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Compare 2 of music videos with different target markets
Compare 2 of your favorite music videos with different target markets (a target market is a particular group of consumers at which a product or service is aimed) a. Provide a minimum of 5 demographics characteristics for each of the videos target markets (example: age, gender, income, marital status, education, etc.) b. 5 psychographics characteristics for..
Integrated Marketing Portfolio and Executive Summary Presentation
You will present an executive summary of your marketing portfolio. The presentation should be geared towards potential employers or clients and will take the form of a visual presentation. You will present an executive summary of your portfolio that discusses its contents as well as how it reflects your knowledge, skills, and abilities as a marketing professional...
Comparison between two product 'iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7'
The paper is comparison between iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7. How they affect the costumer and the comparison on marketing Field. I want to write 2 to 3 pages pa and PowerPionts about the paper put the information into slides on the Powerpionts
Act as a "brand representative" for a Multinational company
I am a new employee in a Chinese company, our company now enjoy a thriving development and we have increasing businesses with foreigner partners. There have growing needs that communicate with foreigners in our company, so we held a speech contest in this topic. In this speech, I want to address how to be a "spokemen" for our company covering three aspects: 1: learn..
Consumer behaviour
bullet points - 6 points each Gaps Brand in-store observations from sight/vision point of view Gap Improvements from sight point of view
speaker notes for presentation
i uploaded the report, i need it to be presentable. i need speaker notes that i can read for my presentation
How Companies Know Your Secrets
This is a MEMO The reading and the instructions are attached below. Please follow! 350-450 words no more than that! Due thursday february 23rd at 8:00AM
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