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immigration policy which is banned by president/terrorism
Access the situation and determine what will be happened after judges by president. Use easy words, short sentences and paragraph. DO NOT WRITE PROFESSIONAL. WRITE AS FRESHMEN IN COLLEGE need quotation, work cite by anything like Boston Globe, newyork times
Unit 3 – Literature Review Assignment (part 1) A literature review summarizes and evaluates a body of writings about a specific topic. The need to conduct such reviews is by no means limited to graduate students; scholarly researchers generally carry out literature reviews throughout their research careers. Use the literature to explain your research. The..
An Analysis of Individual and Social Factors Affecting Occupational Accidents
Instructions Unit 2– Problem Definition Assignment 1. Problem Statement 2. Purpose of the Study (Exploratory, Hypothesis Testing or Case Study)3. Research Question (Comprise of one research question) 4.Theoretical Framework (Quantitative, include Hypotheses) or Philosophical Research Paradigm (Qualitative) 5.Concept Map This paper should consist..
he influence of culture on substance use among adolescents.
ou should answer the following questions in your paper: 1. What are the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of cultural competency? 2. What dimensions of culture impact adolescent treatment and prevention of substance use disorders? 3. What types of cultural groups can adolescents belong to that may influence their attitudes and behavior towards substance..
psychiatric disorders that may occur with substance use disorders.
Your paper should address the following: 1. What psychiatric syndromes that may co-occur with substance use disorders and addiction during adolescence? 2. What is the combined impact of substance use disorders and psychiatric syndromes among adolescents? 3. How can a DSM diagnosis affect an adolescent? Discuss the implications. Be sure to include a title..
The Involvement of Family in relation to Substance Use Disorders
Your paper should address the following: 1. In what way is the family a system of roles? 2. How do family systems vary from culture to culture? 3. What interventions can counselors conduct when working with families that have an adolescent suffering from a substance use disorder? Be sure to include a title page, introduction, conclusion, in-text citations,..
DACA the affects on America and what it means to those who need it
Research paper, APA format Showing why DACA was put in place, the purpose it serves. The effects it has on the United States, economically and socially. They want the paper to focus on the cons of DACA and the pros of DACA. Based on research findings, not personal opinion
Social Justice to Social Policy Assignment PART I: EXPLORATION OF A SOCIAL JUSTICE ISSUE
choose any one social justice topics in relation to older adults. Identify an area of oppression in relation to this topic and discuss the roots of that form of oppression. Then identify what the oppression looks like at the micro, mezzo and macro level.What are some of the ‘isms’ that you can identify? Are there any intersections between the forms of oppression:..
Personal interview who is having an experience with disabling condition
-Personal interview with an individual who has had or is having an experience with a disabling condition- a chronic illness, substance use of disorder, physical or mental disability. - 3-4 page summary of the interview along with impressions of the interview process and interviewee. -APA format
Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act (2013-2015)
Analysis of a Social Policy Needing Change -25 references (dated 2013-2018) Peer scholarly journals, Law , Newspaper articles -4-6 pages, Double spaced In this assignment, students go beyond analysis to articulating what the alternative social policy should be, and then providing strategies on how to advocate for its change. a) What is the problem/issue..
What does the future hold: Segregated Cities in the US
C. Individual Research Project on the Future of Race in America. What to do?: Formulate a research question and conduct a paper on your analysis; "Segregated cities: the future of residential segregation in America's urban centers." Length of paper 12-15 pages with citation paper attached.
Analysis of the impact of group, community, and organization on human behavior
ASSIGNMENT A: AN ANALYSIS OF THE IMPACT OF GROUP, COMMUNITY, AND ORGANIZATION ON HUMAN BEHAVIOR In this paper, continue to explore his/her larger environment as related to groups, communities, organizations and human behavior. Answer the following questions. APA Format. A. The Impact of Small Group on Human Behavior 1.From your connections with small groups..
Compare anContrast MST Interventions vs. Civilian Rape Interventions
After reading chapter 9, please complete a 2 page paper outlines the similarities and differences in MST Interventions and Civilian Interventions. What are some pros and cons of each. The paper needs to be 2 pages, doubled spaced, default font (11pt), no title page necessary. The book you must reference is A guide to Crisis Intervention the 5th edition- Kristi..
Should Healthcare Plans Cover Naturopathic Remedies
Your textbook is divided into three units with each unit containing a number of independent Issues. At the beginning of each unit there is a list of questions posed to you, the reader. You are to contemplate the questions and keep said questions at the fore front of your mind as you begin reading the issues that follow. In addition, these questions may also be the..
Law Enforcement's understanding of Mental Illnesses
This is the 3rd section of 4 sections compiling a full research paper. You have to have a working understanding of Social Work policies, procedures, research methods, measurements, validity etc... If not you have to be wiling to research so you will understand how to compose this section of the paper. I will upload all supporting documents once a bid is accepted...
Therapuetic Options After Surviving a Natural Disaster
This is a Graduate School of Social Work class and therefore I expect Graduate level work and will not accept anything less. This assignment falls under a research paper, because you are comparing and contrasting two therapeutic interventions. I have starting work on this paper and I can upload and provide you with 4 references, you will have to locate the additional..
Abstract and consists of summary, outcomes and implications
This is the two things i need to get done. The other ones i send you are just editing but the abstract is one page and the other one is 3 pages. you will see my instructions. Also i would like for you to read my paper so that the abstract and the consists of summary, outcomes follows the rest of the paper please let me know if you have any more questions, i hope you can help me..
Introduction/ Literature Review/ Methodology/ presentation of data
Hello, Would you be able to fix my grammar mistakes in some of my assignment. I have done them in parts. Its a research paper and it for my final grade.. I will attach two of my assignments i have done but i need to fix grammar mistakes and also would you be kind to help me complete the assignment i still have the abstract to do and the consist of summary, outcomes, implications..
Human Sexuality and Gender Issues - Research and Reflection Paper
Select one of the subject areas that we have covered in class: - Feminist Theory - Gender, Gender Fluidity and the Sex/Gender dichotomy - Sexualities, including Queer Identities - Sex work including Prostitution and Sexual Trafficking - Sexual Assault Discuss an issue that falls within one of the above subjects. From the perspective of social workers studying..
The Effects of Lesbian and Gay Persons Fostering and Adoptiong Children in Foster Care.
This paper is due in 4 days, which is Friday July 14th at 5pm., Central/Standard time in Arlington, Texas. Please be aware of the different time zones as I have had issues in the past with this. If this is not enough time for your to work effectively on this paper, due not accept the assignment, as I do not do well with excuses, that cause me to fail an assignment. The instructions..
Top 5 most important concepts for relationship success
must be supported by scholarly articles with cited references. Options available are : attraction, communication, interdependency, love, intimacy, commitment, maintenance of relatoinship. Instructions are to pick 5 of these concepts and discuss the concepts, how its important to relationship success, how the student will apply this concept in their..
1. Be able to justify a topic for research within services for health and social care or children and young people 1.1 Identify the area for research project 1.2 Develop the aims and objectives of the research project 1.3 Explain ethical considerations that apply to the area of the research project 2. Understand how the components of research are used 2.1 Critically..
Juvenile Offenders:Black vs. White, Is the treatment Equal for same crime
select a macro or messo level institution and discuss it's past and future impact on forwarding and or stagnating the appreciation and advancement of cultural diversity in the social service intervention realm. paper should be 8 pages not included references and title page. It is important that you operationalize cultural diversity. at least 5 references..
For this assignment, students will be required to complete a research paper on DISPROPORTIONALITY AND DISPARITY IN CHILD WELFARE AND JUVENILE JUSTICE. Students should write a paper addressing the following; 1.History /Social Context a. Explain the role of race and other factors in shaping today's child welfare and juvenile justice system. b. what is institutionalized..
child sexual abuse
This assignment is part two of a research. Part 1 which was already done requireds an introduction, rationale, lit review etc. Part 2 now requires the submission of the following subtopics listed below. The research topic is as follows: To investigate whether there is a relationship between children ages 615 who resides in poor families and female headed households..
Research Paper Outline: This is a minimum six, maximum eight-page research paper. If you choose to attach pictures, graphs, or charts you could do so as a supplement to your paper. You will also need to use at least four peer-reviewed sources, such as library books, professional journal articles, encyclopedias, etc. These sources should be listed on a separate..
John Dewey's educational theory in the of mustafa kemal ataturk in turkey
it has to be focused on what was the system at that time and its only 5 pages plus literature review.
Juvenile Offenders:Black vs. White, Is the treatment Equal for same crime
select a macro or messo level institution and discuss it's past and future impact on forwarding and or stagnating the appreciation and advancement of cultural diversity in the social service intervention realm. paper should be 8 pages not included references and title page. It is important that you operationalize cultural diversity...
Article Summary
Please submit a minimum 2-page summary of the attached article: JAPA, A YEAR IN REVIEW • summary of the and how the, • Article relates to the concepts, themes, and topics in the course articles read (that is the course materials), thereby enabling you to reflect critically and in-depth on the course materials. • The book is Leedy, D. Paul., Ormrod, J. Ellis. (2015)...
Transgender Population
Brief introduction of topic History of topic What makes the population unique How have the population influenced the culture in the U.S. Conclusion Works Cited Page
Social Policy Analysis Paper
The assignment will consist of a substantive piece of social policy analysis. The student will select an emerging or extant policy of personal interest, and ... -Identify the problem addressed by the policy. - Examine the objectives and provisions of the policy. -Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the policy. -Recommend action to implement and/or improve..
homeless youth in America
I have a 12-15 page paper due on February 26 at 11:59 pm.
Battered Women Shelter Group
Group Visit Paper Students will complete a 3-5 page paper in APA Format 6th Edition, about the type of group visited. Include: Group boundaries, group membership, rules, norms, values, roles, subgroups, group functioning, stage of development, strengths, limitations and goals
Supervision Development Paper
Paper must include: • Abstract: 100-125 words - TOTAL 10 pages • Introduction: Outlining the purpose and structure of the paper • Body: Integrate your framework, research from Bernard and Goodyear (2014) (textbook is attached to the assignment in PDF), additional 7 + relevant literature. • Conclusion: Bring it all together. • References: APA style 1. Compare..
Implementing Improvements in Organisational Performance
Identify the various ways in which high performance practices and their associated techniques such as organisational learning and knowledge management, can be used as a means of enhancing performance. Identify the problems and difficulties associated with the use of these techniques. Develop the ability to reflect on the adequacies of our theories for..
the effects of the Indian Residential school in Canada
BACKGROUND (1 page) -provide the reader with evidence about the topic ie stats, sources that reflect the position you are taking -this section should encourage the reader to see the importance of the thesis statement and purpose of the paper. 3 MAIN HEADINGS (4 pages) -each heading should be the name of the area that you are focusing on as opposed to “Heading #1”..
Social Policy Analysis Paper
The assignment will consist of a substantive piece of social policy analysis. The student will select an emerging or extant policy of personal interest, and … -Identify the problem addressed by the policy. - Examine the objectives and provisions of the policy. -Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the policy. -Recommend action to implement and/or improve..
7 page research/reflection paper for intro to counceling
Write a Research/Reflection Paper on counseling a specific population group. Choose at most a couple of criteria (i.e., gender, race, class, ethnicity, socio-economical status, sexual orientation). The paper needs to be 7 pages not including cover page, abstract or reference page. The paper must use proper citations, APA format, and needs to incorporate..
Individual Ethical Case Analysis The definition of ethics is shown in a dictionary.Complete an analysis of an ethical issue using the following steps: Choose an ethical issue in human services that you find personally challenging. Your paper should be concise yet complete. Describe the case and the context in narrative form. Give enough information so that..
Statistical Analyses Paper
Research in the University Library for a peer-reviewed research article related to human services that uses inferential statistical analysis. For example, you might search social work and quantitative research or peer counseling and quantitative research. Be sure that your results include statistics using inferential analysis. Write a 700- to 1,050-word..
Single Subject Research Design
What is your SSRD topic? My topic is Muscle strength and the obese population. What is your research question? My research question is: Will adding strength and conditioning exercises to a healthy diet plan increase muscle strength among obese people? What is your hypothesis? My hypothesis is that if my 35 year old client who is obese meets 1 time a week for diet..
Human Services Reality Theory
Paper must be 7 pages (a title pg, abstract pg, 4 content pgs, and a reference pg). To discuss the historical development of the theory. Main focus : How the assigned theory is used in group work. Summary/conclusion clearly reflects writers view point.
correlation as a measurment of association summary
Correlation as a Measure of Association Summary [due Mon] Assignment Content Create a 350- to 700-word summary of correlation as a measure of association, including the following topics: Describe correlation as a measure of association. Describe different methods of establishing correlation between variables, and provide an example for each. Explain..
Research Paper
Hello, I have this research paper that I need edited. Please read through these comments and those made on the paper, and let me know if this is something you would be interested in doing? Here are a few key overall thoughts.... 1. Chp 1 needs a summary section 2. You have too many direct quotes. You should have more a similarity report of more than 25% really - there..
Domestic Violence / Models of Service Delivery
There is an outline that will be enclosed after the auction. The outline has all of the below questions answered. Please feel free to add more points and elaborate thoroughly in essay format. The paper must be in APA format with at least 5 pages. There are already 3 pages enclosed to edit into essay format from the outline. The paper should be scholarly written with..
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