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A current governmental or political (not historical) issue or problem of importance
Content—Address the various sides of the current issue with the Student drawing personal conclusions based on their analysis of the issue and demonstrating an understanding of its complexities. Analysis and Evaluation—Present an informed evaluation of the evidence and the different viewpoints surrounding the topic. Compare and contrast the different..
In your own words, discuss and analyze the historical evolution of the Constitution in terms of equal rights.
In your own words, discuss and analyze the historical evolution of the Constitution in terms of equal rights. Discuss the trade-offs involved between majority rule and minority rights and individual freedom and social equality. Base your response upon your observations and insights gleaned from the readings in various chapters (especially chapters two,..
"The Role of a Free Press in the United States Political System."
You must write a 3-5 page research paper (double-spaced, typed, 12 point font.). The paper must contain at least five different quality citations from at least five sources--no encyclopedia, no dictionaries, no textbooks. Avoid articles that have no named author. You must use citations whenever you use information you learned from a source, even if it is not..
The World Trade Organization: Benefits of The Bahamas Joining WTO
What is the WTO? Why it was created? How will the Bahamas benefit from joining the WTO? Do you think that joining the WTO will benefit The Bahamas. Compare and contrast the Bahamas from other Caribbean Islands who are members of the WTO. Include Foot Notes and References
The Comeback Community: How Puerto Rico Attempts to Return to Normality
Prompt: Consider the importance of community and what it takes for a community hit by a disaster to be brought back to "normality" or close to it. What has to happen for the community affected by a disaster to feel safe again. Focus on ideas of resilience and rebuilding. Works cited needed.
How can the European Union develop a strong common asylum policy?
Requirements: Length: 15-20 pages, excluding bibliography, double spaced, building on the previous research proposal. The structure of the research paper might vary depending on the chosen topic, cases, research question, etc, but at the bare minimum it has to include (1) a general introduction to the research and an explanation of why it is relevant; (2)..
Topic: Executive-legislative relation and governance capacity in Hong Kong
Individual Research Paper: Each student has to write an individual research paper on one topic. The paper is a kind of an ‘independent study’. Students are expected to conduct research and literature review on the research topic. The paper should include a main argument, conceptual framework, and references. The length of the paper is about 4,500 words and..
Executive-Legislative Relation and Governance Capacity , To what extent is the current form of the exec
Each student has to write an individual research paper on one topic. The paper is a kind of an ‘independent study’. Students are expected to conduct research and literature review on the research topic. The paper should include a main argument, conceptual framework, and references. The length of the paper is about 4,500 words and is submitted in Week 13 of the..
Research Methods Political Science - Preliminary Research
Select five (5) topics of interest and do a preliminary search on each of them. The topic needs to be theory based, researchable, and relevant to some aspect of political science. Write a short paragraph on each of the potential topics that defines the concept you would research and why it is an important topic in political science. Include APA citations and references...
150 words of Public Interest Statement for research paper
Write 150-word summary suitable for a non-specialist reader, explaining anything that will be of interest to the general public and has wider societal relevance. for the attached paper titled( Assessing the geopolitical importance of investing in Somalia) I have also attached guideline on how to write public interest statement..
Comparison on Parkland shooting in news locally and nationally
This paper is to shine light on how newspapers articulate stories on the same crime differently/similar to those from a local news source to a national news source. For this article it'd be to compare the shooting in Parkland, Fl in 2018 on how local (new york city) media portrayed this event to national news. Attached is the full directions...
What Are the Reasons that China Emits More Carbon Dioxide than the United States?
-Using Google Scholar,, and other government or otherwise reputable websites, dig deeper into the chosen issue -Continue looking at sources (actively reading, saving, and citing as you go) until you feel you adequately understand this issue. -Write a 1,000-1,500 word paper (that's about 3-4 pages of normal spacing and formatting) that synthesizes..
Biblical Principles of Government and American Constitutionalism
For this assignment, you will read the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and Thomas Jefferson’s Letter to the Danbury Baptists in 1802. Once you have read these founding documents and Jefferson’s letter, you will write a 2–3-page paper (double-spaced, 1-inch margins) adhering to the format specified in the Course Style Guidelines document,..
Human Rights Violations in the Russian-Chechnya Wars
1.Describe a real human rights situation of your choice in a real country of your choice.2.Analyze the situation, presumably violations, according to the relevant international human rights norms, standards, and laws. (You might want to check the “country file” on the UN OHCHR web site to see which human rights conventions have been ratified by that country...
SWOT analysis about U.S. involvement in the Paris Climate Accords of 2015
Write a 5 page SWOT analysis about U.S. involvement in the Paris Climate Accords of 2015. Be sure to take a stand as to U.S. involvement and pick an ethical framework as your guide to your analysis. Use the following two articles as your source material, in addition to the textbook: Article 1:
Cuban economic dependence and relationship with the USSR
You are required to write a ten to twelve (10-12) page essay, which will be due on November 1st. A strong essay will integrate course materials, clearly and explicitly articulate an argument or thesis; make precise and appropriate use of relevant concepts; support arguments with evidence; draw upon multiple and pertinent class sources; and of course, be carefully..
How the Vietnam War affected American Foreign policy
Paper deadline is thursday December 15th, 2016. I understand the extreme time constraints, I have 3 other final exams to study for. These are the guidelines as it says on my syllabus. Papers must be between 20-30 double spaced pages and can be on any topic related to American Foreign Policy. The papers must include (1) a brief literature review, (2) a clearly stated..
"Liberalism and Realism contributions to the War and Peace phenomenon."
The paper should be a theoretical analysis(100% theoretical), that deeply discussing the following topic; "Liberalism and Realism contributions to the War and Peace phenomenon." An analytical paper discussing and comparing realism and liberality scholars responses to the concept of war and peace. Kindly note that: 1. There will not be a space for case studies..
Why are there casinos in low socio-economic neighborhoods in Los Angeles?
-focus on history of these neighborhoods. -maybe consider anti-poverty action or lack there of in LA county - laws surrounding legitimacy of these casinos - considering gambling is illegal in CA. - are these casinos exploiting the poor? - has this issue ever been discussed before? it would also be nice if you could find statistics on these neighborhoods, perform..
predicting the similarities and differences in presidential approaches to dealing with radical terrorists
General Instructions Essay Instructions:  Make a prediction on the similarities and differences in the Obama and Trump approaches to dealing with radical Jihadist Islamic terrorist groups.  Evaluate these approaches.  Be sure to respond to the strongest arguments against your position. Critical Thinking: your essay will be a persuasive paper on a controversial..
Sunni-Shiite religious struggles dividing and fueling conflicts in the Middle East
Due Date is December. 6 2016 at 11:59pm. The research comes from my certain website which is which two sources come from, which I will need my student id username and password. The rest can come any scholarly source.
Indigenous Canadians, self-government, and decolonization
Question: This paper will argue that self-government is decolonizing because... Map: To prove this, this paper will consider (a) (b) and (c) Introduction - 1 Page BODY: Part 1 A: POLITICS - 3 Pages Intro Body Conclusion Part 2 B: ECONOMICS - 3 Pages Intro Body Conclusion Part 3 C: SOCIAL - 3 Pages Intro Body Conclusion Conclusion - 1 Page -Summarize key points and..
State or local government of choice research paper
Must be typed and edited. 2. Must include a clearly defined problem and purpose statement, questions, a statement that shows the significance of the paper, a review of literature, analysis, conclusion and reference page. 3. Must be free of fragments, run-ons. Papers must be 5-8 pages in length (8 pages maximum). 4. Must be cited according to APA. Failure to properly..
How did John McCain influence the Obama Administration?
* I need a High School level research paper, MLA format. * Must include references (work cited page). * 2,000 words, 4 pages single spaced. Sources: * one book reference (authorized by McCain) * 2 military facts * 2 political facts * 1 digital product
(choose name of paper. Any subject in texas government. see directions)
I need this by 11/23/16 by 2:00-4:00 in the morning. SELECT A TOPIC in Texas State Government that holds a special interest to you personally. Write a thesis statement for your essay. Use academic quality primary and secondary sources of information. Write a five page essay on the subject and include a 'works cited' page with a minimum of five sources. The essay..
Moral regulation and state provision of aid for single mothers in Ontario
Topic: The moral regulation of single mothers has been a consistent pattern in state provision of aid either through mother's allowances or social assistance. Discuss, looking at the case of Ontario. 8-10 pages (double spaced, 12 point font) 10-12 sources for the essay Key argument should be summarised in a thesis statement of 1-2 sentences and this should..
Discuss the arguments for and against the death penalty.
The research paper will be a minimum of 3 (typed and double-spaced) pages, plus a bibliography page, using any acceptable academic format. Students must utilize five outside sources for the paper; two may be informal sources such as newspapers/magazines. Three sources must be recognized as academic sources such as peer-reviewed journals, academic books,..
JFK and LBJ as "chief legislators" for the 1964 civil rights bill
Comparing and contrasting JFK and LBJ and chief legislators on initiating and supporting the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Must include: - Comparisons on their support of the bill - Comparisons on their experience in passing the bill - JFK's death as a policy window - LBJ and the filibuster A rough outline will be provided...
Evaluate the Constitutional Arguments for and against the Right to Bear Arms.
Paper must be based on at least 4 primary sources. Wikipedia does not count as a primary source and should not be used. Paper must be at least 5 pages in length but not greater than 7 pages. It must be typed, double spaced, with 1 inch margins. Papers will be evaluated both on the quality of ideas, arguments, and evidence presented and on the quality of style, grammar,..
Whether or not Madison's theory of pluralism is actually how our political system works
This a research paper based on the research proposal attached to this order. You must have a specific research question and address both sides of the question or issue The title page and bibliography or reference pages do not count in the page total. It needs to be in Turabian/Chicago format with footnotes and a bibliography. Please use at least five scholarly,..
Capitalism produces poverty. Agree and defend your answer.
1,500 words Use "The Globalization of World Politics: An Introduction to International Relations 7th Edition" as 1 source -Add the effective use of at least 4 other scholarly sources -Explain how you will answer the question by narrowing down the topic -Have organized, developed, and clear arguments Narrow down the thesis to a clear and direct way Use the scholarly..
Islamophobia and after the election of donald trump
Basically research how islamophobia and racisim after donald trump increased through social media and politicians. Then see how political thinker like Judith Shklar and John locke would view the situation and what they would say about it. Then state how both shklar and locke will try to solve islamophobia and racisism in the US...
What Contributed to the Black Vote Decline During the 2016 General Elections
i need for you to see if there are any grammatical errors. i need a literature review and a discussion about how the studies in the literature review pertains to the black vote declining during the 2016 general elections. work cited can be 3 pages here are some references The Long and Disreputable History of Repressing the Black Vote The Civil Rights Movement and..
Current events having to do with American government
You are to write a current event paper, approximately 750 words in length, consisting of a summary and analysis of a current event having to do with American government and/or politics. You must cite a minimum of five references (sources) in the paper and include a works cited page at the end of the assignment to provide full bibliographic information for each..
Economic competion in path dependency that increases social welfare in japan and new york city
I. Introduction: State the problem area, policy concern, or significance of the topic you have chosen to study. Why is it important to comparative urban politics? We might say, for example, that cities globally in the current recession have resorted increasingly to economic development to stimulate job growth and investment. We might state the concern that..
Pro 2nd Amendment - More Gun Control Increases Violent Crime
Choose a topic for which you can provide a fresh perspective. Choose a topic that interests you. Choose a topic that is researchable. Get started on this now. This essay should be 10 to 15 pages in length, double-spaced. Use 12-point Times New Roman Font. And use MLA style. The OWL at Purdue can help: Sources For this paper you are..
Taking into consideration the efforts of oil-rich countries to diversify their economies
***you must be good at both politics and statistics! My full research question is “taking into consideration the efforts of oil-rich countries to diversify their economies, does Michael Ross’ theory that oil rich states perform poorly on women’s rights still hold?” I will need you to conduct a quantitative research study on the relationship between oil rich..
A plan for increasing housing affordability in NSW
This is an analytical paper in which you provide a background overview of a public policy area and argue for a suggested course of action to accomplish your favoured policy, with reference to the relevant public policy literature from the subject and your own research. You may use the same policy area as in your first assignment, but now you need to do an analysis..
Discuss the role of race in the women’s suffrage movement
Talk about the role of race in the women's suffrage movement. Include talking about Susan B. Anthony and the Seneca Falls Convention. Particularly how women of color is valued less and how the women's suffrage movement was created to give the white women an advantage
Obama: The abuse of executive order pertaining to healthcare
A paper pertaining to how President Obama has expanded presidential prerogative through his use of executive orders on healthcare. Full introduction and conclusion NOT NECESSARY. Write about the topics below (what it is, what it does, its purpose, why it was established through executive order over legislation) Topics required to cover are: - legislation..
Why the U.S should not build a wall between us and Mexico
This is it. This will be the bulk of your grade in this class. For this paper, you must write an 8 to 12 page (not including the Works Cited page) paper on the topic of your choosing. The rules are: It must be about a people, a place, or the act of travel. (No, America in general doesn’t count as a place.) You may use the provided list for help. It may be an expansion of a previous..
- Covering page - Brief summary (1 or 2 paragraphs, maximum 3 pragrphs) - Table of contents - Introduction - Main body of the paper (explining why thesis is true or worthy) - Conclusion - Works Cited ( 8 sources in total out of this 8 sources ONLY 4 can be internet sources) - Amexes (If any) NOTE: The sources should be from an Iranian Source...
Margaret Thatcher and her attitudes to European Union
This research should be about attidudes of Margaret Thatcher, her words, actions, acts, everything what she said or did regarding to the relation between Britain and the European Union. The research could be divided into three parts: 1. period before being the Prime Minister, 2. period - when she was the Prime Minister:1979-1990, 3.period: after she resigned...
women with {DIS} abilities within non-profit governance management & marketing
Must include abstract, and citations in every paragrah. Along with reference sheet My thesis is based on women with {DIS} abilities. I need a 5 page report on women with {DIS} abilities within nonprofit organizations. How do they fit in organizations pertaining to human resources management.
how liberal views are impacting services for homeless negatively
The external forces that affect my agency. and my ca as I see it politically are ... For example. Poverty. State how the conservatives vs liberals sees this issue. (CA is based on improving services for homeless women in Brooklyn), must have citations in every paragraph, An economic conservative holds a view that every individual is responsible for themselves...
What explains variation in the level of support for abortion across different US states?
GSS Trends in Public Attitudes towards Abortion is a good source for this paper as well. Further this research paper mainly on this source and data set and add the ones from the intro. Your main data should be based on this data set. Instructions: stating a research question, reviewing literature..
Why has Voter Turnout in Canada Declined and is it a Problem?
Your argument should be summarized in a sentence or two – the thesis statement. The thesis statement should appear in the first paragraph of your essay. It should be explicit. The reader should be very clear on what you are arguing. You can assume an educated reader. Do not spend more than a few paragraphs providing background information. Focus on providing information..
United States Constitution Strengths and Weaknesses
This assigment is due today the 21st not 22nd. Only 1 page needed and no format required just answer the questions on the attached files sent with the viewing of the videos on youtube. Read the Instructions (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and paste your answers without the questions. Strengths 1. Three top issues 2. Resolution Weaknesses..
What explains variation in the level of support for abortion across different US states?
This one page intro is due on the Feb 21, 2018, 9PM Eastern time. This one page introduction is part of a bigger assignment which needs to be developed after the approval of the introduction. This is only an intro for this research and after a few days I will be posting the second part of the assignment. In one or 2 paragraph (IT must not exceed one page. it is only the into)..
The influence of United Empire Loyalists on Ontario's political culture
Question: Examine the influence of the United Empire Loyalists upon Ontario’s political culture. Does contemporary Ontario’s political culture still reflect the influence of the Loyalists? -Write a 2000-2500 argumentative essay -Historically examine how the United Empire Loyalist's influenced Ontario's political culture -Argue if Ontario's contemporary..
missing indigenous people in Canada, AlexanderGreat
Question: Should it be the responsibility of the federal government of Canada to address the issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls? If yes, explain why the federal government is best positioned to address this issue. If no, explain which other organization(s) or individual(s) should bear this responsibility and why. explain clearly what..
special interest group that you feel has had an effect on our culture and or community.
Through your research and analysis of the interest group (AFICO,TEAMSTERS UNION), your paper will address at a minimum the following: History of the group. The role of your group in local, state, or national politics. Your analysis of the effect this group has had on your community or government. A brief analysis of contributions to political candidates and..
DISTANCE LEARNING: Does Distance Learning impede/fail to develop communication Skills necessary in a Clinical Setting
This capstone completes my Master's of Public Administration degree. I have attached my first proposal with comments from my instructor. This is due tomorrow and should be at least 40 pages with bibliography.
United States Foreign Policy: Dealing With ISIS/ISIL
See Attached File. Please read FULLY before offering to do assignment. 12 Sources in total NEEDED (CHOOSE ISIL PROMPT TO DO PAPER) 3 Peer Reviewed Publications (Academic Journal Articles like JSTOR) 3 Academic/Proffesional Magazines 5 Media Sources (Media Web Blog, Newspaper, Online News article) Need a *10-11 Page paper on ISIS. Full sources. Make a reccomendation..
The impact of hurricane Harvey on the state of Texas economy
This is a research paper for my government class. It also needs an outline attached as well. All needs to be in APA format with proper citations. THERE CAN NOT BE ANY PLAGERISM IN THIS PAPER AT ALL. I am attaching the requirements for the paper now. Length and Style Your paper should be in APA format and double spaced. Your paper should include a cover page, five (6)written..
modernity,identity and women rights:women( living) in transnational states
research question:how does the post modern definition or concept of citizenship fit in the topic above?what are the difficulties faced in the practice understanding of the above in terms of citizenship,identity and recognition. first,write a brief history of the discussion of the mening of the concept of citizenship/modernity in history and then compare..
the legal and social argument status of transgender public restrooms
Strict MLA double space, all sources strictly MLA in text citations. Foot or endnotes separate from citations. Class is honors university class. Essay/final paper subject selected "politics of waste: the legal and social argument status of transgender public restrooms
Russia Forign Policy - What was the oligarch influence on Russia foreign policy ?
A 20 pages research paper on Russia Forign policy . The research question is - what is the oligarchs influence on Russia Forign policy ? At least 10 different updated sources , and I request to have them on PDF files as well
unitary political system compared federal. Which system for Canada and why?
PLEASE READ THE ATTACHED DOCUMENT CAREFULLY. Essay Title/Topic: Examine the benefits and drawbacks of governing Canada using a unitary political system compared to our current federal one. Which system would you argue is better for Canada and why? Max Word Count: 1800
critical thinking analysis of 2008 russian invasion of georgia from the liberal paradigm
Why there should be term limits on government officials
All students are required to write a Research “Reflection” paper (minimum of 2 pages) reporting on the process you used to write this paper, and to express what YOU learned while writing it. Your paper must include the following: 1) Why did you choose this particular topic to write about; 2) How did you narrow down your focus question for this paper (what was your..
European Studies: Refugee policy of German in the past and present
Please write a research paper of "Refugee policy of German in the Past and Present" Would you mention how are the different EU countries doing and Merkel's policy? The paper should roughly be structured as follows: Introduction (outline the relevance of the topic and – this is important - your central research question) Theoretical/conceptual framework Analysis/empirical..
The mafia's influence on Russian economy and politics.
Needs to produce a serious work of politcal-economic analysis, based on research that includes 15 sources. Talk about how the Russian mafia/"thieves in law" influences the government, economy, and the community. Talk about the corruption, the bribing, the killing, the businesses, and the historical impacts...
1. Does the IMF help or hurt the developing world?
1. Does the IMF help or hurt the developing world? Discuss two views of this topic from academic journals and come to your own conclusions. paper should be 3-5 pages in length and use footnotes which include two academic sources.
Russian government interfered with the American presidential election in 2016
The attached File has all the instructions. The second half of this assignment is about my background, where I am from, and personal view on politics. Please you do not have to answer that. I will do that part my self. 750 words and no external sources. Everything you need is there in the file. This assignment is due in 6 hours. Thank you..
7-9 page research paper about the measurement of the effectiveness of non profit organizations. 
 My research paper will be about the measurement of the effectiveness of non profit organizations.  Here is the link to the peer reviewed article: Please try to use the link first by copy pasting it. If the link is not working. I have also attached a word document of the peer reviewed article. The..
Discuss Russian and USA diplomacy during this post-Cold War period. Where do you see each of these nations heading, with regard to diplomatic policies concerning the other nation?
The research paper must be 17 pages excluded the citation works and references. The research must not be only a mere completion of facts but, there must be a clear thesis. It shouldn't be only a history but must have relevant to current and future times. I must get the papers on 27th of June 2016. The works cited page must include the author, title, source of original..
Should the United States have mandatory military conscription for everyone?
1. Minimum 4 FULL PAGES (Anything short of this will not be counted. Cover sheet and works cited page does not count into the 4 full page requirement) 2. Double-space and regular Fonts. Any attempts to change the setting to meet the length requirements will not be accepted. 3. A mandatory separate cover sheet (title page) and a separate works cited page. 4. A minimum..
contrast and compare the head of state offices in Germany, France, Japan and the United Kingdom
Research paper (worth 40% of your grade, deadline 20 November): For this written assignment contrast and compare the head of state offices in Germany, France, Japan and the United Kingdom, applying the concepts we discussed in class to understand the similarities and differences between these countries. Define the concepts you use (do not use Wikipedia definitions,..
Donald Trump's policies attack what make america great
This is research paper minimum 5 to maximum 8 pages excluded work cited page. The topic is about trump's policies. As mentioned in last assignment, I researched some articles about what Trump is doing and how it looks, affects our society. Use the five articles in the annotated bibliography. Two peer-reviewed, two newspaper journal, and one magazine sources...
Argumentative or Persuasive Research Paper on Immigration Reform
The topic of the research paper is "Immigration Reform" of illegal immigrants and must be argumentative or persuasive, which means that the thesis is arguable and that someone can reasonably hold an opposing view. Additionally, make sure that your research paper is 6-7 pages in length. Must be written in third person. Includes a minimum of 3 scholarly articles,..
Why is there a decline in U.S foreign aid to the Eastern Caribbean and when did this decline started?
This is a Graduate research paper that I would like to have done on the effect of the declining U.S foreign aid to the Eastern Caribbean region and how this affects development there. I must include primary and secondary sources (academic and governmentall) that can be varified.
Assignment 2: Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation
Among the most controversial topics in physical science, global warming has received a great deal of attention during the past decade. Given its great impact on both humans and the environment, lawmakers and scientists must heavily weigh the information that they are presented. Explore this debate in more detail by evaluating both the scientific basis of..
Research outline and paper on the Reform Party of the USA
A two-page paper outline. □ Include the three required sources as described in the citations discussion below. □ Proper parenthetical citations must be used throughout the assignment. □ Proper full references at the end of the outline. □ Demonstrate that real work and research has been done on the paper beyond just finding the 3 required sources (e.g., actually..
Chinese Investments in Israel: Opportunity or National Threat?
The paper has to introduce a wide backround on the chinese investment in a global scale and what was the effect of these investments on the national security of these countries ( a case study is needed for example in Africa- this part had to include comparative elements ) . also , the paper has to show the the Chinese investments in Israel : size , in whice areas and how..
Control Mechanisms of Israel in the Israel-Palestinan Conflicts with focus on economic perspective
The research paper (15pages, double-spaced) has to be written in the course of Macro-Political Regulations of Ethnic Conflicts. It should be about the control mechanisms Israel with special focus on the economic perspective. The paper should contain a theoretical part about control in general in modern politics (types, symptoms, mechanisms of control)..
Argumentative or Persuasive Research Paper on Immigration Reform
The topic of the research paper is "Immigration Reform" and must be argumentative or persuasive, which means that the thesis is arguable and that someone can reasonably hold an opposing view. Additionally make sure that your research paper: . is 6-7 pages in length . must be written in third person . includes a minimum of 3 scholarly articles . includes a minimum..
Can terrorist threats and attacks justify suspension (or taking away) of individual civil liberties?
Your paper is to be 4-6 pages in length (Double-spaced and 12 pt. Times New Roman font) and include citation for a MINIMUM of 6 references (3 of which must come from a PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL). Although this is not an argument paper (one that tries to persuade the reader) the topics do require “picking a side” to a hot topic issue and then explain appropriate research..
Gun Control the Final Verdict The Need for Stricter Gun Control Research
I want to explore the highly debated issues on fire arms. The Constitution of the United States guarantees the right to bear arms. Gun lobbyist suggests there should be stricter laws in regards to ownership of guns and gun advocates proclaim violations on the right to bear arms cannot be abided. This paper should review and examine both point of views. Double spaced/..
The aftermath of the revolution: Egypt's economic, and political challenges
This is a research paper for a comparative politics class. The topic that you will argue is about the Egyptian revolution and why it failed. It must be atleast 15 pgs and using 3 articles. (each article must be ATLEAST 15 pgs each from electronic journal databases for example like Academic search complete, Jstor, google scholar etc)---however i will provide the..
Is the American government functioning as Madison intended in Federalist #10?Why or why not?
This prompt invites you to consider a number of issues – from the original documents that established how the U.S. government will work (Constitution, Bill of Rights), criticisms and defenses of how it should work (Anti-Federalists and Federalists), an analysis of factions and their relevance to contemporary politics (think modern political movements..
Systemic Action Research & Transformative Scenario Planning: Policy Making Process in Legalizing Marijuana
PROGRAM: Masters in Organizational Leadership (21st Century Leadership) & Social Justice CLASS: Public Policy TOPIC: How Systemic Action Research and Transformative Scenario Planning Can Assist in the Policy Making Process of Legalizing Marijuana Paper: 8 – 12 pages write a paper that describes and discusses a possible systemic change action that effectively..
Is there an "Asian model of economic development"?
topic: Write on the pattern of economic development, focus on the question of whether there is an "Asian model of development", and, if so, what it consists of. Compare countries from East Asia(Japan, Korea, and Taiwan) and countries from Southeast Asia(Singapore, Malaysia). If you agree that there is something that can be regarded as a "model" of Asian Development,..
The paper seeks to address the aid coordination in Syria, its impacts and challenges, whether the aid coordination has been effective and successful. I will be looking at the OCHA, USAID and WHO websites and other related articles to gather relevant accurate information. The relevance of the study is to talk about Syria as a war prone area in the Middle East, where..
Literature Review Research Paper on Development Theories
This is a literature review research paper, it needs to be at least up to 60% literature review, and the rest to be an argument. It is regarding the theories of development, and their attempts in explaining the contrast of wealth amongst nations. I am not a clear on a thesis yet, but a possibility is: to date, not one of the schools of thought offers a complete and holistic..
Analysis of No Child Left Behind with a Proposal for Ideal Education Legislation
12-15 page research design proposal on a topic relevant to the discipline of either political science or international affairs. For our purposes, the paper will serve as a systematic plan for an original academic research project. Data collection and analysis are not expected but you will be required to devise a study for which data could be plausibly collected..
Should Medicare add long-term services and supports (LTSS) for Americans 65 and older.
Come to the discussion board and set out (1) a problem statement that defines the problem addressed in what will be your ultimate analysis. Problem statement: Should Medicare add long-term services and supports (LTSS) for Americans 65 and older. Then, please provide the background for this problem. The background is factual information needed to understand..
Do you agree or disagree with President George W. Bush violated international law?
Here are the requirement and I need 13 pages research paper for APA format!!!!!I need someone are good at APA format. Here is the example for APA format: Question: In a 2008 book, former prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi argued that former President George W. Bush violated international (and U.S. constitutional)..
Is President George W. Bush violated international law?
Here are the requirement and I need 13 pages research paper for APA format!!!!!I need someone are good at APA format. Here is the example for APA format: Question: In a 2008 book, former prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi argued that former President George W. Bush violated international (and U.S. constitutional)..
Why did the USA and its allies invade Afghanistan in 2001 and why did they stay until now
I wrote introduction, and conclusion. I want you to write 3 body paragraphs (4 pages) according to my outline. You will write according to APA style. You will write argumentative style. You paraphrase or quote from 7 texts which I attached. You don't allow to paraphrase or quote from another source.(It is very imporant) You will show me where the citations are..
How does poverty in Syria impact on people’s health
i need method part and analysis and discussions and of course conclusion. I add my res paper and i add my interview you should write me 3 parts method(participants, procedure) discussing and analyzing and conclusion.
12. How can women peacekeepers and gender sensitivity improve the impact of UN peace operations
The essay should not be longer than 4,000 words (the word count includes references and bibliography. Recommended to use Havard referencing and cite every paragraph. Please use Academic source books, journals from EBSCO or Google Scholar. Avoid google by all means.
Review the US budget for FY 2018 and address how you would go about creating a surplus within three years.
Instructions: Each Term Paper must be a minimum of five substantive double-spaced pages in length. This means that title pages, bibliographies, or other extra pages that do not substantively discuss the topic are not part of the 5-page minimum. The paper must also have a minimum of three works cited; include a works cited (bibliography) page; be written in MLA..
Policy Reccomendation - Future Recommendation on U.S. lobbying focuses
Based on the writing file below, write policy recommendation on where the U.S. lobbying of interest group or national wise focuses on in future. Write about future position. This has to be APSA format. This class title is interest group, lobbying and revolving door. So please write in carefully consistently and creatively for this part...
Bias in the Media
APA style, at least 2 pages typed in Time New Roman 12 font double pace
The Coming? War in Iran
Examine some of the available data from both sides of the debate to answer: If (when?) war with Iran comes, why will the US and Iran be fighting? Website,
The Coming War in Iran
Question: Examine some of the available data from both sides of the debate to answer: If (when?) war with Iran comes, why will the US and Iran be fighting? -There are a web i give you, here have many article web you can use it. Then you drag the page down you can see like that: The Coming (?) War in Iran - Mid Term Research..
War on Terror
Terrorism in America. How did it come about? What led to it? When was it announced? What are the elements? What does it entail? Use 9/11 and the reactions from the Bush administration as a starting point. Can explore into the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. (with citations)
Does the war that will coming with Iran
Read those book and then found quote and source on it. Gen. Flynn: "Today, We Are Officially Putting Iran On Notice" - Durden Pre-Emptive Attack Iran Bill Active in US House - McAdams The Battle for Syria - Frontline (Documentary) A Country Study: Iran - Library of Congress Reports: Iran - United States Department of State Reports: Iran - United States Department..
The coming (?) war with Iran
Read those book and then found quote and source on it. Gen. Flynn: "Today, We Are Officially Putting Iran On Notice" - Durden Pre-Emptive Attack Iran Bill Active in US House - McAdams The Battle for Syria - Frontline (Documentary) A Country Study: Iran - Library of Congress Reports: Iran - United States Department of State Reports: Iran - United States Department..
The Relevance of Political Science
It is now time to reflect on the relevance of political science and your work as a political scientist during these past weeks. Write a short paper discussing the following: Political scientists themselves dispute the field’s direction and how useful the research conducted in political science is to the field of social sciences. Is political science still..
The Glass Ceiling In Sports
Directions: an in depth and well presented research paper (Topic: The glass ceiling in sports) I will need major focus on these professional leauges in America NFL, NBA, and WNBA (as well as their front office, salary, coaching, and high ranking staff positions as it pertains to the topic)
CNCS Goverment Agency Analysis
Please read .docx for instructions. This paper is 3 pages written, then you take previous assignments and add them to the final paper. Due Sunday 3/19 11pm EST.
Corrections For Assignment
To make the corrections given in the attachment below.
Paper Research
Write 10-12 paged paper on question below using the sources I provide. -Max Weber developed a four-fold typology of legal thought. The four types are: formal irrational, substantive irrational, substantive rational and formal rational. Please briefly describe these types and assess the value of Weber’s typology for analyzing contemporary American law..
research paper
Question: Lots of mixed messages from the Trump adminstration. The spectrum of opinion runs from those who see an actual nuclear exchange between the two countries as inevitable, to those who see little or no danger in a nuclear-armed Iran. Behind all these discussions and debates however, lie the theories which attempt to explain why the conflict exists in..
Is country x more democratic than country y? why/why not
Research Essay Instructions The essay length is 2,000-2,500 words excluding bibliography. A word count must be provided on the cover page. Students must use a minimum of four academic peer-reviewed sources (course readings do not count). Peer-reviewed sources include scholarly journal articles (e.g. American Political Science Review, Comparative Politics),..
Immigration Reform Policy
The President of the United States has proposed an Immigration Reform Policy. Please give a general description of what the proposed policy entails. What are some potential economic ramifications if such a policy were implemented ? What are some key legal aspects pertaining to (the implementation of) the proposed policy ? Your analysis of // response to these..
film avatar
Require for the assignment: -5 citations - thesis and paragraph should be based on politic - 6 pages please
Political Terrorism
Submit a well-developed analysis of a contemporary political issue. The paper should be 12–15 pages in length and include 8–10 references (peer-reviewed, scholarly research). Comments About Rough Draft Below: you have a decent draft final paper, but I'm still not sure what you are trying to discover and how you will discover it. Let me suggest this: you have..
separatism in thailand
needs to be a qualitative research paper, can be structured as a essay. the topic is separatism in southern Thailand (Yala, Narathiwat, Pattani provinces) needs to touch on ethical, religious, socioeconomical level of the population and a brief history of the region and how the conflict happened.
why did the USA and its allied invaded Afghanistan and why did thy stay until now.
DRP. Defense Research Paper.
Germany's Political Parties research paper
Must follow a precisely formulated research question/thesis statement about Germany's political parties (can be any question/thesis statement, just needs to be about this topic). I need this paper to be good quality, but also be about a pretty basic topic with Germany's political parties and not go too deep or sound like a politics/history expert, since I've..
Research Proposal and Annotated Bibliography
My research question is: "How did social media impact the recent election and the how have citizens been influenced by the media's role inside the White House?" Some key points might include: prior president's relationship with mainstream media, the affect of social media within the election, how social media created a stark divide between the two candidate's..
Germany's Political Parties
Must follow a precisely formulated research question about Germany's political parties (can be any question/thesis statement, just needs to be this topic). I need this paper to be good quality, but also be about a pretty basic topic with Germany's political parties and not go too deep or sound like a politics/history expert, since I've never taken a political..
The Trump Wall for Mexico
The Trump Wall for Mexico Illegal immigration in Mexico, and for Mexico, whether the U.S. border wall should continue to be built and maintained. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the construction of the border wall for Mexico? Whether the border wall can really stop Mexican people from crossing into the United States, and how Mexico can solve the..
The Corporation for National and Community Service - Human Resources Management
Please see the attached instructions file and follow the bullet points for the requirements of the paper. This is due 2/26/2017 at 11pm EST.
Power in politics
You have to write a short research paper. You must use 1 reference from the essential readings, 2 references from the recommended readings, and one reference from the external source. Here are readings: Essential Readings:  Stephen Lukes, ‘Power and the Battle for Hearts and Minds: on the Bluntness of Soft Power’, in Power in World Politics, Berenskoetter..
The party system of USA
-subject is the USA political parties ( democratic and republican) - i have the outline which you should follow ( see attachment) - 10 pages research paper
The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy
Then write a three to five (3-5) page paper on the doctrine that president Truman used according to Roskin. Your research must include at least four (4) credible sources, apart from your textbook. Your paper must address the following: Summarize a situation that required U.S. diplomatic efforts during the president’s time in office. Explicate the diplomatic..
National security
An important purpose of this assignment is to examine what the different branches and layers of government do to address a policy using a current issue to illustrate it. Complete a research essay on the government and national security. Remember this is being written for the president to read. Here are the aspects and questions to address for this essay: Identify..
Midterm Assignment
his assignment consists of a research-analysis paper of at least four pages in length, double-spaced (This page count does not include a title page, abstract (optional), table of contents (optional), Reference listing page(s), or end-notes page(s) (if used)). The source material should result primarily from self-led research of the required texts and..
Analytical research paper
Write an article about why it is imperative for the US government to wage war to the Boko Haram terrorist group. The paper must fall within the purview of this course, that is, it must be related to some aspect of the intersection of law, morality, and war. One way to do this is to analyze a current, or recent, conflict in terms of legality and morality. We'll be covering..
Reflection papper
Read the provided material/handout after which you would write a little summary about what you ve read and also respond or react to the provided material.(not more than 2pages but should be detailed and straight to the point).
Directed Readings Political Justice
Hello, Please only take on this assignment if you are knowledgeable in Politics and American History. It is crucial that you know the field. I have already have had horrible luck from a previous writer. A. the Courts 1) In thinking about the linkages between the U.S. Supreme Court and politics and society at large, how powerful is the Court? Identify and describe..
Electoral College
The body of the essay must be typed in 12 Arial font, double-spaced, and at least three (3) pages long. Document must also be a MS Word document saved as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf. Use the attached document as an APA format guide to adding citations and bibliographies to the writing assignment: Develop Citations & Bibliography A minimum of three (3) sources must be used..
The media's role and responsibility as a "government watchdog."
Identify an example of ethics (positive or negative) in the public sector that has been highlighted by the media. Discuss the media's role and responsibility as a "government watchdog" and how coverage can influence public opinion on policy issues and the general perception of government. Cite sources APA style...
The Death Penalty
This is a college paper so I expect it to be very good. YOU MUST BE AGAINST THE DEATH PENALTY! The 8th amendment must be included with a very strong thesis. 8-10 pages is required. MLA format
Voter ID Laws Research Project
To better understand how state election laws impact voter turnout, students find voter turnout data from a state that has passed a strict voter ID law in the 21st century, such as Wisconsin, Indiana, or Texas. Prior to their research, students formulate a hypothesis about the impact voter ID laws have on voter turnout. Students then research voter turnout stats..
Research-supported Cause or Effect essay.
The causes of the British vote to leave the European Union. APA style with no less than 1200 words
who your government representatives
One of your readings by Kush talks about finding out who your government representatives are. Students are to identify their local, state and federal representatives in their area (if you are an international student, use your campus address) and post a reflection on this process to their group discussion board...
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