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Are all the Gods in religions all highly-evolved extraterrestrial being?
Choose a contemporary “secular” phenomenon and discuss the extent to which it can be construed as religious in some way. Examples of “contemporary phenomena” could include fan organizations, band groupies, cults, yoga, “raves,” ritual use of psychotropic drugs, Alcoholics Anonymous, “mindfulness,” political parties or ideologies, nationalism, capitalism,..
How does a social issue like abortion shapes peoples political and religious views in the United States?
Above I have attached four pictures detailing the instructions of the paper what it needs to consist of the sources of the paper which are from and the direction the paper needs to go in. No personal opinions or thoughts!!! With the paper there has to be done a powerpoint stating the main points of the paper...
A narrative criticism of Luke's Gospel, Chapter 22 lines 47-62
Please include the following in the research paper: What questions does this particular criticism seek to answer. Using books and scholarly journals, provide a summary of research that has been done on your chosen passage using the method you have selected. In your conclusion, discuss how this method helped to bring meaning out of the text. Did you find any limitations..
Jonah: Is His prophetic Message from God Applicable to the 21st Century ?
Basically, write a 4-5 page paper on the application of Jonah's message to the people of Nineveh to the people of the 20 or 21 century. What would God command Jonah to say to the people of this century? Use the Bible and other peer-reviewed academic journals.
In-Virto Fertilization Within the Catholic’s and Sunni Islam’s
You will compose a quality research paper of 2,000 to 2,500 words (roughly 8-10 pages) in which you analyze ONE topic as it is manifested in TWO of the three metanarratives examined in class (Islam, Christianity, or Secularism).
grieving rituals and practices among members of different groups.
Active Research paper: For this paper you will select one of the selected activities at the end of the chapter to research. The activity chosen from the textbook must require their professional research sources. Students must complete the activity and write about the experience in an APA formatted research paper, no less than 4 pages long, not including the..
The Effect of Slavery on Southern Religion, and vice versa
Write a six to eight-page research paper (minimum 1500 words) 1) State and describe the topic being addressed 2) Consider the interplay between religion and its socio-historical, economic, and political context (How do these mutually influence each other?) 3) Consider theologically how study of this topic how study of this topic helps to better understand..
Women should play a more prominent role in the Church
Students will submit a 15- page, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font paper that discusses a Theological topic. It will have the following components: A thesis that states what the paper will prove about the topic. The position of the paper must be clear. It must show where the presentation will take the listening audience. You must discuss your thesis..
Who is Jesus Christ to Christains, Muslims and Jews ( please read Instructions Throughly)
For the 3 sources I want you to use the King James Bible for Christians The Quran for Muslims and The Torah for Jews. I will need another source like an article maybe written for someone that studies religion Speaking on these 3 Religions. Please use creativity since I am a very stylist writer I expect the 1st paragraph to be very interesting and also a simple read...
5 Page biography about John Wycliffe and John Huss
Research paper 5 pages 5 scholarly sources Turabian format Write a brief biography about John Wycliffe and John Huss. Describe their forming ideas, actions, and writings, and tell how both died (including what eventually happened to Wycliffe's body).
Two different essay (each 2 pages); World Religion research paper
1. Filial piety is a classical Confucian value. Today, a law has been passed in the People’s Republic that requires adult children to make phone calls and visit their elderly parents. This is a contemporary manifestation of filial piety. Do you think this is positive or problematic? Would this work generally across cultures or is it specific to China? 2. Is there..
Christianity What is my Worldview Paper (NEED TONIGHT)
Research paper on what is my worldview which is Christianity. 5 page double spaced paper, please research, reflect, and address the 1. Origin 2. Identity 3. Meaning 4. Morality 5. Destiny;. Explain whether the worldview is tenable . MAKE IT DOUBLE SPACED 5 PAGES NOT SINGLE SPACED LIKE MY ATTACHMENT SAYS...
William of orange and his role in ensuring the continued protestant ascending in Ireland
Write 5 to 7 pages about the mural of William of orange (attached) celebrating the battle of the Boyne. Talk about the history, the neighborhood (Address: corner of Sandy Row and Linfield Road). Why is the mural there ? What does it mean ? Explain how William of Orange and the Battle of the Boyne helped ensure the protestant ascending dominance in Ireland that led..
Redaction Criticism of the Parable fo the Mustard seed
Please shorten this attached paper from 9 to 3 pages plus bibliography, and edit. (should end with 4 total) There is excess and impertinent material according to type of study (biblical redaction). Keep at least two citation from each source, or substitute an equivalent. Instructions included at top of paper for clarity. Speed is appreciated...
Write on major old testament background themes to the last supper ( Eucharist) in the gospel of John
1.Read Scott w. Hahn, " THE SYMPHONY OF THE OLD AND NEW TRSTAMENT IN THE BIBLICAL THEOLOGY OF BENEDICT XVI" 2. briefly explain hahn's analysis of benedict xvl's approach to the biblical theology. 3. write on major old testament background themes to the last supper (Eucharist) in the Gospel of John..
Religion Research Paper Anselms Idea of Satisfaction
Examine the relationship between incarnation and atonement, focusing especially on Anselm’s idea of satisfaction. 1500 words minimum. This paper requires MLA formatting that includes: a. 12-point font b. double-spaced sentences c. title and personal identification d. a separate works cited page properly formatted e. specific bibliographical form..
Roman Emperors and their Impact on Jesus and the Early Church
Need to include the following sources: Blomberg, Craig L. Jesus and the Gospels: An Introduction and Survey. Nashville: Broadman and Holman, 1997. Bruce, F. F. Paul: Apostle of the Heart Set Free. Grand Rapids: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1977. . The Canon of Scripture. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1988. Elwell, Walter A. and Robert..
The Intersection of Leadership Theory, Research, and Spiritual Formation
Directions: Write a paper (1,750 words) that discusses the intersection of leadership theory, research, and spiritual formation. Include the following in your paper: 1. A statement of the role of biblical exegesis and leadership theory research in structuring and applying your personal theology of leadership. 2. A biblically founded and research-based..
Two Questions answered with research 250 words each.
Write two separate APA style no header or page numbers just answer the questions. Assignments are 250 words each. Use one research article not included in this list along with two from this list of articles: Library Resource 1. Read: Phillips, R. (2004). Can rising rates of church participation be a consequence of secularization? Sociology of Religion, 65(2),..
What are the most effective methods for the mentoring of mentors?
Please reply to the DQ under the presumption of a Christian ministry context. Also, make sure the focus is based on mentors developing new mentors and not just mentees. Share specific methods and then explain why they are effective.
Discuss the relationship between circumcision and baptism.
Discuss the relationship between circumcision and baptism. reformed and Presbyterian views. Have a proper and clear thesis, introduction, structure, and conclusion Consider and investigate the relevant information competently and fairly to all sides Cite at least five scholarly sources Cite at least two scholarly journal articles ---- 1. Clear & Viable..
Compare and Contrast one Eastern and one Western Religion
This is an Individual paper. I believe my prof. wants me to write based on my understanding on this Text (Course material : Michael Molloy, Experiencing the World Religions, 6th Edition, McGraw Hill, 2012.)
Tendai Buddhism: Saicho, Mt. Hiei, and the powerhouse of monks that descended from Mt. Hiei
Writing a research paper surrounding Tendai Buddhism. Focusing on Saicho (the founder), his monastery on Mount Hiei, and the monks that left the mountain only to start their own schools (Kukai, Genshin, Dogen and Nichiren)
how does drug use among the Sikhs in the State of Punjab, India is causing the religion to fall apart.
Explain, how does western culture influence the state of Punjab society and its youth? How English and Bollywood Movies About Drugs Affect Today’s Teens in Punjab, India and how are these teens are falling aport of their religion.
The meaning of marriage in contemporary Western society
Your paper should include: • A title • Introduction with a clearly formulated thesis and consistent argument o Consider: Within your chosen topic, what question are you exploring? What is your thesis (position) about this question? • A strong argument – Discuss your key arguments and research supporting your analysis. • A discussion of the theological aspects..
Compare and Contrast Christian and Buddhist views on ethics
Compare/contrast the way that the Christians and Buddhists view ethics. Closing with some personal reflections about the question(s) at issue, including your thoughts on aspects of each religious tradition’s views that you feel are particularly truthful and helpful, and/or those that you think are misguided and problematic. The key requirement for an..
Matriarchy Versus Patriarchy—The Treatment of Women within Religion throughout History:
One 1500 Word Research Paper . Following The MLA Handbook and Dr. Norris Tips for Excellent Papers . You must provide a minimum of five references (books, journal articles, interviews, etc.) of which only one may come from the Internet (except for full e-books and e- articles). The Internet source must be a scholarly, professional expert source. You may not use..
Explore some film as an interpretation of some biblical passage
You should identify all films – discussed in written work – according to title, director, and date of issue. Research This paper should be supported by research. Your movie interprets and, at least, check out reviews of your movie at On that site, click on "explore more," on the right hand side. A list of choices will appear below, one of which is external..
The Brainwashing of the African Slave with Christianity
APA Format- Double Spaced in a 12-point font - A minimum of 5 book or scholarly articles for references. Use Nat Turner story as a reference and if able to Nancy Koester, Introduction to the History of Christianity in the United States. 10 pages needed
the influence and role of the Bible in Western culture
Six to eight pages APA style with minimum inculding the bible from these approved sources : Approved Bible Journals via NC Live Journal of Biblical Literature Journal for the Study of the New Testament Biblical Interpretation Interpretation Catholic Biblical Quarterly Approved Bible Dictionaries: The Dictionary of Bible and Religion, William H. Gentz,..
Similarities and Differences between Hinduism and Sikhism
Original Research Paper Length: Approximately 1800 word-essay (6-7 pages of essay content, double-spaced, 12pt. font), plus cover page and bibliographic references -- these do not count in your 6-7 pages. Cover Page for Paper Assignment: Title (Your name) (Date) Paths of Faith References: At least five (5) references are required. Marks are given for the..
How do different religions deal with the “end of the world”?,
Paper needs to focus on ONLY these 8 different religions, the 8 are as follows: 1. Islam, 2: Christianity 3: Confucianism 4: Hinduism 5: Buddhism 6: Yoruba Religion 7: Judaism 8: Daoism Title page and bibliography are of course required and are NOT included in the 9 page count. There MUST be 9 COMPLETE pages of text, no more than 10. Paper must be based in fact but also..
Philosophy of Religion Scholarly Essay on Euthanasia (Assisted Suicide)
Instructions have been uploaded, in a separate document. In a nut shell this a term paper for a philosophy of religion class. He wants a scholarly research paper comparing and contrasting a hot topic in religion. I have euthanasia, so you need to find 2 different view points on euthanasia(assisted suicide) from a religious scholar. He recommends that you find..
Influences of Biblical Exegesis, Personal Bias, and Theology
1000 word paper I need right now with these guides in place. The Influence of Biblical Exegesis A description of the role of biblical exegesis in the relationship between, orthodoxy, orthopraxy, and doctoral research. Does biblical exegesis function more as mediator or moderator in this relationship? Why? The Influence of Personal Bias A discussion of how..
The 10 Strategic Points for the Prospectus, Proposal, and Dissertation
All research has to be within the last 5 years. Topic –The Development of Ordained Female Clergy in the Disciples of Christ Christian Church in Oklahoma from 2000 to 2012. This topic is based on the dissertation: The Emergence of Ordained Female Clergy in the Church of God From 1996 to 2006 by Dale Philip Combs. I am doing a qualitative, historical single-case study..
Utilitarian thinking to our current criminal justice procedures. w/ Christianity
Please provide an explanation and examples of how our society employs utilitarian thinking to our current criminal justice procedures. From a Biblical standpoint, is utilitarian thinking consistently compatible with Christianity? Why? Please answer in a paper of 5-7 pages, double-spaced, no larger than 12 point font. Be sure to incorporate the Scriptures,..
Image of God in Man: Is Jesus who came as a baby in the flesh still Holy
Argumentative paper, (I need to prove my point of view, compared to Mormonism beliefs, by any of their theologians) turabian style writing, title page, table contents, main body of paper 12 pages, footnotes, bibliography, great thesis statement, minimum of 20 footnotes and then my opinion in the conclusion. You don't need to use all of my resources. you can..
Research Paper - Christian Giving (2 Corinthians 8–9)
You will write a 3000–4500-word research-oriented paper in current Turabian format that focuses on one of the approved topics listed below. Your essay must include a brief overview of the historical context of the topic and/or passage, a discussion about the various ways the topic has been interpreted, an explanation of Paul’s teaching on the topic, and points..
critical introduction to a book of the Bible (the book of Ruth)
The students will write a critical introduction to a book of the Bible. Each student will select a biblical book, read it in its entirety, and research its historical background, literary structure, major themes, place in the biblical storyline, and theological message. Students should cite at least 6 non-internet, academic sources (books, journal articles,..
Daniel Chapter 9 Verse 1-19
Ok I have a 10 page paper to write but only the first 3 pages are due now. So I want you to be my writer. I only need 3 pages of this research paper now. The other 7 pages can be wrote in 2 weeks. IT NEEDS TO BE WROTE IN (APA STYLE) DOUBLE SPACE Part I should be approximately 3 pages. Part I will contain a general introduction and background to the paper. Based on information..
Sodom and Gomorrah
I need 4 pages of content including an abstract. Also, I need at least 3 references with the Bible being one.
Summary Research (2) Scholarly Journal Article
Research and locate 1 scholarly journal article on EACH of the following 3 TOPICS. 1. The Guy Fawkes plot. 2. Seventeenth-century rationalism (1600–1699). 3. Either deism or pietism. Scholarly journal articles must be articles from a scholarly or academic journal. “Christianity Today” and Bible dictionaries/encyclopedias (in printed form or online)..
Research Scholarly Journal Article
ATTENTION: this assignment needs to be done on 3 different topics. Research and locate 1 scholarly journal article ON EACH of the following 3 TOPICS: 1. The condemnation of Galileo. 2. The radical Reformation (the Anabaptist portion of the Reformation). 3. The Jesuit missions to either India, China, or Japan in the sixteenth century. *** 1-PARAGRAPH SUMMARY..
• You will write a 5-6 page paper double spaced on one of the topics listed below. • Document your sources . See catalog for the possible penalties for plagiarism (2007-2008 pp. 39-40.). If you quote a source, you must cite it giving all pertinent information along with the page number or web site. If you paraphrase a source again you musty cite it. If you take a thought..
writing of the New testament
Option A (historical): Identify any historical purpose(s) behind writing of Mark’s Gospel, Matthew’s Gospel, Luke’s Gospel, and John’s Gospel. Include a reference to at least one historical factor (more than one is better) found in the recommended sources that may have triggered the writing of these N.T. works as well as references to statements within these..
Research paper 5-7 pages Turabian style (with footnotes) from at least 6 selected resources.
Must be at least 5 pages with correct Turabian footnotes. At least one quote or citation must be from the attached list but may use other sources as appropriate. I don't have time to make a lot of corrections so please be grammatically correct. Thank you.
The Islamic Faith
The Religion is Islamic. The research topic can be anything as long as its related to the Islamic Faith.
Justification by Faith Alone
Choosing a specific theologian to explore with respect to his or her doctrine of justification (or two, to compare and contrast). You might explore what Martin Luther has to say, for example, and how profoundly this doctrine permeates his thought -- or, perhaps how the notion of justification "by faith alone" stood in such sharp contrast to the Catholic Church's..
Research Paper
Write the Research Paper using the topic and proposal you submitted in Module/Week 3. Your paper must have a thesis statement (this is not a survey of material). Your paper must be thoroughly documented and not contain your opinion. The conclusion section must be based on the research provided in the body of your paper. Your paper must include the following (according..
Critical assignment
Paper topics: choose one 1. Acts o Critical Introduction to Acts: Authorship, Date, Provenance, Social Settings o A Chronology of Paul’s Ministry: How do we reconcile the similarities and differences between Acts and Paul’s letters? o What is the purpose of Acts? 2. Paul, His Letters, and Selected Issues o Critical Introduction to any of Paul’s Letters: Authorship,..
Doctrinal Synthesis of Bibliology
The student will develop a 5–7 single-spaced doctrinal synthesis paper Bibliology (including inspiration, inerrancy, authority, sufficiency, and canonicity). There are three distinct parts to the paper: 1) a Brief Statement, 2) a Detailed Exposition, and 3) a Practical Implications Reflection. (Note that elements of this doctrinal synthesis paper..
Research Paper
Research Paper on - Do you agree that the concept of sin is losing meaning in modern society? if so, what factors do you think are contributing to this decline?
Western adaptation of Yoga.
Western adaptations of yoga that focus on practice and mindfulness but perhaps fail to incorporate the philosophical principles behind Patanjali's system. Western yoga tends to place an emphasis on exercise, relaxation, and other physiological benefits to doing yoga but this has changed the way that yoga is understood and practiced in a Western context...
Define Postmodernism
Compose a brief, personal, working definition for the term postmodernism and discuss the ministerial implications. This learning activity will help you understand and articulate the meaning of postmodernism. It is an often used but seldom defined term. You will clarify its meaning. Each student will write a short [5-6 pages] definition paper [double spaced,..
Human Sexuality Research Paper
The theology of sex and sexuality paper is the foundation upon which you will do all of your sex counseling and prevention work. Develop a personal theology of sexuality and sexual behavior that is based upon Christian and theological sources as well as secular sources. This assignment is a research paper that must interact with the literature as you fashion..
Old Testament Academic equivalent petition
Please look this over thoroughly before responding! Please do not respond if you do not have experience in this area! This is a unique project that requires certain wording and will require learning outcomes (outcome achievements) from previous knowledge. Most will come from Old Testament Survey 3rd Edition. I must show outcomes in these areas: 1) describe..
unit VIII research paper
Now that you are ending your travel with religious news, you decide to write a two-page academic paper that showcases your newfound perspective on world religion and new religion. create a cover page, not included in the total page count. Explore conflict between religion and science. Evaluate the importance of interfaith dialogue. Explain some of the characteristics..
Sister Catherine McAuley
Catherine McAuley is an influential woman of mercy who lived the Gospel statement: ‘Love God and love your neighbor’. Would you agree with this? Give reasons for your answer. 1-2 pages in length, APA format, - due feb 19th 2017
-All papers should follow the Chicago Manual of Style WITH endnotes and works cited page - 8 1/2 x 11 inch page size (“Letter”) choice) -Thesis statement / Thesis paragraph  -Dogma/Doctrine of the Church fully explained.  -History of the Ecumenical Council - Explanation of the heresy leading up to the Council  -1 inch margins  -Times New Roman - 12 point text..
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