. For example, Polar bears and Orcas are distant, and climate change and ozone layer depletion are broad. Please look for what is around you for topics: ethanol, ranching,..
Group Presentation Chapter 6 Interpersonal communication Friendships
Hello, I have a Group presentation Chapter 6 Interpersonal communication on Friendship. My group and I are teaching the class on Chapter 6 Interpersonal Communication Tuesday that relates with in the book(Human Communication Fifth Edition Special Florida Value Edition by Judy Pearson ISBN #9781259346781). Each of my group has a part to do assignment on Interpersonal..
Project Management - Ng Teng Fong General Hospital
Our group have choosed NG TENG FONG GENERAL HOSPITAL as our project. The paper will consist of the following : introduction, body and conclusion. i have done the part of introduction. can you continuing the part of Provide Recommendations thru the Project Life Cycle on how the Project could have been managed successfully and conclusion. And add on the Gantt Chart..
FM 1-06 Chapter 6 Execution & Assessment Presentation
I need a power point presentation on the template provided on chapter 6 execution and assessment sections in the next 24 hours with notes from the sections provided on the notes slides in the presentation. The presentation needs to be approximately 10 minutes so the prepared script can be the notes. I need this in less than 24 hours. Must be profession grad level..
Visual Argument and Rhetorical Anaylsis (How Do Beauty Contest Effect Young Girls)
PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE TRYING TO BE HIRED..... Instructions on Attached File (Visual Arguments Sheet_incl Presentation) I also uploaded my Non-Academic Essay Don't know how many pages just 3 to 5 minutes long Any questions please feel free to message me
Finding Zoe
book memoir for a speech class. topic is hearing loss Book: Finding Zoe by Brandi Rarus (A Deaf Woman's Story of Identity, Love, and Adoption) presentation: • 8-10 minutes. • Content: Please include the following information in your presentation: o Presenting communication disorder (e.g., definition, common characteristics, etiology) o Point of view o..
"getting a college education.
Write a full and complete Preview Statement for a faux speech on "getting a college education." (you can make-up the "labels") Write a corresponding Review Statement. Write 3 complete source cites: one for an article from Mental Floss (November 2011), one for a book called You Just Don't Understand by: Deborah Tannen, and one for a personal interview with your..
Climate Change
This speech should be Controversial, I need four unbiased sources for this. don't use should and read attach file carefully. Note: I need outline and power point presentation both
Should we trust President Trumn his suggestion to build a wall on Maxican Border?
It is the presentation required by the International Baccalaureate exam under the topic "Theory of Knowledge". It requires analysis in TOK language focusing on the influence of "reason", "emotion" and intuition". It should be around 1,500 words.
informative speech
to construct an informative speech guided through the attachment. the speech topic is on the conspiracy of the moon landing and Stanly Kubrick helpings in filming/staging it. this assignment must also include a full outline and be 5-6 min long
Persuasive speech (Need for the arts)
You are to submit only an outline of your persuasive speech. This speech is just like your informative speech, except you are no longer the teacher. You are an advocate. You are to choose a topic as mentioned below and choose a side. There are some great resources on Magnolia Project in our online library at PRCC. Opposing Viewpoints is another great source available..
drug addiction among teens
First the outline that I'm going to attach should be completed seperatly , it has to be an informative speech 5-7 minutes, it should follow the rubric that I'm going to attach also, i want it on Microsoft word, it should be cited and zero plagiarism.
Right choices, Say No
6-8 MINUTE SPEECH.....For this speech choose one value judgment you were asked or encouraged to accept as a child or young teenager and discuss how this request that you follow this belief manifested itself in your life at that time. It should be something you were first asked or encouraged (explicitly or implicitly) to accept before you had firsthand experience..
drug addiction among teens
I want it an informative speech that is between 5-7 minutes, I attached a rubric and an outline, i want the outline to be completed first, then start with the speech and i want it zero plagiarism.
Provety in single parent homes
Please find the attached document on how the outline of the Persuasive Speech should consist of. MLA style with Works Cited page
FRENCH-film/tv for a speaking assessment
I have a FRENCH speaking exam, On FILM/TV which needs to be written up ASAP. there are instructions in the attached document. USE THE DOCUMENT attached and BENEATH EACH QUESTION answer in FRENCH at least 4 LINES for each question. USE a common FILM and TV show. Write in french and use document
french-film/tv speaking assessment
I need FRENCH questions answered with English translation of question and your answers and at least 4 lines for each question pick a any movie that is common and out now to write about. the rest of instructions are in the attached file WRITTEN IN FRENCH
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