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Risk and benefits of a joint business venture to enter international markets
. Your topic You need to carry out a piece of primary research on the subject of globalisation; specifically, your topic needs to look at the risks and benefits of a joint business venture to enter international markets. Realistically, you probably will not be able to gain access to an organisation which is about to enter a new international market, or which has..
Does recycling, reusing, repurposing clothing reduce environmental pollution?
Thesis topic: Does recycling, reusing, repurposing clothing reduce environmental pollution? The first half of the thesis which is mainly desk research has been writing, this is to write the analytical part: To research solutions, analyse them with graphs and tables, and propose solutions to the thesis statement...
Nursing Interventions to Prevent Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia in Critically Ill Patients
Table of Contents 1. Introduction 1.1 Background 1.2 Operational Definition 1.3 Problem Statement 1.4 Aims and objectives of the study 2. Literature Review 3. Research Methodology. 3.1 Methodology 3.2 Study Setting 3.3 Study Population 3.4 Study Sample 3.5 Sampling technique 3.6 Data collection instrument 4. Work 5.Expect outcome 6. Ethical Consideration..
'Assurance in Non-for-profit organisations in Australia'
Please find attach template and instructions. Instructions: The research aims to investigate the development and current practice of audits and assurance in NFPs, and to further evaluate the issues in the current practice that may be associate with assurance quality and reporting/disclosure quality in the NFP sectors, and provide evidence-based suggestions...
U.S. Health Care Systems for Small Populations, Part 1
U.S. Health Care Systems for Small Populations, Part 1 Assignment Content Your project throughout this course will: Analyze an existing health care system and evaluate how that system can be improved to better serve the community Conceive a new or improved health care service, then design a facility to provide that service Develop the structure, functions,..
Factors Influence Non-Compliance with Hand Hygiene among Intensive Care Units Staff
I submitted previously a literature review (my paper document) and it is needed to complete to submit again as research proposal. I have included only 3 studies in my literature review and it is required to add another 5 studies of total 8 studies. my proposal is under qualitative approach and make sure not mix with quantitative. Make sure all included studies..
Implementing Strategies to Enhance Biblical Education Pre-K--8th and Beyond
This is an Action Research Paper with specific Rubrics to Follow. I will send information and Writer will use materials I send and more. We have agreed on 40.00 and a completion by 8:00a.m. Tuesday 02.07.2017 Central Standard Time. He may use my phone anytime to connect with me for clarity. This is very important..
Final Draft- CJUS 4700 Deadline 5/5/19 by 8 pm central time
Please edit my rough draft the check list is listed below. I need this by tomorrow night. Check list: o Did you have at least 5 or more articles on the topic or related topic. The sources you have the more you know about the topic. o Did you discuss what the articles were trying to discover and the results o Did you synthesize the information? For example, Several studies..
topical Reference List; Literature Review; Research Proposal
Only TWO assignments I need completed. A Topical Reference List and Literature Review. Attached are the instructions for both assignments. Also, you can use the two references from the articles that I've included, for the topical reference list. Thanks.
Create a Proposal Arugment; What effects are there when moving schools to often for children?
To persuade the audience of the following: 1) a problem exists, 2) there is a way to solve the problem or improve the situation, and 3) the proposed solution is beneficial MLA formatting for intext citations and Works Cited page o Works Cited page listing the three to five reliable sources that are cited within the essay Three to five pages of text Appealing Visual..
Does understaffing on care for elderly in nursing homes affect the quality of care?
This work is in 2 part. 1.The proposal is a 1000 word limit but you have to include the literature review you did previously which will make it a 2000 words altogether. 2. You will make it into a power point slide which will go for 10 minutes. Please include speaker note. Thanks. Instructions to follow. 1. What is it you want answered - (Does understaffing on care for..
Deconstructing Strategic Excellence Paper and Presentation
Work with your facilitator to identify an organization within which you can complete this paper. Through your supervisor or a designated contact, review the strategic plan for your chosen organization. Select from the strategic plan a topic area which has been identified as strategic importance for the organization’s future and sustainability. Conduct..
Improving HSE culture in waste management project
Improving HSE culture in waste management project Essay - 6000 words (penalties will apply if length exceeds +10%, i.e. max word count over which penalties will be applied is 6600 words) Write a research project proposal that will address your chosen topic for the MRes research project The proposal should contain an introduction, overview of the research problem..
What influence does a chronic illness in a family have on the lives of the children in the family?
Revision is needed on the attached Research Proposal and Power Point. The method of Data collection cannot be from aspect of Social Media. There must be another effective method of data collect in regards to the ethics of Social Work, and it must take the place of the previous Data collection. Additionally, this 2 questions must be answered: What are my expected..
How to prevent stigma associated with mental illnesses in young Adults in Australia
Instructions to follow: • Review of literature (Preventing Stigma in Young Adults with Mental Illnesses in Australia) - peer reviewed journal articles and research studies that support your hypothesis/intervention, tools etc.- (10 references that was already used for the literature review) • Strategy or intervention proposed • Data collection tool(s)..
Plan your Proposal What effects are there when moving schools to often for children?
The problem to which you are proposing a solution. 2. The solution you propose and why it is realistic. 3. What you plan to do to overcome the special challenges (p386) with specific reference to what you are proposing. 4. How you plan to justify (p387) your proposal.
Digital Marketing and The Beaty Industry in Ireland
It's a business project where a research proposed on the influence of digital marketing in the beauty industry in Ireland. The aim of this research is prove something, either what have changed with the use of digital platforms in the beauty industry, or what haven't changed.
What influence does a chronic illness in a family have on the lives of the children in the family?
Student will develop a research proposal about a social work practice, social program, and/or social policy that is of interest to them. The proposal should include a statement of the research question and the motivation for addressing it, a brief review of the relevant literature, a description of the methodology to be used (e.g., how will the sample be selected;..
The cult of greed: The self serving motives of the church of scientology
The format of a research proposal A basic outline you may use as a guide is provided below. I. Introduction A. Background B. Justification of the research and background to the problem C. Hypothesis or research question 1000 words Introduction (similar to an abstract)
Proposal Italian Canadians and their economic life
Instructions: A proposal is a written plan of work for a research project. In your proposal, you will present the subject of your IS project, and provide some background information to introduce your topic. In the final stages of your work, your Proposal will be incorporated into your Final Paper (it will become your paper's Introduction). To write your proposal,..
What are the causes and effects of social media in military families with kids under 10?
In this proposal, you will follow a qualitative or quantitative (experimental or descriptive) approach to solve your research problem. You are required to submit a written proposal, and presentation powerpoint slides in APA formation3. The proposal should include a title page; information about the title page is available on the link provided above (the..
Grant Proposal – Proposed Study, Budget, and Draft Grant Proposal
For your final project, you will finalize your grant proposal to secure funding for a neuroscience investigation. This assignment will involve integrating information covered in previous weeks about brain networks and disorders that occur as the result of dysfunction in these networks. The grant proposal will require you to identify a research question..
Business English Proposal & Presentation Assignment
Proposal & Presentation Guidelines The final two assignments for this class are a proposal, and an accompanying presentation based on that proposal. Proposal: The proposal will have all of the specific details your audience needs to make a decision, while the presentation will summarize the key points in a visually attractive format. Follow the directions..
Blockchain Technology: Authenticity, marketing and branding tool for luxury goods industry.
Hello, I need to do a research proposal for an issue related to a business administration and I have chosen digital transformation implementation in the luxury goods industry to enhance, against counterfeiting, eliminating the fake goods market and having a good marketing and brand image for these luxury brands. I have attached the file of guidlines for writing..
How does a customer know what software versions cloud providers are using?
The proposal is a one page single space plan for your project and a separate five source annotated reference list. The annotations include two paragraphs for each source. One paragraph is a summary of the source and the second paragraph is your reflection (Iwhat you thought about it as a source)
Proposal on why criminal justice and pre law major students should be allowed to visit the Supreme Court in Wa
I want someone to finish my proposal, it’s so myself along with another group of pre law major can take a trip to Washington DC Basically I need the blanks filled in How situation a fake one? The solution to the situation How would this trip benefit us students? By the way we are prelaw and criminal justice majors Lastly, what can be learned on the trip You may look at..
New Product: Intelligent Google Maps -- Moving Forward
Intelligent Google Maps is a new product that combines google map with intelligent voice technology/intelligent assistant. People can call the intelligent assistant in google maps to get the services they need. Determines procedures for identifying other factors that might affect new idea and integrating them into decision making and planning (3 pages)...
SOCI 3240 Qualitative Data Collection Assignment #1
These are links that will help you to finish the assignment 1 Book is Qualitative Research Method for the Social..
Investigating the appeal of winter sports resort destination as a year round resort
- Quantitative research - Table of Content: Abstract Introduction Literature Review Hypotheses Research Methods Data Analysis Limitation Conclusion References (Harvard) - Title/topic can be made more specific as the writer's wish to choose a certain winter sports destination Refer to attached file (HONS PART 2) for similar assignment. Follow the format...
Research on Promotional Strategy of a diving Co in HK to enhance product awareness and create sales referrals
Right on time Stick to the proposal name. 15 references in APA style. table of content/ extract / introduction and Research objectives, etc data with questionnaire and figure and the research rationale, and sampling technique and ethical use of data should be included.
Research Proposal with Annotated Bibliography Assignment
1. A three page (single-spaced) annotated bibliography for the chosen topic 2. FOUR relevant sources 3. This assignment consists of two parts: (1) Introduction of your research topic/research question and (2) Annotated bibliography on your chosen case
Research Proposal Draft By the due date assigned write a 2-3-page paper addressing the sections below of the research proposal. Introduction Background and Significance of the Problem Statement of the Problem and Purpose of the Study Research Questions, Hypothesis, and Variables with Operational Definitions Research Question Hypothesis: Research and..
How important are social media channels in determining destination choice
The objective of the research proposal is to find out the potentials of social media marketing in the con- cept of tourism and travelling, and to investigate what kind of effects Instagram has on consumers’ travel behaviour. The aim is also to help destination marketing organizations, DMOs, and other tourism service providers to develop their online marketing..
Network Equipment ( router and switches ) automated troubleshooting
My selected topic : Network Equipment ( router and switches ) automated troubleshooting to help network engineers to resolve issues faster using python script ========================== write the research proposal topic selected below: :information to be put in this format Provide information from 1.1 to 1.8 1 CHAPTER 1: BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY 1.1 Introduction..
Grant Proposal – Proposed Study, Budget, and Draft Grant Proposal
Grant Proposal – Proposed Study, Budget, and Draft Grant Proposal This week you will write the Proposed Study and Budget sections of your Grant Proposal. The Proposed Study section will resemble a typical methods section like the one you would write in an empirical paper (except that the data have not yet been collected). In this section you will describe the..
What are the underlying causes of wrongful convictions?
Beginning the Proposal Process As with writing a regular academic paper, research proposals are generally organized the same way throughout most social science disciplines. Proposals vary between ten and twenty-five pages in length. However, before you begin, read the assignment carefully and, if anything seems unclear, ask your professor whether there..
Should children be allowed to use iPads and smartphone.
The meaning of children should be specified, show which age are targeted *Mention these points 1. Should children use smartphones or Ipad. 2. How it affects the children either negatively or positively on the children. 3. It’s a common problem that many parents are complaining from nowadays. 4. • If it is serious problem how to solve it. • to find how to turn these..
What factors contribute to African American Juveniles reoffending as adults
To accomplish that we need: 1. An introduction to the problem and why it is important to study. Who will it help? Why is this signficant> How will our study add to the body of knowledge on the topic? You all have very clear ideas on your problem, so this should be relatively simple to put together. 2. A thorough literature review. For this week, using the references..
Increasing Patient Safety Through Hourly Rounding
you will create a PowerPoint® presentation. Using the Stetler Model of Research Utilization and Evidenced Based Practice found on page 447 of your text book, you will create a model that addresses your clinical topic/problem that you chose in week 1. You only need to address the 5 phases of the Stetler Model: Phase I: Preparation Phase II: Validation Phase III:..
Middlepath and Mental Peace comparison Japan and Nepal
Dear Sir, This is PhD Research Proposal. Please advise unique research title, with above title. And please use more references from Buddhist original texts, research papers, books. I preferred related Buddhist Scholars. Requests: (1) Please clear problems statements with pointwise (Comaparion with Japan & Nepal rich country & under Develop country) as..
Improve the customer experience of Diving Adventure to enhance product awareness and generating sales referral
mareketing Research paper on a hongkong based diving company (please see the link below) Requirements on report Refine the literature review and Marketing research method/technique Focus on the result and analysis – discussion should consist of certain arguments and justified by facts and figures. A pure descriptive or subjective..
how the logistics industry can reduce its footprint on the environment
The final product of this class will be proof of the understanding and obtaining of knowledge in the Reverse Logistics curriculum in the form of a research paper. This research paper will be a minimum of 15 pages in length and topic will be chosen by the student and turned into the professor no later than the end of week two. This topic should be one which is dynamic..
Customer Post Purchase evaluation of Online promoted products and its impact on their repurchase intentions
Firstly, Hard Focus on the collection of studies related to the subject "Post-purchase evaluation" and then extract about five dimensions of Post-purchase evaluation that repeat frequency in that studies and write them briefly in the "Literature Review section". Secondly, Follow the Academic structure and Add all references and previous studies that..
Background and Significance Sections of the Grant Proposal
For this week’s assignment, you will complete the Background (including a literature review) and Significance sections of your grant proposal following the Grant Proposal Guidelines. See the Sample Grant Proposal Template as an example and use it as a template for your Grant Proposal. The more complete your assignment is, the more feedback you will receive..
Sociocultural LearningEnvironment Experiences- Asian InternationalStudents’ at UKUniversity
The research proposal are based on the 'Research Proposal Form' that I'd attached. That form already approved by my courseleader nd the topic chosen. The attachment below are the information of what research proposal going to be and the research proposal assessment instruction given by my courseleader. Please help correct the title of the research as well,..
Writing a Preliminary Research Proposal (Prospectus)
• Purpose: What is the purpose of the study? • Need: Why is it necessary to do the study? • Methodology: How do you propose to do the study? • Significance: What are the possible benefits of the study? Inaddition to the attach file please fllow the instruction carefully
What considerations are the most pertinent to college selection?
The preparation of your prospectus should be guided by: Purpose: What is the purpose of the study? Purpose Statement and Definitions.The purpose statement should clearly identify the reason for conducting the study. Ideally, it will be the first sentence of the first paragraph of the preliminary proposal and begin with, “The purpose of this study is to ...”..
Objectives •Examine the impact of functional patterns and role structure on the family.
Family Analysis Project (Must be a real family……not a movie family) Submit by 2359 Saturday of Module 5. NOTE: You will create and upload an original Word file for this assignment instead of typing directly into this document. Overview Schedule an interview with a (1) family based on personal/professional acquaintance, to complete a comprehensive, written..
Topic Approval Letter (Comparative Analysis Assignment)
In a one-page letter to your instructor, make a request for topic approval for your WP#4” Comparative Analysis Assignment. Your request for approval must include the following sections: 1. A discussion of your topic including the issue question you are addressing (Ex: What argument does this film adaptation make about Dicken’s short story?) 2. A discussion..
Research Proposal on anyOccupational Health and Safety issues
Prepare a 500 word proposal of your research project in abstract format introducing the topic and context of your research. Indicate your research aims and objectives. Provide a summary of the main issues you have identified in the literature, the methodological approach most suitable to your study and to the research aims, and what your research may result..
Policy Analysis Methods and Techniques - application
In the next component of your project you will: 1) construct and analyze a set of policy alternatives, including diversity and equity considerations; 2) develop evaluative criteria to judge the merits of policy alternatives; 3) apply the cost-benefit policy analysis method to assess the policy alternatives; 4) identify recommendations based on the findings..
Nurse initiated evidence-based interventions for prevention of CAUTI
comparisim, money laundring layering stage btween middle east and uk
Comparisim in the miney laundring ( only layering stage) money transfer pot in mind properties , betweeen middle east and uk, puring my opinion point of view as a law enforckent repsentative in the middle east. this is an academic research proposal, with harvard based refrences, i will use letruture review research method , it should concentrate on the layering..
Mental Health and Afordable Care Act Research paper
You are required to research and write the paper in two stages. The first stage involves writing a paper proposal in 3-4 pages. The research proposal is meant to expand on the details provided in your topic choice write-up.  State the specific topic you are interested in analyzing in the form of a research question.  Briefly discuss why the issue merits discussion..
Grant Proposal – Topic, Specific Aims and Bibliography
Grant Proposal – Topic, Specific Aims and Bibliography For this assignment, you will select a topic for your grant proposal (i.e., Final Project due in Week Six). Then you will write the Specific Aims section and create a preliminary bibliography. You will conduct a search in the Ashford University Library and/or on PubMedCentral to locate at least 10 scholarly..
Research Proposal on Role of Exercise in Reducing Anxiety
This Paper is not to exceed SIX pages. (Latter does not include Title Page, Table of Contents, References, and Appendices.) This is not a Research Paper or Research Project. You are NOT doing any primary research. Rather, you are writing a "Research Proposal" in efforts to get your research project approved. (If approved and in a real world example, you would..
Chronic (gastroenterology) diseases in children and the associated impacts of long-term medication in the UK.
2500 words of research proposal,1000 words of literature review taken from 6-8 resent articles, survey questionnaire of about 20-40 people and the graphic percentage. Academic report, Introduction of the assignment, inter-citation, Conclusion and Harvard referencing.
non-compliance of intensive care unit staff with hand hygiene
a part of literature review is required for research proposal focusing on factors that influence non-compliance with hand hygiene among ICU health care workers (Qualitative). instructions that needed to follow with one exemplar are attached. plus need to follow CASP appraisal tool then extract data needed in literature review...
How does the perception of racial bias impact the success of African American males on probation?
This Research Proposal is for a Mater's Criminal Justice Course! The Proposal should not exceed 14 pages total. I will provide the writer with ten approved articles and the definition of - the perception of racial bias. The proposal will consist of: 1. Cover Page 2. Introduction 3. Brief literature review 4. Research plan that includes: a. sampling plan b. design..
Case Analysis – Integrating Theoretical Orientations
Prior to beginning this assignment, read the PSY650 Week Two Treatment Plan ,Preview the document Case 16: Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Gorenstein and Comer (2014), and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders in Hamblin and Gross (2012). Assess the evidence-based practices implemented in this case study by addressing the following..
Catheter Associated Urinary Infections - How Do You Prevent CAUTI?
This Assignment is for Hopkins1only Please read all instructions carefully before starting to write proposal. Change research question as needed to get better results. You may have to increase from weeks to months. In conclusion, all research journal article must be recent and scholarly. With each article used a Research Critique form must be completed (please..
gender, race, colonialism, sexuality (a research paper proposal )
The proposal should include the following elements:  A Title  An Abstract: o In 100-250 words briefly explain what your paper is about. An abstract is the first (and sometimes the only thing) a conference organizer or an editor will read when deciding on whether to accept your paper. o Your abstract should state very clearly what your paper is going to argue, how..
What considerations are the most pertinent to college selection?
Conducting a literature review is one of the steps you will follow in the process of defining the research questions of your study, so you will probably have to redefine your topic and revise your research questions several times along the way. You should establish two main goals for your literature review. First, attempt to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date..
How pilot’s social life affects thier performance In the middle eastern culture?
Review past research studies (5 studies with references). Include the results of appropriate studies that relate to your research topic/problem The review should be comprehensive. 
 Include positive and negative viewpoints. 
 Report specific information, including study duration, research questions and hypotheses, population and sample 
Benchmark - Evidence-Based Practice Proposal Final Pape
Throughout this course you will be developing a formal, evidence-based practice proposal. The proposal is the plan for an evidence-based practice project designed to address a problem, issue, or concern in the professional work setting. Although several types of evidence can be used to support a proposed solution, a sufficient and compelling base of support..
which one is better to improve students' enjoyment in piano learning? Improvisation or structured teaching.
Compared informal teaching (improvisation) and formal teaching . Improvisation: Such learning has been described variously as non-formal or informal, drawing a distinction between this kind of learning and formal learning. Formal learning may be described as that which occurs in a traditional pedagogic environment where clarity of goals and procedures..
The problem of smoking among the youth, can we stop it once and for all?
Your final essay should be 1000 words long and should follow the guidelines in The Curious Writer for writing a proposal in the "Inquiry Project: Writing a Proposal," on page 193. Craft a proposal that has an effective introduction, a body that is rich with details and reasons, and a satisfying conclusion; your essay should make a convincing and balanced case..
Fashionable consumers and attitudes to sustainability in clothing choice
•Two-page (single-spaced) proposal. •Justification – Why is this topic important?•Explain what conceptual or theoretical framework that can be used. •Include 3-5 hypotheses/research question you expect to generate for the paper. •Attach a list of references in APA format (include all references you found that was helpful to you, even those that you did..
PR project proposal: Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid Collaboration Clothing Line
Product: Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid Collaboration Clothing Line Discussion of the strategies of communication, media management and evaluation; articulation of the strategies and relevant tactics to achieve each of the identified objectives students are required to design an international public relations project and present the plan (project proposal)..
Evidence-Based Practice Proposal: Section G: Evaluation of Process
In 500-750 words (not including the title page and reference page), develop an evaluation plan to be included in your final evidence-based practice project. Provide the following criteria in the evaluation, making sure it is comprehensive and concise: Describe the rationale for the methods used in collecting the outcome data. Describe the ways in which the..
environmental history book review proposal 2 HOURS
Compose a statement of 250 to 400 words explaining your choice of books on environmental history and, if possible, pose a question that will guide your discussion. Provide full citations of the two books following the statement.
why we should ban vapes in the us, or topic of your choice
Explanation: For this assignment, you will write a proposal that presents a problem and a solution to that problem. Your proposal should include an introduction identifying the problem, at least 2 causes of the issue and their effects, your suggestion(s) for correction, a cost/benefit analysis, and a conclusion restating your thesis idea. Purpose: Through..
Will small business trust a start-up, outside contractor to recycle their e-waste?
I need to write a (literature review) * Key assumption – Small business will trust a start-up, outside contractor to recycle their e-waste. * Key Question – Will small business trust a start-up, outside contractor to recycle their e-waste? Rubic of the assessment (literature review): Identifies relevant scholarly articles within the literature and develops..
Social and Economic Impacts of Rising in Housing Price on Low and Medium Income Household in Nepal
1. required around 10-13 havard style referencing 2. this assignment should be linked with assignment 1 3. have attached assignment 1 and the requirement for assignment 2 4. required certain 30-40% similarity between assignment 1 and 2 5. assignment should be delivered before 3 pm on 12th october.
Evidence-Based Practice Proposal - Section D: Solution Description
Write a paper of 500-750 words (not including the title page and reference page) paper for your proposed evidence-based practice project solution. Address the following criteria: Proposed Solution: (a) Describe the proposed solution (or intervention) for the problem and the way(s) in which it is consistent with current evidence. Heavily reference and..
Evaluation of Post-discharge Telephone follow-up call with Patients Diagnosed with COPD
My proposal is related to "quality Improvement evaluation projects". In specific the post-discharge telephone follow-up with COPD patient in primary care. English is not my primary language and writing is my weakness area. I having problems with grammar. For example sentence agreement and structure, clarity of ideas, flow among other. I almost finishing..
The Correlation between Substance Abuse (AB) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
I already have pick topic and did research proposal spine (outline) in which I have to stick with that spine. The proposal will consist of an introduction, a review of the literature, and a methodology section. The introduction and literature review sections must have a total of not less than 10 recent, original, quality, and professional references to support..
The influence of cultural orientation on Brand Image and Perception. Case study any global brand
- Research proposal and chapter one - APA referencing format - Must be quantitative methodology ( must clearly indicate the methodological approach to use and why) - Should be ready to use some suggested articles I will provide - I can provide sample proposal template if you want. - No plagiarism and use of old literature ( more than 10 years old) - Good grammar,..
Evidence-Based Practice Proposal - Section B: Problem Description
Write a paper of 500-750 words (not including the title page and reference page) on your proposed problem description for your EBP project. The paper should address the following: Describe the background of the problem. Tell the story of the issue and why it deserves attention. Identify the stakeholders/change agents. Who, or what organizations, are concerned,..
Single Mother Household and Children's Educational Attainment
I need a research proposal draft for saturday the latest. Below are the details. Research Proposal Outline *PLEASE SEE THE MODEL PROPOSALS ON BLACKBOARD AND IN YOUR PATTEN TEXTBOOK* Make sure your proposal has all 9 of the elements numbered below:   Title Page Includes your full name, academic department, date and title of the proposal [Make sure to read the..
US foreign policy regarding military aid to Ukraine
1) Summarize the foreign policy topic you will be addressing 2) Describe the current status of the policy or topic 3) Describe why this policy is important to the United States Then you need at minimum the three scholarly sources Do not use first person in the proposal
How effective is infant carrying in developing secure attachment between mothers and children under 12 months
8 pgs. Double spaced paper Current APA format at least - 6 peer reviewed sources (Provided) Please read the 2 attached documents for information about the layout for the paper and information I need incorporated into the paper. I also uploaded an example of what the assignment needs to look like.
Evidence-Based Practice Proposal - Section A: Organizational Culture and Readiness Assessment
Before making a case for an evidence-based project, it is essential to understand the culture of the organization in order to begin assessing its readiness for EBP implementation. Select an appropriate organizational culture survey tool and use this instrument to assess the organization's readiness. Develop an analysis of 250 words from the results, addressing..
I would like to discuss the history and benefits of a specific activity such as basketball.
References The References page format is APA style - see (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. APA guidelines Include all journal articles, books, and other research sources used for thesis purposes All sources should be peer-reviewed scholarly sources (Links to an external site.)Links to..
A Feasibility Study on Opening a Computer Repair shop in the Bahamas
In APA style, with an Abstract Table of Contents a Introduction, Issue a problem in the community( in this case a lack of computer repair shops in the Bahamas). This paper must also include a clear purpose/ objective and rational behind it. This must State Significance, definitions, a Research Approach and a Feasible Budget Timeline. This Paper needs and MUST..
location of offshore Oil and Gas Fields in the Gulf of Mexico
The instructions for assignment details is attached pdf. Please help me with the project proposal. I need to create a map that can provide information on the location of offshore Oil and Gas Fields in the Gulf of Mexico (Mexico and the USA) and also in the background provide information about the location of passive or active continental margin, so we can analyze..
A Proposal for a project involving research on African art
Students will undertaking a creative project involving research on African art. The topic will need to be cleared with me before proceeding. A bibliography is required. The project will involve the creation of an original work of art or a diagram, model, or other didactic tool based on African art. Along with the project, the student must turn in a (2000 word)..
creative project involving research on African art
undertaking a creative project involving research on African art. Either way, the topic will need to be cleared with me before proceeding. A bibliography is required for both. The project will involve the creation of an original work of art or a diagram, model, or other didactic tool based on African art. Along with the project, the student must turn in a 6-7 page..
Visual Media Assignment - Legislative Process Infographic
An infographic is a way to present information quickly and clearly through the use of a visual representation. You can certainly search the Internet for examples of infographics: • Infographic: Milestones Matter, Early Childhood Development • The ABCs of Early Childhood Education Infographic For this assignment, create a 1-page infographic of the federal..
How does the new accounting and audit principles, will affect the operations of PwC Bulgaria in 2017?
I am lookining for Proposal, that have to be accepted, and will follow a thesis writing with it. In the attached files you can find a "Syllabus" with instructions. Additional document with previous proposal that was rejected and feedback after it (in order to use it as a remark point) could be seen in the attachment also...
Please read and add to the research paper the at the bottom of the page Result/data analysis 2000 words Discussion 1000 word Recommendation 1000 word Conclusion 500 words Reflection 500 words of a student experience at a university. total word count 5000 this should be Harvard reference no copy and paste and repeat reference see attaching a file..
Supply chain management research project - First Group sustainable procurement
Prepare a manageable timetable of work; Select an appropriate method of inquiry; Select and design appropriate research methodology and methods of data collection, analysis and investigation; Decide how to present your solution; Take ownership of the work; Plan and execute the work on your own initiative; Prepare materials for comment that you have written..
9-1 Capstone Component 1 Final Submission: Comprehensive Program Proposal
: Your comprehensive program proposal should be 12 to 15 pages in length (plus a cover page and references) and written in APA format. Use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Your professional reflection should be 2 to 3 pages in length. topic My topic will be exploring using computers and computer programs to better patient care...
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (book) Literature response
Using supporting quotes from The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, write a literature response in MLA format addressing the following question. How did prevailing norms regarding the doctor/patient relationship, lack of a patient's bill of rights, and developing knowledge of cancer and its treatment affect the medical care of Henrietta Lacks? what has..
Does “university life” have an impact on alcoholism?
2000 words Harvard Referencing & citations Subheadings that need to be included Title -research question -abstract (250 words-not included in word count) -introduction -literature review -theory -data collection -sampling -reliability/validity -ethical principles -data collection analysis -resources, implications and costs -limitations and..
guidelines that detail the necessary elements of an effective informed consent form
Through the use of the APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (2010), in at least 250 words, provide a set of guidelines that detail the necessary elements of an effective informed consent form, as it relates to providers of psychotherapy and clinical psychology. You are not required to develop an informed consent form, simply provide an..
Research Proposal- Teachers' attitudes towards integration/ inclusion
Guidelines Attached as well as the article. A few research questions to be included: 1) How do teachers perceive inclusive education? 2) How are teachers implementing inclusive education? 3) What are some of the approaches used to implement inclusive education?
ResearchProposal - "The influence of cultural orientation on Brand Image and Perception"
- I need a well drafted and structured research proposal for a masters thesis. - You need to give me a brief insight into how you plan to do it. - Required to use the most recent of literature for references. I can provide a few required to be included. - APA style referencing. - Possibility of doing the whole thesis if the proposal impresses me..
General Market Situation, Target Segments, Market Research Proposal
GENERAL MARKET SITUATION 1. Explain overall what kind of consumers this product is attempting to serve. What “needs” or “wants” do these consumers have that the business is trying to satisfy? Give the reader a profile of the general market. (Usually small businesses simply target the large, general market that surrounds them.) 2. How is the company perceived..
EXTENSION-CORRECTIONS The Benefits of Exercise for Children with ADHD in Accessing Learning
EXTENSION/CORRECTIONS TO MY ASSIGNMENT The Benefits of Exercise for Children with ADHD in Accessing Learning UK BASED- HARVARD REFERENCING Based on a DRAFT with tutor comments my research proposal needs extending to 4700-5000 words Module Aims This module will aim: To provide you with the knowledge and understanding of the theory of research, specifically..
My assignment is looking at hypertension in the black community
1. Abstract 2. Introduction: experience, statistics such as WHO, 3. Methodology 3.1 Search engines and Databases 3.2 Search limitations 3.3 The search process 4. Literature review and discussion 5. Conclusion and recommendation 5.1 Limitations and literature review 5.2 Recommendations 6. Reference 7. Appendix 1 8. Appendix 2..
Development a research questions or research aims and interview guide/ its kind of qualitative proposal
its qualitative research proposal/ again qualitative not quantitative. I attached also powerpoint which explain qualitative research proposal more/ also i attached the interview guide which is one of the requirements in this assignment, i did wrote the interview questions for this assignment and tried to relate question with concept but still need advising..
Adopting and practicing sustainability as a UK high street fashion retailer
Research rationale - Theoretical “It is worthwhile to investigate the value base in sustainable fashion and further to consider the consequences of our design and industrial manufacturing processes in the clothing sector based on environmental ethics.” “It is important to understand the consequences of our design practices; e.g. how current design, manufacturing..
Proposal Idea and power point - Solar Panel energy
This proposal may require research from secondary sources, and if, you do that, you are obliged to use the MLA style of documentation (taught in English 101, the prerequisite for this course) to cite your sources. But what does it mean to cite your sources? Citing your sources means: Providing a Signal: Using signal phrases and in-text parenthetical documentation..
** Organizational Chart Solutions 24 HOURS DEADLINE
to propose 3 Organizational Chart solutions for management to consider (For this report- 2 solutions will be provided, the 3rd will be suggested by yourself). Evaluation and Side by side Comparison Please, see the file attached to get full instructions. 9 pages (2,475 words), 10 sources (no older than 5 years) adjusted as per APA style. Outline and a reference..
effects of noise on learning performance ( architecture students )
this is a research proposal for an undergraduate thesis. the study should be on architecture students ( the effects of noise ). a sample of the assignment is attached ( it is on a different topic. it is just a reference ).
( any topic that is related to MIS and marketing, business and social media)
outline and references list paper for a final research paper as following: Descriptive Title: Preliminary abstract) Preliminary Outline This can be as brief as your proposed section headings, you are encouraged to provide additional details in either narrative or outline form. Preliminary Reference List The reference list should use APA-style formatting..
Does application of machine learning cognitive methodology create knowledge from internal and external data?
when see the files, u will understand. I have already done with some part. i need help in the rest of the proposal with some resources by a simple way to be so clear for faculty. and i want to go in this work step by step. what i want to work on it is introduction and background and i have already but some point about it on file..
Minorities tend to face more racial barriers than whites in terms of unemployment
Below must be in the proposal. Abstract, Introduction, Hypothesis research, Literature review, Methods (ex. Sampling or content analysis) Significance. 10 articles (5 I have already chosen, attachment included) this should be included in paper. Include Citation. attach is a proposal sample, this is lengthy but we just have todo 15 pages...
Organization Leadership Skills and Empowerment of Employees
A. How does your organization develop the leadership skills of its employees? (Write two paragraphs between 100-150 words) B. Are employees in your organization empowered? What benefit does the organization garner from this practice? (Write two paragraphs between 100-150 words) Compose a two paragraph response for each of the Discussion Questions stated..
PhD Proposal for security and privacy in Health Informatics
Dear All , I am looking for writer to help me on writing a PhD proposal about Health Informatics security and privacy issue by considering the following; 1- You look at this issue from technical side. 2- You need to mention that the benefits of technology in healthcare and linked t with these technology must be balanced with security and privacy concerned of the..
Camera's On Police Officers: Should not be allowed
Regarding the recent debate on police officers implementing the use of body cameras it should not be allowed. because of privacy violations, punished for making little mistakes, lastly it is a controlling aid and would make officers not be who they actually are. Please include more counter arguments..
The impact of classroom management on student behaviours
I have to complete a 1,000 word Research proposal and an Ethics Form, I would need both papers by tomorrow, the writer must follow the templates I will provide them with. I would also like to find someone who is familiar with completing research proposals
DPI Project Proposal Chapter 2 - Literature Review
Use the "DPI Proposal Template" and the Develop a Literature Review assignment from DNP-820 to develop a draft of a literature review (Chapter 2) for your DPI Project Proposal. The literature review (Chapter 2) is required to be a minimum of 30 pages. You have already completed some of this review in previous courses. No less than 85% of the articles must have been..
History Research(Use citationsl, in one day, please)
Research the subculture that I am going to give you and answer the questions: At a minimum, your short presentation must address the following questions: Is the subculture a bona fide classical subculture? In what ways is your subculture transgressive? At what general age do most members ‘join’ and ‘leave’ your subculture? Is there any type of internal hierarchy..
Autism Spectrum Disorder and Integrating Play Therapy to Decreasing Aggression
The paper must address all of the components required in the Methods section of a research proposal. The following actions must be completed. State the research question and/or hypothesis. Briefly compare the characteristics of the major research paradigms used in previous studies on the chosen topic. Introduce the specific approach (qualitative, quantitative,..
Is CCPT better than CBT for treating PSTD in children
Abstract: Summary of your proposal in approximately 250 words Introduction: Statement of the problem, purpose of the research, significance of the research, background, and statement of question and hypothesis Literature Review: In a minimum of 3 to 4 pages, utilize a minimum of five scholarly resources to explain your overall research topic, key variables..
Quantitative Methods & Decision Analysis Research Paper, Statistics Research Paper, Statistics
Course Assessment: Individual Written Assignment. The current era is characterized by the abundance of information and numerical data, the analysis of which leads executives to conclusions and in business decisions. The subject of the assignment is to analyze, using appropriate quantitative methods, the data you collect (if you wish from your work environment)..
Background and Significance Sections of the Grant Proposal
Background and Significance Sections of the Grant Proposal For this week’s assignment, you will complete the Background (including a literature review) and Significance sections of your grant proposal following the Grant Proposal Guidelines. See the Sample Grant Proposal Template  as an example and use it as a template for your Grant Proposal. The more..
The acquisition of English tense and aspect among arab secondary school students
Hi I Have MA in linguistics and want to apply to Phd in linguistics in Britain Universities. So, I need to have research proposal to be admitted to this program and I plan to do my project in the following title (The acquisition of English tense and aspect among Saudi secondary school students) My native language is Arabic. See the attached file please.thanks GH..
14. Compare and contrast the early Canadian feminists (the suffragists) with the second wave 20th century.
WDW102Y CONTEMPORARY CANADA RESEARCH ESSAY PROPOSAL (5%) Due: May 31, 2018 INSTRUCTIONS: Students must develop a written proposal for their research essay (approximately 1000-1250 words or four-five typed pages, double-spaced, 12 font). The purpose of the proposal is not only to familiarize the student with the topic but also to ensure that the student’s..
Global Climate Change Investigative Report & NGO Proposal Memo
Outline and Grading Criteria for the Investigative Report Based on Sample Student Papers in A Writer’s Reference, pg D-23+ Please adhere to the outline below. You should maintain section headings. This assignment is graded on a 100-point scale; values are indicated below in red bold. Please note: You will lose points if your assignment contains typos and/or..
What impact does antibiotic therapy versus no antibiotic therapy have on skin infection in diabetes?
full abstracts read based on phenomenon need # 5 journal articles as primary resources must be included. Can Not be any of the following Journals:RN, Nursing 200-, Nursing Made Easy, Nursing Management, Nursing Standard
Project Proposal- Reason for continuous growth of International student
This requires the preparation of a full project proposal that should contain: a statement of the problem, research aim and objectives, justification and potential output of the research, conceptual framework and research hypotheses, methodology and organisation of the study.
WIKI Building a Student centered Science Lesson Plan
All Instructions are in the the attachment below. Please READ and follow DIRECTIONS Carefully. I want a page long for each chapter. Make sure to include atleast one picture in each chapter and page. Make sure to be creative on answering and describing the questions from Chapters 1-3.(Especially when writing of brief description of how would you teach your students..
Identify and counteract the factors of customer churn for Company X
This is an ADVANCED APPLIED RESEARCH PROPOSAL. This is a 3000 word research proposal with at least 15 references. Company X is a business supply company that mainly sells point-of-sale systems and EFTPOS (Electronic funds transfer at point of sale) located in New Zealand. The company is currently facing increasing amount of customer churn rate due to fierce..
Htw berlin construction and real estate management master’s exposition
You are required to write an essay of at least two pages on the content and purpose of academic research and the purpose of academic assignments at Master's level at universities of applied science covering the following the questions: what could be the subject of such academic/methodological work? what could be the aim of the academic assignmen? what kind of..
The relationship among familial socioeconomic status and academic achievement of secondary school students
You are asked to propose a research study which aims to address a social psychological issue relevant to education 2000 WORDS. The proposed research study can be qualitative or quantitative (using any method you wish) but must address one of the following topics: Social differences in academic achievement (e.g. a study to examine racial, ethnic, SES, gender..
Causes of individuals suffering with alcohol abuse.
The abstract -Summary of the content of research and should not be longer than 200 words Contents page-listing of the contents of the research Acknowledgement -this is where you have the opportunity to thank people and organisations who assisted in the work Chapter 1-introduction context,research objectives Chapter 2- Literature review Chapter 3-Research..
The Benefits of Exercise for Children with ADHD in Accessing Learning
I have a draft with tutors comments for this assignment . I need Harvard referencing, academic journals they don't like when we quote to much prefer paraphrasing structure requested: intro: 200 words what is research/nature of research: 900 words context/focus/justification: 200 annotated bibliography: 1300 summary of bibliography 300 research proposal..
Discrimination and Prejudice as the Major causes of Inequality
Details: Using the topic you have developed in PSY-530 (if you have not taken PSY-530, please check with your instructor about a topic), write a Research Proposal (2,000-2,500 words) on a topic relevant to the course. To complete the Research Proposal, do the following: Review the attached document "Research Proposal Guidelines", as well as Topic 7 lecture..
Psychological Experiment Paper - How Much Does Mobile Phone Usage, or Addiction, Affects Relationships?
ALL INSTRUCTIONS ON THE ATTACHMENTS!!!!!!!!!! Topic is: How Much Does Mobile Phone Usage, or Addiction, Affects Relationships? *Research proposal does not require results or conclusion but needs explanation of how the experiment would be conducted and the measuring tool can be picked from a source online from a peer-review journal...
Participant Perspective and the Mixed Methods Approach
What did you think of the length of each survey instrument? Was there a point at which you began to feel tired or paid less attention to the items? What did you think of the open-ended questions? Were they clear? Did they seem leading? Did they seem concise or too wordy? Did you prefer completing the closed questions (or multiple-choice questions) or the open-ended..
You can choose any topic in human rights and social justice.
Hi, I haven't chose my topic yet. It is really hard for me to choose. I want you to choose my research paper's topic and write a research paper proposal. (700-1000 words) You can choose any topic in Human rights or social justice, for example, racism, Korean war, gun control, gender inequality etc. And I attach the sample proposal paper and directions which shows..
Language Awareness in the Second Language acquisition of Arab learners
Hi I Have MA in linguistics and want to apply to Phd in linguistics in Britain Universities. So, I need to have research proposal to be admitted to this program and I plan to do my project in the following title if possible ( Language Awareness in the Second Language acquisition of Arab learners ). My native language is Arabic. See the attached file please.thanks..
How does the combination of rhythmic lighting and music promote better social interaction in the street?
The deadline on 31st May, but I want it by 25th May. and next week by 25th April will have a formative presentation, so I need something for the presentation. My purpose is using music and lighting to design something that can promote social interaction(focus on promoting social interaction!)
Does age diversity in teams affect organizational performance?
Assessment task title: Literature Review and Methodology The sections of your literature review. In order to give you an idea of the relative size of each part of your assignment, the literature review should consist of these sections. 1. Title: The title is the research question phrased as a question with two parts: the dependent variable and the independent..
Marketing Audit re-implementing Sears Holding's Unused Physical Assets
7. Promotion Strategies ( 2 pages) What are the promotion objectives and what elements of the promotions mix are being most relied upon to achieve them? What advertising mediums are being used to promote the product? Evaluate/Critique/Make Recommendations: Is the promotions mix used by the firm effective? Are they consistent with the promotion objectives?..
Marketing Audit-Re-implementing Sears Holding’s Unused Physical Assets
7. Promotion Strategies ( 2 pages) What are the promotion objectives and what elements of the promotions mix are being most relied upon to achieve them?  What advertising mediums are being used to promote the product? Evaluate/Critique/Make Recommendations:  Is the promotions mix used by the firm effective?  Are they consistent with the promotion objectives?..
DEEPWATER HORIZON : Gulf of Mexico Oil Cleanup proposal
DEEPWATER HORIZON RESPONSE: Gulf of Mexico Oil Cleanup Submit your draft for a research question or hypothesis. Keep in mind that a hypothesis is always a statement and is used when you plan to use statistical analysis to test whether quantitative data support the hypothesis. A research question is used when you propose an exploratory study where are uncertain..
Research Proposal On A Narrative Inquiry Of A Suicide At-Risk College Student
Based on the movie Three Idiots, write a research proposal using A narrative inquiry of a suicide at-risk college student in 2500 words with the following: Introduction, Background of the Study, Problem Statement (6 points) This section must provide a clear background of the proposal articulating the practical significance of the proposed research. Problem..
Human Trafficking: Issued Faced by Law Enforcement Department During Investigation in Malaysia
Research proposal: Human Trafficking: Issued Faced by Law Enforcement Department During Investigation in Malaysia. Must contain: ABSTRACT Research Background Statement of Problem Research Objectives Research Questions - question and Explanation Literature Review -2000 words Theoretical Framework -most suitable theory Research Methodology Significance..
the effects of social economic status on how women respond to "empowerment" images in advertisements
Introduction: o What is the general topic? (e.g., humor in advertising) 
 o What is the specific problem? (e.g., humor in food advertising) 
 o What is the problem's significance? What's the purpose of this study? What is 
its contribution to the existing research (theoretical AND practical relevance)? 
Literature Review: 
 o Who else did what and found what..
Package: Bridging 'manufacturer with consumers' about its quality and impacts on Consumer Purchase Decisions
A business research topic. 2. A brief literature review of the research topic Produce 2 to 3 pages on background information on your research topic. 3. Research questions for the identified problem or opportunity 4. Appropriate research methodologies and techniques to use for the research project 5. A project plan using a Gantt Chart and clearly defined milestones..
Research Proposal on Pay and Promotion in Government Service Based on Age
1. Written Assignments (30%) Paper 1: Research Proposal topic 1. 2 – 4+ pages introducing your topic/research question (s) and justifying why a survey is necessary to study this topic. See How to Write a Research Proposal guide. Paper 1 will include 1. Introduction, 2. Statement of the Problem, 3. Purpose of the Study, and 4. Research Question(s)/hypothesis...
Poblem that exists in the legal system, that is currently not being solved by the court system
For the first paper, I am looking for a proposal that would be directed towards a Chief Judge at a state court level. The paper would be a proposal for a new type of court that would either be intended to solve problems current courts cannot solve, or would be a current problem that exists in society, and how it could potentially be solved in a courthouse. - 2,000 words..
social media effects on the psychological well being
Due Monday April topic is social media effects on the psychological well being on humans. it has to be ten pages including the reference and title page. also it is a research proposal so it has to include a section for Abstract Methods Materials Design Procedure Data Analysis 10 References- each reference has to be scholarly journal/peer reviewed Please..
Targeted Organization for Capital Assess Management
Key Trends In Health Care: Identify 3–5 key trends in the modern health care operational environment that may have an impact on the effective leadership and management of a hospital or health care organization. Potential Target Organizations: Identify 3–5 potential target organizations for which you can find information about the executive leadership,..
Consumer behaviour assignment ( online vs in store shopping)
YOUR REPORT: • Plan for three observation periods, so that you can study different times or places as appropriate. Make notes of everything you see. Introduction: • Identify and describe the consumption activity and/or the market segment you have studied. • Briefly explain why the consumption activity is interesting to study and why it is important for marketers..
The Effects of psychotropic medication on adults as children w adhd
Proof read the grant proposal and add in the additional information on adults and learning and cognition of the use of psychotropic medication. It is a research proposal grant, looking for innovative ideas and improve scientific research on areas that has little to know current data. Also, look over the budget appendix, and itemize all projected costs for completing..
Traditional letter (routine Message) report with a letter attached
Prepare your routine message. This transmittal letter is the one that accompanies your formal report--transmitting the report to your supervisor. Please attach a Word or PDF file since I need to add some comments in your message. Complete the following: Use Opening, Agenda, Body, and Closing (OABC) format. Use direct style with the major point in the first..
Big Data and Business Intelligence: a data driven strategy for decision making in the retail industry
The research proposal should be at least 5 pages it shoud be very specic not generalise Please focus on the headings below Backgroud rational(Introduction) Research problem The purpose of the study The objectives The research questions Literature review (brief overview) Theoretical framework (brief overview) Methodology..
Can Reading incentives motivate dyslexic students to read more ?
I started this research proposal for a Master degree level course but am frustrated and zapped for time...I need some help finishing it. Needs to be APA style, with the following: Abstract, Research synthesis pertaining to the topic, detailed research method section, with the research question and study participants, data collection procedures, and data..
Research Proposal-Food Desert Part 5 Retro Analysis
Assignment 5: Retrospective Analysis This is the final assignment and is truly reflective in nature. Spend 2-4 pages answering the following questions in detail: Question 1: What have you learned about research? Social work? Yourself? Question2: What you would have done differently in retrospect after considering a research project start to finish? Question..
The impact of extracurricular activities on students
I. Introduction -general background of the study -purpose of the study -guiding questions -limitations and delimitation -the significance of the study II. Methodology - theoretical framework (epistemology and ontology) -type of study and the rationale -role of the researcher - selection and description of participants -data collection strategies -data..
Social Innovation in context of Industry 4.0 and its impact on sustainability
Dear Writer, This is a research proposal. You have to write it in following order: 1. Abstract 2. Introduction (Define Industry 4.0, social innovation, their impact on society) 3. Literature Review 4. Research Gap 5. Research Objectives & Questions 6.Methodology (Must be exploratory with details)
Literary Censorship in the United States, Tropic of Cancer & Howl
In the United States, there has been many literary censorship, specifically concerning the works of Miler and Ginsberg. Construct a research proposal on the Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller, Howl by Allen Ginsberg, and literary censorship in the United States. Include a thesis statement and a few supporting paragraphs or main points of interest in outline..
Guide for Mental Health Nurses to promote mental health hygiene for the Prevention of Relapses and Readmission
The literature review should consist of 20 original research articles, 10 of the 20 articles from nursing journals within the past five years. The literature review should contain subheadings based on common themes in your 20 original research articles. Under each theme, you should compare and contrast research findings...
nures knowledge and practice in care of patient with pressure ulcers in riyadh
this is what my research I want it to be about: nurses knowledge and practice in the care of the patient with pressure ulcers in Riyadh. 10 articles (5 practice and 5 knowledge ) and also it has to be 3 statistics at least. plagiarism must be less than 15%. At least 10 references must be the same style the file I uploaded as an example. I want to be 12 paragraphs include:..
the role of effective communication on the performance of employees
Please follow the instruction and use the same topic “the role of effective communication on the performance of employees" as summary assignment. The content should be consistent with the summary assignment because the summary part will be attached as appendix. You don't need finish the appendix B and C, but appendix A is necessary...
Initial Research Proposal / FINAL Research Proposal
Subject: Statistics and Research Methods for Business Decision Assignment 1: Business Research Report Proposal - Initial Research Proposal - 1000 words (Without references) Assignment 2: Business Research Report Proposal - FINAL Research Proposal - 2500 words (Without references) Please find the attached Assignment guideline sheet...
Summary and Research Idea for Network Security Papers
I am looking for somebody who is expert in Network Security. I Actually would like to come up with a single page summary (Strengths and Weaknesses) for each paper in the attached documents (in total 6 Papers = 6 summaries). The papers are mainly about Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). Finally, I would like to come up with research topic based on the summaries...
Research philosophy // Transcription and Coding of the Interviews // Quality considerations // Data collection
I would like from the writer to write the chapters that I wrote as Title. There are about my dissertation and I need them in order to complete the research methodology. BUT, in order to write them correctly, the writer must read carefully the material that is attached which is: The literature review with the rest of the research methodology (in the research methodology..
The Impact of Perceived Fairness of Performance Appraisal on Employee Performance
Research Title: Examining the Impact of Perceived Fairness of Performance Appraisal on Employee Performance in the Private Education Industry in Malaysia. Need an extensive research of literature review on the following sub-topics: 1)Performance Appraisal 2)Performance Appraisal in Malaysia 3)The Private Education Industry in Malaysia 4)Fairness..
[URGENT] Research Proposal on Green Water Management Infrastructure
4 Subsections: 1. Purpose: What is it? Why do I care? 2. Review of Relevant Research: A short literature review. 3. Method: Which databases have you used? What search terms did you use? How are you finding sources. 4. Implication: Why should people care about it? It should also have at least have 3 annotated bibliography entries in APA format. See "Sample Research..
Literature Search, Rapid Critical Appraisal, and Summarization
NEED WITHIN 24-48 HOURS PLEASE READ ATTACHED EMAIL AND FOLLOW THOSE INSTRUCTIONS, AS IT IS ALSO THE SAME AS BELOW. Remember that this is a scholarly submission. You should not be writing things like "I think..." or "I chose..." and you shouldn't use first person. I'll give you some examples. If you were going to write something like, "I chose this article by Jones..
Compare & Contrast U.S. & International Health Care
Research the differences between the U.S. Health Care System and the British National Health Service and the Canadian Single-Payer System. How do they function in relationship to access, quality, and cost? You may find these links helpful:
Green Procurement within the private sector: Way forward
Use your outline to develop a full research proposal on your selected project procurement research topic. Incorporate instructor feedback from the Week 7 literature review assignment to update that section. Your problem statement should reflect a real-life problem with project procurement management practice, as documented by your literature review...
Complete Background and Significant Sections of the Grant Proposal
Complete the Background ( literture review) and Significant Sections of the Grant Proposal. ) This will include a bibliography ( which will be provided to you) must be done in APA format. 10 articles are already completed will supply with an additional 5 for a total of 15 articles for the bibliography...
Effects of Psychotropic Medication on Learning and Cognition
A grant writing proposal assignment investigating the psychotropic effects on learning and cognition in children with ADHD. 10 pages minimum. Not including Title and Bibliography pages. APA FORMAT. Will provide with all the material, such as articles etc.
Problem Statement and Review of the Literature, and hipotesys
i need this within 24 hrs choose topic on PTSD or Depression Here is the guide for writing the PROBLEM STATEMENT. NOTE: All articles must be cited in the body of the paper and detailed at the end (in the references) according to the APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines - You are required..
Prepare a Proposal designed to persuay a school board to adopt a systemwide program of PBIS
Description of PBIS and SWPBIS Rationale and Support for SWPBIS Process that districts will need to complete to adopt this approach (specific details needed) Potential benefits of using SWPB Examples from schools that have adopted PBIS (links can be used) Budget – explain costs and expenses for implementation if this is needed...
I am a extremely fussy person. And worse I DO NOT PUT UP WITH FOOLISHNESS. If you cant do the work DO NOT ACCEPT. 1. Harvard Referencing, 2. 100% plagiarism free, 3. Peer review journals (preferable up to date ones) 4. Neat work. 5. Reference list done properly 6. Paraphrase remember to HARVARD REFERENCE 7. United Kingdom English 8. I will be going through this with..
Developing Use of Force Issues: Research and Reform
The following attachment is a copy of the instructions and draft that I submitted. The draft failed to meet class requirements, because too much plagiarism. If paper could be reworded and comes up plagiarism free. That would be awesome. I just renamed the title again.
Parent and children in the decision process on whether take medication for ADHD or not.
Parent and children in the decision process on whether take medication for ADHD or not. Should parents include their children in the decision to medicate them for ADHD? See 1st attachment for instructions Journal 1 Journal 2 PDF file below Jiurnal 3
Statement of Support on a Proposed Health Care Policy Legislation
Identify a Health Care policy that interests you. Develop a 3-5 page (APA format) paper that supports your position on the proposed legislation. List both clinical and political reasons to support your position. Must submit the proposed Legislation with the paper.
The use of temporary care workers in the care industry
Use the guide below to prepare the proposal  Title:  Brief Introduction:  Background and statement of the problem  Research aim and objectives  Study design (type of study)  Study population and sampling  Ethical considerations
Young International students lived experiences and perceptions of counselling services in the UK.
It is a quantitative research proposal and should be thorough, Should have; 1) An Abstract 2) An introduction; - provide problem statement, Rationale for the study, significance of the study and objectives of the study 3) Literature review Should show mastery of relevant literature on the topic of interest 4)Research Proposal Describe the study design, study..
systematic literature review paper on the MAIN RESOURCES OF AIR POLLUTION IN DELHI
write a 2000 words of proposal which contains a QUALITATIVE RESEARCH question which is MAIN RESEOURCES THAT GENERATES AIR POLLUTION IN DELHI (INDIA) and HOW DOES IT AFFECTS DAILY LIFE OF CITY PEOPLE the main structure of prosposal must be as below: Systematic literature reviews Proposals Structure 1. Introduction [including aims] [~500 words] 2. Methods..
Leadership styles to find out how technology and social media have helped shape the millennial generation.
Please double space your paper, use first line indent on all your paragraphs, and a 12-point standard font. 1) Introduction
Your introduction should be 1-3 paragraphs long and introduce your topic in a clear and engaging way. Your proposal introduction should help the reader understand the problem at the center of your research and why it is significant. It..
Research Proposal, Sampling Plan, and Focus Group Study Discussion Study
- Distinguish between qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research designs and describe techniques used in both types of research, illustrating your answer with a research design for Mazeli Al Thani. - Conduct a literature review on the market for affordable housing in UAE, and use it to develop a research proposal with a clear articulation of a research..
Young International students experiences of counselling services in the UK.
Please note, young here is defined as people between the ages of 18 and 22. So consider studies conducted on undergraduate students. You can focus on Asian and African students. What motivates them to seek counselling and what deters them from seeking counselling. It is a qualitative research proposal. I intend to use IPA and thematic analysis...
The Impact of bullying in school and students achievements based on Teachers’ percepective
2 pages for instruction 1 page for statement problem and significant of study half page for research question and hypotheis 4 pages for literature review 1 page for methods (how long will it take, what groups will you have, how will you collect the data are all things that need to be discussed.How will you collect the data--what instrument will you use? How will..
Innovation Flows between 1st World to 3rd World markets
Dear writer, This is a research proposal about Innovation Management. Topic: Inter-Company Innovation Flows between 1st World to 3rd World markets” How are innovations leveraged across fundamentally different markets. You have to follow the as following: 1. Title & Abstract 2. Introduction 3. Literature Review 4. Research Problem and Questions (Gap)..
Black and ethnic minority youths and gangs in London
Maximum length of the proposal: 4 -5 pages A working title – Your title should give a clear indication of the intent of your project, directing attention explicitly to the central issue that you will address. Overview of the research – In this section, you should provide a short overview of your research: the key issue(s) that you wish to investigate, and why these..
How does cultural competency affect nursing practice and patient outcomes?
Write a research proposal using your clinical question formulated earlier in the course that was approved by your instructor. [Clinical question: How does cultural competency affect nursing practice and patient outcomes?] This may be either a qualitative or quantitative research proposal. [This is a qualitative study]. Your proposal must include APA..
Gastroenterology endoscopy center: writing a proposal of a change project within your organization.
Our center outpatient ambulatory Gi clinic we deal with 50- 70 cases a day 5-6 nurses, 3 Anesthesia nurses, 3-4 doctors a day, 2 nursing aides plus technicians We have nursing managers and clerks at the front this is our set up pre-op and postop is the same area 9 stations 3 patient per nurse at a time we do electronic and paper charting RN do, assesesnt history taking..
Proposal Essay about whether or not the US should lower the legal drinking age.
Proposal Essay Requirements: 650-800 words Typed, double-spaced in 12 pt. font MLA heading and format 5 total paragraphs with 3 sources (one full reference citation followed by a source summary paragraph will make up each body paragraph) In the proposal essay, you will present your research question and the preliminary research you have done on it. In the introduction,..
Data Analysis and Analytics Research Utilization Project Proposal, Part 2
Instructions: Create Part 2 of the three-part Proposal. Part 2 will be added to the graded and revised Unit 3 Part 1 section of the proposal. Part 3 will be added in Unit 7 to complete the proposal. In Part 2, add the following critical elements: 1.Conduct a literature review and explain data sharing challenges and solutions to mitigate security breaches. 2.List..
The role of the Psychological Contract in Employee Retention
Introduction : Introducing the proposed topic as well as introduction to assignment itself (300-400 words est) - Background/Literature Review : Could include the following : Definitions, Theories related to the selected topic along with focus on theoretical importance /Research problem or gap ( 500-600 est) . - Research questions : 1) Does employee perception..
Organization Choice for Strategic Planning Process Project
Your final assignment for this course is to write a Strategic Planning Process Document specific to an organization of which you are a part. Making this document will lay the groundwork for a strategic planning process in that organization. You will use the Allison and Keye (2015) to guide your preparation for initiating the process, and after you complete the..
Artificial Intelligence: Is it taking our jobs? I don't think so
This is a research proposal to explain that AI is actually creating more jobs and taking away jobs. Explain the transition of jobs in the workforce to the newly applied AI jobs. 12 scholarly sources need The 6 p's as well: Patreon, Problem, paradigm, population, plan, and price
The relationship between education system and parenting style in Hong Kong
1. You may hep modify the research question, that will differ from existing research work and be more specific 2. Make sure that it is based on the social context of Hong Kong 3. Within 1400-1600 words 4. Appendix (e.g. consent form, questionnaire, interview question) is not counted in number of words 5. APA format 6. maximum 5% plagiarism 7. Research background:..
Fundraising a non-profit organization against sexual harassment?
my instructions for this research proposal is targeting high school students and coming up with different ways to fund a non-profit organization against sexual harassment using many different resources. also this proposal has to seem realistic to where any individual can implement my research proposal based on different ways we can fund a non-profit organization..
Do students in different schools have equal opportunities with regards to classroom technology
Writer must be in education field. Harvard style referencing Dissertation topic:   Do students in different schools have equal opportunities with regards to classroom technology and how it affects their curricular activities. Research aim:    To investigate how students primarily make use of technology in the classroom to identify, gather, organise,..
Inheritance of the WW2 history among Taiwanese aboriginal society
Hello writers. I am looking for a professional writer who can check my research proposal and reedit if need. It's for PhD admission and one of important required documents for application. I already wrote up the draft, which ranges about 3600words, but I need to make it within 2500 words. there is no need to add content wise. Any advice for improvement will be welcomed...
New Diagnostic Tool for the Treatment of Diabetes in Adults or Children
-Identify a research or evidence-based article that focuses comprehensively on a specific intervention or new diagnostic tool for the treatment of diabetes in adults OR children. -In a paper of 750-1,000 words, summarize the main idea of the research findings for a specific patient population. -Research must include clinical findings that are CURRENT,..
Do Supreme Court justices deviate from their ideological lines throughout their tenure?
Students are required to complete an original research design in the course. The research design can examine any aspect of law and courts. The scope of the paper is purposely broad so that the student can produce a quality research design on an aspect of the courts that is of interest to the student. Each research design should identify a research question, discuss..
The affect of Terrorism on American Foreign Policy
Each student will be expected to explain the significance of his/her chosen topic to American foreign policy, provide the necessary historical and theoretical background, develop a coherent and concise argument, and acknowledge the competing perspectives on the topic. Papers should be approximately 12-15 pages in length...
To investigate the association of single-parent family and domestic violence in Hong Kong.
Students will write an individual social work research proposal of around 1,500 words (Excluding appendices: 1. Ethical review; 2. Measurement tools; 3. Interview schedule and/or questionnaire; 4. Reference.)
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