Research Proposal on History examples

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History Research(Use citationsl, in one day, please)
Research the subculture that I am going to give you and answer the questions: At a minimum, your short presentation must address the following questions: Is the subculture a bona fide classical subculture? In what ways is your subculture transgressive? At what general age do most members ‘join’ and ‘leave’ your subculture? Is there any type of internal hierarchy..
14. Compare and contrast the early Canadian feminists (the suffragists) with the second wave 20th century.
WDW102Y CONTEMPORARY CANADA RESEARCH ESSAY PROPOSAL (5%) Due: May 31, 2018 INSTRUCTIONS: Students must develop a written proposal for their research essay (approximately 1000-1250 words or four-five typed pages, double-spaced, 12 font). The purpose of the proposal is not only to familiarize the student with the topic but also to ensure that the student’s..
Inheritance of the WW2 history among Taiwanese aboriginal society
Hello writers. I am looking for a professional writer who can check my research proposal and reedit if need. It's for PhD admission and one of important required documents for application. I already wrote up the draft, which ranges about 3600words, but I need to make it within 2500 words. there is no need to add content wise. Any advice for improvement will be welcomed...
East and Germany would be better Seperated than together
For the Research Design project, you are to choose any topic of interest relating to Europe or the European Union. A research design is an essay paper that details something you would like to study further. It is a research proposal that demonstrates you know something about the topic and what others have written about the topic (background/literature review),..
western civilization paper proposal
1) Your paper proposal (due week 9) should have four sections: a hypothesis, an outline, a literature review, and a working bibliography. We will go over these one by one in class this week, but you have all the necessary information in this announcement. 2) It should not be longer than 2 pages. 3) A hypothesis is the attempt to answer a historical question analytically...
Discussion board
At the following link, view part 3 of 4 of "500 Nations" from 44.27 minutes until the end. To comply with ADA requirements, a transcription of the full episode can be accessed at the following site:
Importance and advancements of Tank Warfare WWI-WWII
A brief proposal with the topic for the paper will be due on February 27. It should have an introduction and a draft of an outline. It must be accompanied by a bibliography with at least 3 sources (of which at least one must be a book) outside of the course materials.
The Drafting and Ratification of the U.S. Constitution
REQUIREMENT: The writer must be familiar with the Federalist Papers. Thesis: What were the social, economic, and political conditions that inspired (or influenced) the drafting and the ratification of the U.S. Constitution? - You must use primary and secondary sources - The Federalist Paper has to be included as one of the primary sources. Guidelines for..
Topic Exploration Worksheet
This is a topic exploration worksheet where you would be providing primary and secondary sources about "Drafting of the U.S. Constitution", a paragraph about your knowledge about the subject, and four questions of why the questions you have about the topic is important to you and other people.
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