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Research Paper on the Bio-Ethics of Force Feeding in Guantamo Bay
This is a legal paper about force feeding at Guantanamo Bay. As such, there needs to be plenty of legal talk. There are many cases out there directly on point. The paper needs a big historic piece. Do people have the right to starve under prisoner rights? Are they technically patients? What are the patients rights? Start broad. Person's right to not be force fed...
City and County Home Incarceration Programs and the Benefits
4 page paper APA format 8 citations 4 sources minimum Description of Home Incarceration Programs that cities and counties jail administrators would be responsible for supervising. This is an alternative to incarceration, but is the responsibility of the Jail Administrator to manage. Prefer programs referenced in east coast states like South Carolina,..
Different paths of drone regulations between Us and Europe
The relevant and current legal aspects of the topic must be addressed in the paper. Legal aspects encompass statutes, court or agency cases,legal treatises, legal journals,legal articles, legal casebooks, legal textbooks, agency regulations,international law and treaties. . Research Paper Length: At least 7 pages, but not more than 10 pages. The cover..
Canadian Competition Law and Paralegal Professional Conduct
This is to be written as a research paper, please use footnotes to cite your resources. The details of the assignment are below. Note that this assignment pertains to Canadian Competition Law and Canadian Paralegal Professional Conduct. 1. You are counsel to Client A. Client A has discovered that several of its employees were engaged in pricing discussions..
White-Collar Cybercrime- White-Collar Crime_ Cybercrime_ or Both
Do any independent research on the subject that may be necessary or desirable. 3. Produce a reaction paper that meets the academic requirements, to wit: a. All submissions must be typed on a Word document, double-spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman font. b. Put class, name, and date at top 1st page c. Students may not submit course work from other classes. d...
How Europe and North Atlantic ICAO region are affected by the influence areas
Influence Area #1: Religious and Societal Norms; Rights and Liberty #2: Language and Communication Issue #3: Infrastructure Issue #4: security Issues #5: Safety Issue #6: Environment and Weather Issues Evaluate and define all six (6) Influence Areas (listed above) in Europe and North Atlantic ICAO Region. Research papers will be graded based on the student’s..
Do any independent research on the subject that may be necessary or desirable. 3. Produce a reaction paper that meets the academic requirements, to wit: a. All submissions must be typed on a Word document, double-spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman font. b. Put class, name, and date at top 1st page c. Students may not submit course work from other classes. d...
Cell Phone Search Warrant Ruling - Police Chief Magazine PDFA and Riley v California Ruling
1: Read the provided material (all of the articles in the document): Cell Phone Search Warrant Ruling - Police Chief Magazine PDFA.pdfPreview the document Riley v California Ruling.pdfPreview the document 2: Do any independent research on the subject that may be necessary or desirable. 3. Produce a reaction paper that meets the academic requirements, to..
Malpractice and Negligence Lawsuits in Nursing Facilities
Must include works cited. Has to be in MLA format, 10-12 pages. Paper should have 10 references. Each reference has to be cited at least once in the body of the paper. Has to be in depth understanding of the topic. Research should include journals, newspapers, magazines, and books. 12 font Times of the New Roman double-spaced, Will be submitted through Turn it in...
Assignment 2: Incorporating Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development into the Justice System
Imagine you are the chief of police. As the chief of police, you will need to ensure that your law enforcement officers lead ethical careers. In order to prepare for this assignment, review Chapters 7 through 9 in the textbook. Then, research Kohlberg’s stages of moral development and find at least two (2) relevant articles that discuss Kohlberg’s theory, Means..
Research Paper - Reforming Singaporean Evidence Law Regarding Hearsay
This Research Paper (RP) requires some basic understanding about common law evidence law and about the law regarding hearsay in particular. The writer of this RP is supposed to pretend to be a member of a law reform committee and to suggest a reform for Singapore's hearsay law. The paper should also include comparisons of two other common law jurisdictions regarding..
Expand traditional research pproach to ascertain legal meaning.
Question (STRICT word count 3,500) The doctrinal, historical and comparative research methods each take a unique approach to ascertaining legal meaning. However, given the complex nature of law there has increasingly been a need to expand research methods beyond these approaches. Critically evaluate this statement and discuss why and to what extent it..
mentally ill Prisoners Be Subject To Disciplinary Punishment For Infractions Of The Behavioral Code
i need this paper to be five pages long and needs to receive no less than an A. Develop a five (5) page “White Paper” in which you identify a specific criminal justice policy that is being considered by your employer, describe the positive and negative aspects of the proposed policy, make a recommendation whether or not to adopt the policy, explain the reasons for..
How does the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution create a basis for inmate lawsuits?
Use the American Psychological Association (APA) reference style. The paper should be at least 5-7 pages (typed and double spaced) pages in length, excluding the title page, references and appendices. Include a Title Page, Abstract and Reference Page. Appendices are optional. The paper must include an introduction, body and conclusion. The paper also must..
Energy Dependant Nations: Contemporary approaches to avoiding Dutch Disease
Write a 5000 word research paper on how The current trends in oil and gas markets, the dynamics of the global economy, and the focus on sustainability make it nearly impossible for Oil exporting states in the GCC to fall victim to Dutch’s disease (the resource curse).
Stare Decisis: An establishment of unyielding power under stability in law.
identify the current law in relation to the issue, and then identify at least two sides to the issue. You will discuss the position of each side and explore how social practice and understanding may contradict or defy law identify the current law in relation to the issue, and then identify at least two sides to the issue. You will discuss the position of each side..
Interaction between Law enforcement and minorities and how its portrayed to us through media
POL 7200 Fall 2018 Purpose: To apply the concepts of the course into a specific set of policy options for the Mayor/ Police Commissioner or governmental executive. Task: Prepare a report for a current problem facing U.S. law enforcement and our multi cultural communities. Components: ideas to assist you in the formation of your report Define the problem including..
Criminal Procedure – Probable Cause Article Summary
Find a recent news article on the Internet that concerns probable cause and criminal procedure. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word summary of the article in which you analyze the requirements for search and arrest warrants, and how they relate to the right to privacy and probable cause. In addition, discuss exceptions to warrant requirements...
Common Law Lawyers with Expertise in Corporate Law Only
This research paper comprises 2.500 words. It is about writing a comment on a recent corporate law case in Singapore, which deals mainly with s 216 of the Companies Act. The write must hold a law degree and have knowledge about corporate law, preferably about Singaporean corporate law. The deadline is Wednesday 24.10.2018 12pm...
Sextortion: The case of Amanda Todd and similar cases
In the said topic, I would want to focus on the following pointers: 1. Going to the actual an derived meaning of the concept ‘Sextortion’ 2. Analysis of the regulatory and jurisdictional issues and challenges faced by the regulatory authorities. 3. Take on ‘Sextortion’ by pro-porn feminists. 4. Why is there a lack of awareness when it comes to ‘Sextortion’ and..
droit des affaires lois QUÉBECOISES ET CANADIENNES IN FRENCH and\fr web site in french and english Tasks to be carried out: 1- Analyze the legal problems described 2- seek in the laws, regulations, jurisprudence, the information allowing to propose solutions 3- Respecting legal technology evaluation criteria 1-page-title 2-tables of contents 3-use of a word processor..
Management Paper - "International tax and antitrust law" & "Company & Corporation Law"
In context "International Law": Practical management paper with two big sections about "International tax and antitrust law" and "Company & Corporation Law" It should be more about the application in practice and what to consider in these areas than a literature research. Application in international business but also with a focus on business from Austria..
Exploration of U.S. Anti Trust Laws: Should Gov't Regulate Business?
The research paper shall be no less than ten (10) pages and no more than fifteen (15) pages in length, excluding title page, table of contents, abstracts, charts, pictures and bibliography. The paper should be double-spaced, with standard one -inch margins. The paper must cite at least four (4) sources and at least two (2) electronic (internet based sources)...
Juvenile and Adult Courts: A Comparative Analysis Paper
Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper comparing juvenile courts with adult courts. Include the following in your paper: Select a U.S. Supreme Court case from Ch. 4 of The Juvenile Justice System, or another relevant juvenile court case. Describe your case and the legal issues facing the juvenile and the court. Analyze the possible outcome of the case if the juvenile..
Research Project Part 1- Cultural Communication Values and Intercultural Communication Challenges Paper
Select a culture to research throughout the semester. (EGYPTIAN CULTURE) This first paper will analyze what you find out about the culture 1) from depictions of the cultural group in U.S. media and 2) from academic journals or scholarly references explaining the communication/values of the cultural group. Write 1,000-1,250 words in response to the following:..
US constitution since ratification in 1788 to today.
To the Following Standard: Identifies key elements of the constitution when ratified and major amendments since then; designs a research plan to acquire necessary background information; researches and collects such information, and writes an essay on the significant legal issues identified through research. Step 1 - Chose a theme To help you focus your..
Homeland Security Policy applied to ISIS terrorist group.
This is a three-part paper. Provide a research and policy paper which examines ISIS terrorist groups’ ideology, structure, targets, and tactics. Secondly, analyzing a homeland security policy "counter terrorism" and how it applies to terrorist group ISIS. Third, the paper should target at preventing, protecting, or responding to terrorist incidents..
Why DoD 1033 program is legal and good for law enforcement
The paper needs to be broken down into sections. Start with what current scholarship says about the 1033 program, go to what it actually is, then what the role of police in the united states is and the finish with how the 1033 program supports that role. I will need a source list as well to double check accuracy...
You should select an ethical issue that either has occurred or might occur in a medical practice. Write an analysis of the issue and potential decisions or solutions, using the concepts introduced in your study units. You might pick one of the following: A situation currently in the news, An ethics dilemma witnessed in a medical practice either as an employee..
Patentability and Subject Matter Exclusions in Pharmaceuticals and Biologics in Singapore
Dear sir/madam, Please prepare a memo with blue book style referencing. The memo is on patents in Singapore particularly in relation to pharmaceutical industry. Please highlight the subject matter exclusions for patents in Singapore especially in relation to pharmaceutical industry. Please provide an introduction to patent legal structure in Singapore..
Is Globalization compatible with Regionalism? Explain your reasoning.
This is a Research essay and it requires a deep research. The major essay will be graded on: (i) your capacity to thoroughly research a topic (ii) your comprehension of material you have read and (iii) your capacity to develop a structured, reasoned and evidenced argument in response to the selected question..
Juvenile Justice and lack there of in the united states
DUE IN 17 HOURS define justice What is our justice system and how does it work? What is juvenile justice? Include and elaborate on the statistics of black and white juvenile youth. ex. how many white youths are convicted compared to black youths.. etc Discuss and make a comparison between the stories of Emette Till, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Tony Robinson, (Mitchell..
Criminal Justice System Research and Analysis Paper
What is the disproportionate minority contact in the criminal justice system? What are the 6 states doing to address it? Are any of their efforts effective? Why or why not? What is the impact on juveniles from this contact? Do the concepts make sense? Do you agree with how things are done in the US Court System? Could something be done in a better, more efficient,..
Self-defense Ad bellum necessity and proportionality (INTERNATIONAL LAW)
Read resource 1 (Specify what jus ad bellum necessity and proportionality is and draw its distinction with in bello) Then, read case 1, 2, and 3. Analysis jus ad bellum necessity and proportionality for case 1, with backing up examples from case 2 and 3. List major questions on ad bellum regarding to case 1. Could see example 1 for how its done for in bello necessity..
Case Analyis (Applying self-defense/ ad bellum necessity and proportionality)
Read the attachments (Especially the case!! Please format according to word file: proportionality and necessity issue draft 1 but do not overlap; the other file is a resource). 1. Provide a more robust application of the law to the facts in the final subsection, but don’t come to any decisions provide a map rather than a path through the law 2. Discuss non-state..
Law Poverty and Programs which help high school dropouts
The 'full' draft is due April 3rd, with the final draft being due April 20. The full draft might not be read by the professor so cititations, etc might not be as necessary as it would be by the final date. This paper is the culmination of a semester of discussion about law, poverty and solutions/realities. The assignment is as such: There are realities that exist in..
Is there fairness in travel time for law enforcement trainees?
The research paper is focused using the Fair Labor Standards Act, and include any Supreme Court Cases to support or deny. The research paper will be 5 to 10 page paper containing at least 5 references. Do not use Wikipedia and other unproven sources of information. Sources must be cited, in-text citation, and reference page. Use news articles, peer-reviewed..
ou will identify and describe federal and local community resources
In this assignment, you will identify and describe federal and local community resources for the prevention and treatment of substance use. This assignment contains two parts: Part One: Resource Directory Identify 5 federal and 10 local community resources for addiction and substance use. Create a table of the 15 resources that will serve as an information..
Illegal immigrants/refugees in detention facilities in Texas
Explain the difference in perspective between the State of Texas and the federal government, be it a federal agency, federal court and/or Congress. What response would be to the greater benefit of Texas? Follow MLA style with a cover page (include word count), works cited page. All references are to be documented within the body of the assignment and on the Works..
Whether the Child Sex Abuse (Justice for Survivors) Act 2016 (Cth) is constitutionally valid, and 2. Whether the Consequences for Cover Ups Act 2016 (NSW) is constitutionally valid.
The Commonwealth Government believes that the evidence presented to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse is shocking. The Royal Commission is ongoing and is not due to present its Final Report for several more months. Based on the evidence to the Royal Commission revealed so far, the Commonwealth Government has formed the view..
French social law: Moral and Sexual Harassment At Work - Laws, French Penal Code, Analysis
Moral and Sexual Harassment at work; French Law constituent facts and evidence Presentation of the issues. Census of legislation in the broad sense. Analysis of the doctrine. Presentation of the most important French judgments (the contributions of these judgments). Identification of the problem (s) inherent to the question. Issues / Situation Report..
The family law system encourages parents to try and agree on arrangements for their children without having to go to court.’ Is the approach of avoiding the court necessarily the best outcome? Critically discuss and refer to appropriate literature, legis
How to draft a killer legal memorandum Caroline Mense, Lawyer, August 15 2015 Law Students and Young Lawyers, a well written memorandum can make or break your early legal career. Here are four tips to sharpen your writing style. Tip 1: Be clear  Identify the issues you are researching and flag the order you will discuss each topic. This helps to clearly identify..
#1) Controversial law enforcement Technology #2) Predictive Policing
This is a two assignment (2 research papers) order. The first research paper is 12 pages and needs a cover, abstract, and reference page. The second is a 6 page research paper and needs a cover, abstract, and reference page. Please read all instructions and deadlines.
Identifying authorial contributions in music – an analysis of the application of copyright law
Identifying authorial contributions – an analysis of the application of copyright law to performers, record producers and sound engineers I there could be some reference to jazz and jazz performers - Satin Doll + Hadley v Kemp
An analysis of the application of copyright law to performers, record producers and sound engineers
Identifying authorial contributions – an analysis of the application of copyright law to performers, record producers and sound engineers I there could be some reference to jazz and jazz performers - Satin Doll + Hadley v Kemp
Contested Adoption and Terminating Parental Rights in Washington State
Looking for an EXPERIENCED research paper writer I am looking for a writer to help with a research paper. This is a tight turn around. I need research, citations, an outline, a rough draft and a final paper. I need someone who knows how to research law and write a legal research paper. I have specific criteria I need. I need someone who will keep in close contact with..
MLA 5 page research paper on "Why online poker should be legal"
Ok, I tried to click on your order for $25. I have about 5 sources I used in the "reflections" which you can also use as sources. I just need a proper MLA format paper by midnight tomorrow. I attached the sources I used , which you can go from.. Just a general "Why playing online poker should be legal" with solid sources...
“Are losses from tournament poker subject to the loss limitation in code section 165D”
Does a tournament poker player have their losses limited as any other gambling poker player under section 165D, or are they treated differently more like losses from an entertainment or sporting event so that they can deduct them above section 162 above the line in full?
Why Aren't Domestic Hate Groups who perform acts of terror Considered as Terrorist?
APA Format The paper must relate to the topic of the course. It should be at least 4-5 pages long, 12 point font, saved in Microsoft Word, Chicago or APA format, four sources -- at least one a scholarly publication. If possible, include one primary source.
Thesis and Background of the law that you have chosen to study.
my task in this group project is C I have change thae color of my task to red in the instruction file we have chosen this Law The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 (ECPA Pub. L. 99-508, Oct. 21, 1986, 100 Stat. 1848, 18 U.S.C. § 2510)[2] was enacted by the United States Congress to extend government restrictions on wire taps from telephone calls to include..
Liability for slips & Corporate Criminal Liabilities
Project 3 Liability for slips The Directors of Speedy Roofing Ltd. are concerned that the number of injury claims has been increasing lately. Roofers are not yet falling off roofs but are suffering repetitive strain injuries, twisted ankles from poor footing, minor abrasion injuries from handling materials and generally have a higher injury rate and higher..
U.S.A corruption Between correctional officers and detectives
The research paper has to be based about corruption between correctional officers and detectives in the United States of America, it would be great idea if you found of any case in New York city but it does not necessarily has to be in NY. Please mention about The Larry Davis Story. ONLY reliable web sources that are educated not gossip sources. NO PLAGIARISMS!,..
A policy of racial profiling by police officers to reduce and prevent crime on the streets
write a 10 – 12 page research paper on an important ethical subject where they develop and ethics policy. In essence, you have the opportunity to solve an ethical dilemma on a grand scale. Students should identify an ethical topic they are interested in studying and create a policy and/or a recommendation to a state governing agency about how this ethical issue..
Third Party Custody Court Process for Non-Biologically Related Caregivers/Petitioners
We can either approach this as a research paper (which I already started a rough draft) or we can approach it by making an artifact (instruction manual for filing in Washington State) along with an analysis paper. I am good either way but figure a research paper may be easier...
Third Party Custody Court Process for Non Biologically Related Caregivers
I am working on my Senior Project. I need to write a research paper OR create an artifact using about 30 citations. I am hoping to create a manual that provides a procedural overview of third party custody motions (what forms to use and the laws surrounding these cases) BUT I am OPEN to a very well written research paper as well...
The action plan proposal is to be no less than 1500 words
First Assignment 10 Points Write your abstract page and paragraph that you will be using for your major paper assignment This will be the paragraph and page you will use in APA format for your paper that is due at the end of the class. Second Assignment 10 points Please write and format your reference page that you will use for your final paper in this course. These..
Corporate planning and the practice of treaty shopping in international investment projects.
This is a 20-page final paper, it needs to have proper citation just a plain article. Each student will write a 20-25 page (7,000 words) term paper on a topic related to a comment on an international investment arbitration award or decision, or topics in the applicability of Bilateral Investment Treaties (BIT) standards in investment transactions...
Saudi Arabia's role in lifting the oil embargo of 1973
Deadline MONDAY May 2 at 5 pm MAXIMUM!!! Analyze international negotiation strategies and tactics used by a particular party. You also should suggest any alternative negotiation strategies and tactics you believe might have produced better results for the particular party you have chosen. The paper provides an opportunity to learn how to apply negotiation..
John Allen Muhammad and Lee Malvo ( "Beltway sniper attacks)
I have to research the case John Allen Muhammad and Lee Malvo ( "Beltway sniper attacks) and answer the following questions. Please format your paper with the following headings: a/ What are the FACTS of the trial? b/ What is the CRIME or CRIMES that the defendant was on trial for? c/ What, if any, DEFENSES were presented during the trial? d/ What if any unique ISSUES..
Law for community service workers assignment research paper
Write a research paper discussing a current law pertaining to community service workers. Think of the journalist questions in your writing, however, i would like it written in essay format (intro, body, conclusion). Headings are appropriate, but simple Q & A is not acceptable for this assignment. 1. Who wrote it 2. For what demographic group is it written? 3...
Business Law Legislation or Business Organization:  
Instructions are given in the attached file. But in short this assignment has to be 5 pages double space. You have to choose one topic and write about it. Everything specific is given there. Thanks a lot
Oil Spills, Wetlands, Local business
Part A 1. Describe two (2) legislation that have been implemented to minimize the damage caused by oil spills. 2. Describe two (2) measures taken to protect wetlands in the United States. Part B Find two (2) examples of businesses in your local community that attempt to disclaim liability for damage to or loss of bailed property (usually, the disclaimer is in the..
Coca-Cola and American with Disabilities Act
Part A Using the Internet as a resource, research the Coca-Cola Company’s efforts to keep its soft drink formula a trade secret over the course of the company’s (and the soft drink’s) one hundred-year-plus history. ⦁ Provide a brief summary of The Coca-Cola Company’s efforts to protect its soft drink formula as a trade secret. ⦁ Describe one (1) challenge the..
Ethics and Social Responsibility (free topic)
Make it more relatable to law. can try to explore gaps in the law. make it 5-6 pages.
Canadian Criminal Law Assingment
You are to Write a paper regarding these files that i have provided you, you are suppose to read the articles and answer the question , "should judges have wide discretion in deciding sentences, or should Parliament limit judges' discretion by enacting mandatory sentences for certain crimes?" you are to follow all the instructions in the mini assignment 2 word..
A description of a business situation that presents a legal and ethical issue
The main body of the paper need to be at least 11 full pages. Use the attachment which is the given outline. The paper needs a table of contents. Use the 10 sources in the provided outline. Use the provided outline to write the paper. Paper also needs an abstract. I will pay 4 dollars a page.I will reduce page count for bidding purposes only I need at least 15 pages at 4..
6th Amendment Right for Speedy Trial
Research the 6th amendment right to a speedy trail portion of the amendment. Review write about the amendment and its history and legal cases that involve that amendment. Answer the below questions: What was the rationale for your amendment? Have there been Supreme Court cases on your this amendment? In your closing you give your personal analysis of the benefit..
Business Law: Legal Research Paper
NEED THIS BY: 20 HOURS!!! PLEASE LOOK AT THE EXAMPLE The objective of this project is to familiarize the student with applicable legal restraints on business. It is important that each prospective business manager be able to locate applicable law regulating the business activity; be able to understand the goal sought by the legislation; be able to understand..
Employee or not
Imagine you own a small business and after a year in business you have decided to hire a bookkeeper for 2 hours every Friday to bring your books up to date and to process payroll. You want the work performed at your business using the business's computer and software. The bookkeeper's work is very specific and you are paying $25 per hour. Scenario 2: Imagine you start..
final paper 2
identification and discussion of the qualifications required for an individual in the selected role; 3. identification and evaluation of the interactions the selected role has with at least three other criminal justice professions involved with the court system; 4. identification and evaluation of potential ethical concerns or issues that the selected..
final project
evaluation of how the selected theory impacts an individual’s decision to commit crime and how it assists criminal justice professionals in understanding criminal activity. Information presented in each section should be supported with scholarly resources. A 12-point Times New Roman font must be used in the paper.  Double-spacing must be used throughout..
Touch DNA Analysis
Research Paper This assignment is to write a scholarly research paper that is to be based on a forensic discipline or new forensic field that is using fairly new technology to investigate crime. Students are to choose one of the following topics: Computer Forensics Forensic Nursing Serology/Biology (CODIS database) Fingerprint Analysis (AFIS and IAFIS database)..
Employee or Not
Scenario 1: Imagine you own a small business and after a year in business you have decided to hire a bookkeeper for 2 hours every Friday to bring your books up to date and to process payroll. You want the work performed at your business using the business's computer and software. The bookkeeper's work is very specific and you are paying $25 per hour. Scenario 2: Imagine..
Business Torts and ethics
Imagine you own Springfield Arms Apartments, a business that rents primarily to students. One evening, your tenant Sharon is attacked by an intruder who forces the lock on the sliding glass door of her ground-floor apartment. Sharon's screams attract the attention of Darryl, your resident manager, who comes to Sharon's aid. Together, Darryl and Sharon drive..
Transgender in the workplace
This is for an HR Masters program. A portion of the paper is written. Needs a transmittal memo 10 + references that are journal articles
Project 2 - Research Paper       
Everything is included in the word docx. Also If possible please complete by March 5 11:59pm
the law and binge drinking
to successfully complete this project, you will be expected to: Evaluate criminal justice policies and programs targeted for societal change within the United States. Analyze the roles and responsibilities of a practitioner-scholar in the public safety field in relation to the policy analysis process. Analyze how discriminatory practices are addressed..
intellectual property clause reguarding ownership of employee created works
•Explain the legal issues addressed by your selected topic/clause and how your contract clause can be applied within a business managerial setting. •Summarize the potential legal defenses available to contract formation. •Evaluate the potential remedies for breach of contract that might be available if someone breached the contract clause you created..
Business Torts and Ethics
- Imagine you own Springfield Arms Apartments, a business that rents primarily to students. One evening, your tenant Sharon is attacked by an intruder who forces the lock on the sliding glass door of her ground-floor apartment. Sharon's screams attract the attention of Darryl, your resident manager, who comes to Sharon's aid. Together, Darryl and Sharon drive..
legal research what constitutes an escrow agreement in United Kingdom Law
I need the case law references including Privy Council to substantiate the legal points. This must be with respect to English Law. Its a legal opinion
Contract Law Drafting Exercise
Draft a contract clause, containing a minimum of 175 words, regarding one of the following topics: •Intellectual Property Clause regarding company ownership of employee created works •Intellectual Property Clause regarding a third party's use of at least two types of your business' intellectual property Discuss the following in a minimum of 875 words:..
Chicago Manual of Style strict format - 20 pages double spaced with footnotes and bibliography. Upper Class Senior at top university.
prisons and prisoners
write a research paper on the topic of prisons and prisoners
In which case, a juvenile offender should be punished the same way as an adult?
I would like you to find a peer-reviewed journal article that is related to juvenile justice and provide the necessary support to show that you have a solid understanding of the article. I would like you to give your perspective concerning the article. However, I do not want the entire article to be your perspective. Make sure to properly reference any and all support..
course project
In part two of the Course Project, you will present an annotated bibliography of the resources that have been identified for use in the final paper. The annotated bibliography may also include any resources utilized in part one of the Course Project. The annotated bibliography must include a minimum of six scholarly resources that you plan to utilize in the research..
Research Paper
Part 2 of the Research Paper includes the section focused upon the selected criminological theory. In this section, students will (1) discuss the foundations and principles of the theory, (2) compare and contrast the theory to at least two other criminological theories, and (3) discuss why this theory was selected to explain why an individual decides to commit..
Disability Law
The writer has to find a topic on "disability law". It can be any topic. I need an outline/ research proposal for my thesis on the topic the writer need finds me. The research proposal should include... Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Conclusion
How does the Fourth Amendment affect NYC stop and frisk practices?
Your 20-page paper must be saved as a Word document. The paper’s topic can only be based on an issue covered in the course. All papers must be formatted in the APA citation method. Students will use the American Psychological Association (APA) style for written assignments, as appropriate. Single or double spaced is acceptable. Graphs/pictures are acceptable,..
trial New York against Thomas Morrison and James Durkin case ID 3073
ITS TWO PARTS, FISRT ANOTATION BIBILIOGRAPPHY AND THEN FINAL PAPER. This assignment is to begin researching and create an annotated bibliography to contextualize the trial used for your trial summary. Your assignment must contain 2-3 scholarly secondary sources (academic journal articles and/or books). A secondary source is a source that has been written..
The Role and Functions of Law
Create a diagram outlining the structure of the federal judicial system. Discuss the roles of law and courts in today's business environment using a minimum of 525 words. Include the following: Explain the purpose of business law and how the judicial system fits into society -- including business. Differentiate the federal court structure from your state's..
Federal Health Care Reform Laws
Health insurance reform has been the subject of political debate since the early part of the 20th century and continues to be a contentious issue. • Give a history of the laws pertaining to federal health care reform and discuss the current health care reform law. • Include in your discussion how religion has played a role in shaping health care reform laws. • Your..
Juvenile Delinquency
I'm in Need of All of the Articles you've done (I.E Quantitative, Qualitative) I have two more that is also needed to be included to be summed up into One APA-Format research paper 5pgs Followed up by: Introduction , literature review, methodology (survey), results, discussion, and conclusion. All sentences must be cited and Reference page is a must...... I..
Crime & Uneployment
Research Paper on the Topic above: Which must include How was Crime And Unemployment before and How is it now?? Costs of being Unemployed?? The Long Term & Short term effects it have on individuals (I.e Tension in the home, Mental Health, etc) Crime and Index ?? How might it effect society/ Property crimes MUST Description Research Paper on the Topic above: Which..
The opioid epidemic: overprescribing by physicians
Please write 12 pages not including references at 12 font, double space times new Roman. There should be two references for each page, try to use scholarly sources. The topics are listed below. Stick to each of the topics no introduction necessary. Also, this paper pertains to the overprescribing by physicians. -the opioid crisis response act -naloxone access..
Police Discretion
Must contain four outside sources, at least two of which must come from the UMUC Library data base. Type the reference "citation" information for the book, article, or document using the APA formatting standards. Create a annotated bibliography. Each reference is to be followed by the annotation. Write a concise annotation (150 words) for each reference that..
International Law, State Jurisdiction and Indigenous
Research Essay. look at the The foreshore and seabed act 2004 and the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011. firstly view and analyses the Marine and Coastal act 2011, what benefits/Customary Rights are given to the Maoris as Indigenous of New Zealand. secondly view the the Foreshore and seabed act 2004. what are the rights provided between those two..
Carpenter v. United States
Complete a case essay on any United States Supreme Court case that involves an interpretation of the Constitution - this encompasses most of the cases that come before the Supreme Court. - Your essay should be around 2 pages and contain the following information: - Who is involved in the case? - How has the case moved through the legal system (who filed it, in what..
Contract Law Drafting Exercise
Draft a contract clause, containing a minimum of 175 words, regarding one of the following topics: Intellectual Property Clause regarding company ownership of employee created works Intellectual Property Clause regarding a third party's use of at least two types of your business' intellectual property Discuss the following in a minimum of 875 words: Explain..
Write a 8-page research paper on that topic, making use of a minimum of 5 different sources. The paper must be written in Turabian format. Research Paper ......Court systems require effective leadership and management practices to respond to important issues, such as public trust and confidence, court and community collaboration, and timeliness and consistency...
The Thin Line Between Terrorism & Mental Illnesses
Research Questions: Is the insanity defence a loophole for terrorists in Canada, the UK and USA? Can the Insanity defence be misused by terrorists? -For my research, I’ll focus on the insanity defence law and terrorism-related court cases in Canada, the UK and USA (if not enough examples were found in these counties, then talk about Europe too). I’ll investigate..
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