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Sleep Disorders and Self-Care Strategies Among mothers
Please write the qualitative interpretation for the 2 themes identified from the interview (write one page) and write 3 pages for the finding discussion for the quantitative and qualitative data attached to this file. Also, write the conclusion and recommendation. Please read the attached research paper. References citation: use the Vancouver style. Sources..
Modeling and Simulation as part of evaluating medical systems
I want the paper to address the following; Benefits of using simulations to evaluate medical products and how they can be used to transform the regulatory pathways. How do in silico trials compare to animal and human trials. etc I'll provide links to some of the resources. I want this to be done as soon as possible preferably within 12 hours...
clinical trial review or literature review evaluations
1. Clinical Trial Review The student will prepare, review and discuss two (2) clinical trials with the preceptor that involves therapeutic use of a medication. The clinical trial will be from a medical or pharmacy journal. The article should be no more than 12 months old and be a peer-reviewed, randomized, blinded clinical trial. Acceptable reviews include:..
Specialization Research Paper: Functional MRI Pipeline
It is a nearly completed research paper for a Biophysics Undergrad, things it could use: - Better grammar - More content - Some pictures - Better APA formatting - More sources - You might have to ask me questions for the pipeline overview procedure. You might need some knowledge on that. - I have attached what I have done so far...
systematic literature and meta-analysis critique(one article)
Just answering to 4 questions and critique the article. I want someone to be good at researching and critiquing the research paper. Questions are: How would you describe the systematic review results to a patient? 2Describe the main strengths and weaknesses of this systematic review?
Information Governance Considerations within a Healthcare Setting
Please complete all parts in a Microsoft Word document. Quoting should be less than 10% of the entire paper. Paraphrasing is necessary. Students must cite and reference at least 4 credible sources Instructions Imagine that you are the Director of Health Information for a large hospital. As Director, you sit on various institution-wide committees which govern..
The Affects of Designing a Database and Data Quality
Techniques and Tools for Strategic Management in Healthcare Course outcome assessed in this Assignment: ● HS450-4: Apply tools and techniques in the management of quality and performance in a healthcare setting. Unit Outcomes ● Explain how regulations impact health care organizations. ● Describe the policy and operational context of health care regulations...
Book Review over " The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian"
For this assignment, you will write a one page book review over The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian. The first paragraph will be a short introduction of the author and the book. Summarize the plot, DO NOT re-tell the story. For the body paragraphs, you will discuss the setting, characters, and theme (one paragraph each). When you discuss these aspects,..
A synopsis (summary) of these two publications in brief
Please a synopsis (summary) of following two publications in brief concise style in approximate volume of not more than two pages (double-spaced), outlining major conclusions of the publications and submit Bibliography in APA style. 1). BMC Complement Altern Med. 2016; 16: 226. Published online 2016 Jul 18. doi: 10.1186/s12906-016-1193-y PMCID: PMC4950630..
Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics of Anticancer Drugs
Analyze the relationship between the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of anticancer drugs and the individual factors that can affect these processes. Academic sources only, i.e, reliable, credible, peer-reviewed, medical journal, etc. sources. Please incorporate critical thinking into the paper as well if you can. Harvard formatting. 15 sources...
Comparison of MRI/Ultrasound for the Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer
i want a narrative review for 4 article i attached it on attachment. 3000 words consist of Abstract, introduction, method, results, discussion, clinical application and conclusion.. the attachment include the way i need it to be done and marking criteria
Compare between Ct and MRi in detection of transient ischemic attack
I want to comlete my research which is about comparing CT and MRI in detection of transient ischem8c attack .. I already have done the introduction and the method and I want somebidy to write the result,discussion and conclution. I attached the guidlines
Environmental Health From a Historical Perspective Paper
In Silent Spring, Rachel Carson uses a very powerful narrative framework to describe the world as it exists in harmony and bliss before the fall into the massive use of poisons in the environment. In 1,000-1,250-words, summarize the key issues addressed in this publication; discuss how this publication has contributed to current knowledge and understanding..
Prescription for Change: Ending America’s Opioid Crisis
After watching the documentary, Prescription for Change: Ending America’s Opioid Crisis, write a 2-3-page reflection paper focusing on the following question: Based on what you know and what you have learned this semester is the change that they are proposing realistic and will it end the crisis long term? Support your argument. Make sure you clearly state..
Non cavity distorting liomyoma on IVF outcomes: A systematic review and meta- analysis
This is a sytematic review and a meta- analysis. Strictly need only a writer who is a medical person with experience in medical meta- analysis. Can provide only the forest plots. Writer should follow MDSG guide. Please mentioned your medical speciality in the first contact
Nanotechnology-based targeted drug delivery systems for lung cancer
I need help to write a review paper that will be a reference covering all aspects of using nanotechnology in biomedical research, including design and development of materials for nanomedicine and cutting edge new approaches (from 2015-2018) and trends in use of nanotechnology for targeted delivery of drugs and genes especially Micelles based drug delivery..
Effects of a Telemedicine Weight Loss Education Program on the Obesity Epidemic
Chapter One: Introduction and Overview of the Problem (limit 5 pages) Introduction to Chapter Background (problem and supporting information) Significance (why the problem needs addressing) Question Guiding Inquiry (PICO) Theoretical Framework-Health Belief Model Definition of terms Conclusion to Chapter APA format Evidence Based Peer Reviewed..
is there a link to schizophrenia from the use of cannabis at an adolescent age?
hello, i have a research paper due for my english class. my topic is whether or not there is a link to schizophrenia from the use of cannabis at an adolescent age. the research paper must be in MLA format and contain atleast 8 cited sources.
Comparison of Treatment Methods for Opioid Abuse in the United States.
The purpose of this assignment is to write a paper including a comparison table. The table will be provided as an appendix to the final paper. Locate three quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods scholarly research sources published within the last 5 years, related to Comparison of Treatment Methods for Opioid Abuse in the United States. Using the "Comparative..
How community paramedicine benefit our communities rather calling 911 and hindering our health care system.
This paper HAS to be an ARGUMENTIVE paper on how community paramedicine programs benefit our community rather than calling 911 and hindering our health care system. MUST be schollary articles and/or evidence of minimum 6 references with 1500 word NOT including references.
How nutritional supplements affect the survival rate of patients with malnutrition on maintenance hemodialysis
I am supposed to submit a research paper to journal with high impact factor. I have to submit it in next few days to get admission from grad school. It should be a review paper with 9-10 pages at least
6 page Pneumonia research paper with 30 power point slides
I need a 6-page research paper on Pneumonia for the radiology program Im in. I had to find a patient with Pneumonia and write about it I have an example of how my paper should look in a pdf file and I have an example of how the slides should look too( don't copy the same colors as the slides, my slides need to have info on pneumonia) I need 30 slides. So you can see how it's set..
PAEDIATRIC DISEASE (Medically significant findings research in medical imaging assignment)
THE CASE WILL BE ABOUT ONE PAEDIATRIC DISEASE WILL BE DISCUSS AFTER AGREEMENT. priority for radiographer, radiologist, and medical staff. this needs high cooperation and high communication to have this paper done perfectly. 4 DAYS TO BE DELIVER THIS PAPER. (( FIRM )) 2500 WORDS -+ Vancouver referencing style. 17 minimum academic resources. PLEASE NOTE THAT..
Medically significant findings research assignment : (Developmental Dysplasia of the hip in Pediatric (DDH)
Aims of the task: 2: To provide you with the opportunity to further consolidate your information literacy skills and referencing techniques. What to do: You are required to research one of the presented pathological conditions in detail (Developmental Dysplasia of the hip in Pediatric (DDH). You will also critically analyze the imaging procedure radiologic..
Healthcare Organization Analyzation-Signature Assignment
• Select a healthcare organization to observe and analyze from a marketing perspective. • Write a 6- to 8-page paper delineating changes that the selected healthcare organization has experienced (or overcome) relative to one of the following: o The implementation of its mission statement or marketing strategy o The development or the introduction of a new..
A 38-Year-Old Woman Complaining of Diplopia and Headaches: A Case Study
I discussion about the topic INCLUDING review of literature done using 15 articles. ALL the articles need to be used for the review of literature. Attached you will find all the bullet points and requirements for this paper. It has to be of PhD level.
medical sociology- The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down book
Please write a 3-page reflective paper on The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down Focus on Immigration, culture diversity, assimilation and American medicine practice. Why were the Lees were non-compliant with the medical professionals' and their instructions what should the doctor and medical staff should do to provide better care for patient?..
systemic analysis of pcos complications and treatments
Literature Review Begins with broad health topic moves to more specific Identifies Chronic or communicable disease Specific disease or issue Risk factors Theory Research question Methods Search criteria: keywords, years, databases Examination of titles, abstracts, full articles Inclusion/exclusion criteria Themes and coding What will you consider..
Why parents choose not to vaccinate their children
1. Background: Choose a topic which would interest you to research. Explain the topic: What is it about? Why is this topic important to research? 2. Research statement: Explain in one sentence what aspect of the topic you will be examining in your research. 3. Significance: Explain in a paragraph why it is important to examine this aspect of the topic: What gap..
opioid epidemic in the united states.
writer will assume the perspective of a governor and consider the problems of the opioid epidemic. writer would provide a short background on the epidemic,establish criteria for a successful policy and compare/contrast three policy options with respect to those criteria and also propose a recommendation.(5pages but should be very detailed and easy to understand..
to assess the factors that affect women with Breast cancer
JerryKim this paper has to be don APA format and I would like to have section of it by 2 pm on 3/21/201
Heart Walk Project
Heart Walk Project The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize the student with heart disease and its impact on our society, red flags tests and interventions prior to the upcoming clinical experiences and board exams. Each student will be responsible for preparing a 2-3 page assignment and submit to blackboard by March 10th. What to cover in your assignment:..
Disease Paper Library - date base -CNA-HL PLUS W\FULL TEXT DIABETES WEBMD.COM NURSING 2017 / AJN The whole paper including references is in the same font size 12 font margins 1 inch double spaced no more than 10 quotes
rhetorical analysis
This rhetorical analysis essay is on a story called Preface to "Can Abortion Be Morally Justified?", 2015 from Opposing Viewpoints in Context (Gale website) Task is to write an in depth rhetorical analysis essay in which you analyze the way a text delivers its message. It should be at least 1,000 words (approximately 4 pages, typed and double-spaced, which does..
First Heart Transplant
Double-spaced on standard sized paper (8.5" x 11") with 1 " margins on all sides 3. You should use a clear font that is highly readable. APA recommends using 12 font Times New Roman font. 4. Include a page header (also known as the " running header") at the top of every page. To create a header/running head, insert numbers flush right. 5. Then type "TITLE OF YOUR PAPER"..
Vaccination Paper
A minimum of 1000 word paper, double spaced in Arial with a font size of 11. Starting around 1997, there was a scientific paper published that supposedly found an association between the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine and the development of autism. In this paper, you should find the study and the history surrounding it, the flaws in the study, and how it eventually..
The connection between vaccination and autism — does it really exist?
1. Describe the background and basic issue of topic. 2. Describe the basic argument of opposing viewpoints. 3. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of both views. 186 Graded Project 4. Choose which view you agree with. (Only in the conclusion) 5. Explain why you agree with that view. Incorporate the information you learned about your chosen topic from this..
The use of Fleurodeoxyglucose for the Diagnosis of Cancer
kintroduction (1-2 pages) Review of Related Literature (3-5 pages) Conclusion (1-2 pages) Total of 8 pages using APA 6th edition form and style
Was culturing and growing humans’ cells without the owner’s consent
Heres what I'm working on. I cant seem to make it 7 pages long. It needs a title page and works cited page in addition to the 7-page research paper. My research question is: Should culturing and growing humans’ cells without the owner’s consent be allowed? The is a research paper from the book " the immortal life of Henrietta Lacks" . My stance on this is yes because..
Benefits of glass ionomer (fluoride releasing) for dental brackets
TOPIC: Benefits of glass ionomer (fluoride releasing) for dental brackets Bibliography must be annotated. APA FORMAT. Rubric for paper is attached below. rubric for annotated bibliography is attached below as well. ONLY USE SOURCES I'VE PROVIDED YOU WITH. You may find available sources in attachment down below as PDF documents.....
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