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Financial institutions job market prep and research
PART 1: MARKET RESEARCHWrite a brief (1-2page, single-spaced) synopsis of 3 different career paths in financial institutions. (Ex. Investment Banking, Commercial Banking, Security Analyst, Economist, Options trader, etc...). Be specific, don’t just say banking. Include the following information:1)What are the pros/cons of each of these careers(ex...
Question About The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)
The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) holds eight regularly scheduled meetings every year to “reviews economic and financial conditions, determines the appropriate stance of monetary policy, and assesses the risks to its long-run goals of price stability and sustainable economic growth.” If you are a portfolio manager, what (financial) assets would..
True Costs of the U.S. Penal System: A Research Analysis Paper
There should be a completed data analysis section added to this paper. Volume and clarity of the data analysis section is important. All other edits should be completed but the data analysis section is the most important. Edits should include: 1) Research question. One of the most important areas where this paper has fallen behind is in the development of the..
BOOK REVIEW- How To Use Finance and Accounting in HR (Collection)
YOU DON'T NEED TO READ THE WHOLE BOOK!! Just read the description, table of contents, or something you are interested in. Then write 2 PAGES book review. You can point out some important contents, or your interested topic of the book. The link to this ebook is:
Strategic Analysis Final Project-Victoria's Secret
You have been hired as a consultant at the company you have been researching. This final report is an in-depth look at the strategy and corporate management based on your detailed research completed throughout the semester. This paper is designed as a full report with recommendations that the executive team will use to enhance the existing strategic management...
Assignment 2: Financial Markets and Institutions, Part 2
Choose three (3) types of securities from any of the financial markets covered in the textbook during Weeks 1 through 7. Pick securities you would enjoy researching for this assignment. Write a five to six (5-6) page paper in which you: 1. Analyze the role financial markets play in creating economic wealth in the U.S. 2. Provide a general overview of each of the..
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reporting Paper
Students will select a publicly traded company that reports a triple bottom line (economic viability, social responsibility, and environmental responsibility), and evaluate the transparency and effectiveness of the corporate entity's efforts with regards to social responsibility and environmental responsibility (not economic viability). To do..
Final Project Milestone Three: Capital Budgeting Data
For this milestone, submit a draft of the Capital Budgeting Data section of the final project, along with your supporting explanations. Base your calculations on the data provided in this case study. Be sure to substantiate your claims. Submit your calculations on the designated tab of the Final Project Student Workbook and your supporting explanations as..
Should the free movement of people within the EU be restricted?
need to be finished in 30 hours Some trade unions in the EU fear that the free movement of people depresses wages of ordinary workers because immigrants from other European countries are willing to work for lower wages. Should the free movement of people within the EU be restricted?
The Effects of Human Resource Management Practices on Productivity."
Subject: “The Effects of Human Resource Management Practices on Productivity." You might find these 3-item scales below very helpful. Of course, depending on your research question and whether you expect differential effects on OCB-O and OCBI, you may also consider using the three item OCB scale used by Liden and colleagues (2007). The 3-items taps into OCB..
Assignment 1 - Financial Research Report (300 pts)
Write a ten to fifteen (10-15) page paper in which you: 1.Provide a rationale for the stock that you selected, indicating the significant economic, financial, and other factors that led you to consider this stock.. 2.Suggest the primary reasons why the selected stock is a suitable investment for your client. Include a description of your client’s profile....
MBA Finance level research paper. Topic: THE CONTRIBUTION OF CROWDFUNDING TOWARD INNOVATION AND GROWTH OF NEW VENTURES. A POSSIBLE IMPERATIVE PLATFORM FOR VENTURE CAPITAL GROWTH TODAY. I need to structure my research paper to flow sensibly and utilize data to make inferences. Test the hypotheses and tie all loose ends. I have attached a lot of data that needs..
The paradoxical relationship between crowdfunding and venture capital seed funding. A financing paradigm shift
This is an MBA Finance level research paper. It requires qualitative analysis using financial modelling and or statistical analysis with clarity. 18 pages excluding appendices and the table of contents. Appendices and table of contents are supporting documents. I am only request help because of time constraint and course overload. I have read extensively..
Financial Assessment of a US Company (McDonalds) Research paper and power-point
Components: This project consists of three major activities: 1. Conduct secondary research (i.e. library, internet, etc) 2. Write research paper computing the financial ratios yourself. 3. Make a power point presentation based on the paper This paper should be ~12+ pages in length The Project to be addressed by the Paper: You have just graduated an MBA program..
Integrating hedge funds into traditional portfolio
Topic: Portfolio Allocation in Stocks, Bonds and Hedge Funds. Framework: This paper provides an outlook of Integrating Hedge funds into traditional portfolio (Stocks and Bonds) as well as effects on its diversification and return. It also describes the appropriate allocation of funds in different assets to reach the efficient frontier. The possible ways..
The use of benchmarking by a health care organization
Please find a current events (within the past year) news article from a reputable news source (MSN, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, etc) that discusses the use of benchmarking by a health care organization. For your original post, please provide a summary of your article. Be sure that you demonstrate your understanding of benchmarking by discussing how the..
Risk Return, Capital Budgeting, and Weighted Avg Cost of Capital
No Title Page needed, no abstract, just 300-400 words and 1 reference and a couple of bible versus in APA format. I just need 300-400 words integrating the bible into Risk Return, Capital Budgeting, and Weighted Avg Cost of Capital. Here is a link to 30 bible versus you may want to consider...
About the (AAOIFI) Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions
About the (AAOIFI) Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions: -Establishment -Standards -Vision -Mission *Give an example in the essay and explain it: Accounting boards (Malaysian Accounting Board)
research a topic in financial markets and institutions
Papers are to be no longer than 10 typed pages, double spaced, with one inch margins and font size no smaller than Times Roman 12 pt. • A minimum of five references should be consulted – no more than 1 can be Wikipedia or other such sites. You must be careful to properly cite these and attribute ideas to the appropriate sources. • I am not concerned about whether you use..
certainty equivalent method
Please answer these questions. This is a discussion post for an online class. can be done in essay form or individually. minimum 2 references, please no investopedia. How are cash flow estimates derived for individual project cash flows? Will all individuals and businesses apply the same certainty equivalent estimates to govern cash flows from given projects?..
Financial Analysis
Course Materials: Essentials of Corporate Finance, 9e, Ross, Westerfield and Jordan, You are required to write a financial analysis paper for a publicly-traded US company. 1. Pick a publicly-traded US company and write a brief introduction  Choose a public-listed US company that you are interested in.  Write a brief introduction of the firm (one page, 12..
Debt Management
No plagiarism Cover page, strong introductory page and conclusion page. Use APA style Must include 3 reference and one is included Suze Orman get out of debt or Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps
Explanatory variables for the Dow Jones
This work will intend to find some explanatory variables for the Dow Jones. 1- Do some research about previous researches in this topic. 2- Define a set of variables the could explain the Dow Jones: Balance Sheet of the Federal Reserve, Interest rates, Copper price, Oil price. 3.- Find the best model with the information obtained from your research. 4.- Write..
Their is no title. questions in instructions box.
These are two discussion questions for an online class. Minimum 270 words. 1. Describe and compare the four criteria commonly used for evaluating and selecting investment projects? Net present value (NPV) Profitability index (PI) Internal rate of return (IRR) Payback (PB) period 2. What major problems can you envisage in applying capital budgeting techniques..
Promoting Rural Commercial Banks Develop in China--The experience of U.S. community banks
Pls modification the research paper, APA style . Thanks
Return on investment- education funding
The instructions for the final paper is below. This paper will be done individually and it is due on or before March 22, 2017.  This paper must be handed in since sending it electronically will result in a grade of zero. Late papers will not be accepted and will also result in a grade of zero. The paper should be within the two - four pages range since less than two or..
Common stock
answer this is discussion post 2 references. 1. What are some factors that can lead to a company's stock price rising. Please be specific and provide proper explanation rather than just listing. factors. 2. What are some reasons that a company might choose common stock as means of financing their business rather than using debt? Also comment on why a company might..
Running Your Own MNC
Hi can some one know about Running Your Own MNC. this is a course project.
Finance Project
cover page with you name; class section and number,date of exam 2] Introduction of an existing company that will will used to measure its financial situation 3] Use 2 years of income statement by applying a common size to measure a company financial position. (PLEASE CHOOSE THE INCONSISTENT YEARS -- EXAMPLE: IF YOU CHOOSE 2014 THE SECOND YEAR SHOULD BE 2016. YOU..
the role of derivatives in the 2007- 2008 financial crisis
1.Introduction explain the role of derivatives in the 2007- 2008 financial crisis 2. self explanation a) explain, would the crisis occur again? if yes, because of (explain).... b) the crisis could be prevented if... (explain)
Finance Problems Facing Detroit...
Hey mate, remember me? I have a task which i need help with
Financial Research Report
Imagine that you are a financial manager researching investments for your client. Think of a friend or a family member as a client. Define her or his characteristics and goals such as an employee or employer, relatively young (less than 40 years) or close to retirement, having some savings/property, a risk taker or risk averter, etc. Next, use Nexis Uni at the..
Research Paper
As discussed in Module 4, please read the following article as a starting point: Williams, Oliver. “The Modern Corporation: Origins, Evolution, Attributes,” Journal of Economic Literature, Volume 19, Issue 4, 1981, pp. 1537-1568. Please summarize the critical ideas discussed in the article and do more research to answer the following question: "WHY DOES..
investment plan
hello please see the attachments .. I've already started the assignment just need a little help with 4 pages plus a graph ... the 4 pages will need to investment into 1 stock, 1 bond, etf totaling 95k max total not per investment between the 3 the total can't exceed 95k
Before starting on this assignment, make sure to carefully review the background readings. Part A requires you to make some computations, and Part B requires you to analyze some scenarios using your knowledge of the concepts. So make sure to go through the computational examples in the required readings and also thoroughly review the key concepts before starting..
Before starting on this assignment, make sure to thoroughly review the required background materials. Make sure you fully understand both the basic concepts as well as how to calculate payback period, NPV, IRR, and WACC. Submit your answers in a Word document. Make sure to show your work for all quantitative questions and fully explain your answers using references..
For the SLP this session, you will be taking a close look at a company of your choice. You are free to choose any company you want as long as it is publicly traded on one of the major stock market exchanges such as NYSE or NASDAQ. This could be a company that you personally are interested in investing in, or a company whose product you buy, or one that you’ve read about in..
Assignment 1 Financial Research Paper
Part 1 Due Week 7 and worth 100 points Imagine that you are a financial manager researching investments for your client. Think of a friend or a family member as a client. Define her or his characteristics and goals such as an employee or employer, relatively young (less than 40 years) or close to retirement, having some savings/property, a risk taker or risk averter,..
Financial Research Report
Imagine that you are a financial manager researching investments for your client. Think of a friend or a family member as a client. Define her or his characteristics and goals such as an employee or employer, relatively young (less than 40 years) or close to retirement, having some savings/property, a risk taker or risk averter, etc. Next, use Nexis Uni at the..
evaluation of corporate performance
The Final Paper will involve applying the concepts learned in class to an analysis of a company using data from its annual report. Using the concepts from this course, you will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the company and write a report either recommending or not recommending purchase of the company stock. Research Tip: The “Mergent” database in the..
need work from each of these categories for about 10 pages but you can use graphs. Financial reports (BS, IS, CF), at least 3 years. SEC Reports, not from Yahoo/Google finance Financial Ratios (5 year trends) and analysis and comments Risk and Capital, fines, legal cases, credit charges, ratios, Regulatory and compliance issues Competitor analysis (3-5 competitors..
Take Your Pick
I only want someone who has extensive history in finance to work on this assignment. Please do not ask me to work on this assignment if you are not experience with finance.
Behavioral Finance
Purpose and Content of Paper: The purpose of this paper is to review existing research on behavioral finance and summarize the researchers’ results. Your summary should include: 1) a listing and brief discussion of at least five existing research papers in the area of behavioral finance. Doing a more thorough job by listing and discussing more papers will increase..
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