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“Compare and contrast U.S. and foreign telecommunications environments: Industry, Laws and Regulations”.
The paper should be 10-12 pages of text in length. Excluding title page, abstract, and references. The topic of the research paper is “Compare and contrast U.S. and foreign telecommunications environments: Industry, Laws and Regulations". The overall purpose of the Individual Research Paper is to give each student an opportunity to thoroughly study, research,..
Security breaches in USA and Information Technology
Security breaches in USA and how companies have over come them with the help of informational technology. The companies who this research paper should focus on: Facebook and Target. 9 pages AND a reference so 10 pgs total page 12 point font double space APA method. More detailed outline attached.
The Information Technology Skills Gap and Job Market Crisis
The Research Paper will consist of not less than 10 pages (standard double-spaced with 1 inch margins all around) of TEXT in length (Title Pages, Tables of Content, figures, pictures, graphs, and references will not be counted as text. Title Page is required. Table of Contents is not required; an Abstract is required.) At this point, let me remind you that if you..
An existing or emerging technology and its ethical impact
. research an existing or emerging technology and its ethical impact using the Web for the topic and questions that you selected for Paper C1. Please ensure that your research for this assignment addresses the ethical issues of an existing or emerging technology!
Creating Use Cases Project(applied system analysis)
this is a two part assignment part 1 Create the use-case model diagrams for two (2) subjects. Create use-case descriptions for at least two of the use cases you are using in each of your use-case models. part 2 Develop sequence diagrams for two use-case scenarios from your part 1. Justify any assumptions on some of the messages passed between objects...
What Knowledge, Skills and Abilities do Managers need in order to perform their tasks effectively?
Do not forget that your work will be submitted through Turn-it-in, a plagiarism detection tool. If this tool indicates that you have plagiarised, then you will receive a mark of 0%. Your document must be 2000 words. An allowance of 10% less or more words applies to allow for content such as content page, bibliography etc… Students are expected to use the written..
History and Development of Important Sites on the Web  are  Netflix the assignments The reports you prepare will be a major part of the information to be provided in your website. The reports should be written as a traditional academic paper (such as you might prepare for an English or psychology class). They should be all text, with no pictures, graphics, graphs, or visuals of any kind. They should..
Information security vs Information privacy: compare and contrast
In the era of big data and the Internet of Things, information security and information privacy are often used for the same purpose. Consumers and even security professionals can rarely articulate the differences and/similarities between information privacy and information security. Compare and contrast the two paradigms (Information security and Information..
Assignment 1: Developing the Corporate Strategy for Information Security
1. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is responsible for several functions within an organization. a. Examine three (3) specific functions a CISO and provide examples of when a CISO would execute these functions within the organization. b. Specify at least three (3) competencies that the CISO could perform using the provided Website titled, “..
ifsm 300 -6385 Stage 1: Strategic Use of Technology
Before you begin work on this assignment, be sure you have read the Case Study on Maryland Technology Consultants (MTC). MTC is a fictional company created for IFSM 300’s Case Study. It is also recommended that you review the additional Stages (2, 3 and 4) as well as the vendor brochure provided for Stage 4. This will help you understand the overall report and potential..
Assignment 4: Virtualization and the Cloud Computing World
Describe at least three items that an organization’s IT / IS department should consider when an organization’s strategy calls for the use of SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS. Evaluate the ways that SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS are used to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increase Return on Investment (ROI). Examine the impact to the IT support personnel when an organization..
The impact of high quality video streaming in wireless network on learning process of (name of any college)
Level 8 PG diploma in applied informatics Module - Research in Informatics Note- Attaching someone assignment, but i required better research then him (just passed assignment) Word count- 1000 Format- Required simple research which covers - why choose this topic, significance of the research, Research question, Hypothesis of the research, Methodology,..
Wireless communication and vulnerabilities in network
Two separate research projects . PowerPoint presentation is needed with one of projects. Both research needs outlines due in one week. Follow by two separate researches 10 pages minimum both. Instructions will be given on how both researches should be done. APA style. Not including title pages or references. PowerPoint presentation needs to show creativity...
Strengths Of Asymmetric Algorithm in Cryptography with Modern Day Applications
Paper Requirements: • Length o Minimum 2 pages o Double spaced o Times New Roman Font • APA style ( • At least 2 works cited • At least 2 of your references have to be scholarly peer-reviewed articles • Research paper will be checked for plagiarism so be sure to correctly cite your sources! Need to be completed..
how information technology has enhanced the use of computer-assisted. ( See Instructions for full title )
Continuation title: how information technology has enhanced the use of computer-assisted education in the elementary school classroom, and the possible positive and negative impacts this enhancement provides The paper will require a title page, NO abstract, three to five full pages of content with incorporation of a minimum of 3 external resources from..
information security: Compose a Theoretical Perspective Assignment
Based on your research interest, write a Theoretical Perspective section for your envisioned dissertation research. Note: Please do not confuse this with writing an entire research proposal, and please do not submit assignments from previous courses. Theoretical frameworks provide a basis for the study; examples include social and psychological theories,..
4. Use of Cookies – positive and negative impacts
Paper should be - double-spaced, - margins are set to 1” (left, right, top bottom), - 12 point Arial type is used for all text - headings, if used, are bold but in 12 point Arial type This is the font in normal paragraphs. Heading and title fonts may be in bold, but should remain in 12 point font. Body of the paper is at least three full pages and does not exceed five typed,..
Policy Drafting Research Paper: Internet of Things (IoT)
• Part 1 of the paper should describe the future home identifying the types of internet connected devices that you anticipate, the benefits that such connections may offer and the issues and challenges that such connections present. • Part 2 should provide your recommended policy concerning data collection, sharing, data usage, protection of data collected,..
Historical Timeline and Predecessor Assessment Draft
My paper is going to be about Drones This week, you will submit a draft of your Historical Timeline and Predecessor Assessment. This portion of the Course Project will include a historical timeline that diagrams at least three predecessors to the emergent technology and a written assessment explaining how these technologies influenced the development of..
The pros and cons of using computer-assisted education in the elementary school classroom
The paper will require a title page, NO abstract, three to five full pages of content with incorporation of a minimum of 3 external resources from credible sources and a Works Cited/References page. Wikipedia and similar general information sites, blogs or discussion groups are not considered credible sources for a research project. No more than 10% of the..
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Please see the attached file, the instructions have been outlined in yellow. I will need you to include a "Work Cited" page for your research conducted. {Place your immediately bid, if you want to be hired!!!} "Windows 10 vs MacOS High Sierra: Who's winning the Innovation Market of Technology?
Research Paper - How a Anomaly Based - IDS (Intrusion Detection System) can secure your data
Each student will be asked to create a research paper explicitly related to the text material. The report should begin with a clear definition of the purpose and scope of the research. The paper is to present new material not already covered in the textbook. This will entail finding a topic, and researching a little deeper to uncover new information. The selected..
multithreading versus multiprocessing systems: A comparative study
the topic must be about operating system concepts such as multithreading and multiprocessing. the paper should include: -abstract -introduction -Literature review: is this section you must describe and illustrate what researchers did in this field, and how your paper will be different than others. -results: compare both multiprocessing and multithreading..
Analysis of Selenium in Software verification and validation
Your research paper could focus on an issue that spans one or more of the above subheading topics. Your task would be to analyze your chosen specific issue in Vulnerability Analysis corresponding to your chosen subheading topics and then produce a research report on same. The reference to Session 4 above is for example only. It does not mean you must base your research..
Biometrics – various implementations and the ethical and privacy issues related to the use of biometrics
This assignment has two goals: 1) have students increase their understanding of ethical issues related to the use of information technology through research, and 2) learn to correctly use the tools and techniques within Word to format a research paper, including use of available References and citation tools. These skills will be valuable throughout a student’s..
Cyber Breach Case Research & Control Recommendations
This is a 2 person project. I will need you to complete my half. My 5 cases described in the Project.1.25.2018 template, are attached and titled "5 cases". Please read the instructions carefully in regards to her expectations. I will gather materials from our weekly readings for you to utilize for the research as she wants to know that we are reading her material..
Research Paper #1 - "Examining Key Personnel in the Systems Development Life Cycle"
Research Paper #1 - Examining Key Personnel in the Systems Development Life Cycle Students will utilize the textbook plus a minimum of two other references to examine the key personnel involved in facilitating the Systems Development Life Cycle. This paper will require students to consider the impact and contributions of the Project Manager, Systems Analyst,..
How might technological advancements affect public transportation
The research paper has to be 8 pages long without the cover page and work cited page. But you still have to do a cover page and works cited page as well. Need to use 5 sources minimum. The format of the paper has to be in IEEE format. The class that I'm taking right now for which I have to do the paper for is called "Technology in the Global Arena." I have attached all the required..
Why should designs be created using InDesign versus Photoshop or Illustrator?
Collect at least two outside references to cite in your research report. Using the resources, write a two-page, double-spaced paper on the role of page layout and why professionals use InDesign for creating layouts. Address the following questions in your research paper: Why should designs be created using InDesign versus Photoshop or Illustrator? What..
Cyber Security and its affects on Smart Phone Apps
Write an essay that investigates a connection between your field of study and a problem or controversial issue in society. The audience is people who are generally educated but do not have extensive knowledge of your field. Minimum of 6 sources. At least 3 of these must be from scholarly journals, and all sources should be selected based on reliability, currency,..
Assessing Information System Vulnerabilities and Risk
Use the same organization you used for projects #1 and #2. This OIG Audit Report and recommendations on the OPM Breach should help to develop Enterprise Level Security Plans. See OIG Audit Report on OPM Breach The deliverables for this project are as follows: Security Assessment Report (SAR): This should be an 8-10 page double-spaced Word document with citations..
Evaluate Best Practices of System Administrators to Defend against Blended Attacks
As your company is expanding globally, advanced security risks must be met by stronger measures. Blended attacks have occurred against your competition and senior leaders are concerned. Write a memorandum that provides: An analysis of the blended attacks from your research and what risks they pose. An explanation of the best practices that can be put to use..
Measure the Effectiveness of Efforts Against Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks
Begin by researching two companies that have experienced denial-of-service attacks. Once this has been accomplished, write a paper in which you include the following: -A description of the attacks with full citations. -An assessment of any defended technologies that the companies utilized to help minimize the attacks. -An explanation of the basis of the..
Assess the Successful Detection of Viruses and Malicious Programs
Write a paper that: Evaluates tools that have been invented to detect computer viruses and malicious programs created by hackers to scan network systems. Summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of each of these tools, along with an examination of which types of programs they are best suited for. Analyzes the effectiveness of various antivirus scanners..
Evaluating Return on Investment (ROI) - MIS 440, Module 6
Assignment Choice #1: Evaluating Return on Investment (ROI) Describe how a company can effectively evaluate its return on investment (ROI) when deciding to make use of cloud computing resources. Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length and conform to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. Include at least two scholarly references in addition..
Requirements Gathering and Structuring - MIS 480 Capstone 3
You are an IT manager tasked with assisting your business colleague stakeholders to acquire a new internet-based “order-to-cash” sales system. You are new to this organization and will start this software acquisition process with a clean slate. Develop a well-written and well-organized paper that addresses the following: With offshore and ERP in mind,..
Data Evaluation for Decision Making (MIS 480 - Capstone 2)
Successful, fact-based managerial decision-making depends, in part, on identifying sources of relevant information that are suitable for analysis. However, even with the most suitable information, bias can compromise your decision-making process. For this assignment, you will assume the role of a manager and discuss how you would apply the “CRAP Test,”..
The Millennials, the X and Baby Boomer Generations & Their Use of Technology
Follow APA writing style for your paper. Paper should have the following sections (including the title page and table of contents) 1. COVER PAGE 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 3. ABSTRACT/SUMMARY and KEYWORDS 4. INTRODUCTION 5. REVIEW OF LITERATURE 6. PURPOSE OF THE RESEARCH 7. RESEARCH METHOD 8. _____________________________________ 9. CONCLUSSION / SUMMARY 10...
Telehealth and its Expanding Role in Healthcare Delivery
The history of telehealth will be explained from inception and the growth up until 2012. The benefits and negative aspects of telehealth will be explored from the health system, provider and patient’s perspectives and must include at minimum review of the evidence on health outcomes, costs to implement telehealth systems, maintenance costs, and patient..
Artificial intelligence and the future of Digital Forensics
The emphasis of papers must be analytical, i.e. the paper should pose a research question or problem, and attempt to answer the question or problem with an analysis of available reference material, as well as your own perspective. Do not submit a "how-to" focused document, such as how to use a particular forensic tool. • Research papers must NOT seek merely to..
New Technology - Check Instructions and Attachments
Selecting on a piece of new technology, provide a detail analysis as to how robotics and artificial intelligence can remedy/mitigate some of the problems that you can identify when going through the D, R and the I of the DRIVE framework (find it attached).
Critique Ethical Issues Regarding Information Technology
You have been hired as a consultant in the IT Department at the University. One of the University’s current goals is to minimize security threats and prevent breaches. To accomplish this, you have been asked to research last year’s “major hacks” to understand technology, information security measures, and issues in security management. Prepare a report for..
Article Review of E-Commerce Security threat or attack
Read an article about a current security threat (or attack) while also examining how security measures impact the customer experience. Locate an article that describes a recent security threat (or attack) on an e-commerce site. Choose a threat or attack that occurred within the last 10 years. Read the article, and then draft a two-page paper to address each..
Strategic importance of cloud computing in business organizations
You may use up to three resources found by yourself or your peers as peers as resources for the paper. Research paper basics: 8-10 pages in length APA formatted Minimum six (6) sources – at least two (2) from peer reviewed journals Include an abstract, introduction, and conclusion See rubric for more detailed grading criteria Some good questions to ask yourself..
New technology and their impact in e-commerce business in USA.
Format Requirements: • Font Spacing: 1.5 line spacing • Page numbering: Centre Aligned- Footer • Approximately 3000 to 3500 words in length, excluding diagrams; appendices; and references. • API-6 Referencing. Important Tips: • Spell and Grammar Check your Assignment • Avoid Plagiarism. • The majority of your written work should be your own words...
Clinical Information Systems: Integrating stand-alone systems with the EHR
Now that you understand the EHR and the standards that have been created to ensure that systems can communicate with each other, Chapter 9 discusses Clinical Information Systems. Prepare a paper that discusses the issues and challenges of integrating these stand-alone information systems with an organization’s electronic health record. Also, you should..
Historic Timeline and Predecessor Assessment Draft On Drone
Week 3: Historic Timeline and Predecessor Assessment Draft The student will submit a draft of the Historical Timeline and Predecessor Assessment. This portion of the Course Project will include a historical timeline that diagrams at least three predecessors to the emergent technology and a written assessment explaining how these technologies influenced..
Next Generation Networks Formal Writing Assignment
Discuss (in 2 pages) why the G.711 ITU standard used by the Public System Telephone Network (PSTN) which is also known as a “waveform codec” is not suitable for Voice over IP, and describe the new standards that have been developed (over the years) for voice over IP applications. Also explain why it is critically important for telecommunication professionals..
ERP implementations
discuss why ERP implementations have such a high rate of failure and what businesses can do to help ensure that ERP implementations are successful. Support your response with at least one external resource. The guidelines for your work are as follows: Include your name at the beginning of the paper. Use double-spacing throughout. Incorporate the use of at least..
Big data Analytics
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investigate the association between Depression and Alcohol
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types of computer networks
Conduct research on the types of computer networks used by your employer or a firm you are familiar with. Does this organization have an intranet or extranet? What types of local area network (LAN) topologies do they use? What were the business justifications for their network structures?
Check the attached template and sample paper. Should be plagiarism FREE and perfect APA. Pick a topic and get approval from the professor before starting your work. You can choose to work as a team or as an individual. Follow this template. The rubric for grading of this final research paper is also attached. Here are links for videos describing the process behind..
Cloud Computing
Write a 750 word paper that compares the costs of in-house services and storage versus cloud service and storage providers. Also, describe the advantages and disadvantages of cloud services and storage in comparison to in-house services and storage. Identify two, specific cloud service providers (Comparing Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Microsoft Azule)..
Group Policy and Storage
1- to 2-page technical document on how files and folders are protected on Wadley, Inc.'s network. This will become part of the final install, configuration, and support plan for Wadley, Inc. Include the installation and management of printers, disk management, physical drive options, redundancy, and disk backup plan. Explain how Group Policy will be utilized...
Financial Analysis - Case Study
Dear, Thank you for working on my previous order, as we discussed before this is my second order here and I wish you look into it and accept working on it. one important thing to mentioned, that the deadline is this Friday, Aug, 30 please find attached the assignment requirements, review it and please let me know if there is any further information needed from your..
IT budgeting Solution
IT Budgeting Solutions Many executives of organizations need to be convinced that software is an asset and not an expense. IT managers need to be able to discuss capitalization in a way that will inspire appropriate budgetary support for IT project development. For this assignment, students will analyze an organization. In an effort to support the goal(s)..
IT Consultation
For this assignment, select one of the organizations with a prominent IT department, Google. Once identified, provide the following information that you will share, hypothetically, with an IT director for whom you are consulting: 1. Share an analysis of the accounting challenges or accomplishments the organization seems to have faced with its categorization..
Port Security Research
The topic for your research paper can be anything pertaining to port security, the security of the maritime transportation system, threats to maritime critical infrastructure (including cyber or piracy) or ways that risk can be quantified within a port. You are to prepare your formal graduate research paper in a word document (Times New Roman, Font 12) using..
Scholarly writing week 4
Describe the current technology that you use in the patient care that would benefit from human factors engineering concepts. What are some ways this technology should be improved? Refer to ch. 26 in PDF book attached. Below are other helpful links! Patient Safety Websites: AHRQ Patient Safety Network: National Patient..
Data Life cycle in Cloud Computing
It should include 3 parts: 1. Powerpoint presentation with minimum of 12 slides 2.A one full page single spaced paper discussing the topic 3. A five source annotated bibliography. The sources should be high quality academic references (not techopedia or the like). The annotations for each source should include two paragraphs. The first paragraph should summarize..
Technology in adolescent
- Title Page -Abstract (Summary of your research paper) -Introduction (Background of the Study, Problem statement, Purpose Statement, Research Question/or Hypotheses, rationale of your methodology, Define the terms you are using in your paper.) -Literature Review (Background to the problem, Theory of your paper cited by scholarly peer reviewed articles,..
Experience with Applications
Using my experiences present and past, discuss what operation systems you have used; apple, windows, Unix, and your thoughts about that system. Then what applications you have used such as word processing, spreadsheets, browsers, and discuss which application you use a lot and which one you feel makes you the most productive. Feel free to use examples from..
Scholarly Discussion
Healthcare information systems are changing rapidly with most organizations using their Web presence for multiple purposes. Based upon what you have read and what you see in every day living how do you see Healthcare organizations using Web technology in the future? Web page example in healthcare today:
Innovation in Technology Analysis
Write a 750-1000 word analysis: Technology is required to change at a rapid pace due to the dynamics of a global marketplace. Projects require shorter life cycles, and customers are demanding new products and services delivered in the mode they are using (phone, tablet, computer). IT organizations are required to keep pace with the constantly growing demands..
Discuss and explain several different types of information systems I have used
Using your experiences present and past, provide examples of several major types of information systems you have used. Discuss what their purpose was, how they functioned, and which ones you thought were the best and the ones you thought were the worst and discuss why you think they are/were the best or the worst. Must be 2 scholarly sources,( 1 can be from the textbook)..
Conflict resolution and project success
Approximately one third of all IT projects fail. While there are numerous reasons, including funding, poor requirements, and lack of ROI, the main reason may be due to team dynamics and communication. 1. Provide a summary of the purpose of the project (company details not required). 2. Analyze how team dynamics contributed to the projected failure. Explain..
Executive Summary of Proposed Solution
The new CTO of M3 Credit Union (M3 or Credit Union) is going to present the President and Board of Directors (BOD) an analysis and illustration of gaps in the current architectures. To clarify the analysis, the CTO will feature diagrams in the presentation. Diagrams of current infrastructure are important because the illustration provides a lens into the reusable..
Scholarly Research/Writing
Information technology has been identified as an important factor in transforming the current health care system. Select at least two of the areas listed in your text and discuss how technology can be used in each to support and enhance the work of the nurse. Please refer to the attached PDF Chapter 1 pages 2-31- The handbook of Informatics for Nurses...
Storage Technology will continue to evolve because data influx will never stop
Format the entire paper per APA rules including the cover sheet and use the instructor provided APA paper template An abstract is required; a table of contents is not required Indent all paragraphs .5 inch. Double space with 1” margins, no justification of text State the thesis in the first paragraph of the paper Explain in the beginning of the paper how the document..
Satisfaction and Retention in IT Organization Analysis
Write a 1,000-1,250 word analysis in which you discuss retaining quality technical staff in organizations. Conduct research to discover some reasons why technical staff leave organizations and select one of the reasons. Once selected, describe at least two motivation theories that would best apply to retention strategies. Additionally, your analysis..
Final Research LAS
Using the three uploaded documents compile them into a one paper report. The paper must incorporate all of the following components required for the assignment: A title page, including the student's name An abstract A table of contents An introduction, including a clearly defined thesis statement (roughly one page) A historical timeline that diagrams at..
Web Browsers
Historical Browser ; Konqueror Mainstream Browser; Safari Sea Other Browser ;Monkey
Security in Network Design
You are responsible for completing and turning in a research paper on a network topic of your choice. The paper will be a minimum of a Title Page, a five page body, and a Reference Page. The paper will be written in MS Word, double-spaced using 12-point Arial Font. The paper will have a minimum of 3 references and follow the APA writing style. Be sure to carefully edit..
Interview with IT Manager
Complete an interview with an individual who is currently or formerly an IT manager. Consider interviewing an IT manager who does not work in your organization or one who works in a different department or business unit of your organization. You are, however, allowed to interview your manager if your manager is a manager of an IT department. Use technology and..
Stolen identities and sexual crimes. Who is to blame?
Task: Write an essay using evidence to support a thesis that addresses your research question examining a current issue or event in the news from the perspective of your field of study. The audience is people who are generally educated but do not have extensive knowledge of your field. Length: At least 2000 words Sources: Minimum of 6. At least 3 of these must be..
Current Issues and Trends in Information Technology
7 FULL PGS • Create the paper using MS Word and utilize Source Manager to cite your sources • Papers should be 7 not including the title page or Citation page. • Use Font : New Times Roman and Size: 12 • The content should introduce your topic, provide a Thesis, and have a minimum of three supporting points. The conclusion should briefly touch the supporting points..
Ethical Issues In Computing
Choose one of the topics and write about it, see attached..
IT Department SWOT Analysis
This assignment is an IT Department SWOT Analysis, which is (Strength, Weakness Opportunities and Threats) of Accentura the company I chose. Attached is the main reading source, the rubric, and a flow chart just to give you an outline of the project. The assignment should be tackled from the perspective that I am the department’s IT director. Also paper should..
Incident Detection and Response Plan
Write a document that establishes California Miramar University’s Incident Detection and Response Plan. This is to be based on a hypothetical CMU architecture. This document must include the following elements: 1) Executive Summary 2) Data Security Plan a) Identify and describe California Miramar University Data Types [i.e., the kind of records and information..
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