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NVQ Level 5 Assignment Unit 543
Becoming an Adult: Physical, Cognitive, & Personality Development in Young Adulthood
Due Date: June 15, 2019 Title: Becoming an Adult: Physical, Cognitive, & Personality Development in Young Adulthood The paper may be written on any topic related to the field of Human Growth & Development. The paper should be typewritten in APA format and should be 6-8 pages in length with a minimum of 5 references. (The text may not be counted as a reference). Internet..
Financial Management in Health Care/ class 1 week 1
This assignment will require you to consider several influences to the budgeting process of a health care institution. Here, you will review payer mix and other influences to revenue as you consider revenue factors for the budget. Complete the following for this assignment: For a health care organization of your choice (real or hypothetical), describe the..
project 5 class 2/Health Care Patients: Legal and Ethical Considerations and Issues
Choose a health care issue with controversial ethical and legal implications that was at the center of a high visibility case in the public domain. Some examples of issues include but are not limited to the following: Late term abortion Assisted suicide Surgical errors Patient abuse Parental refusal of medical treatment of minors for religious reasons Transplant..
An argumentative essay on why HIV testing should not be available in drug stores or sold over the counter
Write an argumentative essay of approximately 4 PAGES which demonstrates classical argument form (introduction, arguments, opposing views, refutations, and conclusion). Essay will be on why HIV testing should not be available over the counter or sold in drug stores.
Benchmark - Counselor Ethical Boundaries and Practices
Access the "Counselor Ethical Boundaries and Practices Assignment Guidelines." Complete the project according to the assignment guidelines. Include at least six scholarly resources in addition to the textbook in your paper. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract..
Legal and Ethical Challenges of Cost Containment and Healthcare Reform
Module 13: Critical Thinking Critical Thinking: Case Study – Cost Containment (120 points) Choose a current event pertaining to an effort to contain costs or review this case study:  Russi, A., Chiarion-Sileni, V., Damuzzo, V., Di Sarra, F., Pigozzo, J., & Palozzo, A. C. (2017). Case study on an ipilimumab cost-containment strategy in an Italian hospital...
Techniques in Statistical Analysis/ project 3 class 1
A reputable hospital has high quality ratings from patient satisfaction surveys but is still losing market share. For many years, health care organizations, as well as traditional businesses, have been frustrated that high customer satisfaction scores do not necessarily lead to higher levels of profitability or sales. Prepare a report examining this phenomenon..
write about 10 different sexually transmitted illness, they symptoms and treatment for both men and women.
Choose 10 from these STI’s: 1. Chlamydia 2. Human papillomavirus 3. Genital herpes 4. Gonorrhoea 5. HIV 6. Syphilis 7. Trichomoniasis 8. Bacterial Vaginosis 9. Pelvic Inflammatory 10. Yeast Infection 11. Herpes 12. Candida 13. Hepatitis * No copy and past, rewrite in your own words. * Cite and reference your work, reference your citations (APA Style) no www,..
Underwriting, Risk Selection, and Risk Adjustment (healthcare insurance)
Create a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) form for a private insurer in Saudi Arabia to assess individuals’ health and lifestyle to determine risk and premium cost. The HRA should include a list of questions in a survey format. The survey should include questions to determine: Pre-existing conditions, Lifestyle patterns that could lead to illness, History of..
Dental health of children in the government system
Three Part Research Paper TOPIC OF RESEARCH PAPER - Dental health of children in the government system. Examples of government systems: Group Homes, Foster Care System, and Juvenile Institutes The ADA website provides an A-Z list of clinically relevant, critical, and emerging issues impacting oral public health and is an excellent place to begin your search..
private healthcare in saudi arabia (Ethics in Healthcare)
For this paper, research the private healthcare sector in your country or region. Begin by selecting one of following health concerns as the substantive basis of your research: Diabetes, Heart disease, Child and well-baby care, Aging, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Obesity. Identify what private health services for your chosen problem are available in your..
Final Research Paper - Supervisors' Policy and Procedural Manual
To demonstrate your mastery of the concepts and strategies presented during this course, you will develop a Supervisors’ Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM) for a department operating within a real or fictitious health care facility or organization. You will assume the role of a Human Resources Manager for the health care organization and, during the course,..
reading and evaluating a research article that describes a research study in an aspect of mental health
reading and evaluating an article that describes a research study in an aspect of mental health into a RESEARCH METHODS TABLE template, which I will attach below including materials. Basically filling in the research methods table with understanding from the article which I will send. (800 words excluding referencing) (This table should be completed with..
Health Care Data Analysis and Functions / project 4
You work at a small community-based hospital as a manager in the quality assurance department. One function of your job is to analyze internal data such as medical records, patient surveys, and incident reports to track trends and help improve patient care delivery. Your supervisor just came back from a seminar on quality benchmarking and has asked about your..
Medical Informatics and Administrative Applications
You work for a small community hospital that has recently updated its health record system to a modern electronic health record (EHR) system. As a health care manager, you have been asked to meet with the health information manager (HIM) and analyze the efficiency, security, and privacy of your current health records system. Your organization has very high..
Medical Coding and Billing in the US - A Changing Profession
Must write a term paper on the nature of the complex and struggling economy doctors today need to be extra concerned with the business side of healthcare especially concerning medical coding and billing. The paper needs to be wriiten from a medical coding and billing students viewpoint. It must include the new federal law that went into effect Oct. 1st, 2015 and..
Supervisory Functions in Healthcare / disscussion class 2
Assignment Details Based on your past experiences and the knowledge gained during your course work, consider the following question, and post a substantive initial post: In health care, what are the pros and cons of collaborating with other health care departments both internal and external when separated by physical barriers (e.g., floors, buildings,..
Information Technology in Health Care/ class 1 project
Identify an effective health care organization that utilizes information technology. Analyze the components and requirements of its information systems technology program. Explain the requirements for health care information technology systems to comply with federal, state, and local laws governing patient information security. Assess the risks..
Information Technology in Health Care / class 1 disscussion
Assignment Details Based on your past experiences and the knowledge gained during your coursework, consider the following question, and post a substantive initial post: Why would a health care clinic or hospital need a health information manager? How might having a designated manager help ensure privacy of patient records?..
Alternative Treatment Methods Are a Better Treatment Method for ADD
Task 1 Requirements: A. Compose an appropriate, arguable thesis statement that previews two to four main points. B. Create an annotated bibliography of 10 credible sources that you plan to use in your research paper. 1. Provide a full, APA-formatted reference citation for each source. 2. Provide an annotation (suggested length of 150 words) for each source..
For Profit vs. Not for Profit Organizations/ project class 1
Part 1: Despite the documented challenges that the U.S. health care system faces, it also enjoys a number of advantages over other systems around the world. Choose 2 other countries from around the world and discuss the strengths of the U.S. health care system as compared to these countries from an administrator’s and a third-party payer’s perspectives. In..
For Profit vs. Not for Profit Organizations/ disscussion class 1 week 5
The purpose of the Discussion Board is to allow students to learn through sharing ideas and experiences as they relate to course content and the DB question. Because it is not possible to engage in two-way dialogue after a conversation has ended, no posts to the DB will be accepted after the end of each unit. Although both for-profit and not-for-profit hospitals..
Healthy lifestyle by way of a whole food primary plant based diet combined with physical activity.
1. Reason for choosing this project: (200-300 words) 2. Summarize: a. Plan Stage: Paper clearly addresses the goal or overall aim of what the Improvement Project is trying to accomplish; details obNectives; identifies evidence-based research. Includes introduction, review of literature. • Research and Documentation: Synthesizes in-depth information..
How Many Individuals with Diabetes Type 2 are Minorities and are on Insulin?
All written assignments must be submitted via turn it in dropbox area, must be on a Microsoft Word Document, be in proper APA format: Meaning that your assignments should be typed out, font size 12 font, font names: Times New Roman, Ariel, or Calibri, normal margins (no more than 1 inch), double spaced, .5 indentation at the beginning of each paragraph and .5 hanging..
Clarity and Communication in Saudi Arabian Healthcare Organizations
Review the following case study: Alaboudi, A., Atkins, A., Sharp, B., Balkhair, A., Alzahrani, M., & Sunbul, T. (2016). Barriers and challenges in adopting Saudi telemedicine network: The perceptions of decision makers of healthcare facilities in Saudi Arabia. Journal of Infection and Public Health, 9(6), 725-733. You have been asked by the Board of Directors..
historical evolution of healthcare quality improvement programs
Research and write a paper on the following question. Your response should be between at least 1000 words. Your work should follow the conventions of Standard English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.). Your writing should be well ordered, logical and unified, as well as original and insightful. Your responses should include at least three scholarly references..
Issues of Women’s health care system in Afghanistan
Research how healthcare systems in Afghanistan handle issues of women’s healthcare. For this purpose of this paper , women’s healthcare system will include intersectionalities such as Race, Class, gender, Sexuality, Religion, Ethnicity, Language, Ability etc. include atleast three aspects. Summarize findings (5pages) be specific about what you learned...
Military veterans with ptsd struggling to cope with civilian lifestyle
• Utilize these two articles to “Analyze, Summarize, and Apply the Literature Review” process. • Summarize each article ensuring that you focus on the relevance of the article to your public health topic. Each summary must clearly demonstrate the connection or importance of the article being reviewed. For example, one article may be providing background..
How Many Individuals with Diabetes Type 2 are Minorities and are on Insulin?
All written assignments must be submitted via turn it in dropbox area, must be on a Microsoft Word Document, be in proper APA format: Meaning that your assignments should be typed out, font size 12 font, font names: Times New Roman, Ariel, or Calibri, normal margins (no more than 1 inch), double spaced, .5 indentation at the beginning of each paragraph and .5 hanging..
Military veterans with ptsd struggling to cope with civilian lifestyle
develop a concise statement of your problem. Your statement must be clear and well-articulated including a description of the problem, potential solutions, data sources, and health-related outcomes. The statement of your problem will serve as the basis for your research purpose or objective, which will be very critical in the application of the evidence-based..
veterans with ptsd struggling to cope with civilian lifestyle
While developing the plan, do the following: 1.Use scientific evidence to assess or review the public health problem selected. Which information from research studies will be utilized in your assessment? Will you use: a.Etiologic studies b.Studies used to develop methods for measuring or modifying behavior c.Studies used to identify the factors that influence..
Communication, Team Building, and Conflict Resolution / class 2
Assignment Details Based on your past experiences and the knowledge gained during your course work, consider the following question, and post a substantive initial post: Given conflicting and diverse interests, how is it plausible for health care teams to exist and coexist without conflict? Explain...
Are you optimistic about the future of healthcare? Or pessimistic? Why?
1. Use Harvard style referencing 2. Maximum word limit is 300 words. 3. Please show any graph or tables or statistics as evidence or proof. 4. The research is based in Australia. You can use healthcare in other countries if you want to compare from Australia. 5. Site an example how technology influence in healthcare to be optimistic...
Portfolio in the research of published journal with regards to SHE
This portfolio is to review the published journal regarding of Safety, Health and Environment, which is written by any academic researcher. You can choose any topic within Health, Safety and Environment and follow the instruction in the attached file. This assignment is comprised to 5 subjects, 1. Review of published paper, 2. Initial Literature Review,..
An investigation into experiences of obesity of international students and their awareness of healthy diet.
1. Methodology including research design, method, justification and ethical consideration ( describe what you did and why you did it ) 2. Finding ( clearly and fully with graphics) 3.Discussion ( state whether your research achieved its objective ) 4.Conclusion and recommandation 5.Reference list 6. Appendix1: Questionnaire ( already done ) 7. Appendix2..
Microplastic toxins affecting our aquatic ecosystem
1. A suggested outline for the manuscript: 2. Introduction and Background 3. Statement of the Problem 4. Major Studies or Developments 5. Strengths/weaknesses of studies/developments and current gaps 6. Discussion 7. Conclusions and Recommendations for Research and/or Policy Changes.
Looking at ethics vs law at the university of Rochester outpatient care center
Discussing a major initiative at the federal,state or private level that impacts the legal aspects of health informatics and information management at the center, analyzing the past,current and future impact of healthcare informatics at the healthcare center. The paper should examine the major initiative and compare it to its current state and discuss..
Competiveness and Performance Effectiveness for Health Care IT Systems
Assignment 2: Competiveness and Performance Effectiveness for Health Care IT Systems Due Week 8 and worth 250 points Write a six to eight (6–8) page paper in which you: 1.Define the fundamental responsibilities and key characteristics of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) within health care organizations. Make one (1)..
The Policy Process: Evaluation, Analysis, and Revision
Using your chosen topic from Week Two, write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper on your topic becoming a policy. In your paper, include the following: Define the evaluation stage. Describe the ethical considerations within the evaluation stage. Explain the evaluation process that would be used to determine if your stated policy objective(s) could be met. Define..
Management and leadership application & Financial considerations
The final culminating project for this course will be a 10-page research paper about any healthcare administration issue or your choice. You must select an issue that encompasses at least 2 out of 3 of the following: - Management and leadership application - Financial considerations - Ethical and/or health disparity or patient safety issues This paper must..
Critical Factors in Implementing an IT System in Health Facilities
Write a six to eight (6–8) page paper in which you: Provide at least three (3) various reasons why some health care organizations have been reluctant to implement electronic medical records. Discuss the essential manner in which the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) impacts patient’s medical records. Determine the main advantages..
The issues that cannabis has in the community, on campus and health
2 journal articles on cannabis health issues Cover/title page abstract - 1 paragraph introduction - 2 paragraphs literature review - 2 pages risk and protective factors on campus - 2 pages pilot program description - 2 pages pilot program potential results - 2 pages conclusion - 2 paragraphs
Key Components of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Write a 525-word paper that identifies and describes at least 8 key components of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), sometimes referred to as Obamacare. It may help to think about the following bullet points when determining what to identify and describe for your paper. Type of individuals who will seek coverage The benefits and drawbacks..
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Issues Paper In an issues paper, you are focusing on persuading rather than informing your reader. While you weave your sources into your paper, your voice takes precedence. You are making a unique and valuable contribution to the conversation about the issue. For this project, you will select a topic related to the US health care system (facilities, human resource..
Planning a public health program-gun violence in South Carolina
Be sure to review public health programs in your state and include at least one program that addresses the health issue or health disease that you selected as your main theme or topic throughout the course. Use the following public health program matrix guide to analyze and interpret the three programs you selected. You will need to review, analyze, and interpret..
Teenage Abusive Relationships: Signs, Effects, and Getting Out
- MLA format - About 5-7 pages - more than 1500 words - identify the different types of abuse (verbal, physical, emotional) - include in-text citations - Talk about how an abusive relationships can affect a teenager as a whole. (school work, emotionally, physically, home life) - i will provide peer-reviewed sources on a reference page (MLA)..
Marketing Mix: promotion and sales, Plan Evaluation, and Control
Common Assessment Research Project: Select a company in the health care industry that operates in your area. Research a recent marketing campaign executed by the company, and address the following: Explain the target market and the objective of the marketing campaign. Analyze the elements of the campaign based on the 4 Ps of marketing (product, price, placement,..
How full time college and work can affect ones health within my community
Hi Im in a class called health planning and profiling and I need a 1-2 page paper of a COMMUNITY HEALTH PROFILE. The class is based on a group project of the topic above. first I need a health profile I already did the introduction paper and the community profile paper and now I need a community health profile paper which is basically a detailed paper of the community..
Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity: First Draft
The purpose of this paper is to complete a comparative analysis of two faith philosophies towards providing health care, one being the Christian perspective. For the second faith, choose a faith that is unfamiliar to you. Examples of faiths to choose from: Sikh, Baha'i, Buddhism, Shintoism, etc. In your comparative analysis, address all of the worldview questions..
macroeconomics of medical care in the US and healthcare outcomes
I need 15 pages APA style research paper. The Full name of the course is Health Policy and Health Economics. I need the paper before April 19th. The assignment instruction is below Examine the macroeconomics of medical care in the US and healthcare outcomes and expenditures compared with international healthcare..
The Impact of Health Information Technology in Healthcare
The CEO is now ready to introduce her vision for the coming decade. Its success will rely heavily on the support and execution of hospital leadership. You have been asked to prepare an analysis, based on what your research can discover, on the role of HIT, including artificial intelligence, supercomputing, and clinical support systems. How are these likely..
Healthcare Information Systems Hardware and Software
Health Care Information Systems are important in dispensing of information throughout the organization. You will develop a research paper on a health care technology that has become essential to the sharing of information via electronic communication mediums (i.e., EMR, Telehealth, HMR, etc.). Explain each part of the key components. Explain each part..
Marketing Segmentation and Consumer Relationship Management
Research a local health care facility or organization that has chosen a niche market to target, and address the following: Introduce the organization, and identify the overall population it serves. Define a niche market and what makes it so. What is the niche market for this facility? Explain the segmentation strategy implemented by this organization. Explain..
Research Paper - Affordable Care Act (ACA) & Medical Cost Containment
Review the ACA and several peer-reviewed journal articles on the cost containment measures associated with the implementation of the ACA and write a 3-4 page paper. The paper should reference specific parts of the Act and how cost containment measures have, and will be implemented by the Act. Use the NLU Library to perform your literature review. Be sure to cite..
the responds to the problem of suicide in Austrailia
The final policy paper is cumulative and covers Chapters 1 - 16 of McLaughlin and McLaughlin (2014) textbook. To complete the final assignment you are required to use at least eight peer-reviewed sources with at least two from Ashford University Library. Click to watch Kaiser Permanente Overview of U.S. Health Policy (Links to an external site.) Links to an..
Regulatory Analysis: Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Care (H.I.T.E.C.H.) Act
The use of technology has become a major driving force for many stakeholders in the health care industry; the HITECH Act is expected to play a major role in advancement. View the video The HITECH Act: Electronic Health Records and Meaningful Use and address the following: Describe the major provisions and objectives of the HITECH Act. Describe the key requirements..
Recent Research on the Physiological Impacts of Alcohol
Won't be able to finish my paper in time. I don't need something too top notch, just average high school level. Completed parts of my paper (4 pages), outline, and a list of some online resources (in link form) Included. Paper was 8 pages but I already have 4 pages completed, I just need the last 4. I need this done by Friday, March 16 3pm pst..
Malpractice suits in the art of Phlebotomy - Drawing Blood from Patients
Find a recent malpractice case that involves phlebotomy. Within the last 3 years. 1 to 2 pages. 2-3 references. Double spaced..Times New Roman Font - size 12..APA Format One or two pages double spaced font size 12
Untreated High Blood Pressure Evidence-Based Case Presentation Oral Hygiene
Evidence-Based Case Presentation Assignment Oral Hygiene Clinic Case Report of Untreated High Blood Pressure Report should be formatted according to AMA style Three – Five Citations; one must be a literature review. All sources must be appropriately cited in the assignment submitted. All contributions by others (students, researchers, authors, etc.)..
Compare & Contrast U.S. & International Health Care
Research the differences between the U.S. Health Care System and the British National Health Service and the Canadian Single-Payer System. How do they function in relationship to access, quality, and cost? You may find these links helpful:
Development of Health Care Policy Position Statement
This project may be done in conjunction with other assignments. It is recommended that your Position Statement and Statement of Support be on the same subject. Ideally your Statement of Support and Position Statement could be used by the politician you interviewed to assist in the development of legislation that supports your area of interest. The Position..
Health Care Facility Design and Resource Managment
Using the information you have gathered about types of health care organizations in this course, complete the following assignment: Select 1 type of health care organization that you feel is optimally effective and efficient in delivering health services and products as applicable. Compare this health care organization with one that is optimally ineffective..
8 Steps to Guide Your Community Health Needs Assessment
Imagine you are working for a Family Medicine physician group practice. The physicians want you to do a needs assessment of the community in which you are located. READ: "8 Steps to Guide Your Community Health Needs Assessment" You are asked to do research...
Cost Containment and Malpractice Claims Article Review
Cost Containment and Malpractice Claims Article Review Health care costs have become a major issue of concern in the U.S. and defensive medicine practices have become a topic of increased interest among a variety of stakeholders. For this assignment, visit the Ashford University Library and read the Hermer and Brody article titled “Defensive medicine, cost..
Competiveness and Performance Effectiveness for Health Care IT Systems
Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you: Define the fundamental responsibilities and key characteristics of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) within health care organizations. Make one (1) recommendation where they can utilize their expertise to assist with employee and patient satisfaction. Support your..
Assignment 2: Competition, Marketing Mix, and Pricing
For this assignment, use the same health care provider as in Assignment 1. (Which is Grady Memorial Hospital) Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you: 1.Determine the key characteristics of the users of the products and/or services of the health care provider you selected.. 2.Analyze the competitive environment of the health care provider you selected..
Epidemiology Brief: Epidemiology of a disease/disability/injury/condition
Due at 11:59 tonight. I have something started that i can attach. Three page, double-spaced, paper. Title page and reference page are not included in the page limitation. You do NOT need to provide an abstract. APA format is required for in-text citations and references. Write this brief for a professional audience and use academic/scholarly writing...
Health Information System Case Selection and Proposal
Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapters 1 through 3 from the Wager, Lee, & Glaser (2017) text, the article by Hemmat, Ayatollahi, Maleki, & Saghafi (2017), and Quality Improvement Student Project Proposal (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. For this assignment, you will select one case from Chapter 14 in your textbook which..
What are genetically modified organisms (GMO) and how these GMOs affect human nutrition
What are genetically modified organisms (GMO) and how these GMOs affect human nutrition” This RP must have 6 pages, including cover page and references, and be presented on APA format. The maximum similarity allowed with other publications is no more than 20% must include Introduction: provide a brief synopsis of the subjects under discussion. 2. Definition..
Benchmark Assignment—The Demand of Health Care Services Workshop Proposal Part l
Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you present the content you would like to discuss in the workshop to help increase overall consumer awareness regarding health care services. Include the following in your paper: Analyze the demand for health care services. How does the demand for health care services differ from other consumer purchases? What are..
Limitations for researchers in using online search engines and electronic documents
Increasingly, researchers rely exclusively on online search engines and electronic documents. For this assignment, you will reflect on the limitations associated with this growing trend. What source material might be systematically missed? How might researchers overcome these limitations? The paper should be a maximum of two pages in length (excluding..
Reading Reflection - Food Discourses – Cultural and Historical Origins
Find a reading that relates to the article already provided and either complements, extends, or that differs in perspective to the reading provided. The reading can be a journal article,, a report, or an article from the web. Reading reflections should be about 2 pages in length and should provide an extended critical reflection and comparison / contrast of..
Critical Factors in Implementing an IT System in Health Facilities
Assignment 1: Critical Factors in Implementing an IT System in Health Facilities Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you: 1. Provide at least three (3) various reasons why some health care organizations have been reluctant to implement electronic medical records. 2. Discuss the essential manner in which the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability..
Do you know cardiovascular disease is a chronic disease?
Please assist on the request. A research paper 10 pages (double space, font size; 12 and font; Times New Roman). Should use at least 5 references. Please cite references in the text. You may use numbering or APA style for citations in the text and all the references you use in the text, should appear in the reference list at the end of the paper. Thank you..
rofessional Development, Recruitment and Retention
Successful healthcare organizations emphasize attracting human resource assets (people) and aggressively seek to resolve and prevent high employee turnover. Understanding the key components surrounding the importance of measuring employee turnover, learning how it affects patient care, and realizing what is needed to retain quality employees is..
What did you find most problematic about a Public health issue
This is for an Intro to Public Health paper. Write a reflection paper based on what you have learned about Public Health (This is for an intro to public health course) This paper should use APA formatting, Times New Roman font size 11, double-spaced with a minimum of 3, and a maximum of 5 pages (this page count excludes title and references). It should contain a title,..
Improving development outcomes for people with mental illness
The Preliminary Proposal should be no more than two paragraphs which explains what the topic is, provides the direction that your Research Paper will focus on and the justification for why this is an important policy issue. Including data to support your justification is encouraged. The Research Paper should: 1) explain why the problem was identified as worthy..
Research Paper The right to health of indigenous people with a focus on women
RESEARCH PAPER INSTRUCTIONS For this assignment, choose a public health problem and investigate at least 2 different, current approaches to the problem from the peer-reviewed public health literature. Write a 7–10-page research paper that thoroughly covers the research you discovered. You must also identify these approaches and evaluate them against..
Cultural Practices Related to Illness and Death within the Hispanic Community
1. Research your selected cultural group's beliefs and practices related to terminal illness, dying, and death in general. 2.Compare these beliefs with your beliefs. Remember, you should not have chosen your own cultural group 3. Discuss the roles and practices of healthcare workers, particularly nurses, desired by the group...
Competency II: Facilitate Learner Development and Socialization
Student Presentations: A scholarly paper written in APA format (3-5 pages of narrative, excluding title page, table of contents, abstract, and references). A powerpoint presentation, on the same topic, will also be developed and posted with separate instructions to follow. Analyze one of the seven (7) current issues that affect nursing education OR one..
My research topic is the effects of pet therapy on the pediatric patient self esteem. I will investigate the impact of the hospital stay on the child in various age/developmental levels. Does pet therapy off a sense of reassurance to the child?
APA format, 5-7 pages. Thorough literature search. Plus reference page. Must references with last 5 years. This paper should address the "culture" of pet therapy. • Introduction: Introductions in short papers should be short--maybe 3-4 sentences long. Begin with some general statement about your topic. The topic or issue should be stated in the first opening..
Article Critique on menopausal symptoms and physical activity in multiethnic groups of midlife women Guided Questions • Is (Are) there 1 or more stated hypothesis(es) or research question(s)? o If yes, identify it/them by quoting and citing, using appropriate APA style. o If not, could you suggest one? Can you state it using the PICO(T) format? o Identify..
The success and failures of HIV/AIDS and Long Term Care Act
Paper must be finished by Monday. I need to turn in to the professor for class. I’m not sure of the title as yet but it’s Long Term Care Act specific are is Private long term care insurance AND HIV/AIDS specific area being transmission and prevention.
Economic Circumstances of African Americans in the US
This is for my Cultural Competency Class for Health Services. The instructions for this paper is 1. Reference at least 5 reliable, current, and professional sources. 2. 12 font, double spaced, and one inch margins. 3. At least 8 pages. 4. The topic is Religion, Rituals, and Health. Therefore some points I would like addressed would be Economic issues among African..
Causes of obesity and recommended solution to decrease it
Instructions: Paper should be minimum of 5 pages and maximum of 10 pages (single spaced). Using valid and reliable references such as books, research papers. Use minimum of 5 references. Internet references that are acceptable are: Mayo clinic website, American Dietetic Association, Today’s dietitian, Dietitians of Canada, Canadian Diabetes Association..
Globalization and Diversity Impact on Healthcare Organizations
Globalization and Diversity Impact on Healthcare Organizations •Explain the attributes of a successful health leader. •Describe issues related to globalization, power, followership, and culture change from a health leader’s perspective. Evaluate approaches to leading individuals and teams, and eliciting support from senior principles. Identify..
What is the greatest challenge to US healthcare, why, and what would you recommend?”
To fully address this question, the analysis may consider the following: What role is played by government? Identify and analyze current trends in healthcare, including information technology, biotechnology, smart phones, health informatics, and other relevant technologies in the context of the overall US healthcare system. Address the impact of various..
Proposal Paper on Maternal and Infant Health Program in Democratic Republic of Congo
Please I have struggled with this assignment so many times, and I really need help from professional perspective. It should include Abstract, Introduction, health issues related to maternal & child death rate in Republic of Congo, Strategies to resolve the problem, Level of Intervention, Target population, Program design, expected out comes, strategies,..
HIV reduction amongst Men Sleeping with Men in South Carolina
Submit a research paper that focuses on a potential practicum project. The project should focus on the background of the public health issue, essential services of public health, purpose of addressing this issue, application of theory, and projected outcomes. Write a 15-20-page, double-spaced paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources...
Sleep Debravation causes problems like heart attack, heart disease and stroke
This is a research paper therefore it need the proper citation in the paragraphs It needs to be very specific and to the point. NO second person, first person is ok, no rhetoric questions, no abbreviations.
Social Cognitive Theory and Diffusion of Innovation
Select and apply two social, cultural, or environmental theories to that issue. Identify at least two theories or frameworks that can be used to explain your public health issue. Write a 5- to 7-page paper in which you examine the theories and apply them to the topic. In your paper: Explain how each theory or framework applies to your topic. Provide at least two..
impact and cost effectiveness in vaccine programs in adults
.this is a regular research paper for health class. we need this paper to find evidence from major U.S health reports supporting the thesis. all info must be cited. We don’t mind which side you want to support, as long as enough evidence backs the side you want to take it provided for you claim. An example of a thesis the professor gave an class was anything that could..
Breast cancer Disparities in Women of South Carolina
Using the first public health issue that you discussed in W1 Assignment 3, select two individual health behavior theories and apply them to that issue. Identify at least two theories or frameworks that can be used to understand your public health issue. Examine the theories and apply them to the topic. In your paper: Explain how each theory or framework applies..
Compare and contrast between Naturalism and Christianity Theism
My Worldview: Christian Theism and Alternative Worldview: Naturalism Compare and contrast between Naturalism and Christianity Theism Worldview Position Paper Description & Grading Rubric Write a 3 pages paper summarizing your worldview. Compare and contrast your worldview with an alternative worldview of your choice. This paper should be written in..
Government Agencies and Health Policy Research Paper
Research a federal agency within the U.S. federal government. Consider the complexity of the issues that decision-makers at this agency must consider. Write a research paper of 1,200 words addressing the following: Describe the function, mission and scope (work) of the federal agency you have selected. Discuss the types of issues this agency addresses...
Universal Health Care: Right or Privilege for an American
Rough draft includes an introduction, a minimum of four body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Body paragraphs include transitional statements and topic paragraphs. A minimum of eight references are incorporated as support into the essays. References are cited using correct APA formatting in both in-text citations (
research project within services for health and social care or children and young people (CCLD OP 5.25)
Guidance Definitions Learning Outcome 1, Assessment Criterion 1.2 Aims and objectives: the reasons, understanding and methods for conducting the research project. Learning Outcome 1, Assessment Criterion 1.3 Ethical considerations: confidentiality, sensitivity of data, seeking agreements with participants..
Prevalence of Hepatitis C Among Homeless Adolescents
This paper is to analyze a problem (Hep C) in a particular demographic (Homeless adolescents) in public health. Using statistical analysis from research that has already been done, incorporate those numbers into the paper. The research articles should be peer-reviewed and not a news article. Have at least 10 citations, include research gap, and prevention..
Strategic Management and Organization Systems in Human Resources
You are a human resources director preparing your staff for a panel interview for a high-level health care executive position. A team of 5 individuals will comprise the interview panel, and you will be interviewing 5 people for the high-level health care administration position. All candidates will be asked the same 10 questions, and these questions must illicit..
American Public Health Association Please double space APA Style format, including sources, references,
free plagiarism. I have long instructions to work with. the second research paper is; Society for disaster Medicine and Public Health. The Instructor ask; What role do they play in the promotion of Public Health? What Mechanisms do they use? Do any publish a peer-reviewed Journal? Would you join one of these organizations? I Chidi Esiaba said yes! Why would you..
Identify, analyze, and discuss the components that comprise a valid evidence-based research study.
Identify, analyze, and discuss the components that comprise a valid evidence-based research study. Based on the information compiled above, interview a health care leader about his/her experiences related to using evidence-based research to drive changes in practices in his/her facility. Write a report (1,000-1,250 words) of your findings. Include..
Successful Interventions for Chronic Disease Prevention
The purpose of this assignment is to provide students the opportunity to research a chronic health issue (that is different than your team project, if applicable) and interventions that try to prevent it. Students should select from the following health issues: Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes (Type 2), Respiratory Diseases (select one), Infectious Diseases..
Should the U.S Government make HPV Vaccine mandatory?
You will be free to argue any topic of your own choosing. It might be a good idea to examine something within your major to help you determine a writing topic. There will be some restrictions on this essay, but you must have a firm position that you will analyze
Is defensive medicine contributing to high healthcare costs in the United States?
The argumentative research paper should be approximately 8-9 pages in length, APA style documentation, complete with an abstract of 150 words, an interesting introduction and thesis statement, at least 6 references, a well-developed conclusion, and the reference page. Your argumentative research paper will be graded according to the following specifications:..
Allograft versus Autograft Reconstruction of the PCL and ACL of the Knee
This research paper needs to include: 1.) 5 complete pages of the research and a reference and title page 2.) APA format with a title page and reference page 3.) 5 current sources (within the past ten years) that cannot all be from the web and must be related to physical therapy (such as a physical therapy journal, book,ect.) 4.) I would like for you to discuss and compare..
Allograft versus Autograft Cruciate Reconstruction at the Knee
The paper needs to be 5 pages in length and written in APA format. I am required to have 5 sources and they cannot all be from the web. I am in a physical therapy assistant program and paper must be related to physical therapy in some way.
six major components of strategic planning of the American Hospital Association
The Healthcare organization of choice American Hospital Association 1. Identify the organization's six major components of strategic planning which are Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Organizational Values, Goals, Objectives, and Action Plan. 1a. You may not be able to easily identify the organization's Objectives and Action Plans as easily...
Laying the Foundation for New Approaches to Practice
As frequently noted in the literature, there is often a gap between research evidence and practice. This is not a new phenomenon; however, with the rapid growth of knowledge, it is essential that nurses hone their ability to identify this gap, determine best practices based on the evidence, and then apply this evidence to practice through the development of..
The Truth About Carrots and Your Vision ( or a better title if you have one)
NEEDS TO BE DONE BEFORE 7 AM PST and able to be EDITED IF NEEDED 7-8 AM PST this is a scientific paper, it needs to have MINIMUM 10 sources and incorporate information about the facts/fiction about the effects on carrots on the human eyesight and how much it helps, and what really matters towards improving your eyesight. the essay can be written with -intro with hook..
5 to 8 research proposal for Master level public health Capstone Study.
This proposal needs to include the background description of the problem I intend to study literature review of the problem population to study and where I intend to get access to that population, a testable research hypothesis, a detailed set of methods for your study including site, plan to recruit,the participants, describe what variables will be used and..
Depressed Children in Nevada - Action Plan Outline
A detailed, 2-page full sentence outline (in outline format, not in essay format) of for your chosen public health issue: Depressed Children in Nevada and Community Action Plan: Pilot a teacher training program for a year at one school, to include a parent education event twice a year, training to identify red flags and refer to counseling. For the detailed outline:..
Compare and contrast health care management from the past to the present (21st century).
1. Use black font color only. 2. Size 12 font. 3. Paper margins should be 1 inch from top, bottom, right, and left. 4. List your name and title of your topic in the upper left hand corner of page 1. *Also, begin your research paper on page 1. 5. Your thoughts should be clear and organized. *Be sure to stick to one thought at a time. 7. Check your paper for grammatical and..
Research Population affected with depressed children
Depressed Children is the topic. Research the relevant national data. Include Nevada State, Las Vegas, Nevada (city). Are some groups more at risk based on gender, age, socioeconomic status, race, etc.? What are the statistics Which populations are affected by the public health issue you have selected? Describe the demographics of this population in detail...
Analysis on Healthcare repeal impact on uninsured
Healthcare repeal impact on uninsured or Healthcare repeal impact on Hospitals which ever is best for you. Criteria (please follow)!! I will also attach original 1. Problem Statement – Defines the problem addressed in the analysis 2. Background: Provides factual information needed to understand the problem 3. Landscape: Reviews the various stakeholders..
Heroin overdose and social economic status in white men
Write a research paper about Heroin overdose and social economic status in white me. List the theoretical framework from research study. Explain the primary research finding and methodology use. Use a scholarly tone with proper referencing
Sudden infant death syndrome prevention using the chest band to check the heart rate
It is only one paragraph of bodies of an essay. The subtitle of this paragraph is " What specific cultural norms, or behaviours in NZ society might affect how the chest band is used, functions, or is accessed?
A Cross Cultural Comparison of HIV/AIDS Awareness Between Mexico, Puerto Rico and the US
I want to talk about hiv/aids in Latin America the stigma of hiv , the statistics, the prevention efforts and how religion play a big role in the hiv epidemics in Latin American countries and the US? This is my research question What are the main barriers that stand in the way of HIV/AIDS prevention efforts in Latin American countries compared to the United States?..
steps required to determine the credibility of a website.
One page infograph that demonstrates steps steps required to determine the credibility of a website. than 200 words explaining the process. Professors instructions: For this assignment, you are tasked with creating a one-page infographic to depict all of the steps required to determine the credibility of a website. Then, summarize the process in words (about..
Research Proposal-Remote and Rural Enrolled Nurses
Rural and Remote Enrolled nurses are obligated to work outside of their scope of practice. Proposal....A survey or questionnaire is to be generated with questions specifically for remote nurses and that Remote/Rural nurses are to complete extra training. I have done the research and found the gap. Now the research proposal is to be constructed...
factors of financial management with regard to the process of MCO coverage
Identify the basic factors of financial management with regard to the process of MCO coverage, such as limiting patients to coverage of in-network services. Explain why this is sound financial practice. Be specific.
Comparative Breastfeeding Practices in Public Health Care Systems
I am to write a research paper on International Symposium on Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Public Health Care in Eastern and Southern Africa. pls find attach if it is do able. i will appreciate if abstract it submitted as soon as possible.
Human Capital Development Health Care Equity and Leadership
I am to write a research paper on International Symposium on Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Public Health Care in Eastern and Southern Africa Kigali, Rwanda. pls find attach if it is do able. i will appreciate if abstract it submitted as soon as possible.
U.S. Healthcare Systems
This paper requires the understanding of economics in America as it pertains to healthcare. This assignment requires 10 references and 8 pages in length using APA style formatting. Details of the assigment is attached.
Gender selection in human embryos
I need a 12 page word document in APA style format on Gender selection in human embryos. This view point must be from an Ethics and Decision Making in Healthcare. A thorough investigation is required that reflects law and moral ethics. Sidney Callahan has provided some insight in his series: The Ethical Challenges of the New Reproductive Technologies is a good..
Food Label and Health
In this assignment you will analyze food labels, list the nutrient classes and their functions, and summarize the consequences of overnutrition and undernutrition. *Complete the Food Label and Health assignment by providing a response of at least 300 words in APA format to this assignment. Include the following: *Discuss what the 5/20 rule is according to..
Assignment: Read the Opening Remarks and the four attached documents - one on housing policies and three on transportation policies. (Apologies for the not-so-perfect scanning of pages). Answer the following questions: A. Housing A1. What could the U.S. learn from housing policies in the other countries discussed? A2. Which country has the policy which..
Ethicality of Placebos
Use these 6 sources to write a research synthesis paper. ASAI, ATSUSHI, and YASUHIRO KADOOKA. "Reexamination of the Ethics of Placebo use in Clinical Practice." Bioethics 27.4 (2013): 186-93. Print. Barnhill, Anne, and Franklin G. Miller. "Placebo and Deception: A Commentary." Journal of Medicine & Philosophy 40.1 (2015): 69-82. Print. Miller, Franklin..
Supply of Primary Care Workforce
Scenario: Medicare and private payers have expanded reimbursement under Accountable care organizations (ACO). You are the chief financial officer (CFO) of a hospital system that is forming an ACO to participate in these payment models. The ACO seeks to improve care coordination for its patients with chronic conditions. To provide better care management,..
legal and regulatory aspect of rehabilitation
please open all the upload Description Assignment From each of the download you identified a list of key points to be used for exam review identified ideas which were surprises identified how information could be used in health care work identified at least one idea which needs clarification nit 2 is all about protecting the patient's personal health information...
Organization Selection
I have 6 papers that I need written and the instructor is NEAR IMPOSSIBLE! One writer on here has tried but she hasn't passed any of her papers. I have feedback from all assessments and I am frantic at this point. Of course I have the instructions as well. I need at least 2 papers written exactly as she is requesting by Saturday evening and the rest Sun, Mon, Tue, and Wed...
final paper
health policy II: analyzing processes of power and politics ____________________________________________________ annoated biblography is attached please use that Final Essay (Due: March 30, 2017) Worth 25% In this essay you will write about a current Canadian health policy question or issue. A health policy question could be something like: “What is..
Ethical and Social dilemma paper
Write a 500 word Arial 11 point font, double spaced paper reviewing the societal and ethical dilemmas surrounding the Tuskegee Syphilis Study and the treatment of homosexuals during the beginning years of the HIV pandemic. You should discuss what the major ethical faults with each were as well as how they should have been addressed. Offer opinion if you think..
The important role of nutrition to both mental and physical health
Due Sunday night before 11:59 pm
Allow it Until Proven Safe
Essay must be in .doc format. The must be an outline and also a Works Cited page. This for English 101 class. I had surgery recently and fell behind. desperate for help catching up. The topis I chose is: SHOULD THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT BAN THE SALE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD?
AdminIstration 22
Effective teams are critical for the success of any organization. In the healthcare setting, effective teams are also interdisciplinary. After reading the assigned articles, please answer the following questions: (1) Describe why interdisciplinary teams in healthcare are more effective in addressing complex patient care situations; (2) What are some..
Electonic Health Record
Week 3 Assignment: EHR/CPOE Discuss the changes electronic health records (EHR) or Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) have caused in at least one sector of the healthcare industry. In detail, describe, how these technologies have changed the industry and support your ideas with specific examples from your readings and research. Compose a paper addressing..
Affordable Care Act vs. American Care Act
Research papers should be a minimum of 8-10 pages in length written in standard APA format. A minimum of 3 sources must be documented and a work citied page attached to the final paper. Sources can be from the internet, professional journals, books, newspapers and publications. WIKIPEDIA is not a considered an acceptable source for information. Material should..
Admin and supervision of rehab
For this week's readings, we will consider how we influence and and frame conversations to help meet the goals of our organizations or health systems. Communication requires that we influence the narrative (dialogue), as well as inform the process (communicate with data). After reading and reviewing the module readings, answer the following question (and..
Antithesis Essay
Antithesis Essay should consist of: 1.Introduction of your working thesis 2.Identify/ introduce your hostile audiences 3.Anticipate / introduce their likely objections to your working thesis 4. Explain the concerns / values that provide your hostile audiences with their objections 5.Answer your hostile audiences’ objections while recognizing their..
legal and regulatory aspect of rehabilitation
please open all the upload Description Assignment From each of the download you identified a list of key points to be used for exam review identified ideas which were surprises identified how information could be used in health care work identified at least one idea which needs clarification Also Note: In completing the third section of the assignment, "How..
Privacy Rights
The use of handheld devices and electronic messaging has increased collaboration among physicians and healthcare staff. However, are patient privacy rights at risk for violation when these devices are used? Are regulations, laws, and security standards in place to truly secure personal health information? Why or why not? Compose a paper addressing this..
mental disorder
very reliable writer needed to complete my assignment on SCHIZOPHRENIA...causes, effects, nursing interventions and treatment..(350 words)
Heart Disease (Million Hearts)
 Analyze social and behavioral factors associated with increased risk of prevalent public health issues for informing development of appropriate programs or interventions  Evaluate public health programs’ use of social and behavioral theoretical approaches for encouraging change and fostering community engagement in public health strategies  Assess..
how fast food effect our health?
The research essay must be in MLA style, 7 pages without the working cite, the research must be about the health issues like obesity and heart diseases, the nutrition in the fast food, and finally the effect of the fast food on the animals and the plant.
Report on an Advance in Pathology
Project: Report on an Advance in Pathology The purpose of this assignment is to learn to update regarding pathophysiologic issues. This project has two aspects: doing a literature search and writing an essay about the results. For the training and evaluation to be effective, each student needs to work independently. Step 1 The first step is to search the recent..
Nutritional genomics, nutrigenomics
Must be 12 font, double spacedNo more than two pages. APA format, with citations. Information must be gathered from peer reviewed journals, not older than 5 years.
Personal Development Plan Project
choose and explore a specific topic related to organizational leadership issues in the health care area (such as occupational health, health department clinics, cancer care, nursing/medical academic environments, etc.)  A paragraph of what you plan to write on is due in the next two days (Saturday March 11th at midnight). Once I give the okay to use your topic,..
quantitative mini research critique 3-4 pages for
I need very good APA formatting. The 3-4 pages does not include the reference page which i also need. I have attached the instructions and the article i am using, i need all the questions to be in the essay answered.
Economic Policies for Health Promotion, Wellness, and Prevention
In a 4 page paper, address the following: Compare the economic policies for health promotion, wellness, and prevention programs in the United States and a country of your choice. Include differences in approaches to wellness and prevention. Analyze implications of these policies and disparities. Analyze how you might implement the policies from the country..
Healthcare Data Quality
A large health service organization (HSO) has a problem with data quality. •First, identify some of the issues that the organization might be having, such as accuracy, accessibility, comprehension, or currency. •Next, identify the steps you would recommend this HSO take to identify and remediate their problems. •Is the AHIMA (American Health Information..
TUBERCULOSIS and its challenges
Write a 500 word Arial 11 point font, double spaced paper on the current challenges with TB in the U.S. Also speculate on why the state of Indiana In the United States specifically had more U.S. born cases of TB than foreign-born cases, approximately when did that change and what caused that shift to occur. Also speculate as to what will happen in both in the State..
Public Health Policy Research Paper
Public Health Policy Research Paper: Students will research a specific health policy/law or current ethical issue/dilemma in public health. The research must examine: -history - specific key stakeholders - both sides/perspectives of the issue - public health justifications - policy reasoning (as outlined in our learning materials) - vulnerable populations..
Admin and supervision of rehab
Teams are the most basic functional unit in any organization, but the context in which teams operate make team work and team building a complex process. This week's readings presents a general overview of the literature on team building, as well as a specific example of team dynamics in a healthcare context. After reading the assigned articles, answer the following..
need citiatiosn to at least 10 peer reviewed empircal studies and need that part by march 9th because have summary table due march 10 be great if could do that also if not i can do it.
Challenges Of TB
Write a 500 word Arial 11 point font, double spaced paper on the current challenges with TB in the U.S. Also speculate on why the State of Indiana specifically had more U.S. born cases of TB than foreign-born cases, approximately when did that change and what caused that shift to occur. Also speculate as to what will happen in both in Indiana and U.S. in the next 20..
In your opinion is Global Health the same or different from Public Health? Use this resource for the research paper and you can find more resources.
adkins diet
FOR DUE DATE MARCH 4TH 2017 USE MLA FORMAT Primary objectives of this assignments are following: 1. You must investigate everything before using it 2. Never trust the seller 100%, because he/she just wants to sell he/she product so he/she may be hiding some facts 3. To find out about any product go to the neutral expert who does not have any interest in the deal. 4...
HERE IS ATTACHED FILE THAT HAS SOURCES AND THESIS STATMENTR MEANS BIBLOGRAPHY AND NOW FINAL ESSAY. 1) contextualize the policy “challenge” by discussing the history of the challenge and past approaches to rectify the challenge; 2) provide an overview of current policy and programming approaches; 3) discuss how you gathered data (traditional and observational)..
Assignment: Read the attached pages Aging Social Policies - country comparisons.pdfPreview the documentView in a new window A. After reading the attached pages in "Aging social policies," answer the following question: Which country has the better eligibility policy and why do you think it is a better eligibility policy? B Which country could benefit by..
Challenges of TB
Write a 500 word Arial 11 point font, double spaced paper on the current challenges with TB in the U.S. Also speculate on why the State of Indiana specifically had more U.S. born cases of TB than foreign-born cases, approximately when did that change and what caused that shift to occur. Also speculate as to what will happen in both in Indiana and U.S. in the next 20..
Mental health agency services
Identify (using the Internet) an organization in your community or a community of your choice that you believe provides mental health services. List and describe the type of services offered. If you are not sure, call the agency/organization and find out. After this please explain in a short paragraph what you feel to be the status of mental health care in this..
Assignment • Read the enclosed few pages from Aging Social Policies • Read the enclosed pages from Aging: The Social Context • Review the enclosed document on “Social Security: What You Need to Know” • Review the editorial by Robert Powell on new federal retirement policies – proposed. • Review the information on ERISA Respond to the following questions: 1a...
Admin and supervision of rehab
The assigned readings this week present basic concepts of "systems thinking," as well as discussion of efforts to lead transformational systems change in health care. The readings also consider different "pathways" to achieving change at the system level. (For the "Pathways to Systems Change article, only read pgs 1-12). For the forum, please address the..
Issue Paper
Identify and develop one specific key issue for Private Health Insurance or Managed Care policy or management in the United States in a four-page paper. Perhaps the audience is an Assistant Secretary or Commissioner. Maybe the audience is a Member of Congress or member of the State Legislature or the City Council. • Your task is NOT to summarize the readings in..
Choose a proper topic
Research Paper: A term paper will be completed consisting of a comprehensive analysis of a health policy/planning issue related to a healthcare topic as assigned by the instructor. The instructor will provide detailed expectations for the term paper assignment.The paper will be typed and double space; and six pages in length (excluding the cover page, Table..
health disparity issue relevant to an underrepresented group.
Factors contributing to the outcomes of underrepresented groups in the U.S. are of particular interest in this class. In this assignment, you will synthesize research on a health disparity issue relevant to an underrepresented group. Successful completion of this assignment entails that you address a health outcome within a group that is socially disadvantaged..
Career Research Paper Sport Nutrition
Your research paper must be: A minimum of 3 to 5 full length pages, reference page is separate 12 inch font double-spaced throughout the entire paper (even between the topic headings) proper sentence structure, grammar, and spelling at least 3 different sources used and cited with links included in references paper content must be in your words - do not cut and..
please open all the upload Description Assignment From each of the download you identified a list of key points to be used for exam review identified ideas which were surprises identified how information could be used in health care work identified at least one idea which needs clarification
Admin and supervision of rehab nn
please answer all the question question answer all the eight question. Also answer the question ledership
Nutritional Iron Deficiency Anemia
research topic :Nutritional Iron Deficiency Anemia (This paper will be part of literature review) Format:Harvard style Page number: 3 I need a writer to help me write about the symptoms and treatment of anemia. The writer should include these important points in the paper : 1-write about symptoms of iron deficiency 1-The methods of treatments such as oral therapy...
capstone-Decision Making and Planning / project 3
You have been asked to provide more data to support your strategic recommendations that the organization should consider pursuing to effectively compete in the health care marketplace. Prepare a report of 5–7 pages and include at least 5 relevant peer-reviewed academic or professional references published within the past five years that includes the following..
Strategic Management Action Plan
Topic: Patient Satisfaction Introduction: For your project in this unit, you will be developing what is known as a strategic management action plan (MAP). When all the strategic planning is done, it is time for management action planning based upon our strategies. This is where many healthcare organizations of all types fall short. The same level of effort..
Yoga for back pain
Improvement Project Paper Topic: Yoga for back pain 6 scholarly reference APA format 8 to 10 Pages Develop strategies for the Improvement Project Paper by effectively applying the PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) model for quality improvement. More instructions on the attach file:
Cannabis and Epilepsy treatment
RESEARCH PAPER APA Style, present tense, 10 pages, excluding cover and reference 1.Title pages “Cannabis and Epilepsy treatment 2.Table of contents 3.Adstract/Summary [ Thesis statement, Mythology, Findings] 4.Introduccion 5.Literature Review 6. Methodology [Meta-analysis] 7.Findings/Results 8. Conclusion 9.Reference [5 or more 2014-2019] 10.Appendices..
Capstone week 1
Important note regarding Individual Projects in Units 1–5: This course uses a series of progressive Individual Projects in which you will focus on a real world and publicly-held health care organization. You are encouraged to use caution when selecting the organization that you intend to study in the Unit 1 Individual Project because it will be used in all Unit..
Signature Assignment Part I
You will read the case (see attachment) and submit ONE document that includes the following: 1. Executive Summary (Page 1): A summary of the background, issues, analysis, and main strategic goals/objectives 2. Environmental Analysis (Pages 2–3): External environmental analysis (PESTLE, SWOT, Porter’s five forces as appropriate); Internal environmental..
Answer the following questions: 1. Make a list of “exercises” popular in other countries. Do people participate in formal exercise programs or do their daily activities involve more physical movement than in Canada? Compare at least two countries to Canada and reference your sources. 2. What role does financial cost play in activity? How is this affecting..
legal and regulatory aspect of rehabilitation
Assignment From each of the download you identified a list of key points to be used for exam review identified ideas which were surprises identified how information could be used in health care work identified at least one idea which needs clarification
Decision-making Tools / class 2 week 5 project
Part 1: Construct a 3 to 5-year strategic plan that is related to a specified health care organization of your choice. The organization may be not-for-profit or for-profit. Complete a SWOT analysis, and include the following: Internal strengths are related to resources and capabilities that effectively and efficiently allow an organization to accomplish..
Special Topics in Healthcare Financial Management / class 1 week 5
Research Paper Search course materials, including your text and the Internet, to find a spreadsheet program that will assist you in completing this assignment. The spreadsheet and calculations are to be attached at the end of the paper as an appendix after the Reference page. Case Study: You are assessing the payer–patient mix for a health care organization...
Art and Science of Nursing
8-paged paper, needs someone to write 3 paragraphs (intro, 2nd paragraph and conclusion) from scratch. There will be two other paragraphs that are based on my own experiences which need some editing later. Deadline is 3/10
Mumps Research
Mumps Research Each student will be required to write a six page research paper on a particular vaccine. Below is a table of vaccines and students indicated the assigned vaccination. The content of each of the papers will be as follows. One page will discuss the health effects of the virus/bacteria that the vaccine is intended to protect against. Two page will..
Class 2 disscussion week 5/ healthcare strategy
Part of successfully implementing a strategic plan is involving everyone in the organization in the plan. You work as an admission coordinator for an assisted living facility that just enacted its 5-year strategic plan. However, no one has communicated any of the components of the plan to any departments, including yours. Instead, management has chosen to..
Class 1 disscussion
Finance is the study of how businesses allocate money over time. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, it is posited that financial management will become more complicated. Do you agree or disagree? Explain the rationale for your response.
Critically evaluate the impact of Proton Beam Therapy in Paediatric Cancers.
Write similar piece of work to the document called 'example work' attached. You will need at least 30 references using havard referencing. DO NOT COPY THE EXAMPLE WORK, READ IT FOR GUIDANCE AND PROVIDE THE SAME WORK. also follow the format document attached.
Strategic Planning Tools Continued / class 2 eek 4
Assignment Details You currently work as a marketing coordinator for New City Home Care, a private home health company that offers nursing care and therapy services to the elderly residents of a medium-sized Midwestern city with a population of about 55,000 people. The neighboring town, about 10 miles away, has a much smaller population, but as the population..
Risk Analysis and Capital Structuring / class 1 week4
The board of directors of your for-profit hospital has been approached by a nonprofit hospital to consider a joint venture to take over their business resulting in a larger for-profit medical center status. You have been asked to construct a financial risk analysis for this conversion. Using course materials, including your text and the Internet, and principles..
Health care industry Article
You are to chose two current articles which address ONLY ONE of the four below topics: 1-Current Issues that healthcare leaders need to know 2-Best practices that can be emulated by other organizations 3-Relevant laws and regulations and or policy/ies to be considered 4-Challenges and complexities of delivering healthcare in the U.S. Your chosen articles..
Compliance office
Describe the organization’s compliance function. Include descriptions of the qualifications of the compliance officer, reporting relationships, how (or whether) the compliance plan contains the five key components. 1. Analyze the strengths and weakness of the program. Identify compliance risks. 2. Make recommendations for improvement...
Research in Health
i have done the first part of the assignment i need to complete the second part with 2500 word up to 3000 the topic name is : the effects of contraceptives on cervical and breast cancer . 1- i will send the first assignment to have look at the feedback and the new instruction 1- follow the instruction 1- if you cant handle it dont wist the time and the money coz this is my..
class 2 week 4
When formulating strategies, there are 5 categories of strategy formulation available to utilize: directional strategies, adaptive, market entry, competitive, and implementation strategies. To be effective, the strategies must be formulated in a specific order. Why is it so important to formulate strategies in this specific order? Provide an example..
class 1 week 4 disscussion
Based on your past experiences and the knowledge gained during your coursework, consider the following question, and post a substantive initial post: Health care is undergoing significant change on a continual basis, evidenced by recent trends in the industry such as the Affordable Care Act, technological advances, and patient-centered care. Provide..
Population Health Policy Analysis
Select a current or proposed health care policy that is designed to improve a specific population’s access to quality, cost-effective health care. In a paper of 1,000-1,250 words, include the following: Explain the policy and how it is designed to improve cost-effectiveness and health care equity for the population. Is the policy financially sound? Why or..
Facial Rejuvenation With Acupuncture
Assignment 3: Health Plan Solution Paper (see grid for due date) The objective of this assignment is to write a research proposal (e.g. clinical trial , epidemiology study or public health research) addressing a health problem in your area of interest. This proposal should be no more than 9 double spaced pages + a title page and 1 or 2 reference page(s). In the text,..
class 2 week 3/ Strategic Planning Tools
Assignment Details Both social media and the Internet have changed the way that health care organizations market to their target populations. Complete the following: You have been asked by the chief executive officer (CEO) of a local health care organization in your city or town to create a viable social media strategy for the target market. Additionally,..
class 1 week 3 project/ Capital Budgeting and Projections
Perform an internet search for a current health care organization of your choice (preferably publicly traded for-profit organizations because these organizations must report all financial data and make it available to the public). In your search, select and evaluate the report of the financial information from the past 4 quarters or more. Complete the following..
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