Research Paper on Fashion examples

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combine two paper together into one paper, define theory that can be used. then to write 6 more pages about research Methodology. let me know what theory could be used in 10 hours. below is rubric: This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome I. Introduction. Introduction to topic. Scope of project. Justification and purpose of research. Theoretical framework...
literature review: sustainable fashion through technology and cloth modeling
write an literature review using at least 20 sources, and they all need to be about sustainable fashion through technology and cloth modeling. below is one citation of one sources that need to be used. see attachment for more information Volino, P., & Magnenat-Thalmann, N. (2000). Virtual clothing: Theory and practice. Berlin: Springer...
Traditional craftmanship of ASEAN region and how to modernise it for today's marketplace
1. Introduction(state your topic or question and the rationale and purpose for pursuing the project) 2. Literature review (examples of previous researches, identify any gaps, describe how you intend to fill the gaps) 3. Research methodology (describe your time frame, describe your resources, analyze and evaluate findings) -- supposed to help you identify..
Comparison between 2 Fashion designers who were influenced by Italian Renaissance fashion
Choose 2 designers, your choice from the same or different era, draw comparisons in their technique, aesthetic or era. You will need an Essay statement and title. What is the angle of your comparison - In APA format, with name, title etc. - 2-4 pages excl. Cover, Bibliography and references - Include references and bibliography - Images (to be no bigger than ⅓ of..
Human behavior and fashion styles
I have a research paper already done. It needs to be touched up and 3000 more words. I do not know how to do APA format. To be specific. It’s about different fashion styles and the four human behavior Characteristics: trusting, pessimistic, optimistic, and envious. I already have sources included and an annotated bibliography. I also have professor comments..
Now Gallery X Mowalola Ogunlesi
Research File Contents Page- write Brief about all Brand Identity- edited text on brand description competitors- Identity, audience,social media, past exhibitions,press ( could be 1 slide or 3- one of overview, and other 2 of 2 gallery descriptions and differences) competitor 1 competitor 2 Situation Analysis-External/ Internal Press Coverage- analyse..
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