Research Proposal on Communications examples

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Research Proposal with Annotated Bibliography Assignment
1. A three page (single-spaced) annotated bibliography for the chosen topic 2. FOUR relevant sources 3. This assignment consists of two parts: (1) Introduction of your research topic/research question and (2) Annotated bibliography on your chosen case
Fundraising a non-profit organization against sexual harassment?
my instructions for this research proposal is targeting high school students and coming up with different ways to fund a non-profit organization against sexual harassment using many different resources. also this proposal has to seem realistic to where any individual can implement my research proposal based on different ways we can fund a non-profit organization..
treatment for bilingual children (english/arabic) with speech diffculties
Dear Sir, I would like a research proposal, to apply to a strong Uni. It needs a "tittle, aim and objective, background history and methodology". Kindly, ensure that it is referenced from articles and APA style. Deadline is on the 30th of sep. Thank you.
Proposal and bibliography
Write 1,000 words and follow instructions on outline.
Research Proposal
Assignment: In essay form, write a 1 to 3-page (works cited not included) proposal for your research paper, including the following sections: Topic of study: Give the general topic for your study, including exact keywords and terms that are important. Rationale for the study: Why is your topic important? What possible applications could your study have? What..
Homosexuality in Professional Sports (NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB ONLY)
*NEEDED BEFORE 10 PM MARCH 6TH NEW YORK, EASTERN TIME* Create a research question related to homosexuality in professional sports (NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB ONLY) complete a research proposal (see attachments) including the methods that will be used (campus poll, etc.) literature review (see attachments) Methodology (see attachments) *page length may vary..
Research Agenda and Reflection
For this assignment, you will design a research project related to a digital cultures theme. The point of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to explore a specific topic in greater depth and to practice designing a research project. As we discussed in class, you should imagine your research project as something that you could actually complete within..
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