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Psycho Killers “The Silence of the Lambs/ Hannibal/ Red Dragon/Hannibal Rising (franchise; 1991-2007)"
Presentation on these 3 movies! NEED BY SUNDAY NOVEMBER 22!!!! Super easy! Need the following questions to be answered thoroughly; -Is there a monster? -What form does the monster take? -What role does the monster play in the work? What consequences does it bring about? -What view of human beings, and of human existence, does the author seem to be portraying in..
Bigger isn't not always better, the effect fast food has on America
I want the outline on November 6th it is for a public speech class the body need to have three main point and each has to have 3 sub parts Introduction 1- attention getter 2- state topic/ purpose 3- preview main point Conclusion 1- signpost, 2- summary/ recap main point, 3- close with the impact you can put some pictures to illustrate YOU MUST ONLY CITE 3 TIMES..
Should more pets be adopted than bought from a breeder?
attach an example, 1,2,3 should be the same as 1 . I need it in 12 hours 15 max please every point sould be cite at the end in parenthesis. very importart the citations the example at the end its to long but like that one
Taming of the Shrew and Ten Thing I hate about You
For this English assignment, we are to write a speech and correlate it with images. I am required to have 10 slides and each slide has an image. Below is a sample of what my friend has done. She has written about how money and relationships have shaped the value of its society. My speech is to link to patriarchal power in society. Below i have attached the task and marking..
We should not believe what they post on social media without checking the facts.
Impromptu presentation Topic: Social Media Purpose: To convince the audience to not trust social media posts. I need speech (no need for power-point) which includes attention-Getter, thesis statement, sentence of method, 3 or 4 main ideas, transition , restatement of main points and closer same speech I attached..
The threat of global warming: Exaggerations,Myths,and actual danger
DESCRIPTION Select a topic for this informative speech based on review of your personal interests, experiences and knowledge. Also, consider the audience’s knowledge and their need to know. Although you may include personal insight, your speech content must primarily be based on professional, credible research. With your research in hand, use the outline..
Why breakfast is the most important meal of the day?
In your speech, give specific details to explain the facts and your views. Use your personal observations, experience, and knowledge. Your speech (content and expressions) must be appropriate to the audience between the ages of 7-12 years old. Write your speech between 1200-1500 words (excluding references). Each point should be elaborated with significant..
MS PowerPoint Presentation about "Immigration ought to be recognized as a human right"
PPT - Part III - Argument Take a Position Part III - MS PowerPoint Presentation about the Topic of Debate--Argument, in which you present your Position Earlier in the course you selected a topic from Choices-Part I and wrote Annotated Bibliography for Part II of the assignment. Here is where you will present your position about your chosen topic in an 8-10 slide..
Liberal Arts Capstone Final Outline/Power Point/Voice Over
Outline: Submit a 100+ word clear, precise statement of your topic. The outline (1-2 pages) should show how you will relate EACH of the important points required in relation to your topic: .Ethical decision making. .Social responsibility. .Diversity. .Multiculturalism. Presentation 1. Create a title slide-title, your name, date, course, professor. 2...
Speech presentation about database- Newspaper Source Plus
see attached file.. we are presenting as a group but i will talk/answer about #6 or you can add more regarding about the specific database (Newspaper Source Plus) . please make a 2-minute speech presentation about it. > NOT TOO FORMAL, just like a casual presentation in class. let me know if u have questions. deadline is on November 11, 2017..
Presentation/conference proposal about Tess of The D'urbervilles
Tess of The D'urberville by Thomas Hardy Do: a close reading of a specific aspect of a recurring theme in the text. or a close reading of a scene/section/paragraph in context of the wider narrative, in terms of stylistics or formal qualities. or a counter-argument to a critical interpretation of one aspect of the text...
Write a speech about the life and accomplishments of Joesph Augustine.
A) Write a speech about the life and accomplishments of Joseph Augustine. The speech is for the general audience. You may use the poem "Grandfather" by Joseph Augustine, as well as your research to write the text. The speech should be about 150 to 200 words and must have all of the following elements. - Appropriate introduction - Appropriate conclusion\ - Body..
informative speech: panda or Great wall of China ( choose one)
1)Informative speech: Panda or Great wall of China (choose one) 2)Please see the attachment for the format of the speech. Please follow the format. Make sure all the transition sentences are there. 3)Please also find 2-3 visual aid, as power point. Please indicate in the speech outline when to present each of the visual aid. 4)5 resources in the speech, ex: according..
AOS- Interview
1. what aspects of discovery are demonstrated in The China Coin and how are they demonstrated? 2. Explore the similarities and differences between The China Coin and Oodgeroo Noonuccal's poetry? 3. How has your study of texts improved improved your understanding of the concept of discovery? your speaking time in the interview will be no more than 6 minutes...
PowerPoint presentation
Keep it short and simple follow rubric essay in the attachment PowerPoint Only
Write a persuasive speech using rhetorical tropes and Ad-herennium
I want to prepare a speech on why I believe that women are stronger than men. I have to respect the criteria I attached below, and I also have to use some rhetorical tropes and label everything I used. The speech has to plagiarism free.
AssignmentWrite a persuasive speech
AssignmentWrite a persuasive speech supporting your opinion about an issue or subject that matters to you, that you feel passionately about
Climate changes
No. 2: Argumentative speech Imagine that you are going to participate in a debate on national TV. The debate is about environmental issues and you have prepared a short speech on the following topic: Recent reports show that it requires international cooperation to lower average temperatures on earth. But how far should we go in order to save the planet? Should..
Hello. would you be interested in writing a speech about myself. I will give you a bunch of info to put down, i just need help putting all together in a speech form. The speech has to be about 3 minutes.
Bill Gate
Please read the Instruction CAREFULLY .!!!!! MALALA THE MARTYR is an example how the speeche look like.Must be exactly with three main points
Everyday heroes (add on)
Persuasive speech based on hero essay. 3-5 minutes in length. Must be Persuasive style. Works cited must be noted in MLA format and include at least 3 websites and a book.
Everyday heroes
3 page essay with a 3-5 minute separate speech based upon that essay. Minimum of 5 MLA cited works one of which needs to be a book. Written on high school level. Must address characteristics of the everyday hero. Do have links to give basis of theme and content that want covered.
What makes an everyday hero?
3 page paper with a 3-5 minute persuasive speech on what makes an everyday hero. Must be written in high school level. Must include a minimum of 5 sources one being a book. MLA format.
south africa
As a student of English 6 you need to develop strategies to search for relevant information in larger amounts of text, as well as strategies for source-critical approaches. You are also supposed to learn more about historical, political and cultural conditions in different parts of the world where English is used. In this assignment you get to work with all of..
After Dinner Speech
I've already completed this assignment but was not pleased, and have asked for permission to redo it. The speech must be 4 minutes long (approximately 500 words). The quote that I am interested in using is quote #6 from the attached document.
Robotics in the workplace which will bring positive innovation
In this presentation I want to talk about Amazon (my client) robotics in the workplace; which people misunderstand about robots take over their jobs. Instead robots and humans gonna work together and make industry more effective, more available job positions ... & so on. You can put more evidences and sources if you wish. Also, please put answer for the questions..
after dinner speech
I have attached all the details that are required for the speech. You can chose which quote you would like to use, try and make it kinda funny with some serious sides to it thanks.
Persuasive speech
Persuasive Speech This will be a 5–7 minute persuasive speech in which you will present a problem in society and convince us that your solution can solve the problem. You will need to use persuasive language and strong sources to accomplish this. This speech is worth 100 points. CAUTION: Your speech will be more effective if you choose an issue that you actually..
Narration speech
Narrative Speech This will be a 4–5 minute narrative speech. The purpose of this assignment is to show you how to focus any story and make it into a well thought out, interesting speech. Choose a particular moment in your life in which you learned a valuable lesson or fact. Expand on this topic by focusing on how the audience could benefit from knowing this information...
Person of interest speech
Person of Interest Speech This speech will be a 4–5 minute informative speech in which you will research—and then present—the life of a famous person. You may choose a celebrity, an athlete, a politician, a musician, etc. You may NOT use a relative or personal acquaintance. You may want to focus on that person’s background (childhood), awards, contributions,..
“If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around.” -- Prime Minister (Love Actually)
550 word speech required in 1.5 hours !!!!
I need to do a creative 550 word presentation on one of the following quotes: 1. “If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around.” -- Prime Minister (Love Actually) 2. “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” -- Ferris Bueller (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) 4. “I don’t want to..
Summative Presentation
(Assignment copied and pasted) -lesson 5: Unit 4 Summative Presentation After completing your essay, you will need to create an audio file in which you will record your Oral Presentation. The Oral Presentation will not necessarily be a reading of your completed essay but a creative expression on the main issues you discussed.   Follow these guidelines:  (1)..
Assignment 3: Presentation: “Biggest Challenges Facing Organizations in the Next 20 Years”
In this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation that outlines what you believe will be the biggest challenges facing organizations in the next twenty (20) years. Faculty Note: For students taking this course online, if there is a hardship for any student in being able to secure a microphone to complete this assignment, the student is allowed to..
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