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Social Class: Do Money and Power Matter in Sports?
List and briefly describe the selected topic. Briefly describe the significance of this topic and your rationale for researching this particular topic. Briefly describe and list sources you will use when researching this topic (i.e. specific journals, books, articles, etc.). Also, at least 75% of your sources need to be scholarly; newspapers, magazines,..
An Analysis of Sports Markets - Franchise Relocation & League Expansion
Economics/Sports Paper Need to write a research paper about why certain teams move to different locations and the factors that are involved for franchise relocation. Factors: Owner's personal preference, the political climate and the economics of the location.
The factors that affect the Sports industry in China
Topic for Proposed Paper: The factors that affect the Sports industry in China 1. The political background in China affects the sports industry. The Chinese government used to focus on economic growth and ignored the development of sports. However, President Xi Jinping has been supporting the sports industry in China. 2. The government-oriented economy..
Calcio celebrities: A sociological analysis of the most important footballers in Italy and Europe
I would like to discuss the influence of calcio (the name for soccer in Italy) celebrities in Europe and Italy more specifically analyze their economic value to their club teams and the assets they bring along with them. I wanna use cristiano Ronaldo as an example... Along with that look at their social media use (endorsements, advertisements and personal style)...
Assignment 1: Diagram a motor skill using the above information processing model.
Assignment Instructions Information Processing Model Adapted from………… Atkinson, R.C.; Shiffrin, R.M. (1968). "Chapter: Human memory: A proposed system and its control processes". In Spence, K.W.; Spence, J.T. The psychology of learning and motivation. 2. New York: Academic Press. pp. 89–195. Assignment 1: Diagram a motor skill using the above information..
Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and the Impact of American Football on the Human Brain
Using APA guidelines and at least 30 references (Scholarly articles), write a 40 paged research paper on Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) and the impact American football has had on the brains of high school, collegiate, and professional athletes. The paper should be divided into four subtopics related to the main topic (about 10 pages each)...
Writing/Research Project - NCAA - End of Amateurism
Writing Assignment: NCAA-The End of Amateurism? NCAA and use of student-athletes' likenesses for their commercial purposes/gain; applicable to high school and media contracts? Please make sure to discuss the Ed O'Bannon v NCAA case, including the NCAA's appeal of the initial court decision. The NCAA, collegiate athletic conferences, and now state high..
Recognizing Conflicts of Interests is an important skill for coaches and athletic administrators.
ASSIGNMENT: Research your school, school district, or university’s policies on conflict of interests. Also research your state’s statute on conflict of interests. Please summarize the policies and then, being the issue spotters you need to become, look around your organization and see where there is the potential for violation or actual violation of the..
Advanced Theories and Strategies for Coaching Football
final project will be comprised of a power point with your organizational approach with program philosophy and expectations for coaches, players, parents, booster club, initial parent meeting, Leadership Academy followed with 4 distinct phases representing a year-round organizational approach for running and installing a successful football program..
Develop a written comprehensive personal system of management.
Research clearly suggests that coaches who are effective at managing their teams have a plan for success. To help you manage your team so athletes may have a quality learning experience, it will help if you develop a written comprehensive personal system of management. Your written personal management model will: A. Promote trusting relationships between..
effective leader in athletics and the other person an effective leader in business
Conduct an interview with two people. One person should be someone you perceive to be an effective leader in athletics and the other person an effective leader in business (Someone outside of your family and current place of employment). Investigate the leadership techniques and principles which these leaders implement to lead the group that has been entrusted..
A commentary on social media research from the perspective of a sports communication.
INSTRUCTIONS: Please follow the below instructions 1- In one or two paragraphs, clearly states the purpose of the investigation in the form of a problem, question, or issue to be resolved, and summarizes the method, results, and conclusions sections. 2- Provides background research into the topic area summarizing important findings from earlier work with..
Macro-economics, Business and Finance of International Sport
Research the security expenditures for the 2004 Athens Olympics. List (and explain) three ways in which those expenditures affected the Greek macro-economy and three ways in which they affected the European macro-economy. B. Investigate the general economies of the Republic of South America and Germany to determine how the economic impact of the 2010 FIFA..
How gender, race, and other factors affect the sporting experience in Latinas
The sporting experience is influenced significantly by gender and race but other factors such as economics, politics, class and religion interrelate in ways that influence sport participation for different groups of women. Select a specific group of women(Latinas please )
Athlete community relations in the world of sports by Alexander B.
The instructions are in the document. Can't be plagiarized and try to have it done before tomorrow at 7Am. Please and Thank You.. Eastern Standard Time Please put this as the word documents title when you save as: Athlete community relations in the world of sports by Alexander B. Thanks
High School Athletic Participation and Academic Performance
Topic: High School Athletic Participation and Academic Performance Write the introduction to a proposed study (mixed methods). Include one paragraph each for the research problem, the related literature about this problem, the deficiencies in the literature, and the audiences who will potentially find the study of interest. I will be looking for the following:..
The Evolution of Technology and Mechanics in Motor Sports Racing
This is a research paper that needs to be surrounded around the topic of how technology and mechanics have changed in the world of motor sports racing from the beginning to present day. I would like for the writer to write about different motor sports as well. NASCAR, Drag Racing, Kart Racing, etc..use as many different types of motor sports you would like. The writer..
Current issue related to the core product of sport
The purpose of the assignment is for you track a current trend/issue and see how and why it has evolved over the last decade. Please full this paper with as much detail as possible it is very important to stick to the topic and to be very clear. Keep in mind that change does not occur without people knowing the need for change. Thus, tracking the trend allows you to search..
Ethical Issues in Interscholastic and Intercollegiate Sport
Write about an athletic event that you have attended. Write a 2 page paper explaining how an ethical issue was handled (i.e. sportsmanship, violence, rules, coach behavior, athlete behavior). Describe the situation and explain how ethics played a role.
College Athletics Issues and Trends
Topic: Current and Future Trends and Issues for Student Athletes and Athletic Program. Length of paper is 18-20 pages. APA Style.
Current Event: Antidoping Officials vs. U.S. Olympics Leaders
Each student will be responsible for searching for three unique current event articles relating to sport organizational behavior/theory to be submitted at various times throughout the semester. Students will write a summary of the current event and its relevance for the sport management industry, including how it pertains to a sport/exercise/health manager’s..
misrepresentation of racial and ethnic discrimination in sport
Write a paper to state your findings and provide your references. Do not copy and paste information, this assignment will be checked on turnitin for plagiarism. Some examples of issues to address include: underrepresentation of minorities in the sports mass media (TV, radio), underrepresentation of minorities in head coaching and administration, private..
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