Research Proposal on Management examples

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Deconstructing Strategic Excellence Paper and Presentation
Work with your facilitator to identify an organization within which you can complete this paper. Through your supervisor or a designated contact, review the strategic plan for your chosen organization. Select from the strategic plan a topic area which has been identified as strategic importance for the organization’s future and sustainability. Conduct..
The cult of greed: The self serving motives of the church of scientology
The format of a research proposal A basic outline you may use as a guide is provided below. I. Introduction A. Background B. Justification of the research and background to the problem C. Hypothesis or research question 1000 words Introduction (similar to an abstract)
Organization Leadership Skills and Empowerment of Employees
A. How does your organization develop the leadership skills of its employees? (Write two paragraphs between 100-150 words) B. Are employees in your organization empowered? What benefit does the organization garner from this practice? (Write two paragraphs between 100-150 words) Compose a two paragraph response for each of the Discussion Questions stated..
Identify and counteract the factors of customer churn for Company X
This is an ADVANCED APPLIED RESEARCH PROPOSAL. This is a 3000 word research proposal with at least 15 references. Company X is a business supply company that mainly sells point-of-sale systems and EFTPOS (Electronic funds transfer at point of sale) located in New Zealand. The company is currently facing increasing amount of customer churn rate due to fierce..
Does age diversity in teams affect organizational performance?
Assessment task title: Literature Review and Methodology The sections of your literature review. In order to give you an idea of the relative size of each part of your assignment, the literature review should consist of these sections. 1. Title: The title is the research question phrased as a question with two parts: the dependent variable and the independent..
DEEPWATER HORIZON : Gulf of Mexico Oil Cleanup proposal
DEEPWATER HORIZON RESPONSE: Gulf of Mexico Oil Cleanup Submit your draft for a research question or hypothesis. Keep in mind that a hypothesis is always a statement and is used when you plan to use statistical analysis to test whether quantitative data support the hypothesis. A research question is used when you propose an exploratory study where are uncertain..
The Impact of Perceived Fairness of Performance Appraisal on Employee Performance
Research Title: Examining the Impact of Perceived Fairness of Performance Appraisal on Employee Performance in the Private Education Industry in Malaysia. Need an extensive research of literature review on the following sub-topics: 1)Performance Appraisal 2)Performance Appraisal in Malaysia 3)The Private Education Industry in Malaysia 4)Fairness..
Innovation Flows between 1st World to 3rd World markets
Dear writer, This is a research proposal about Innovation Management. Topic: Inter-Company Innovation Flows between 1st World to 3rd World markets” How are innovations leveraged across fundamentally different markets. You have to follow the as following: 1. Title & Abstract 2. Introduction 3. Literature Review 4. Research Problem and Questions (Gap)..
business project research proposal assignment 2
select a topic and write a research proposal of 1500 words
an analysis of the influence of leadership styles on job outcomes
Assessment Criteria 1. The clarity of the research aim and research questions(s) 2. Identification of how your research links with, and builds on previous literature 3. Discussion of the suitability of the research methodology in achieving the research aims 4. Discussion of the suitability of the research methods in achieving the research aims 5. Critically..
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