Research Proposal on English Language examples

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Should children be allowed to use iPads and smartphone.
The meaning of children should be specified, show which age are targeted *Mention these points 1. Should children use smartphones or Ipad. 2. How it affects the children either negatively or positively on the children. 3. It’s a common problem that many parents are complaining from nowadays. 4. • If it is serious problem how to solve it. • to find how to turn these..
Topic Approval Letter (Comparative Analysis Assignment)
In a one-page letter to your instructor, make a request for topic approval for your WP#4” Comparative Analysis Assignment. Your request for approval must include the following sections: 1. A discussion of your topic including the issue question you are addressing (Ex: What argument does this film adaptation make about Dicken’s short story?) 2. A discussion..
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (book) Literature response
Using supporting quotes from The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, write a literature response in MLA format addressing the following question. How did prevailing norms regarding the doctor/patient relationship, lack of a patient's bill of rights, and developing knowledge of cancer and its treatment affect the medical care of Henrietta Lacks? what has..
Global Climate Change Investigative Report & NGO Proposal Memo
Outline and Grading Criteria for the Investigative Report Based on Sample Student Papers in A Writer’s Reference, pg D-23+ Please adhere to the outline below. You should maintain section headings. This assignment is graded on a 100-point scale; values are indicated below in red bold. Please note: You will lose points if your assignment contains typos and/or..
The Negative Effects on Middle Easter Minorities Post Trump's Presidency
The proposal requires: An out line of what you are going to argue in this paper and which side you stand on. A very strong yet very debatable thesis statement that you will propose. It should also include subtopics that could be further discussed.( write about the "no entry" for the people for the 6 selected Middle Eastern nations. Also another sub topic could be..
your choice
i want you to write a proposal paper using 5 works cited. and please check the attachment to understand more
I need to turn this essay into a memo. The second attach file is an example. PLEASE USE THE EXAMPLE AS A GUIDE AND USE IEEE.
How videogames have a positive effect in society
I need a minimum of 5 sources and the checklist attached should help what i need to be done.
Jesse Owens
The research proposal should contain: 1. Description / Explanation of your topic 2. Ideas for narrowing the topic; perhaps pose a research question that may lead to your thesis 3. Explanation of your interest in the topic (for example, personal or career-related reasons) 4. Explanation of why the topic matters and to whom (consider your likely audience) 5...
research proposal
take care of grammar. choose any topic you want. I need an outline, annotated bibliography, and a research paper also and everything must be on a single topic so choose the topic wisely. The REsearch proposal is due tomorrow so we will focus on that now.
answer the question
Your question: Why do you think companies are so concerned about demonstrating values that constitute an ethical culture? 1- answer the question with a minimum of 25 words. 2- reply to someone else's post with and insightful question. 3- reply to someone else's post with an insightful comment that demonstrates your understanding of the course concepts. "I..
Proposal for Research Paper on Police Brutality
Proposal for Research Paper Please create a proposal for your research paper. This essay will consist of six paragraphs and should be approximately 600 - 800 words. Please follow the outline below. Use MLA format. This is NOT an argument but your topic must be an argument topic. It must be controversial. Proposal Essay - Six paragraphs Paragraph 1. Introduction..
Essay 3 Research Paper Proposal
Adapted from The Curious Researcher: After carefully reviewing the Unit 3 content notes (which explain what a research question is and how to write an argumentative thesis), completing and participating in the Unit 3 Discussions, and selecting a topic, complete and submit a Research Proposal. The research proposal helps you to identify your research question..
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