Research Proposal on Politics examples

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Policy Analysis Methods and Techniques - application
In the next component of your project you will: 1) construct and analyze a set of policy alternatives, including diversity and equity considerations; 2) develop evaluative criteria to judge the merits of policy alternatives; 3) apply the cost-benefit policy analysis method to assess the policy alternatives; 4) identify recommendations based on the findings..
US foreign policy regarding military aid to Ukraine
1) Summarize the foreign policy topic you will be addressing 2) Describe the current status of the policy or topic 3) Describe why this policy is important to the United States Then you need at minimum the three scholarly sources Do not use first person in the proposal
Poblem that exists in the legal system, that is currently not being solved by the court system
For the first paper, I am looking for a proposal that would be directed towards a Chief Judge at a state court level. The paper would be a proposal for a new type of court that would either be intended to solve problems current courts cannot solve, or would be a current problem that exists in society, and how it could potentially be solved in a courthouse. - 2,000 words..
Do Supreme Court justices deviate from their ideological lines throughout their tenure?
Students are required to complete an original research design in the course. The research design can examine any aspect of law and courts. The scope of the paper is purposely broad so that the student can produce a quality research design on an aspect of the courts that is of interest to the student. Each research design should identify a research question, discuss..
The affect of Terrorism on American Foreign Policy
Each student will be expected to explain the significance of his/her chosen topic to American foreign policy, provide the necessary historical and theoretical background, develop a coherent and concise argument, and acknowledge the competing perspectives on the topic. Papers should be approximately 12-15 pages in length...
I need this assignment in one week. I need a highly qualified writer with background knowledge in Mali current issues and good knowledge of statistics. The attached guidelines are to be followed strictly.
Research Proposal
My research question is: "How did social media impact the recent election and the how have citizens been influenced by the media's role inside the White House?" Some key points might include: prior president's relationship with mainstream media, the affect of social media within the election, how social media created a stark divide between the two candidate's..
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