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formal, informal, formative, and summative assessments.
Research assessment strategies that include formal, informal, formative, and summative assessments. Based on your findings, create a 10 slide presentation in which you include: Definition of formal assessment strategy and give one example. Definition of informal assessment strategy and give one example. Definition of formative assessment and give..
Compare 2 of music videos with different target markets
Compare 2 of your favorite music videos with different target markets (a target market is a particular group of consumers at which a product or service is aimed) a. Provide a minimum of 5 demographics characteristics for each of the videos target markets (example: age, gender, income, marital status, education, etc.) b. 5 psychographics characteristics for..
Recent history of Czechoslovakia leading up to the Velvet Revolution/ compared to Tiananmen's
Pretty much what you need to research/talk about is the recent history of Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union leading up to the Velvet Revolution and then an overview of the events that occurred during the Velvet Revolution (make sure to emphasize the students). Make sure you look at the Velvet revolution regarding Czechoslovakia (student protests) and not..
Advocating for the Nursing Role in Program Design and Implementation
To Prepare: Review the Resources and reflect on your thinking regarding the role of the nurse in the design and implementation of new healthcare programs. Select a healthcare program within your practice and consider the design and implementation of this program. Reflect on advocacy efforts and the role of the nurse in relation to healthcare program design..
Prepare a 12 slide powerpoint presentation on the analysis of a case selected with a question.
The Brief Prepare a 10-minute presentation on the analysis of a case selected from a given list. Focus your presentation on the question/task accompanying each case. Deliverables A set of PowerPoint slides supporting the presentation: Prepare slides to accompany your presentation • There is a requirement of 12 slides: 1) a title slide with the details of the..
) “This is My Life”: Youth Negotiating Legality and Belonging in Toronto.
Young, Julie. (2013) “This is My Life”: Youth Negotiating Legality and Belonging in Toronto. In: Goldring L and Landolt P (eds.) Producing and Negotiating Non-Citizenship: Precarious Legal Status in Canada. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press, pp. 99-117. -Give a presentation on this reading in your own words -its not a power point presentation, you..
The Future of Transshipment Hubs: ports of Djibouti
The Future of Transshipment Hubs: Develop Your Port to Connect Global & Regional Maritime Shipping Network study case ports of Djibouti. I want to address the potentiality for Djibouti as a future major transshipment hubs . As a one-stop of the Chinese Road and belt Initiative and located in one of the biggest maritime roads in the world . Djibouti didn’t harness..
Informative Speech Video Link and Outline (Vietnam)
In 4-6 minutes, you should INFORM the audience about the culture of a country, other than the USA. You must do RESEARCH for this speech, utilizing the library's website provided below and known as the "LibGuide." Find at least two academic sources (you may have more than 2) using the libguide provided here. NOTE: The primary function of this speech is to explore..
epideictic speech in honer of Black Wall Street specifically Dr. Oliver J Hooker
I have to write a 3-5 minute speech hindering black wall st but specifically Dr Olivia j hooker . It needs to be deep and funny and explain her role in black wall st and must capture the attention of college student . Must also include Mention of Sarah Rector who was not part of black wall st but is also a powerful African American women Include questions or task that can..
The development of illegal immigration in Greece: Greek policies for illegal immigration
I have completed a semester research project, masters degree, which i have to defend at an oral exam. among others, crucial points to be justified are : 1) What is the study about (Problem formulation Purpose, problem analysis incl. Contextualisa tion – theoretically & empirically), research questions/hypotheses, precision) 2)Methodology - How the data..
Persuasive Speech Topic: TedTalk Sangu Delle There's no shame in taking care of your mental health
This presentation will include a minimum of 2 research sources. These may come from TedTalks, books, youtube broadcasts, academic journals, credible magazines, newspapers, personal interviews, television broadcasts, and valid web sources. Make sure you diversify your sources, particularly when using the web. Be sure to cite your references in the text..
Best Practices in Capital Asset Management power point
Best Practices in Capital Asset Management Part 2: PowerPoint Presentation Create a 10–20-slide PowerPoint presentation. Use APA citation standards and cite all resources in the PowerPoint presentation as footnotes on the appropriate slide. • Create a presentation with clear and concise information presented with bullet points and notes. o Include key..
The Value of Evidence-Based Management When Proposing Change
Create a 12- to 15-slide visual presentation that you would deliver to your manager on the advantages of EBMgt and how you would use it to support a recommended change. Explore ways that you can use evidence-based management principles and processes as a change manager. Specify the value of EBMgt in change management. Use a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources...
Motivational Congratulations Speech for Graduation
I am to give a speech at a convocation as the Phi Alpha President, I need a 3 minute long speech and it is to explain what my organization did this semester as well as a brief history, and to also congratulate those who are graduating college this semester. I would like it to be in a motivational context. Include this information: "The purpose of Phi Alpha Honor Society..
Document the foundations of School suicide prevention program
Immediately after the suicide of one of its students, a rural school has contacted you to develop interventions to reduce the risk of copycat suicides. You are concerned that by focusing on the suicide, you may increase the possibility of a contagion. In order to avoid this, you must research available information on copycat or cluster suicides. For your Signature..
Recommendations for a Magnetic Resonance Outpatient Center
I need a 3 pages, single lines report for the recommendations of hardware and software for the center including the workflow summary and the rationale behind the choices of hardware and software such as (cost, quality, efficiency, size, environment, user friendly, maintenance, etc..), and a 7 to 10 minutes Powerpoint presentation (7 to 15 slides) to present..
The role of advertising and lifestyle marketing in the creation of consumer and political identities
-The role of advertising and lifestyle marketing in the creation of consumer and political identities 5 double spaced pages, 12 point font. ¾ inch margins (including illustrations, photos and bibliography) Some points: -begin by discussing the role of advertising and then how the consumers use the market to free themselves from straitjacket of social expectations..
Psycho Killers “The Silence of the Lambs/ Hannibal/ Red Dragon/Hannibal Rising (franchise; 1991-2007)"
Presentation on these 3 movies! NEED BY SUNDAY NOVEMBER 22!!!! Super easy! Need the following questions to be answered thoroughly; -Is there a monster? -What form does the monster take? -What role does the monster play in the work? What consequences does it bring about? -What view of human beings, and of human existence, does the author seem to be portraying in..
Bigger isn't not always better, the effect fast food has on America
I want the outline on November 6th it is for a public speech class the body need to have three main point and each has to have 3 sub parts Introduction 1- attention getter 2- state topic/ purpose 3- preview main point Conclusion 1- signpost, 2- summary/ recap main point, 3- close with the impact you can put some pictures to illustrate YOU MUST ONLY CITE 3 TIMES..
WOMAN'S VOICE NEEDED FOR NARRATION - Digital Dangers and Digital Citizenship: Internet Safety Presentation
1. Prepare a 4-5 minute interactive NARRATED presentation using PowerPoint (https://support.office.com/en-au/article/Add-narration-to-a-presentation-0b9502c6-5f6c-40ae-b1e7-e47d8741161c )  OR  Prezi (https://prezi.com/business-3/?gclid=CL2P-uPyh8YCFYWQHwod86kAsA ) (you can use the free trial version) that can be shared with..
Challenges and solutions to controlling body temperatures (Cold)
Subject Ergonomic ( Safety and Health ) Topic: Challenges and solutions to controlling body temperatures (Cold) It's for a presentation slide to the lecturer. Given time 15 - 20 minute only - A description of the problem today in the industry - Health problems that may occur Possible solutions - An internet link (URL) where other students and the course team can..
physcian assisted suicide presentation due in 3 hours!
Talk about physician assisted suicide using the paper and prepare full 3-4 slides! (do not say "in the paper" or any thing like this. just use the information in the paper to make the slides: -Summarize what is in the paper and why it should not be legal? use the Bolded sentences as headlines and explain each in a sentence or two. add more in the slides notes - What do..
formulate a consistent policy to dal with cyber-bullying of student off campus.
inspired (Monroe's Motivated Sequence ) In form of an outline: Introduction: with a good attention gather, as credibility, relevancy and preview main points Body ( I. need , II. Satisfaction( the policy) III. Visualization ( policy in place) Conclusion: summarize the main points,sing the ending , finale, action (wow statement) Outline format!!! ( you are..
How to Get a FIFA License for Merchandise (hint: find the application)
Create a presentation that is a “how-to Get a FIFA License for Merchandise guide for your classmates. Research the topic, then prepare a “how-to” explaining the topic to the class. To make the presentation as practical as possible, give ins and outs, best practices, tips and cautions, etc., and an example (one from the real world or one from your imagination--i.e.,..
Focus on a person that helped shape the person you have become
This is a speech in public speaking, 2 to 3 minutes length of speech.My name is Grace, i have 2 kids, Jayden 10yrs old and Kayla 9 yrs old. My husband is a Registered nurse, and he was helping me to become a BSN.Right now i'm an LVN with the support, guidance,encouragement,motivation, of my husband. You can add more things that my husband did to me that help me shape the..
NURS xxx Health Care Organizations Business Plan Group Project
Community Health Needs Assessment | 2015 Committee Priorities 1. Education/Awareness The committee would like to see increased educational outreach efforts to churches, educational institutions, or other community providers such as the Methodist Healthcare Ministries nurse, county nurse, school nurses, and physician offices. The group felt this..
Health Information system selection and development
Discuss when and how nurse leaders and staff nurses could participate during the HIS selection process. Please provide specific examples. The supporting rational references are to be in APA format both in the body and noting the completed references at the end of the post. You need at least one reference from the literature and a reference from the module to support..
Is it morally defensible to refuse to vote? Pro side
(Introduction for pro-side) Please give a reasonable opinion why i can refuse to vote. It needs to beat for debating. I need within 20 mins Just 1 paragraph i need http://www.thepublicdiscourse.com/2016/08/17550/
Compare and Contrast Speech over Rural Communities
Attached is the essay that needs to compare and contrast. I need a powerpoint, and a speech (5-minute speech) to go with it. Based on what was learned during the course (Introduction to Rurality), what is your perception of rural lifestyles and social justice? Reflect on the PREVIOUS AND CURRENT UNDERSTANDING(ATTACHED) related to rural lifestyles, oppression,..
Jury selection should be completely random, with no capacity for lawyers to be selective.
5 mins Debate Arguing FOR the statement 'Jury selection should be completely random, with no capacity for lawyers to be selective'. Were Arguing FOR the Statement 5-6 mins debate so around 650-700 words My partner is doing the introduction and a few of her arguments and then I have to add a few of my arguments and also the conclusion. I will attach her work below...
Other than knowledge, skills, and ability, tell the board members why you want to be a Captain?
Need a three to four minute answer (half page) that knocks the board members out of their seats and beats the other 27 competitors. This position of Captain is in law enforcement. Question is directed towards leadership. Captain supervises six sergeants and has approx. 50 personnel with in his span of control...
Water Pollution in Nebraska - Outline, Speech & Slideshow
I will need a outline, a written speech and a slide show done in power point done in a 15 year olds writing on water pollution in Nebraska. All done by tomorrow by 7 PM. I needs to Persuasive speaking, Have an introduction with 3 main points with sub points and sub-sub points, Monroe Motivated sequence and a conclusion paragraph. This speech focus on solutions to problems..
Should more pets be adopted than bought from a breeder?
attach an example, 1,2,3 should be the same as 1 . I need it in 12 hours 15 max please every point sould be cite at the end in parenthesis. very importart the citations the example at the end its to long but like that one
The importance of Communication in the Health Care profession
*Introduction should have an attention getting statement and purpose (thesis statement). * Should have 3 main points to support my thesis statement * Conclusion should restate my thesis statement and tie back to the attention getting statement from the introduction.
Should celebrities who break the law face stricter penalties?
This speech has to be a persuasive speech ... Its a argument between "Should celebrities who break the law face stricter penalties" I agree with this statement . This speech is to persuade the audience that Celebrities who break the law face stricter penalties. I have attached my outline for you !! please include references. Please you have to make sure that the..
Global Market Opportunity in the Olive Oil Industry: The Case of Baser Food
Prepare an analysis and management pitch-presentation report of a maximum of 12 slides for Global market opportunity in the olive oil industry: The case of Baser Food, written by: Sriram/Bilgin (2003), NACRA, provided by: www.thecasecentre.org (reference no. NAC2226). Assignment: - What are Baser’s strengths and weaknesses in the global packaged olive..
Should celebrities who break the law face stricter penalties?
This speech has to be a persuasive speech ... Its a argument between "Should celebrities who break the law face stricter penalties" I agree with this statement . This speech is to persuade the audience that Celebrities who break the law face stricter penalties. I have attached my outline for you !! please include references I need this speech Monday afternoon..
Taming of the Shrew and Ten Thing I hate about You
For this English assignment, we are to write a speech and correlate it with images. I am required to have 10 slides and each slide has an image. Below is a sample of what my friend has done. She has written about how money and relationships have shaped the value of its society. My speech is to link to patriarchal power in society. Below i have attached the task and marking..
College football and Basketball student athletes should get paid
intro 45ish seconds -Intro clearly identifies issue, provides sufficient background info to familiarise assessor with issue, signpost main supporing reasons supporting reasons 2-3 mins rebuttal 1min solution or way forward 1min conclusion 30seconds
An Investigation in The Effects of Inexperienced Maintainers in Aviation Maintenance
15 Slide Power Point presentation that shows in-depth information on the effects of In-experience maintainers in the Aviation Maintenance Industry. ATTACHED IS THE PROPOSAL FOR THE PROJECT PRESENTATION. PRESENTATION MUST SHOW UNDERSTANDING OF ALL 11 PROGRAM OUTCOMES. ****THE INFORMATION IN THE PRESENTATION NEEDS TO BE IN-DEPTH AND REFERENCED****..
Regionalism: the act of arab league and the economic consequences of the Iraq and Lybian war
I have completed a semester research project, masters degree, which i have to defend at an oral exam. among others, crucial points to be justified are : 1) What is the study about (Problem formulation Purpose, problem analysis incl. Contextualisa tion – theoretically & empirically), research questions/hypotheses, precision) 2)Methodology - How the data..
We should not believe what they post on social media without checking the facts.
Impromptu presentation Topic: Social Media Purpose: To convince the audience to not trust social media posts. I need speech (no need for power-point) which includes attention-Getter, thesis statement, sentence of method, 3 or 4 main ideas, transition , restatement of main points and closer same speech I attached..
Speech draft on Realism in international relations
I am going to have a debate on agree with Realism in international relations, and my part is to work on the counterargument of "Realism fails to explain the complex interdependence between states." It is about 1.5 minites speeach, please give me a draft of the presentation based on the theory of Realism. You must to read the attachment for the info about realism...
8 minute Informative speech on "Chinese new year" outline need done by monday 10/31 by 8am
1. Your general purpose is to inform. Tell the audience about one specific topic of cultural diversity. Below are possible topics to consider. Explain the customs, holidays, traditional cuisine, or dress of a nation where your ancestors came from. Examples: Polish, Asian, German, Cherokee, Greek, Spanish, Albanian, Italian…everything works! Other ideas..
Global Market Opportunity in the Olive Oil Industry: The Case of Baser Food
Prepare an analysis and management pitch-presentation report of a maximum of 12 slides for one of the following two cases. Global market opportunity in the olive oil industry: The case of Baser Food, written by: Sriram/Bilgin (2003), NACRA, provided by: www.thecasecentre.org (reference no. NAC2226). Assignment: - What are Baser’s strengths and weaknesses..
Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care Delivery Models
As the country focuses on the restructuring of the U.S. health care delivery system, nurses will continue to play an important role. It is expected that more and more nursing jobs will become available out in the community, and fewer will be available in acute care hospitals. Write an informal presentation (500-700 words) to educate nurses about how the practice..
Summary of Shoshana Felman's turning of the screw of the interpretaton
Analysis Felman's 'turning of the screw of the interpretation' form p96-p112 (chapterI. An uncanny reading effect and chapter II. What is a freudian Reading). Summary the content in detail with some main points and briefly explain after it. (An introduction of what these 2 chapters are saying). *book link: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnxwcm9zZWRyYW1hcG9ldHJ5fGd4OjU2ZTM0NjIwMmMwMWFiZjI..
Teacher Efficacy – How to gauge success as a teacher?
Project: Contemporary Educational Issues Presentation Due Dates: May 13th 11:55PM Amount: 3 pages Topic: Teacher Efficacy – How to gauge success as a teacher? Contemporary Education Issues Presentation Teacher Efficacy • Contemporary Educational Issues Presentation – In this activity, you will work collaboratively with class partners to research/explore..
Why its important to update our nations current Immigration laws
Need a 8-10 minute speech presentation about the need to change or update the immigration laws of the United States. It needs to be a persuasive speech using the Monroe motivated sequence. please include an attention grabbing opening statement and a transition statement with the 3 points that will be talked about. Also please include 3 sources / citations...
Identity Different Theories of Gender Development
Week 5 Assignment: Identify Different Theories of Gender Development Assignment Task: Submit to complete this assignment Due May 6 at 11:59 PM Your task this week will be to debate different theories of gender development. To do this, submit a transcript of a mock debate (or one that you may have overheard) between two psychologists who have primary interest..
STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) in AfterSchool
Design a STEM Afterschool Program present via powerpoint. Aimed at Georgia students grades 1-5. (18 slides) Additional resources: http://bostonbeyond.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/TASC_STEM_guidebook.pdf http://powerofdiscovery.org/sites/default/files/ppt_form-4.pdf http://www.atlantapublicschools.us/cms/lib/GA01000924/Centricity/Domain/9280/STEM..
substance abuse behaviors presentation (NEED ASSIGNMENT COMPLETE WITHIN 15 HOURS)
At the new veteran’s agency your boss wants you to put together a presentation on life skills to promote client knowledge, skills and attitudes that contribute to positive change in substance abuse behavior. This presentation will be given at a group meeting he is planning for the agency to promote individual counseling for clients with substance abuse disorders...
urgent Informative speech in less than 4 hours please
Hello everyone, I need an informative speech with six sources. I need sources from journal like "The NewYorkTime" or magazines, academic journals or newspapers. Also the speech need to have some specific points: 1 Attention getter : ... 2 Significance : .... 3 Thesis : ... 4 Preview : ... 5 Point one : .. 6 Transition : ... 7 Point two : ... 8 Review| Restate thesis..
Job Announcement/Ad to fill (10-12 slide presentation with voice)
Develop a job announcement/ad to fill the opening for an employer in your home state. You may either include your job announcement/ad as a separate Word document, or include it in the audio/visual presentation you will be preparing (described below). Prepare a slide presentation with voice-over (10-12 slides). In your presentation (a) Describe the employer’s..
Persuasive Speech- Why the drinking age should be lowered to 18 in America
hello, this is a going to be a RUSHED assignment for it is due tomorrow. should be a min of 6 min speech and have 4-6 sources. Please follow this outline- Intro. I. AGD II. fact III. thesis IIII. preview Body. I. Problem a.Facts b.Opinion -transition II. Cause & effect a. Fact b. Opinion -transition III. 3 solutions Conclusion. I.Summary II. Solution 3. Closing statement..
E. Coli - Identification and Description of Population(s) affected
Need within 3-5 hours please! I just need a one page essay for a presentation on E. Coli. My part of the presentation is: Identification and Description of Population(s) affected Please write it in outline form or bulletpoints, because I will be putting it on a powerpoint presentation. These are instructions for the rubric. Very important steps to follow: Student..
SPCH Business & Professional Communication: Business Informative Speech
Write an informative speech, including an outline, and visual aid (powerpoint) about a topic relating to business. Present information designed to inform the audience of some business related aspect (this a be a successful business mogul, an established business, or your insight into the business you will create ;-). The powerpoint must include images..
PERSUASIVE SPEECH PRESENTATION : Make people become more open-mined specially to LGBT community
*To persuade; reinforce, modify or change audience beliefs, attitudes, opinions or behaviors *Conduct research. 2 research sources are required. *Begin your preparation outline using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. *Select information which is most interesting and motivating. *See outline example and template provided. *Use standard labeling for the..
Staff presentation on ATSI policies and procedures
Scenario: You have just been appointed the Cultural Liaison Advisor for Yarra City Council. As part of your role you must meet with your team to discuss current cultural programs and initiatives involving the council. Your manager has asked you to research and present the following: 1. How does the council involve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples..
The benefits of paper records vs paperless records
Persuasive Speech OutlineTITLEGeneral Purpose:To persuade.Specific Purpose:To persuade my audience... (complete this sentence with your specific topic)(Please note that the general purpose and specific purpose are for planning purposes only. They are not to be stated in the speech presentation. When you deliver the speech, you will start the speech..
Parents must be responsible for their childrens healthy diet
persuasive speech-You will select a topic, you will write your speech on a word document, two-three pages, double-spaced, 12 point font on Times New Roman or Calibri using APA format. Please submit your title page, outline (include a proposition), written speech with APA citations and your reference page (minimum 5 sources) in APA format...
EDU 145 Developmentally Appropriate Practices - Principles of Development
EDU 145 Developmentally Appropriate Practices - Principles of Development Purpose: To fully understand and demonstrate an understanding of the Principles of Development. To prepare for project, review and think about information you have learned from the DAP Position Statement, textbooks, lectures, class-work, videos, plus personal and professional..
health care professionals found guilty of professional misconduct should be de-registered for life
It is a debate. and i am starting the debate so i will have to talk on the positive side of the debate. i have to tell why it is important to de-register a healthcare professional for the misconduct. my part is to talk about the patients safety. at beginning i will have to describe professional misconduct and then give various data and facts and informatioons of wrong..
Dissertation Proposal ppt presentation script/notes
I have a dissertation proposal defense Friday. I have to turn in my ppt and a written script document tomorrow evening. I have attempted to do a draft script but I am having a little difficulty and I am running out of time. I need someone that can write a script for my presentation. I prefer someone who has experience with dissertations and ppt graphics. I will attach..
Evaluation of Alignment between Rhetorical Form(s) and Situational Telos
Provide an analysis of the elements of substance and/or form that contribute, in your opinion, to the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of the rhetorical composition in achieving situational goals. You may focus on uses of repetition, refutation, story-telling, enthymematic reasoning, or other definable and illustratable means of engagement and persuasion...
powerpoint presentation + briefing notes: DISRUPT OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT AMONG ARMED FORCES.
Follow attached Powerpoint instruction slides and provide a briefing slides for all necessary information for a briefing PLUS SPEAKER NOTES on the bottom related to that specific slide as a briefing notes: DISRUPT OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT AMONG ARMED FORCES. 20 Powerpoint slides not including cover page, reference page and pictures/graphics...
Persuasive speech with imagery and personification
I need a persuasive speech with imagery and personification that is 5-7 minutes long. The speech has to be from a any time period. It can be a speech from the period of the 1800's to 2000's. I have to recite the speech in that time period language. I can pay $4 a page. I need it in the APA format and I need it tonight or by 6am...
The threat of global warming: Exaggerations,Myths,and actual danger
DESCRIPTION Select a topic for this informative speech based on review of your personal interests, experiences and knowledge. Also, consider the audience’s knowledge and their need to know. Although you may include personal insight, your speech content must primarily be based on professional, credible research. With your research in hand, use the outline..
Forensics Debate Observation & Critique Discussion
1) Who in your opinion won the debate? Employ Aristotle’s three artistic proofs as you share your thoughts: pathos, logos, and ethos. When you employ Aristotle’s proofs throughout your video post, you must demonstrate both understanding of each proof's meaning, and application to what you have observed. 2) What was your opinion of the overall debate? Was the..
How can health policies be used as allocative or regulatory tools? Who are key stakeholders in any health policy debate? Financing for health care programs is always an issue. If a legislative body must finance health care using public funds, what types o
The supporting rational references are to be in APA format both in the body and noting the completed references at the end of the post. You need at least one reference from the literature and a reference from the module to support your post to count as acceptable. As graduate students you are lending depth and breath through noting the evidence in published work...
Eating to decrease the risk of colon -rectal cancer
orkshop Outline Format Student Name: Topic: Audience: Presentation Date: Workshop Title: Main Idea Briefly describe the content of the presentation. This section should respond to the question, "What am I trying to teach the audience?" Demographics: A statement about the intended audience – age, religion, ethnicity, race, physical, social, or emotional..
Informative speech about French,Paris (Eiffel tower)
Name Withheld SPCH 1315 Professor Hopkins Barnes Informative Speech Outline Introduction I. Attention Device I will use a classic figure ground image of a chalice that also looks like two faces when you look at it from a different perspective. (proprofs.com, 2012) II. Relate Topic to Audience (Purpose) Art and graphic design are more than just drawing lines..
TEXTBOOK REQUIRED American Architecture, A History Week 3 Guide
READ FROM THE TEXTBOOK: The Architecture of the American City and Suburb, 1885 to1915: The Search for Order (with the exception of “Housing Reform” pages 324 to 330) Nostalgia and the Avant-Garde, 1915 to 1940: Architecture for a New Century (with the exception of “The Suburb and the Automobile” pages 342 to 346 “The Architecture of Reassurance: Historicism..
READ FROM THE TEXTBOOK: A New Architecture for a New Nation, 1785–1820: Searching for Symbols of Democracy Appropriation and Innovation, 1820–1865: Images of the Past, Visions of the Future (to “Urban Growth”) Architecture in the Age of Energy and Enterprise, 1865–1885: Parvenu Taste in an Expanding Economy (with the exception of “Industry Buildings and..
Requested 14-16 slides presentation showing the history of creation of Electronic Health Records and its current state of application and the changing mandate.
Requested 14-16 slides presentation showing the history of creation of Electronic Health Records and its current state of application and the changing mandate. Facts combined with government mandates with a tinge of humor. Some suggestions for the sections of the presentation (not all of the suggestions are applicable to every presentation) History and..
Project: Comparative Presentation - To Kill a Mockingbird Novel and Film
In a five-minute oral report, compare and contrast the film and movie versions of To Kill a Mockingbird. Compare and contrast the ways in which related themes are treated differently in each medium with a particular focus on the theme of moral courage. Compare and contrast the effectiveness of each treatment the way various themes are treated in each media...
Why breakfast is the most important meal of the day?
In your speech, give specific details to explain the facts and your views. Use your personal observations, experience, and knowledge. Your speech (content and expressions) must be appropriate to the audience between the ages of 7-12 years old. Write your speech between 1200-1500 words (excluding references). Each point should be elaborated with significant..
Policymaker Electronic Presentation: Childhood Obesity
The topic that I have chosen is childhood obesity and should be reduced among youth through fitness, healthier eating, and reducing junk food adds on tv. A policy maker can be chosen that either represents Maryland or DC.
“Globalisation has created as many losers as it has winners.”
this is a MBA interview they ask the candidate to deliver a presentation between 2 1⁄2 and 3 1⁄2 minutes. I will transfer the essay to the ptt form. All i need is the critical thinking and persuasive supporting idea. it will be appreciated that if your are acquired the Economics or Business or Social science background...
Pulling it all together (Hist of the American Indian)
For this discussion you will be asked to prepare a speech that you would give to a group of politicians, educators and activists about the importance of teaching and learning about American Indian History. You can utilize the history from pre-European contact to 2017 for this speech. In your speech, explain why every American should know this American Indian..
Microsoft 360 Powerpoint ( use attached data file to complete each task)
PowerPoint Chapter 1: Introduction to PowerPoint Capstone Exercise Pages 897–898 15 marks In Step b under Create a Title Slide, include the course title and number, instead of the instructor's name and class, for the Notes and Handouts footer. In the instructions at the beginning of Use Presentation View, delete the instruction to print out a handout. Page..
write and original piece following the style of one of the pieces i read.
2. Recast one of the works in another form. For example, turn the "Miller's Tale" into a script for a popular sitcom (using those sitcom characters as stand-ins for Chaucer's characters), or rewrite one of the pieces we've read as a play. Be creative
MS PowerPoint Presentation about "Immigration ought to be recognized as a human right"
PPT - Part III - Argument Take a Position Part III - MS PowerPoint Presentation about the Topic of Debate--Argument, in which you present your Position Earlier in the course you selected a topic from Choices-Part I and wrote Annotated Bibliography for Part II of the assignment. Here is where you will present your position about your chosen topic in an 8-10 slide..
Neurobiology and Neuroplasticity in Trauma Recovery
Students are to assume that they are working as a therapist in an agency that employs multiple therapists, and that they have been asked to give an informative presentation/traing on Neurobiology and Neuroplasticity in Trauma Recovery. In a 60-minute presentation, students will provide the following: • an overview of the condition or treatment • discussion..
Immigration ought to be as a human right 8-10 slides
hello there my friend, Rememeber me, I ordered an Annotated bibliography 2 weeks ago (thank You) and here is the part 2 of that assignment. Below is the instruction from my prof. Here is where you will present your position about your chosen topic (Immigration ought to be recognized as a Human Right) in an 8-10 slide PowerPoint Presentation. Instructions for Slide..
Week 5 | History Presentation Topic Approval Forum
Week 5 | History Presentation Topic Approval Forum Use this forum to submit your History Presentation topics for approval. Please review the History Presentation Overview (below) for further details. History Presentation Overview Complete a History Presentation on some aspect of world history such as a historical figure, events, places, cultural changes,..
Airline / Air Cargo presentation on Southwest Airlines
The fifth part of the guide book. 1. Giving a clear idea to the people in the room 2. good graphics 3. proper wordings 4. required graphs 5. No plagiarism 6. Assistance to presentation 7. should be able to manage 15min
Persuasive Speech on Boot Camps for At-Risk Delinquents
I will need the outline filled in and have a attached bibliography. Also I will be providing some references to help fill with this topic. Actually I will also be needing it by today at 10 am Central time.
Explanation about topic - Palliative Care, Hospice, and general End-Of-Life care with emphasis on ethical end of life decisions addressing specific topics
Introduction: Explanation about topic - Palliative Care, Hospice, and general End-Of-Life care with introduction to main topic and ethics to be discussed. Thesis: For patients with chronic illnesses, end-of-life discussions are vital to comprehensive, integrated patient care; however, these conversations are oftentimes delayed until the last moment..
Religion taught in public schools, why it shouldn't be
It is 11:50 pm in my location and i will need a PERSUASIVE speech done by next morning. In other words it has to be done in less than 7 hours. Studybay does not allow me to choose december the 6th as a deadline date but I would very much appreciate if it could be finished by 7 a.m. central time. I know that this is a short notice for all you writers but i am still hoping to get..
Steering the Ethical Culture of an Organization through Communication
Prompt Begin by reviewing the text concerning ethical culture and communication. Next, imagine that you are the leader of an organization in the field of which you are intending to make your career and the ethical culture of this organization is unhealthy. You are concerned and want to steer the culture in the right direction. Pretend that you and several committees..
persuasive speech-Abolishment of the jury giving sole power of decision to a judge or panel of judges
This speech is persuasive. The topic will be ' Abolishment of the jury giving sole power of decision to a judge or panel of judges' I want the argument to be in FAVOR of eliminating the jury system. The paper must be Double spaced outline in Monroes Format (Short phrases, 5 pages min.) Works cited page-5 resources, 2 of which are not from the INTERNET. 2 Visual Aids...
Essay on "Over 2000 illustrations and a complete concordance" by Elizabeth Bishop
I have to do a presentation on a poem: the aim is to analyze the poem and to link it with the imagist movement. http://michaelschiavo.blogspot.fr/2005/01/over-2000-illustrations-and-complete.html The link of the poem
Liberal Arts Capstone Final Outline/Power Point/Voice Over
Outline: Submit a 100+ word clear, precise statement of your topic. The outline (1-2 pages) should show how you will relate EACH of the important points required in relation to your topic: .Ethical decision making. .Social responsibility. .Diversity. .Multiculturalism. Presentation 1. Create a title slide-title, your name, date, course, professor. 2...
Speech presentation about database- Newspaper Source Plus
see attached file.. we are presenting as a group but i will talk/answer about #6 or you can add more regarding about the specific database (Newspaper Source Plus) . please make a 2-minute speech presentation about it. > NOT TOO FORMAL, just like a casual presentation in class. let me know if u have questions. deadline is on November 11, 2017..
History of Mary Ainsworth and the Strange Situation
This assignment is a 1 to 2 page of the History of Mary Ainsworth and her work on the strange situation. This is a presentation that needs to wrap up in three minutes. I have attached a grading rubrics for your leisure to look at. Any questions please let me know.
Psychology Speech presentation Communication (in french)
The introduction (or preamble) of your presentation serves two purposes: an emotional and a cognitive. 1. The first emotional goal is to engage the interest of our audience. For to reach it you must: at. Excerpt from the case presented the significant elements likely to attract and to interest the public and present it at the beginning of the presentation. • For..
Learning how to effectively express your feelings without fearing vulnerability
In this generation, almost everyone is afraid to be vulnerable and express their emotions because of jugdements, fear of looking dumb, trying to have one up on the other or simply trying to protect themselves from getting played or hurt by someone else. In this speech, you will be doing research on why people are afraid to be vulnerable and how people can learn to..
Presentation/conference proposal about Tess of The D'urbervilles
Tess of The D'urberville by Thomas Hardy Do: a close reading of a specific aspect of a recurring theme in the text. or a close reading of a scene/section/paragraph in context of the wider narrative, in terms of stylistics or formal qualities. or a counter-argument to a critical interpretation of one aspect of the text...
DEAD LINE MONDAY NOV 3 2017 MIDNIGHT. Rhetorical Theory Pentad Model, 15 min Presentation.
DEAD LINE MONDAY NOV 3 2017 MIDNIGHT. Rhetorical Theory Pentad Model, 15 min Presentation. The Presentation has to be written according to the (Uploaded instruction) Rhetorical Scholarship PG 2. 1. Catchy Introduction - Less than 1 page. 2. Speech Background 3. Theory - Pentad Model, Methology how are people using the Theory Toulmin Model and what did (Student)..
Rhetorical Theory Toulmin Model, 12 min Presentation. DEAD LINE MONDAY OCT 30 2017 MIDNIGHT.
DEAD LINE MONDAY OCT 30 2017 MIDNIGHT. Rhetorical Theory Toulmin Model, 12 min Presentation. The Presentation has to be written according to the (Uploaded instruction) Rhetorical Scholarship PG 2. 1. Catchy Introduction - Less than 1 page. 2. Speech Background 3. Theory - Toulmin Model, Methology how are people using the Theory Toulmin Model and what did (Student)..
introductory-sample-outline with manuscript spch 1311
follow the APA format and create me apersonal statement as a speech/ presentation to recite to my class thursday 10/26/17 at 12:30pm which is the due date. please create a introductory speech outline and manuscript on separate papers in APA format! please and thank you. but try finishing it before tomorrow...
Can machines have consciousness at all? If so, of what does it consist?
Task: 1. You need to watch the movie of Tron: Legacy first; 2. You need to answer some parts of the question below: "Mind and Machine: Can machines have consciousness at all? If so, of what does it consist?" So what you need to do are these few steps: 1. definition of consciousness 2. Try to point out that not only human beings have consciousness but others things will..
It is 2021, you are newly elected president to United states.
You, as the newly elected President, are developing your first major health policy speech to Congress. In this speech, you must be mindful of many stakeholders and interest groups, including the taxpayer. After all, you head up the Sane Party. You must be mindful there is no unlimited supply of money and the nation still has other priorities in addition to health..
How did Venezuela's socialist dream collapse into a nightmare?
This is a highschool powerpoint presentation based on the title. I have attached a ppt/keynote that is a simple overview of Venezuela and its current economic state that you can work from. You do not have to include these slides in the final ppt, they are for example. You can redo them. The presentation needs to include a thesis statement that relates to the title...
presentation of findings of Starbucks coffee Australia
Please make a PPt of findings on Starbucks coffee Australia . Make sure it is 100 relevant and informative, Impressive and good points should be there. Also there should be point on slides and there should be 15 slides and explaination of each slide should be in different word file .
Write a speech about the life and accomplishments of Joesph Augustine.
A) Write a speech about the life and accomplishments of Joseph Augustine. The speech is for the general audience. You may use the poem "Grandfather" by Joseph Augustine, as well as your research to write the text. The speech should be about 150 to 200 words and must have all of the following elements. - Appropriate introduction - Appropriate conclusion\ - Body..
ϖ Collecting DNA from people and storing individuals genetic information.
A speech that OPPOSES or SUPPORT the idea of ϖ collecting DNA from people and storing individuals genetic information. - Research the chosen topic - You are expected to develop an informed opinion on your topic. You must argue your case, giving reasons to justify your opinion. ETHICAL, SOCIAL AND RELIGIOUS ISSUES NEED TO BE INCLUDE!!..
Outcomes in education and better performance on field
You need to read the Style presentation before preparing this assignment. The idea is that you demonstrate what you learned from this lecture Genre: Educational Speech Your intention in this genre of speech is usually to make your audience aware of relevant information so that they learn something in the process and possibly make relevant changes. Audiences..
Proposed Amendments in Murray Darling Basin Plan
details of the topic and Instructions to address the issue are available in attached file. Instructions must be followed. word limit is 1500 and plagiarism doesn't matter. There should be no irrelevant material.
Preparing Nursing Students for Mental Health Care
– Using Tutorial assignment Research in Nursing lead a critique of a supplied journal article for 15 minutes, with 5 minutes question time. This critique needs to provide a good description of the paper, which means describing the sample, methodology and setting. You also need to describe the context of the literature - this may involve talking about other studies..
5 minute Persuasive Speech In Outline form (Please chose somthing that relates to the medical field)
Persuasive Speech (include 2 sources referenced in APA) Research two sources for facts, statistics, anecdotes, etc. as evidence/support for your claim. Choose an issue on which you want to argue for or against, and on which you want to persuade your audience to agree with your claim. The speech should be 5 minutes long. Once the research is completed, a formal,..
debate on a ethical issue outlined in instructions
The topic that of debate is that I am for : Pre natal screening is a form of eugenics. Page 16 and 17 of the unit outline explain what is needed. Group part will require a presentation on for my topic, and also a 5 min written speech for myself on the for same topic.
Persuasive speech on the benefits of eating together as a family for your children
Attached is a sample persuasive speech outline that was presented to the class with an Introduction, Body, Conclusion, and Bibliography (needs at least 4 reliable sources and it does not matter from where). I just need an outline put together with the requested topic.
US Debt and Dollar Currency Collapsed in the United States, and end the federal reserve system?
Hi everyone I have a persuasive speech about US Dollar Debt and Currency crisis going to collapsed, end the federal reserve system. I want to persuade my audience to prepare them for the big financial crisis that is going to hit on the United States, and why should we need to end the federal reserve system and how to make a plan when the Debt and Dollar Currency collapsed...
The uselessness of Gun control (Super easy quick essay)
Using the topic you have selected for your in-class persuasive speech, review Chapter 18 to identify five different motivational/emotional appeals you can use in your persuasive speech. Take the arguments that you have developed in the Persuasive Arguments assignment, and develop them further using at least 5 different motivational appeals. This essay..
Informative Speech on Environmental Issue: Sports and the Environment
Informative Speaking An environmental issues approach for this and future speech assignments is required. Local and regional issues are always better than subjects that are distant or broad. For example, Polar bears and Orcas are distant, and climate change and ozone layer depletion are broad. Please look for what is around you for topics: ethanol, ranching,..
Should Licensing for Handguns Be More Restrictive?
I want to make debate about my subject and put it into a PowerPoint slides to take YES side of Article that i attached "Should Licensing the Handgun Be More Restrictive?" Then I want to write a summary one page of the whole subject.
To what extent should citizens trust their government, if the government has a history of deceit?
I have a presentation on Theory of Knowledge (TOK).TOK is an IB subject (if you want to do some research on that).On the presentation, I attached there is the progress I made soo far. Ways of Knowing (WoK) and Areas of Knowledge (AoK) should be mentioned. TOK content should be a lot, and it should be the main thing in the presentation. There is a Presentation Planning..
abroginal health care issues on traditional medicine vs modern medicine,welness and illness beliefs.
introduction, 3 body paragraph, conclusion. add thessis please cite this paper reference included at the end Your goal is not to provide a history or geography lesson. this essay is to arm the nurses with information that is relevant in a health-care situation.
Why is high quality session and assessment planning and creative delivery important to support effective teach
Power point presentation on: Why is high quality session and assessment planning and creative delivery important to support effective teaching and learning? Within this ensuring course assessment criteria is fully covered and individual learner needs are assessment and addressed enabling all learners to be successful at their chosen level of study...
Group Presentation Chapter 6 Interpersonal communication Friendships
Hello, I have a Group presentation Chapter 6 Interpersonal communication on Friendship. My group and I are teaching the class on Chapter 6 Interpersonal Communication Tuesday that relates with in the book(Human Communication Fifth Edition Special Florida Value Edition by Judy Pearson ISBN #9781259346781). Each of my group has a part to do assignment on Interpersonal..
Project Management - Ng Teng Fong General Hospital
Our group have choosed NG TENG FONG GENERAL HOSPITAL as our project. The paper will consist of the following : introduction, body and conclusion. i have done the part of introduction. can you continuing the part of Provide Recommendations thru the Project Life Cycle on how the Project could have been managed successfully and conclusion. And add on the Gantt Chart..
Integrated Marketing Portfolio and Executive Summary Presentation
You will present an executive summary of your marketing portfolio. The presentation should be geared towards potential employers or clients and will take the form of a visual presentation. You will present an executive summary of your portfolio that discusses its contents as well as how it reflects your knowledge, skills, and abilities as a marketing professional...
Comparison between two product 'iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7'
The paper is comparison between iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7. How they affect the costumer and the comparison on marketing Field. I want to write 2 to 3 pages pa and PowerPionts about the paper put the information into slides on the Powerpionts
Revisiting the challenge of diversity and differences in childhoods
this speech need to go for at least 5 mins just a summary of the chapter. with questions I can ask as well within the speech. I don't have the copy of an ebook its chapter 11 and theres too many pages to upload due this Thursday 25 at 10am this is the book Diversity and difference in childhood : issues for theory and practice Author: Robinson, K. H., & Jones-Diaz, C. Start..
to solve the communication barrier of a type of people with a product
Project — Presentation (content) Students will be required to work in pairs to present a “pitch” for a digital innovation that they have developed during the course. This will comprise an in-class presentation, and a written summary and copy of any materials used during their presentation. This component of the assignment will focus on the extent to which students..
Do not bid until you read instructions and look at attached file.
I need 15 powerpoint slides on Thomas Jefferson, Donald Trump, and the Federal Courts. I need RECENT and RELIABLE sources. Compare and contrast Thomas Jefferson and Donald Trump with their relationship to the federal courts. Give specific examples. I need quality work. This is the second time i put this assignment on studybay. The first one sucked. I also need..
Powerpoint for history class. Thomas Jefferson, Donald Trump, and the Federal Courts.
I need a powerpoint that will give me a 15 minute presentation in class. I also need a summary of the research, and a bibliography of each source used in Turabian format. The summary and bibliography does not need to be spectacular. My instructor is very lenient. 1-2 page for the summary would be sufficient...
Presentation20min--Copyright Issues in Network-Supported Streaming Media Businesses
Need to do a presentation on thursday. I will need the writer to work together with me and keep updated the slides and speech. personal contact is preferred too. The presentation is 20 mins long with the topic of "Copyright Issues in Network-Supported Streaming Media Businesses", all the researches and recourses need to be found by our own also the presentation..
15 mins Presentation needs to be done in 8 hours-German Business in EU context
10 slides. need to included following: a.) What is T-TIP and b.) how does it effect the German Economy? And C what is your conclusion? video watching for reference: • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4OQeekSD6s another reading will be attached. need to read my instructions and do the task carefully. no just going through motions and sh*t. Thanks...
FM 1-06 Chapter 6 Execution & Assessment Presentation
I need a power point presentation on the template provided on chapter 6 execution and assessment sections in the next 24 hours with notes from the sections provided on the notes slides in the presentation. The presentation needs to be approximately 10 minutes so the prepared script can be the notes. I need this in less than 24 hours. Must be profession grad level..
Act as a "brand representative" for a Multinational company
I am a new employee in a Chinese company, our company now enjoy a thriving development and we have increasing businesses with foreigner partners. There have growing needs that communicate with foreigners in our company, so we held a speech contest in this topic. In this speech, I want to address how to be a "spokemen" for our company covering three aspects: 1: learn..
To Inform my audience of the process of habit formation: how to break bad habits and form good ones
1) A printed, detailed 1-page outline of your speech. 2) 2 vocal citations and 2 types of supporting material within speech 3) A printed, detailed bibliography (Works Cited/Reference page) in APA or MLA style.
informative speech: panda or Great wall of China ( choose one)
1)Informative speech: Panda or Great wall of China (choose one) 2)Please see the attachment for the format of the speech. Please follow the format. Make sure all the transition sentences are there. 3)Please also find 2-3 visual aid, as power point. Please indicate in the speech outline when to present each of the visual aid. 4)5 resources in the speech, ex: according..
Presentation Notes about Play "Life is a Dream" (Client Tainn)
1. It's presentation Notes for my client about the Play ""Life is a Dream" by pedro calderon de la barca 2 It's group presentation, Read the attached files, My client just need to do part 2: Character and Part 6. Point of Interest and Key Scene. (which I labeled in read)
evd based policy discussion post; Using Evidence to Coalesce the Streams: Case Studies and Critique
What strategies did Vermont nurse leaders use to build and coalesce the three policy streams of Problem, Solution, and Political Support? Which strategies do you think were most effective? least effective? In hindsight, what, if anything, would you have done differently?
Visual Argument and Rhetorical Anaylsis (How Do Beauty Contest Effect Young Girls)
PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE TRYING TO BE HIRED..... Instructions on Attached File (Visual Arguments Sheet_incl Presentation) I also uploaded my Non-Academic Essay Don't know how many pages just 3 to 5 minutes long Any questions please feel free to message me
Why it's wrong for the media to promote a certain beauty standard?
Hei! I need to write a persuasive speech and a formal outline for my business English class. The topic I chose is as seen in the title: why it's wrong for the media to promote a certain beauty standard? I guess I want the speech to present the effects this has on people ( like eating disorders, obesity, emotional damage) and a call to action to the audience...
Intervention Research critique, flyer, presentation
Critique the intervention you examined in your literature review(see attached) For the Research Critique you will be required to: Write the strengths and weaknesses of the intervention you researched and if and how you would use this intervention in foster care with adolescent kids. You will need to evaluate it's utility for clients in your own culture(caucasion)..
Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care Delivery Models
As the country focuses on the restructuring of the U.S. health care delivery system, nurses will continue to play an important role. It is expected that more and more nursing jobs will become available out in the community, and fewer will be available in acute care hospitals. Write an informal presentation (500-700 words) to educate nurses about how the practice..
Telehealth or Telemedicine
This is a power point presentation. Let's chart. I have attached the rubric in this assignment
I need a 20-25 slide power point that includes a visual presentation within the slide show. 5 of the slides must reference material in the TEXT. I have attached the pages from the TEXT that can be used as well as the presentation guidelines. There will also need to be a reference page that includes a minimum of 4 references (1 of which is the text)...
Informative Speech on Roman Art
See Attached Pictures. You must write about that. Please answer each points below: Topic: General Purpose: To Inform: Specific Purpose: (complete sentence) Central Idea: (complete sentence) I. Introduction: A. Attention Getter B. Preview of Main Points C. Creditability D. Benefits II Body: A. Main Point: (complete sentence) 1. Sub-point: keywords 2...
Critical Issue
Early academic training superior to the more traditional, hands-on model of early education (Yes) It should include all the pertinent information about your issue as well as persuade the audience to side favorably with your side of the Critical Issue. Further, you will provide three discussion questions in the content of the post to further stimulate viewers..
AOS- Interview
1. what aspects of discovery are demonstrated in The China Coin and how are they demonstrated? 2. Explore the similarities and differences between The China Coin and Oodgeroo Noonuccal's poetry? 3. How has your study of texts improved improved your understanding of the concept of discovery? your speaking time in the interview will be no more than 6 minutes...
PowerPoint presentation
Keep it short and simple follow rubric essay in the attachment PowerPoint Only
Finding Zoe
book memoir for a speech class. topic is hearing loss Book: Finding Zoe by Brandi Rarus (A Deaf Woman's Story of Identity, Love, and Adoption) presentation: • 8-10 minutes. • Content: Please include the following information in your presentation: o Presenting communication disorder (e.g., definition, common characteristics, etiology) o Point of view o..
ikea presentation slides and report
the company i choose for the presentation is IKEA and i will be attaching a portfolio which can be off help when you're preparing the slides and write a reflective report for me
Question of Fact speech
I need a 5-minute persuasive speech for 'question of fact'. I don't care the topic since it's crunch time.
Reflective Project Paper
It is a Speech 331 class project paper and I am going to upload the picture of instruction i took by my cell phone and also I want an A on this paper please tell me the price .
Write a persuasive speech using rhetorical tropes and Ad-herennium
I want to prepare a speech on why I believe that women are stronger than men. I have to respect the criteria I attached below, and I also have to use some rhetorical tropes and label everything I used. The speech has to plagiarism free.
AssignmentWrite a persuasive speech
AssignmentWrite a persuasive speech supporting your opinion about an issue or subject that matters to you, that you feel passionately about
Need information regarding BUDDHISM AND THEIR IMAGE OF GOD, BUDDHISM AND THEIR SACRED TEXTS, AND BUDDHISM AND THEIR NUMBER OF BELIEFS. This is going to be put into a ppt presentation along with other information. Doesn't need to be too complicated, but bachelor degree status.
"getting a college education.
Write a full and complete Preview Statement for a faux speech on "getting a college education." (you can make-up the "labels") Write a corresponding Review Statement. Write 3 complete source cites: one for an article from Mental Floss (November 2011), one for a book called You Just Don't Understand by: Deborah Tannen, and one for a personal interview with your..
Total Point Value: 115 (100 for the speech, 15 for the outline) The Assignment: For this assignment, each student will deliver a persuasive speech, which will attempt to get the audience to do something or convince them to change their mind about any topic of your choosing. Time Requirements: Speeches must last between 6-8 minutes. Penalties will be assessed..
When the going gets tough
In this assignment, you will create a 12-15 PowerPoint slide presentation that is intended for your organizational leaders that describes both a potential problem and an actual problem as they pertain to your organization. Consider the prompts listed below, and base relevant information on the literature of problem solving. Your slides should include thorough..
Persuasive Policy Speech
Topic of speech-Terminally ill patients should have the legal right to choose physician assisted suicide. Criteria: 1.need to cite minimum of 3 credible sources within 2. minimum of 1 deductive reasoning and 1 inductive reasoning 3.Introduction needs to include 3 main points that will be discussed in speech. 4.Conclusion reinforces central idea 5. Practicality..
Rosemarie Rizzo Parse Theorist
I need help with the first 4 objectives. The worship thought, historical theory, world view, and the four metapargidims
The Influence of Regulatory Economists in Federal Health and Safety Agencies
Richard Williams, “The Influence of Regulatory Economists in Federal Health and Safety Agencies,” Working Paper (July 2008) ,http://mercatus.org/sites/default/files/publication/WP0815_Regulatory Economists.pdf It's a presentation,so I have to read the working paper above and talk about it for 15-20 minutes, with using the power point...
slide presentation
This project has three parts: Cornell Notes Taking, Slide presentation and Narration..but you will not do the narration you will write it down so that I can do the narration
Informative Speech on Organic food and Parasite cleansing
Hi, I am stuck, I tried to make my powerpoint but can't seem to finish my presentation! Please make 12 slides for me. This is the start of the powerpoint. Please be colorful! https://1drv.ms/p/s!AiYTFvUDZd4bgV4zq2fTprSd9z3h And this is my outline in the attached file. Thank You.
Climate changes
No. 2: Argumentative speech Imagine that you are going to participate in a debate on national TV. The debate is about environmental issues and you have prepared a short speech on the following topic: Recent reports show that it requires international cooperation to lower average temperatures on earth. But how far should we go in order to save the planet? Should..
Hello. would you be interested in writing a speech about myself. I will give you a bunch of info to put down, i just need help putting all together in a speech form. The speech has to be about 3 minutes.
Bill Gate
Please read the Instruction CAREFULLY .!!!!! MALALA THE MARTYR is an example how the speeche look like.Must be exactly with three main points
presentation on uk import and export
studying higher national diploma in business through lincoln University . harvard refrence style. uk books ,uk journals and uk news. my area in this presentation is uk international trade.
Teamwork Speech/Consumer Relations Bulletin
THERE ARE 2 PARTS TO THIS ASSIGNMENT. PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS! PART 1 Leadership has decided to create a new team, making you the manager. Write a short speech, of 350 to 700 words, to give to your new team at your first team meeting. Include the following: Explain the importance of teamwork in the workplace. Identify strategies for effective team communication..
Why Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day
Need to have 3-4 minute speech with visual aids
Power Point Presentation
this is 5-7 power point slides presentation ,, which should be 7-10 mins
Everyday heroes (add on)
Persuasive speech based on hero essay. 3-5 minutes in length. Must be Persuasive style. Works cited must be noted in MLA format and include at least 3 websites and a book.
elevator speech
Create a elevator speech ... 5 min Using my resume background to sell myself for job .. * pretend * Pretend Job: Job Category: Administrative/Clerical Additional Category: Administrative/Clerical, Registration / Emergency Dept
Eating Disorder Young Men & Boys
I need a 15-24 PowerPoint Slide with notes Professional Advocacy Presentation on Eating Disorder In young Men. APA format ..See Attachment for other requirements
Climate Change
This speech should be Controversial, I need four unbiased sources for this. don't use should and read attach file carefully. Note: I need outline and power point presentation both
Everyday heroes
3 page essay with a 3-5 minute separate speech based upon that essay. Minimum of 5 MLA cited works one of which needs to be a book. Written on high school level. Must address characteristics of the everyday hero. Do have links to give basis of theme and content that want covered.
My assignment is to create my own 5 minute TedTalk and present it to the class.
My assignment is to create my own 5 minute TedTalk and present it to the class. The topic of this informative speech is "The Benefits of 3D printing" Please check out the attached PDF file and read the instructions :D
What makes an everyday hero?
3 page paper with a 3-5 minute persuasive speech on what makes an everyday hero. Must be written in high school level. Must include a minimum of 5 sources one being a book. MLA format.
Significant figure who contribute to and influence others
a two page reflection paper based on the outline from unit VI and Power point presentation three to five minutes long
transcultural nursing
1.how can nursing inverventions for the preganant African woman presenting for IPV care be made more culturally congruent? 2.Discuss and compare the cultural differences in the expression of labor pain. critically analyze how you would respond to your Hispanic labor patient's expression of pain versus your native African labor patient's manifestation..
qualitative research presentation draft
Read those two articles and write up a presentation draft 1. Pei, J., Leung, W.S.W., Jampolsky, F., & Alsbury, B. (2016, January). Experiences in the Canadian criminal justice system for individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: Double jeopardy? Canadian Journal of Criminology & Criminal Justice, 58(1), 56–86. doi:10.3138/cjccj.2014.E25 2...
Prelude to War
Read the book page 1to 74, write a summary, and a reflection.
Any animal of your choice
This is a power point presentation so no paper is required!! The attached file will include what is required for each slide of the PowerPoint
I need a proposed influencing strategy for a privacy campaign
500 word proposed influencing strategy for a campaign pro privacy. More details in private!
Keep God in Schools
Deadline is today in 2 hours. Write an outline for a speech. It should include policy change that should be accomplished at any level of government, whether at the international level of the United Nations. Think BIG. Utilize something along the lines of a Problem-Cause-Solution pattern of organization and/or a Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Pattern of organization...
Keep God in Schools
Write an outline for a persuasive speech on policy change. The topic is to keep God in Public Schools because our nation was founded on God.
The Spanish-American War
http://voicesofdemocracy.umd.edu/roosevelt-strenuous-life-1899-speech-text/ Read the article from the upon link, summarize it and state your own opinion.
Should we trust President Trumn his suggestion to build a wall on Maxican Border?
It is the presentation required by the International Baccalaureate exam under the topic "Theory of Knowledge". It requires analysis in TOK language focusing on the influence of "reason", "emotion" and intuition". It should be around 1,500 words.
Consumer behaviour
bullet points - 6 points each Gaps Brand in-store observations from sight/vision point of view Gap Improvements from sight point of view
Powerpoint Presentation
Prepare a 5 to 7 minute PowerPoint presentation on a topic of your choice, relevant to effective and professional business communication. Your presentation should include visuals and primary and secondary sources. In the "notes" section of the PowerPoint, be sure to include the narrative that you would give if you were presenting in front of a supervisor...
informative speech
to construct an informative speech guided through the attachment. the speech topic is on the conspiracy of the moon landing and Stanly Kubrick helpings in filming/staging it. this assignment must also include a full outline and be 5-6 min long
Funding Evd based response
This is a response to 2 posting from mate. it is attached in this order Review the strategies and activities utilized by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to influence the development of health policy, as described by Drs. Melichar and Hassmiller in Chapter 14 of the Dickson and Flynn (2008) textbook. Visit the Discussion Board and within the context..
Persuasive speech (Need for the arts)
You are to submit only an outline of your persuasive speech. This speech is just like your informative speech, except you are no longer the teacher. You are an advocate. You are to choose a topic as mentioned below and choose a side. There are some great resources on Magnolia Project in our online library at PRCC. Opposing Viewpoints is another great source available..
Human Factors Affecting the UAV operations
The presentation must be capable of speaking for minimum 7min to 10min. It should be in powerpoint. PART I 1. Title of the research topic 2. A one-sentence statement that describes the research. The class will discuss if the one sentence description is clear. PART II Elements of your research statement (i.e., purpose, problem, question, hypothesis, ancillary..
funding the evd to policy- discussion board
Review the strategies and activities utilized by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to influence the development of health policy, as described by Drs. Melichar and Hassmiller in Chapter 14 of the Dickson and Flynn (2008) textbook. Visit the Discussion Board and within the context of Kingdon’s model of policy development, analyze some of RWJF’s activities..
speaker notes for presentation
i uploaded the report, i need it to be presentable. i need speaker notes that i can read for my presentation
Fighting poverty with education
The speech is about me as a candidate trying to persuade the audience to vote for me were my game plan is to provide education in poor areas
Should marijuana be legalized for recreational use in Texas?
How does marijuana affects the brain, heart, and lung health.
south africa
As a student of English 6 you need to develop strategies to search for relevant information in larger amounts of text, as well as strategies for source-critical approaches. You are also supposed to learn more about historical, political and cultural conditions in different parts of the world where English is used. In this assignment you get to work with all of..
Bullying and Its Effect On Children
Doc outline A.Gen'l Purp. B. Specific Purp. C.Cent.Idea I.Intro Key pt.1 Keypt.2 Keypt.3 II. Body of pres. Mainpt 1, Main pt 2, Mainpt 3 supporting materials each pt min 2 supporting pts New times Roman 12 pt font SubptsABC. 2nd level subpt 123 must include transitions
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