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Expand Your Business Through New Market Development
Im in international student and i want the writing to looks like an international student i dont want it to looks like a writer work its 3-4 page position paper (single spaced) The position of the paper should either support or refute chapter9 Ries and Trout or Big Models: Country (Region) of Origin Bias i want it to support Country (Region) of Origin Bias . the instructor..
Location Based Service in E-Commerce. A Scoping Review
1.)Abstract 400 words 2.)Research aim, focus and questions, and use them to structure an enquiry and to identify the appropriate literature for the review. 3.)Rationale for the study and the contribution(s) of your work to the literature and/or professional practice. 4.)Methodology:An outline of an appropriate method/approach for your literature review...
Research Methodology (Any market brand can be selected)
Writer can choose any market brand to base his research, however, one of the below topics should be covered within research; • Customer satisfaction. • Quality and service. • New product/services development. • Buyer behavior, internal marketing. • Customer needs. • Internet usage. • New media and social networking. • Promotional effectiveness, etc...
Professional Application This is the creative week! You will use what you have learned in the last two modules to create an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for your product/service. In business world, materials like this are presented clients or upper management; be persuasive in your recommendations. You will report on three communication channels:..
• A two-page paper with APA citations (2-3 sentence introduction, body, 2-3 sentence conclusion) Getting Your Product into the Hands of Consumers It is time to determine how to make your product or service available to the consumer. Using your readings and at least one article from the Trident Online Library’s full-text databases (such as Academic Search Complete,..
marketing paper about new product- intelligent google maps
I create a new product for my course project. It is Intelligent Google Maps. It combines google map with intelligent voice technology/intelligent assistant. People can call the intelligent assistant in google maps to get the services they need. Now I have to do the following work: 1. Strengths and Weaknesses: Opportunities: Consumer Trends 2. Strengths and..
How has AI transformed the marketing/advertising industry in the last 5 years?
a) What further changes are predicted to happen within the next 5-10 years? b) What effects will these changes have on the workplace and on society in general? c) How do you think the university you are studying in can help you develop the knowledge base, skills, and attributes you need to flourish as a worker and a citizen in this new environment?..
its should either support or refute the current marketing model or the Ries and Trout chapter
i want the writing looks like an international writing easy and simple . the first chapter is The Law of Leadership It's better to be first than it is to be better and the current marketing model. i have to support one of them or both i have attach the files for the expectation for the research..
Analyse an organisation which has digital marketing activities of
• Define the concepts of digital and social media strategy and critically assess their evolution as a medium for marketing and advertising communication. • Critically evaluate a range of digital and social media platforms used by marketers • Audit and evaluate a digital and social media strategy and critically evaluate the appropriate tools used to achieve..
Introducing a New Product to the Market -SPARKLING WATER WITH FLAVOR
Put yourself in the position of an entrepreneur who is developing a new product - SPARKLING WATER WITH FLAVOR to introduce into the market. Briefly describe the product - . Then develop the segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategy for marketing the new product. Be sure to discuss: The overall strategy; why segmenting, targeting, and positioning..
Week 2 Discussion Final Assignment (Industry Forecasting)
Use provided book for one of the references. A total of 4 are neded Select an industry that interests you. Using the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal (PESTEL) analysis as covered in the text, analyze the factors that may impact the industry that you have selected and the successful marketing of a company’s product. Evaluate..
select a company and monitor their digital marketing activities over the past four weeks.
From your observations, write a brief overview of the marketing strategy for the selected company Critically analyze the Digital Marketing strategy and activities over the past four weeks Provide recommendations to improve the Digital Marketing strategy over the next two weeks.
Advertising and marketing strategies of my product
As discussed in class, this is a 2-3 page research paper focused on the advertising/marketing strategies you will utilize to get your product or service out into public consciousness. Please utilize two references for this paper to substantiate your ideas that you discuss. The format of the references in APA 6th edition..
Pop Culture Research Paper: Future Implications of Sensory Marketing of Foods.
Please see attached research proposal for details regarding the assignment. Please follow my provided thesis and please use some of the sources provided. Any outside sources please cite using APA format. Serious inquiries only, please be advised of my tight deadline. I need 2200-3000 words before 5 pm, April 19th. Thank you I look forward to working with you...
To develop research, writing, and analytical skills, and to creatively apply concepts.
The diamond industry largely has been a monopoly cartel controlled by the DeBeers Co. DeBeers has worked steadfastly to control the supply of diamonds in order to keep prices high. Additionally, they have worked hard to create and maintain demand through their promotional strategy and tactics. The following articles, and others you may find, describe the..
Social Media, Marketing and Its Effectiveness The Future of Social Media and Marketing
This paper needs to be APA format. Double spaced using 12 point font. Paper is 10 pages (7 pgs written) including Title page, Table of Contents and References. References are compiled and need to be used for paper,
Marketing research on Turkey education market (you must be from/live in Turkey)
Only people who live in Turkey for more than 2 years and are natives/advanced in Turkish are eligible for this task. I need you to do some research regarding Turkish custom writing services (like Studybay, the site we are on right on) and answer the following questions: What are the main players on the Indian custom writing service market (either online or offline)?..
Written Assignment: UPS - Strategic Logistics Partner to Business Customers
*** PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS THOROUGHLY*** Visit the UPS website (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to explore what UPS offer to business customers. Scroll to the UPS Solutions tab along the top. Start with “Explore” and then go to “Industries” to learn about what services UPS provide in various industries. Look for information on each..
Top Reasons Students Select a Particular College/University to Attend”
Here are the guidelines paper must be a minimum of 3 pages typed double spaced but not more than 4 pages; you must provide (in addition to the 3 page minimum) an additional page with a list of all references used in the proper format; Below are a couple of articles to get you started on the topic (there are plenty of others):
Italy- Global Marketing Group Project- Cultural Analysis
Instructions are below for my Class Project in Global Marketing with Italy being the country chosen ( attached is the pdf of entire project, I only need the Cultural Analysis section from 1a-x I. CULTURAL ANALYSIS The data suggested in the cultural analysis include information that helps the marketer make market planning decisions. However, its application..
Marketing Strategy- Segmentation, Positing and Targeting
“….positioning and segmentation are distinct parts of the [marketing] strategy and provide us with some extremely powerful tools; but ultimately they are linked by the central issue of focusing on satisfying customer’s needs in ways that are superior to competitors” (Hooley et al, 2012 p183)*. * Hooley et al (2012) Marketing Strategy & Competitive Positioning...
MBA thesis on cause related marketing topic. help required
MBA thesis on cause related marketing topic. Start work in immediately. With draft of first 3 Chapters and Research question ready first week of February 2018. I attached a really bad example of Chapter 1 which another writer did and I was not impressed. He did not follow instructions and drifted off topic. I am aiming to understand how typically Cancer non profit..
Marketing Situational Analysis (inc SWOT, PEST, etc)
This is a full marketing situational analysis on historic private club called The Windsor Club. Please base your findings off the website ( and documents attached. Instructions: Complete a full Marketing Situational Analysis including: 1.0 Internal Conditions 1.1 Current Mission 1.2 Current Vision 1.3 Current Goals 1.4..
Components of a Marketing Plan Part 1: Product, Target, Strategy Planning, Positioning, and Brand
--Purpose of Assignment Marketing plans help coordinate an organization's departments and activities toward a mutual benefit between the organization and the consumer. Well thought out marketing plans contain both internal and external research aimed at understanding who the customer is, what they want, and any barriers the company may encounter in meeting..
Understanding Marketing and Customer Relationships
*Assignment Steps -Resources: Week 1 textbook reading, Week 1 video, American Marketing Association Website, and University Career Center: Crafting Your Image -Scenario: You have just graduated from the University of Phoenix with your Bachelor's Degree. You have decided either to seek a promotion at your current work, explore new career opportunities,..
Market research challenges and marketing decision making in Indonesia
Hello, Hoping for some assistance with a market research paper on the challenges and marketing decision making in Indonesia. 1200 words MAX w/ Hard referencing. Brief: Indonesia is one of the largest newly industrialized countries, which provide some of the biggest growth opportunities for international businesses. However, decision making in such markets..
Research Paper: International Financial Reporting Standards and its Impact on Management Decision Making
Write a paper between 10 and 12 pages in length explaining how the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) will work together (converge) to develop International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). State the facts and identify differences between the methods. Explain why this is needed in..
Critical Evaluation of the International Marketing Environment and Proposed Market Entry Strategies
This assignment is divided into two sections (Section: A & B). You will need to complete both sections in order to successfully complete the assignment. Section A: (70% of total marks) Critically evaluate the marketing environments for a famous international watch brand SUUNTO in Germany and UAE countries. What are the key challenges in each country for the..
Implementation, Evaluation, and Control (Artifact 4)
Нow will submit a draft of your plan for implementation, evaluation, and control. Make detailed suggestions to the client on how to implement the various pieces of the marketing plan you have proposed in the previous three artifacts, evaluate results, ensure legal and ethical compliance, and allow for corrections to plans and activities as needed to achieve..
Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Plan (Artifact 3)
You will submit a draft of an integrated marketing communication plan (IMC) to reach out to your client’s prospective consumer through marketing communications. Provide a comprehensive list of communication objectives you want to achieve for your client, and recommend an appropriate mix of integrated marketing communications tools to meet those objectives...
Financial Analysis and Pricing Structure Memo (Artifact 2)
You will review the financial aspects of your marketing plan and submit a draft of your financial analysis and pricing structure. Propose a pricing strategy based on costs, competition, target revenue, and consumer perceptions. Your pricing structure should be supported by projected financial information including forecasts for sales, revenue, ROI,..
Inventory and Stock Control midterm project (Fashion Marketing)
i've upload the instruction. this is not a group assignment i work alone. and there has a store need to choose. i've chosen(( Barnery's New York seattle shop)))). and please fill out the excel i didn't really understand the instruction personally. and i will also upload the text book and few things you might need for this work. also the six month plan needs to be from..
Implications and Supermarket Strategies for the Soda Tax
The goal of this assignment is to have you apply your knowledge of the food supply chain to a real life activity that a consultant to the CEO of a supermarket chain might have to evaluate. This activity requires the formulation of a relevant problem statement, the collection and analysis of information, and the articulation of recommendations...
Apple Inc Competitive Analysis Assignment
Overview Your job in this assignment is to pick a company and one of its products (can include all related product lines that focus on related target markets) that has significant competition for the same target markets. You will be looking for mature product categories that you think may still offer potential growth through strategic planning and focus on the..
Marketing case
Need to follow 5 questions of the case. Its critical to add sources and use different websites to have success on the paper.
check the file covering the background of the issues(s) any support research from the case additional research (your additional research should not include a review or assessment of what the company did. Treat the case as if you are “in the moment”) Assumptions
Course project
Please provide a paper 10 pages in APA style, with references (8 at least) and citations. No plagiarism. Critical thinking is needed. Support each fact by examples. It is a research paper. You may use this paper copy paste and increase the length of the research paper. All requirments are below. Now I identified brand of laptop - Apple that I would like to audit...
Marketing Plan research paper on Amazon and 3 small article review
Please read the syllabus! 4 article review is due within a day! Marketing Plan This is an individual project where you will develop a comprehensive marketing plan for an actual product or service for an existing public corporation. We will use Appendix One in our text as our guide for your Marketing Plan. The Plan will be delivered in two stages: Stage One  Each..
Big Models: Pricing Strategy
Big Models: Pricing Strategy. Students are expected to write a 3-4 page position paper (single spaced).
PLEASE!!! Follow the instructions on the attached file.
Direct Mail / Direct e-mail Activity
Choose a direct mail piece and evaluate its various components by considering the following questions. The rest of the instructions you can see it in the attached file.
Dulce de leche nutella in Chile
I. Objective/Purpose, Agenda II. Executive Summary* (*Only include in Group Paper turned in to me) An abbreviated overview of the presentation’s key points, focusing on your country evaluation, and overall strategies for expansion. This should be brief (1 page, double-spaced) and using Powerpoint The goal is to educate the class in the intricacies of your..
Channels of Distribution
write a 3-4 page position paper (single spaced). This position paper should either support or refute the Channels of Distribution model or the Ries and Trout chapter 15
marketing group assignment
please read the files. First part of the paper have been done already and you just need do the part which is marked in red in the requirement file
Social Media Marketing
10 pages (without cover and references) Rubric for APA Research Paper Abstract: Strong review of key points. Strong integration with thesis statement. Insightful and concise summary of paper. Introduction: Strong introduction of topic’s key question(s), terms. Clearly delineates subtopics to be reviewed. Specific thesis statement. Focus & Sequencing:..
Brand Audit Project
Please provide a paper 5 pages in APA style, with references (5 at least) and citations. No plagiarism. Critical thinking is needed. Support each fact by examples. It is a research paper. Now I identified brand of laptop - Apple that I would like to audit. Please develop the Brand Introduction, Brand Audit, and Brand Exploratory, Gap Analysis, and Recommendations...
CPRS-VI Event Assignment
i uploaded the assignment instruction with the event details with the guests names and their companies + the notes i took from the event
Ries and Trout: 13; Big Models: Product (Category) Life Cycle
m in international student and i want the writing to looks like an international student i dont want it to looks like a writer work its 3-4 page position paper (single spaced) The position of the paper should either support or refute Ries and Trout: 13; Big Models: Product (Category) Life Cycle . the instructor is NOT seeking a balance between the advantages and..
Expected outcome: Written assignment in APA style, and in your own words in only one word document. No length requirements. This assignment includes a plagiarism checker. Please, check carefully the originality of your submission. Cite external references to support your answers in both within the text and in the references part as mandated by APA style...
marketing macro environmental analysis of baby soap in newfoundland
marketing macro environmental analysis of baby soap , geographic location is in Newfoundland, Canada. You may find the real data of Newfoundland on google. use these data and gave me references plz.
Digital Marketing Analytics
Please read instructions in the attached file and follow those instructions closely.
Ries and Trout: 13; Big Models: Product (Category) Life Cycle
Im in international student and i want the writing to looks like an international student i dont want it to looks like a writer work its 3-4 page position paper (single spaced) The position of the paper should either support or refute Ries and Trout: 13; Big Models: Product (Category) Life Cycle . the instructor is NOT seeking a balance between the advantages and..
Starbucks new business idea Refinement
Please down the instruction from the below link. Refinement Using the idea that you have chosen, write a short paper covering the following: How and when will you evaluate the success of the new product or service and its branding? Be sure to suggest processes that occur at regular..
Consumer Behavior Concept Paper
Consumer Behavior Concept Paper/Presentation Topic: Social Judgment Theory Definition of Social Judgment Theory: when a message is viewed as being congruent with the initial attitudinal position and the message is received favorably, assimilation has occurred. INSTRUCTIONS AS OF 2/27/17: The objective of this assignment is for you to find real-world..
Element of Marketing Theodore Levitt’s “Marketing Myopia”
The research paper must be standard 12-point font like Times New Roman, 1.25” margins on the right and left margins, and 1” margins on the top and bottom of the page. Paragraphs must be double-spaced with the first line of each paragraph indented a half an inch. There should be no space before or after each paragraph. Need the first draft by 3/3 and the final draft..
I put the background and requirement here, and you need write 3 factors(customers, competitors, and Natural environment) of micro and macro environment.
Sustainable Offering: Waste Tires in Papua New Guinea and the world
Hi, the assignment is a group wiki and I need someone to help me with this assignment. The assignment is based on Waste Tires in Papua New Guinea and its renewable resources. The assessment details and structure of the assessment will be attached below.
coca cola Marketing Analysis
Describe coca cola Overall Marketing Strategy. This shall include: • Target Market (3 points) • Marketing research and Information Systems (2 points) • Forecasted Consumer Behavior – what is your research telling you about how your potential customers will behave, in relation to your product or service? (2 points) • Competitive Advantage (2 points) • The..
Evaluate the success of new product
Using the idea you have chosen for your project, describe how you will evaluate the success of the new product or service and its branding. Suggest process(es) outlined in the text and explain what feedback loops will occur. based on new business Idea Integrated system (facial and finger print system adopted by Starbucks). Using this information draft the paper...
Strategic Marketing
So my topic is about Lion Air which is a budget commercial Indonesian-based aeroplane but I have to talk about it in Singapore, so the pestle will be based on Singapore and Lion Air operate from Singapore to Indonesia not Indonesia to Singapore. I have attached a sample on what to do just follow the structure. 4.2.1 : search 2 trends that are happening in Singapore..
Frozen Daiquiri Marketing Plan
Final Paper Develop a 12- to14-page marketing plan (not including the title and reference pages, charts and/or graphs) for any product of your choice. Your marketing plan must: Analyze the specific marketplace situation in detail, including organizational strengths, weaknesses, environmental opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis). Develop an..
strategic management
Strategic-management students and business executive are oftentimes asked to construct an organizational chart. This exercise will make you aware of various online websites that provide free software for developing and organizational chart. Some websites in particular are as follows:
Ries and Trout: 12; Big Models: Organization Buying Center
Description Im in international student and i want the writing to looks like an international student i dont want it to looks like a writer work its 3-4 page position paper (single spaced) The position of the paper should either support or refute chapter12 Ries and Trout: 12; Big Models: Organization Buying Center . the instructor is NOT seeking a balance between..
Brand Leadership
Brand Leadership in Your Local Marketplace The Challenge Your text readings direct some attention toward branding. Conduct additional research to ensure that you possess a thorough understanding of brands and then conduct an investigation in your local community to determine the leading healthcare services brand in operation. You will need to develop..
Starbucks new concept
Need to fix the paper. I have send you the info in the chat.
Minimizing Risks When Expanding Markets
In order to make effective marketing strategic decisions, marketers are increasingly drawn to the global marketplace because of the opportunity it represents - think globally, learn/live locally. As markets grow increasingly competitive, as companies find new opportunities, and as the cost of entering foreign markets increases, companies need such..
Analysis on Volkswagen
I have to do an analysis paper on Volkswagen company. All the instructions are provided in the attachment.
Assignment Details INDIVIDUAL RESEARCH PROJECT Students should research and report on the subject discussed below for relationship marketing for retailers. The consideration should NOT just be drawn from a student’s personal knowledge and experience but should be mostly comprised of input from research conducted in academic journals, books and other..
Healthcare Advertising
But for this particular Practitioner Application, I want you to focus specifically on the concept of advertising, which is part of the promotion component of the broader discipline of marketing. The use of advertising to promote health services remains problematic for some, others have no issues with it, and still others are somewhere between these two extremes...
Marketing mix and marketing strategy
For each part of the marketing mix and marketing strategy, some of the issues are similar and some are different in International marketing when compared to domestic marketing. Research marketing mix and marketing strategy in domestic and international environments. Write 4 pages of text with at least 5 references in APA Format...
Reflection paper
Theodore Levitt’s remarks about the contrasting needs of the seller and the marketer were shared. Levitt described how satisfying the needs of the customer is now the pathway to marketing success. This concept and others related to the four Ps of product, price, promotion, and place were further explored throughout the units. For this reflection paper...
Marketing - Evaluate Product Packaging
A product's package is often referred to as a silent salesperson and is the last marketing effort consumer see before they make a final selection in the store. One model used evaluate products package is the V.I.E.W model:- V isibility - this is packaging's ability to stand out among competing products on the shelf. Information - this refers to the type and among..
starbucks TOWS and SWOT analysis and core competencies
Please find the requirement files from the below the link. Don't forget to add Abstract, Introduction and conclusion page. For SWOT and TOWS need in matrix form as shown in the image. Plagiarism should not be more then 20%.
Marketing - Evaluate Product Packaging
Only need 1 to 2 pages only. Willing to pay between $15 to $20. 1. Select two competing brands in a product category and evaluate each brands packaging using the VIEW ( Visibility Information Emotion Workability ) model. 2. Which brand has superior packaging? 3. Suggest ways to improve the other brand’s packaging...
Consumer Behavior Research Paper
Research paper will be at least 8 - 10 pages, APA formatted, based on a topic related to the text and approved by your professor Consumer Behavior.  Your Final Research Paper is due this week.  Please submit assignment to the appropriate SafeAssign.
Just fix my research paper
I just need someone for fix my research paper in 7 pages. That’s it. Super simple. My research paper is all set. concluded. It was giving 71% of similarity with Turnitin. I would just like it to decrease to 15%. And it's also okay to less pages. Final Research Paper As a learning outcome of 10 weeks of principle management course, you are asked to analyze one company..
Marketing Research
research about INDIA 1 Economic Analysis • Analyze the country’s economic soundness for your product or service • Provide the economic data that serve as a basis for an evaluation of the economic soundness (i.e. GDP, GNP, Unemployment Rate, Currency Strength, Balance of Trade, Purchasing Power, etc.) and discuss what implications the data for your business..
Research Paper Outline
Submit research paper outline. Minimum 2 pages, topic, structure, analysis, and references (5 journal articles). The paper should include the following: Consumer Behavior Strategy Elements of Motivation Psychology of the Consumer Products/Services Decision Making Demand Analysis Conclusion
Research Paper of one case company (ADIDAS)
Final Research Paper You are asked to analyze one company, suggest solutions, and recommend better strategies. This written paper assesses your writing in academic format, APA style, citing scholarly sources and top tier economic news paper, and bring your recommendation in formal tone
Marketing Electric Cars
Would you like to own an all-electric car? Do you think there is a viable market for such a product? Provide secondary data to research the viability of selling electric cars profitably. Utilize some of the sources mentioned on chapter 10 of our eBook. Try to determine the population of electric-car buyers. Provide a research report based on your findings...
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