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Willie "The Lion" Smith's influence on Duke Ellington
This research paper should begin with an introductory paragraph that ends with the thesis statement. This should be followed by paragraphs that support and develop the thesis. End the paper with a conclusion paragraph including some of your own personal closing remarks on how you feel about this matter. The paper needs to have 12 references. Of those twelve,..
Prelude In C# Minor Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff
Bibliography: Cite at least 3 written sources. Other legitimate scholarly sources can be from the internet (NO WIKIPEDIA!!!!!). Format must be in MLA. Instructions: 1. Investigate the topic thoroughly. Use the Internet, library, resources from the classroom and any personal knowledge to form a unique personal viewpoint on the subject. o 2 Take notes as the..
response to the article “Jazz and the White Critic”
This paper is a response paper to the article “Jazz and the White Critic” by the playwright, jazz musician and activist Amiri Baraka (Leroi Jones). This paper is not about the music but the response to it in print and the role criticism can play in influencing culture awareness either with or without bias...
Western Music Ancient Greek to late Renaissance period
Six-page long, Fond: Times New Roman, size: 12. Citations in Chicago Manual of Style! Choose a composer, an instrument, a composition or perhaps a manuscript as the topic of your first paper. There might be also other areas that you are interested in and would like to expend your knowledge upon: music notation, music treatises, etc. If you would like to pursue..
Claudio Monterveri's song Vi Ricorda O Boschi Ombrosi
I need a 5 page paper on the emotions of the song and why certain changes were I the music. Why certain dynamics were used,etc. Only paperback and ebooks are to be used and sited only as if they are paperback. The style is Chicago turban.
Orchestra's Historical Periods: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary
10 pg paper due by 10 pm pacific standart time. Report on Orchestra's History focusing only on Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary periods. What each period consisted of, what audience did each period cater to, what caused changes (social/ economical, events/ discoveries, scientific, religious, cultural). what types of changes w/ in the orchestra..
History of Garifuna Music and Punta dance in Honduras
TOPIC : History of Garifuna Music and Punta dance in Honduras An abstract is a short (150-350 words) summary of a research study or project. It should summarize the project’s goal or purpose and main points or take-aways. It should describe your work, what you learned, what conclusions you reached, your recommendations for future study, and it must list your..
Research Paper on Music Therapy Assisted Living/Nursing Home/Hospice
Please read attached document. I have started the paper and given an idea of how the paper should go. It is basically the use of music therapy for the elderly in assisted living/nursing homes/hospice on how it helps with their progress whether it be dementia or Alzheimer's or any number of reasons why music would help these patients. I will attach some articles..
Elvis Presley - How His Music Created Social and Cultural Change
"Over the course of the entire semester, honors students will complete a research project. The research may be on an original topic or may be a critical response to existing academic work. The final paper should be between 10 and 12 pages (double spaced), citing at least TEN sources (using correct citation), and will be evaluated based on the clarity of writing,..
Research paper on classical composer Ludwig Van Beethoven
This paper should contain all necessary biographical information. Also, take the time to listen to a few of the composer’s pieces and feel free to comment in your closing paragraph about the pieces or composer. You are allowed to like or dislike a composer so long as you present the necessary historical information...
aking notes of your feelings, impressions, and imaginings
For this assignment, I want you to listen to a specified piece of music while giving free reign to where it takes you in your imagination and in your feelings. Listen once just to get an overall impression of the piece. Then listen again, taking notes of your feelings, impressions, and imaginings. You will use these notes to help you write your essay. Make sure that..
Comparative Research Paper ( you pick which topic)
Write a 1000 word (minimum) research paper with Bibliography Choose one of the two topics below Topic 1: Compare and contrast the life of a teenager in the 1950's and life of a teenager today based on how the music of the different times affects them. Areas you can address: 1. Compare the early rock music that teens listened to in the 1950’s and the music that teens..
Hip Hop: The Window to the Soul of the African Diaspora
Research for and write a 20 page paper on how hip hop lyrics over the past 30 years have addressed the African diaspora and African American social movements. Use, the provided sources, and any outside sources to form a clear thesis as to how hip hop effects African diasporic groups and black social movements in the United States and the..
The origin of the Japanese Koto and its use in Modern Days
I am to do a 5 page research paper due 5/3 EST MLA format Topic can be anything about the history of the Japanese Kota. Basically you can write anything about it. Must use 5 sources. (Any sources that can be cited)
Independent and white rappers and their infuence on modern hip hop
The genre I would like to explore is a combination of modern independent rap and white rappers. I feel there is a connection between the two and I can use these to explore the cultural implications and effects of their music on the genre of hip-hop as a whole. Three sources I will use:
how did trap music influence the charts
1. Analysis of existing forms or current practice or your own investigation (primary sources) 2. Reference to previous investigations, books, articles or websites about the chosen topic (secondary Sources) 3. Investigation/development of a counter-argument, or alternative approach 4. Case studies 5. An objective comparison of data, approaches or opinions...
Will give title on acceptance of assignment
This will be a 10 page paper that will compare contrast two soul singers from different eras and must illustrate how they both pushed R&B forward in their respective eras and how they would have done in each others respective time period, and the both must be measured by an Artist consider the epitome of all R&B singers from any era. Do not take this assignment if you..
History of Irish music
I need a 5 page research paper on the topic of "The origin of Irish music". My base argument was that as all music, it has no clear origin that can be defined. I must include 5 sources. MLA format
Different Era’s in music
Research Paper 2. The paper should use a maximum of 12.0 font in Times New Roman – NO EXCEPTIONS! 3. The paper should have a minimum of 4 references as well as a works cited page. (The works cited page does not count as one of the 4 required pages) NOTE: ONLY 1 REFERENCE MAY BE A WEB SITE! Academic Primer site is not considered a web site. 4. APA style. 5. You do not need to..
Hip hop History 1970s - Today
Write a four to five page research paper on your selected genre of music. Highlight stylistic features, performers and/or innovators in that style and representative recordings. Note, this could be an engineer, songwriter, or producer. Sources must be cited in either footnotes or endnotes. No citation style is necessary, but Chicago Style is preferred if..
Analysis the Music in Film
Students will select one film or a couple of episodes from a TV show and analyze the music and its impact/role on popular culture primarily using Claudia Gorbman’s principles of film music. Papers should be 4-5 pages double spaced and sources should be cited in Chicago style format. Films and book sources need to be included in the bibliography and paper should..
Music Business Accountant
Your research paper examines the association of music or musical concepts within the context of your major course of study. For instance, education majors may wish to explore the practice or history of music in the classroom. Business majors may wish to investigate financial issues related to music licensing, music downloading, etc. Medical students may..
Picture Comparison
Compare two images: Swing Dancers and Bebop performance. The images are found in the "Bebop" Module 6 online introductory materials. Consider both the musicians and members of the audience. What can you conclude regarding changes from the Swing Era to the Bebop period? Which musicians seem to be more intently involved in their performance? Which audience..
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