Speech / Presentation on Management examples

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Prepare a 12 slide powerpoint presentation on the analysis of a case selected with a question.
The Brief Prepare a 10-minute presentation on the analysis of a case selected from a given list. Focus your presentation on the question/task accompanying each case. Deliverables A set of PowerPoint slides supporting the presentation: Prepare slides to accompany your presentation • There is a requirement of 12 slides: 1) a title slide with the details of the..
Other than knowledge, skills, and ability, tell the board members why you want to be a Captain?
Need a three to four minute answer (half page) that knocks the board members out of their seats and beats the other 27 competitors. This position of Captain is in law enforcement. Question is directed towards leadership. Captain supervises six sergeants and has approx. 50 personnel with in his span of control...
Job Announcement/Ad to fill (10-12 slide presentation with voice)
Develop a job announcement/ad to fill the opening for an employer in your home state. You may either include your job announcement/ad as a separate Word document, or include it in the audio/visual presentation you will be preparing (described below). Prepare a slide presentation with voice-over (10-12 slides). In your presentation (a) Describe the employer’s..
Airline / Air Cargo presentation on Southwest Airlines
The fifth part of the guide book. 1. Giving a clear idea to the people in the room 2. good graphics 3. proper wordings 4. required graphs 5. No plagiarism 6. Assistance to presentation 7. should be able to manage 15min
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