Research Proposal on Economics examples

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Mental Health and Afordable Care Act Research paper
You are required to research and write the paper in two stages. The first stage involves writing a paper proposal in 3-4 pages. The research proposal is meant to expand on the details provided in your topic choice write-up.  State the specific topic you are interested in analyzing in the form of a research question.  Briefly discuss why the issue merits discussion..
** Organizational Chart Solutions 24 HOURS DEADLINE
to propose 3 Organizational Chart solutions for management to consider (For this report- 2 solutions will be provided, the 3rd will be suggested by yourself). Evaluation and Side by side Comparison Please, see the file attached to get full instructions. 9 pages (2,475 words), 10 sources (no older than 5 years) adjusted as per APA style. Outline and a reference..
Social Innovation in context of Industry 4.0 and its impact on sustainability
Dear Writer, This is a research proposal. You have to write it in following order: 1. Abstract 2. Introduction (Define Industry 4.0, social innovation, their impact on society) 3. Literature Review 4. Research Gap 5. Research Objectives & Questions 6.Methodology (Must be exploratory with details)
This activity and paper is your chance to change the Federal Budget for the coming year
Federal Budget Activity: This activity and paper is your chance to change the Federal Budget for the coming year. Follow this link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and explore the budget challenge in order to decide what areas will need to be trimmed, added to, or left alone. Upon..
contemporary political economics research proposal
Research proposal form needs to be completed and research topic needs to be selected within the example topics provided in the assignment details. Thanks
please follow details attached below to choose a topic and then complete the proposal form.
Economic policy
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