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Reading of queer criticism in Threesome by Yussef El Guindi
mla8 format. If someone has ready analyse with this topic, it will be great! the plays can change. 1)The Talented ones 2) Back of the throat 3)Our Enemies 4) Threesome. All for Yussef El Guindi and they may be analyse by queer criticism, deconstructive criticism or New Historicism. I need only one play for analysing by one of these criticisms!..
Benefits of laughter/therapeutic value of laughter
Be sure to have at 4 to 6 credible sources in your paper. Your paper should be 3 to 5 pages with an annotated bibliography. (Look up what an annotated bibliography is) Be sure to choose another topic from the topic list for your second research paper. Read Chapter 52  from your course textbook carefully. Read the Lecture Folder for Week Five. Write..
How do we see the tension in King Lear between the feudal system and the emerging, more individualistic one?
Note: The research paper and poetry pages must be typed and formatted according to MLA requirements (see LBH). Use 12 font and double-space. Word count must be included in your research paper. No direct quotations from the primary text count in your word count. I deduct 10% for every hundred words less than the required amount. Three literary academic secondary..
The Relationship Between PTSD and Suicide in combat veteran
The paper must be formatted according to MLA style. The length of the final research paper should be eight pages, double-spaced; works cited pages are not included in the final page count but should be on its page. it should have at least 5 sources, the sources should be varied, I have attached an outline, the work should flow in that order..
Should Children Be Allowed to use iPads and Smartphones?
I had a research paper to write for my English course. the topic I chose for it was as mentioned above, and after submitting my first draft, I received feedback from my professor highlighting what she wants changed. I was hoping that you could fix the paper into what she asked for, and add a few more citations if possible. i will upload upload a rubric, sample of an essay,..
research essay. How and why author Miller's Death of a Saleman is significant to that period.
when speaking about Willy,Linda Loman states this " he's not the finest character that ever lived. but he's a human being, and a terrible thing is happening to attention must be paid." what is this "terrible thing " that is happening to him? how does the pursuit of " the American Dream " affect willy and his family? what were the economic condition at the time..
The role of communications in social networks for modern education.
I need annotated bibliography as well as the research paper. Instructions for both paper are attached below. MORE IMPORTANTLY, I NEED THE BRAINSTORMING ANALYSIS , OUTLINE NOTES FROM EACH OF YOUR REFERENCES ESSAY OUTLINES AND DRAFT along with the bibliography and research paper.
Effects of prejudice on women in mediaeval period and victorian period
Research essay parameters Value: 25% (electronic submission to—link provided under Research Essay toggle on Moodle) ❖ Your paper can be on any topic related to the primary texts assigned in our course; your essay, however, must be argumentative in its impulse; that is, you must try and convince the reader of the validity of your thesis. ❖ Length:..
mass incarceration: How to improve prenatal care for incarcearcted women
research paper on mass incarceration and improvements of prenatal care for imprisoned women with in the united states preferably in the state of California( if possible). this paper need to relatable, locatable, and have a solution on how to improve prenatal care. Needs to be 9-10 pages long MLA format
Deciding At What Age To Give A Kid A Smartphone" Research Paper
Deciding At What Age To Give A Kid A Smartphone" - Opposing Views of Current Issue.. Compare and Contrast ** Read Claire McInerny, "Deciding At What Age To Give A Kid A Smartphone" The content of the essay will come from the article you got your issue from as well as from outside research. You must cite from at least one of the essays provided. A goal of research writing..
The Medical and Social Models of Disability in University Environment
I ordered a research paper based on this topic a couple of days ago to one of this website writer and she wrote a paper for me that it had a lot of problem and mistakes and unfortunately the refund deadline of it has passed.that's why I am looking for someone to correct this research paper professionally and add some more critical points into it. in the files, I posted..
Indian American, the Sioux tribe and the luxury life they live today
this Paper research should include ALL the documentation to support the text.. the proffesor request a folder with all photocopies if the quotes are taken from a hard book.. links and everything that allos her to check detail by detail.. also the MLA recently changed so you have to in the new version... this paper research has to include a minimum of 7 sources..
please check under instructions for full topic /title question
LENGTH: 8-10 PAGES,DOUBLE SPACED. SOURCES: at least 5 on work cited and 10 on bibliography.two of your 5 sources must be book or something other tha the internet sources .1 must be a primary source. Topic question: To what extent has the black lives matter movement been affected by the uproar of incidents involving Police brutality towards specifically black..
Research Paper on Masters of Physician Assistant (PA) profession
Portfolio projects are used to aid in the step-wise development of research writing and preparation. Students will prepare this writing project following a professional writing standard (APA) focused on topics related to integrative health, integrative medicine, or inter-professional practice. Content: Format: 7-10 pages, APA. History and current..
Thesis Statement for the Integrative Literature Review
In this assignment, you will create the thesis statement for your Final Assignment. The thesis is the statement of your perspectives on the literature. It should also include the rationale and relevant empirical and theoretical background supporting your perspectives. The primary objective of this assignment is to outline specific areas of inquiry you..
a topic related to the last 400 years in Western civilization
In this project, you will need to find, review, and summarize four different reputable sources concerning a topic related to the last 400 years in Western civilization. You may choose any topic related to the coursework that you like, but be careful that your selection is neither too large nor too focused in order to ensure that your summaries can effectively..
three most significant political changes in the century preceding the start of World War I.
Identify what you consider to be the three most significant political changes in the century preceding the start of World War I. To support your choices, you will need to highlight a minimum two major Western nations and two colonies during this period. In addition to outlining the changes, your descriptions should include details related to economics and the..
form a comparison between the British Industrial Revolution as well as the American and French political revol
form a comparison between the British Industrial Revolution as well as the American and French political revolutions. Using this mental comparison, you will provide your own definition of revolution in the 18th and early 19th Centuries, following the instructions in Step 3. To support your definition, you will use an example of a catalyst from each of the three..
Bi-polar disorder: Predisposition/Environmental Condition
The topic for your research paper must be argumentative; feel free to contact me for feedback, if you are unsure. You may not write about a topic covered in another essay for this course. The paper must be an argument, as presented in this course. It must have a clearly-stated major proposition, support of the major proposition, and a refutation. CQ Researcher,..
"The American Dream: Dead or Alive?" Research Essay Topic Part 1 (Need to Thesis Statement First
Research Essay Part 1, the Research Essay Thesis, is a one or two paragraph description of your research project based on the course theme of "The American Dream: Dead or Alive?" and the long work course reading, Scratch Beginnings, by Adam Shepard. This is the first exploration into your essay, and since it is a working thesis, by its very nature it's subject to..
APA stytle " The impact the people from Dominican Republic had affect in the United states
I need an APA style six-page report about “ How the Dominican Republic people have impact United State.” For you to know the reason: Donald Trump has said that people that come to the united state have done nothing here and only bring drugs.(dont mention this, it for you to know) On the paper it should show How united state have benefited from have Dominican Immigrants..
Armed Pilots (Essay completed) Abstact & SurveryMoneky Graph missing
I have a completed essay that is suppose to have a survey with the information given. There is a specific format, a model essay that I would like you to follow... -Header -Coverpage -Abstact (missing) -Numbered pages (missing) -Font Times New Roman 12 (missing) -Survery from "Survey Monkey" (missing) - at least 8 questions of a couple of people with graphs given..
How technologies that allow for self employment impact a persons well being
My teacher is really strict about not making papers book reports (all factual) she wants it to be almost completely opinionated throughout the entire essay. Also I was going to make my prompt basically "How beneficial are the new technologies that allow for self employment in positively impacting a person's well being?" and argue why it is beneficial proving..
research And powerpoint About operation meeting management
What are the effects of water pollution on humans? cause and effect essay research
Write a five (5) paragraph essay that answers one of the research questions provided.-This essay should be typed. It should follow the APA formatting guidelines.-It should have a separate reference page that follows the correct APA formatting. -It should answer the research question.-It should be developed with concrete ideas.-It should have three outside..
Write a paper on a literary topic related to Fahrenheit 451
You are to write a paper on a literary topic related to Fahrenheit 451. Begin reading the novel on the first day of class and complete reading by midterm. Do not wait until the final days of class to write your research paper. Think about questions like this: *Does the novel contain a great deal of symbolism? -Perhaps you could write a paper that deals with Bradbury's..
How society punishes women in Kate Chopin's stories
Intro: sentence 1-4 Kate Chopin background, Sentence 5-10 stories background The story of an hour, Desiree's baby & The Storm. Body1 The story of an hour one way Mrs. Mallard suffers. Body2 Another way Mrs. Mallard suffers. Body3 Desiree's baby one way she suffers. Body4 The storm one way Calixta suffers. Body 5 Another way Calixta suffers. Last Conclusion...
Lack of Education, Poverty and Psychological Effect
3. A History and Contextualization of Immigration Issues (800 words): Here you will investigate the history of immigration in Miami or in Florida to contextualize your research paper. Include statistics, demographics, numbers and important historical dates and events related to immigration. You must cite in MLA at least 4 articles. You will give presence..
Family who are immigrants from Somalia (residing in Minnesota)
please read the instructions thoroughly. The part I have highlighted at the bottom on the attached instruction is what needs to be included and focus on, on the poster. So, please make sure to focus your research on them. For the interview part, you can contact an agency that work with the population and ask them questions surrounding the population. or if you know..
Can distance learning replace tradetional classes?
1, Introduction- should have thesis statement and question of fact 2. Body . Problem . cause . solution 3, conclusion . Results . call for action including websites, phone numbers ... . Restating the thesis and summarize . The paper must have minimum 4 FULL pages with 12 Pont size, 1" margin, and Times New Roman Double space - APA citation and must have at list 8 sources..
Investigative Research Article Draft for Peer Review
As a reminder, the main focus of STING Magazine is investigative research articles. As an investigative researcher/writer your assignment is to develop an idea for a feature article for the magazine. All investigative research article topics should fall under one of the STING Magazine categories—Sociocultural, Techno-savvy, Innovative, Newsworthy,..
Why are people in sweatshops treated poorly and underpaid?
Argumentative research paper must contain critical thinking no plagiarism must answer research topic 6-8 sources 2 must come from books. Working conditions, safety, why aren’t the government supporting them, should the consumers play a part in this. I need paper done by 6 pm today November 15, 2018
Character, Culture and Imagery in Lahiri’s “The Third and Final Continent”
Write a 3 page paper on the following: Analyze the cultural relationship between any two characters in Jhumpa Lahiri’s short story, “The Third and Final Continent.” Pay particular attention to the imagery Lahiri uses to delineate the characters, and pay particular attention to what Lahiri portrays as cultural differences and cultural similarities. Length..
There is no title just follow the instructions below.
In a minimum of 1500 words (4-5 pages) (You have a choice of two topics) Choose only one of the topics below for your essay. . You MUST include the impact of Puritan beliefs. Discuss the changes that Reverend Hale, Reverend Parris, and John Proctor undergo in the course of the play. Illustrate with specific examples from the play. or Discuss what Abigail, Tituba,..
at covers Locke's First Treatise and watched the movie Cheney's Law
500-word single-spaced reader response addressing the following prompt. What is the argument of John Yoo in support of the unlimited powers of the executive branch in time of war? How is the Yoo argument similar to the Filmer claim of absolute royal power? If Locke were around today what would be his response to Yoo's presidential power argument?..
should same sec couples be allowed to adopt children?
The paper must contain MlA format.It must contain a cover page with my topic .it must contain an outline, 5-7 pages of draft, in text citations, 5-10 sources(either primary or secondary) and works cited page. Times new roman. 12 font. double spaced. header should be included. No plagiarism and good grammar...
How would Trump’s presidency effect the United States foreign relations, particularly Asia and Middle-East?
Impetus: Here, let us know a bit about your point of focus and what drew you to it. Address these questions: • What was the impetus for your search (what made you want to do it)? • What was your initial inquiry question? • Why did you choose this question? • What did you hope to do with “the answer” to this inquiry question? • Also, what did you already know about the question..
Modern Warfare: Video Games Link to Real-World Violence
Read: Armadi Tansal, "Modern Warfare: Video Games Link to Real-World Violence," pp. 132-134, and write a one-page analysis o this causal argument. 2/3 of essay should analyze this writer’s techniques and 1/3 should be your reaction to the essay's argument. I going to send you pp. 132-134 in pdf by the way I need it today after 8 hours..
Paper supporting nuclear energy to engage non engaged stakeholders
Hey Kenny, It took me a few extra days but here is what I am looking for. It is a 1200 word paper that is supposed to raise awareness to the benefits of nuclear energy with a target audience of non engaged stakeholders. I have attached documents related to it including the assignment instructions, a sample paper, and an early draft that will help you see my point of view..
argument presented or a concept explained research paper
Your research paper must have either an argument presented or a concept explained. Don't forget the basic rule of essay development: you must have a clearly articulated thesis presented in the introductory section of the essay that you will sustain throughout your paper. Format: You must follow the parameters and guidelines for MLA format unless you are planning..
Connections between violence in the media and real violence
Write an organized argument, in which you use logical reasoning and data to support objectively written claims and reasons. Organize your paper so that the structure is clear. Choose words and rhetorical devices, such as rhetorical questions, that provoke rational thought rather than strong emotions. You will incorporate elements of research writing into..
Why are ideas of love, friendship, and marriage the subject of many Shakespearean sonnets such as30,55,and116
Need 3 sources other than the poems, 5-7 pages, 1,500-2,100 words, must contain fact and quotations, uses a variety of sentence structures and sentence beginnings, language is appropriate and clear and includes domain-specific vocabulary and literary techniques that help convey complex ideas
Impact the National Rifle Association on the Outcome of the presidential election in the US.
• The number of pages should be about 8 pages excluding the references • Please, follow the outline as closely as possible • This research paper should follow the APA format • Please, use in-text citations, paraphrases, and summaries in bolt so that I can identify them easily. • The references should be in the APA format..
Why are African American college enrollment rates lower than other Americans enrollment ?
Impetus: Here, let us know a bit about your point of focus and what drew you to it. Address these questions: • What was the impetus for your search (what made you want to do it)? • What was your initial inquiry question? • Why did you choose this question? • What did you hope to do with “the answer” to this inquiry question? • Also, what did you already know about the question..
Assignment 3.2: Conducting a Survey on Alternative Fuel Sources
Description: This practice exercise allows students to plan, conduct, and summarize a survey. You will write a 2 page paper (12-point font) summarizing the survey design, survey data, and survey findings. Objectives: Describe techniques for conducting surveys. Conduct a survey. Instructions: Step 1: Determine the goals and target audience of the survey...
Relationships are important for emotional and psychological health
1) Integrate sources into paper to support/ advance argument. 2) Have clear thesis statement 3) Include minimum of 1 quote per source 4) cite sources in text and on reference page I have an outline roughly but here is the feedback my teacher sent when i submitted it. "I would have liked to have seen more information about how you planned to introduce and conclude..
Connections between violence in media and real violence
Write an organized argument, in which you use logical reasoning and data to support objectively written claims and reasons. Organize your paper so that the structure is clear. Choose words and rhetorical devices, such as rhetorical questions, that provoke rational thought rather than strong emotions. You will incorporate elements of research writing into..
Sexual orientation discrimination in the work environment is greater in the United States vs
Title: Sexual orientation discrimination in the work environment is greater in the United States vs other countries of the world. The work must be in APA format and must have a minimum of 3 references. The topic I chose is a subject which is difficult to get many references to books but you can use all kinds of articles, interviews, videos and any format accepted..
 To what extent does television contribute to the dehumanization of minorities?
This three page essay should be typed in 12 pt. font, double-spaced, and have standard one-inch margins. professor’s name, class, and due date should be placed in the upper left-hand corner of the first page. Must use MLA FIVE SOURCES, only three of which can be found electronically, and they must have proper MLA documentation for their sources. Cite Your Sources...
Is using electronics excessively good or bad for children?
Make sure to get data and studies to back up your claims. Also, what should be done to solve the problem? Make sure to get data and studies to back up your claims. Also, what should be done to solve the problem? 
How can parent handle their child's cell phone and social media use appropriately?
The research paper only can use 10 % of outside sources. The resources have to be reliable and academic sources. Analysis and critical writing are the main point of this paper. The cited quotations have to be MRL format.
for or Against: Mandating Immigrants Learn English
Paper must display evidence that you have done a substantial amount of research regarding your topic. Thinking/Analysis. Paper should involve a clear compare/contrast to an opposing side of your argument. The paper should be 4 typed pages (Six pages including the Cover Page and the Work Cited page) using 12 font Times New Roman. One inch margins required. This..
Are college students too distracted by technology?
During this unit we will write a research paper. Like all our other papers, the research paper is an argument. This time, however, you are welcome to use any or all of the tools you have learned this semester (Aristotelian argument, Toulmin method, Rogerian argument, etc.) to craft your paper. You should also use research in the form of MLA style parenthetical..
reserch paper, about the short story Kafka's "Metamorphosis. please read instructions
The idea of the individual as we know it is a modern one. With reference to either Kafka's "Metamorphosis" or Doris Lessing's "To Room Nineteen," discuss the idea of the individual. Your discussion of the story of your choice should be informed by your research on any one of the following: political movements, social movements (eg. feminism), any major intellectual/artistic..
Should the U.S provide free public college education to all American citizens.
its a argumentative research paper of 3 pages, and a Work Cited page with 5 sources MLA style. include thesis statement which is the claim. use transitional words. need a rough draft of 5 paragraphs by November 29th deadline December 1 . each body paragraph should include two types of researched information from the four types of evidence ( facts, examples, statistics,..
Just write the Introduction for group research paper
Hello, I want to write only introduction for group research, i have attached the instruction and sample introduction to give you an idea how is look like. i need two references only APA style. Here is some information related to my group research: 1- The chosen topic is a Small Company Needs Best Service Provider for Employee's’ New iPhone 7. This topic was chosen..
Remember the form of your arguments—below is just one possible structure. Remember the Quote Sandwich: Topic sentence Supporting idea Supporting idea Evidence, example, anecdote, data, statistics that you introduce, produce, explain per the Quote Sandwich. Supporting idea with additional reference to data statistics, and so on. Supporting idea with..
Films and Documentaries as Modes of A Communication
1. Length: 12 - 15 paragraphs, 1,000 - 1,500 words, This is approximately 5 - 7 pages or more in length 2. A cover page with RUNNING HEAD 3. 1-page annotated bibliography in APA format 4. Four (4) academic resources - minimum requirements: 1 book, 2 Academic Journal Articles and 1 periodical (newspapers/trade journal are the internet resources permitted)...
Innovation in urban design in Dubai - Public spaces
Topic is innovation in urban design specifecally public spaces in the city of Dubai , United Arab emirates . 1. Define public spaces 2. Current situation stastics and plans in dubai 3. Current situation & plans in top 4 countries 4. Highlight three top opportunities in the development of public spaces in dubai..
HIV and how it affected the world since it started
5 Page research paper. Word cited and reference page MLA format A) Introduction   -explain what is HIV/AID  -How did it all started  B) Statistic of how many people are infected in the world   -How HIV is transmitted  -How did HIV have affected the world - Statistic of how many death HIV have cause since it started   -what are the treatment   C) Prevention  -PrEP  The..
Is technology more of an advantage or disadvantage?
3-page research paper on "Is technology more of an advantage or disadvantage?" 12pt font. MLA format. 1-inch margins. Double spaced. Bibliography/Worked Cited included at the end. Please use easy and simple web pages/Sources. No book. Article sources are okay as long as they are not too complex. Please include a website link in all the sources. Thank You!..
What is a carbohydrate -restricted diet and is it effective for weight loss?
The paper has to be at least 10 pages. I will need 1 paper and 1 google slide presentation for the same topic. the research paper has to include personal experience not only scientific information. the work has to be cited in mla. if any of this requirements is not met , i will return it. Thank you...
Use of Planned Change in Downsizing & Increase in Market Share
3-5 page APA formatted paper indicate how you would go about ramping up for increased production and downsizing the lollipop department to maximize your chance of securing a stable niche in the candy market nationally. Support your choice with information from the text book AND two (2) other research sources. Cite all research information contained in the..
The Value of Multicultural and Transnational Literature
What is the value of multicultural literature? As you read the authors associated with this literary genre, you may have imagined living through the eyes of another. How is this important in today's world? Write a 700- to 1,050-word essay on the value of multicultural and transnational literature that includes the following: A description of the value of studying..
Exploring Identity and Personal Narratives Through Multicultural Literature
Many of our Week 3 authors explore identity through fictionalized narratives of families and communities. For this week's assignment demonstrate what you know about the characteristics of this era of multicultural literature, which roughly corresponds to the second wave of this literary genre. You also have the opportunity to write about your own cultural..
Problem Solution essay- kinda like a research paper
The topic that I chose was Identity theft, it needs to be convincing with the problem, it also has to come up with a solution to the problem. - It was recommended was to do 3 pages of describing the paper and how some to the old solutions did not work, the other 3 would be how you think your solution would be better and how it would work. - has to be 8-15 sources the rough draft..
Importance of integration of career and education.
you have to check the attachments to work on this project and follow the Instructions step by step please . Research question: What are the challenges facing uneducated athletes and how can such problems be avoided? My research will be focused on the identification of the challenges facing athletes who pursue their career at a very early age hence jeopardizing..
How do individuals present themselves differently on various online dating sites/platforms?
Topic: How do individuals present themselves differently on various online dating sites/platforms? Write about this article: Your group report should include a clear introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction must grab attention and introduce..
Is the use of computers in schools as early as elementary schools a good thing?
I need a research paper to be written for my AP English 11 Class about the topic of “Is the use of computers in schools as early as elementary schools a good thing?“ where a position is taken and there are citations in the paper as well as a works cited page. Thanks!
Nature vs Nurture; Introduction and Literature Review
Topic: Nature vs Nurture Description: In this assignment, you will first write your literature review; then, you will write your introduction. The following details are requirements of the assignment: • Introduction (9-12 well-developed sentences/approximately 350 words): Review the "Example Introduction and Literature Review (with comments)."..
Why is cyber bullying among adults so prevalent in this day and age what can we do to combat it?
I need an outline and a research paper created from the outline. The paper and outline will be on "why is cyber bullying among adults so prevalent in this day and age and what can we do to combat it? The main mode of discourse in the paper is argumentation. I need the outline by Monday 5/20 or sooner and the paper by 5/27. I have a template the outline needs to be done on,..
How does the practice of Tai Chi benefit mental health?
RESEARCH QUESTION: How does the practice of Tai Chi benefit mental health? The essay can be based around an application (as with assessing the use of the exercises with groups of people) or with an experiment (as with assessing the impact of the exercises in a sport). This kind of essay needs more focus on methodology, making sure that you have a selection process..
Is genetic engineering for the better or for the worst?
This is a research argumentative paper. 11 pages. The introduction should be 2-3 paragraphs(thesis included) and the conclusion should be two paragraphs as well. At least 6 peer-reviewed journal articles have to be used, also use MLA citation for the text used. I have to submit this through safe-assign so please be careful of plagarism...
the open boat vs the story of a shipwrecked sailor gabriel garcia marquez research paper.
professor wants 3 diferent sources critics 2. Please remember the importance of outlining your ideas. Your paragraphs must be well-developed, so bring in evidence from the story and analyze it as much as you can, just as you do in class discussion. Your paragraphs must be longer than three or four sentences. Again, outlining your main ideas and textual evidence..
There are no equal people Holden Caulfield from the novel by J.D. Salinger
hi there, i need to write research paper using 3 sources, 2 sources i will attach here , both of them from Jstore ,Edwards paper argumentative, the other one supports my idea that Holden Caulfield has ideal personality, that other people and whole post war mid century (1960) society indifferent to everything and everybody. I need i serious argumentative source..
what does it mean to be a good citizien of a community
1 everyday ethnics 2 chapter 29 the edge becomes the center 3 emotion inteligence. you have to chose two of that and find one more article by yourself to connect with your topic. 4 you have to fine one article by yourself to connect with these.also so that will be three ,you will use 1,2,3 for each body paragraph...
Persuasive Research Paper in APA Style on Organic food and GMO foods
Write a 1,000+ word persuasive research paper on the topic you have chosen The paper should contain at least five separate paragraphs The paper should contain the following elements An introduction that previews the topic and brings the reader into the existing conversation on that topic A balanced discussion of the essential perspectives/positions on the..
Why Does It Matters Who Wins The Big Game/Sports Matter
1. 5-7 body pages, a title page and a reference page. 2. Use APA formatting papers, in-text citations and reference page citations. 3. Use 12 pt Times New Romans font and double space the entire paper, including citation on the reference page. 4. Use a minimum of five sources from peer reviewed found in the WU Online Library. 5. Include an Introductory paragraph..
The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks Persuasive Essay
Your goal is to present an argument on the use of African American patients for medical research without public consent. The argument often made about this is that it was for the greater good and the case of Henrietta Lacks illustrates this. Her cells, taken without her consent, have led to incredible medical breakthroughs and a range of medical areas. The persuasive..
the responsability of people on Global climate change
The argumentative research paper must be on an arguable topic and must be supported with researched evidence. In the final draft, incorporate at least one credible source and be sure to cite them both through in-text citations and a Works Cited (or References for APA) page. This essay should have only the body. Body paragraphs in an argumentative essay usually..
9pages including Outline and the final paper of "Causes for Isolation of International Students at UB"
Assignment:  This is a secondary research paper based on a topic (approved by the instructor) of at least 2,000 to 3,000 words. Research must come from good, scholarly sources, governmental organizations, newspapers or magazines.  All material must be well cited (MLA).  If the idea or facts are not your own or obvious common knowledge, cited and quoted,..
group project APA: What are the psychological benefits to studying fiction & poetry?
this is a group project every member in my group (4 people) are writing at least 2 pages, so all I'm asking is two pages on this topic : "What are the psychological benefits to studying fiction & poetry?" I will attach a file to what my professor wants. I also need a bibliography sent to me by Thursday if you can! thank you so much!!!!!!..
Research paper on social issues in (the absolutely true story of a part time Indian by Sherman Alexie
Must use three reliable outside sources in addition to primary source (the absolutely true story of a part time Indian). Must use a minimum of one peer reviewed academic journal as a source. Typed in MLA format with works cited page. Research paper must be written off of the following thesis statement, “In the novel junior depicts struggles he faces in his community..
The 2nd USA amendment (Protects the right to keep and bear arms.)
--Must 9 sources for the 3 points on the attached picture , which means 3 sources for each point ---(6 pages, APA style , ) --- EXTRA INFO ABOUT THE AMENDMENT: The text of the Second Amendment which is found in the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights is the following: ” A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right..
APA Annotated Bibliography-outline the sources and intended use for the research paper. APA Research Outline- Outline for the Research paper. Also, include, in-text citations on the outline whenever citing sources. APA Research Paper - Summary: This assignment is meant to give the student practice in basic research planning, source documentation, and..
Vaccine Controversy: Why you should vaccinate your child
The typed paper should be a minimum of 2,000 words (about 8 pages not including work cited page) and must include a correctly formatted MLA 8th edition Works Cited page. Feel free to add or subtract work cited documents. This is a research paper on how why one should vaccinate thier child and how there are not documents that support autism. I also have to acknowledge..
A literary research/synthesis aboutThe Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
-A 6 pages research paper about the Great Gatsby, research whether it is a culturally or artistically significant -consider its popularity, influence, recognition, or aesthetic qualities. - use at least 3 scholarly sources to use for research and provide a work cited page for the sources -MLA FORMAT -PROVIDE WORKS CITED page. *READ THE HIGHLIGHTED PART ON..
legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use
Throughout the course, you will be writing an 8 to 10 page research report, including the Works Cited page. For the Research Report you are not taking a side on the issue. Use your Plan of Development and thesis to show the categories of opposing views you will be examining. After you have drafted the body of your essay, remind your readers of the main idea by developing..
discuss gender, class and ethnicity in relation to creativity and self-actualization
Discuss gender, class and ethnicity (if applicable) in relation to creativity and self-actualization in Charlotte Perkins Gilman's " The Yellow Wallpaper" and Virginia Woolf's A Room of one's own OR in Zora Neale Hurston's "Sweat" and Alice Walker's "In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens." Draw upon at least three secondary scholarly sources to develop your..
Elementary Students with ADHD & how it affects their learning
Hello, my name is Nicole and I’m looking for an excellent 4-5 page research paper on elementary Students with ADHD and how it affects their learning. I need a works cited page to be included as well as a preliminary & secondary source.. A few pics would be nice, maybe pics of a current survey or something of the sort. Include in this paper the difference between male..
SURVEILLANCE and the effects on the current and future generation
Both the Proposal and the Essay should use up-to-date MLA formatting, as detailed in The Broadview Guide to Writing (revised 6th Canadian edition) or another reliable source. The Library offers an MLA style guide:
argument about some aspect of the play, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare
you will revise and submit a ready-for-prime-time version of the essay; the culmination of the entire course! Parameters: The essay should have a minimum of five sources; at least two should be print books, and the others should be scholarly articles found in the HCCS Library databases. There are TWO exceptions: you can use film reviews, which are often available..
A Gap Year: Great Chance to Learn (Advantages of taking a gap year)
*please read the attached structure carefully -MLA style -Main idea: support taking a gap year. 3 reasons why: chance to exploring the world, gain working experience, and discovering a suitable career, and a refutation paragraph where you answer back to the opposite oppinion: travel cost a lot of money. well... people can choose affordable countries like..
Contrast a homeless family with a secure middle class family
Using the writing process, plan and organize a compare/contrast essay that is between 500-700 words. Incorporate two direct quotations from the readings Our Tired, Our Poor, Our kids which could be found on google into the body paragraph of the research essay. Also, include works cited page. **Must haves** A rough draft A outline A thesis statement A plan of..
Entertainment and stress release from the violence in video game
Entertainment and stress release from the violence in video game:Linked to human behavior, cultural symptom and representation in society. This paper focuses on a current controversial topic about the relationship between violent video game and human behavior. What types of recreation players can gain from playing survival, death and violent video game?..
MLA Research Paper with an MLA outline and MLA Annotated Bibliography (PDF)
Objectives: Find sound sources and document them properly in accordance with MLA format standards Apply principles of logic and rhetoric to argue a thesis with proofs and evidence Organize and design a research paper in accordance with a distinct purpose and style Page Count: 5-6 pages Format: MLA Format, 12 Point Font, Times New Roman, Double Spaced Source..
formal essay outline and essay on research paper on wikipedia
psi need someone to work with me closely because because this assignment has some materials I will be providing. I want someone that will reply message on time and deliver a quality work in time. pls don't bid if you are not up tp the task or waste my time as I have limited time to submit my assignment..
Discuss the way in which King addresses his multiple audience in " I have a Dream"
Minimum of 5 critical books and critical articles from journals which you will find on database such as Literary Reference center, Literature Resources center and MLA Biblography Write a critical/literary essay, please do not write about the author's bibliography. Five sources are required including atleast two books and two articles from literary database..
Should overpopulated countries enforce laws that control birth?
I want 8 pages research paper with atleast 9 sources (from .edu or .org) with 3 of them being scholarly journals. the format is APA. I will need an introduction, 4-6 body paragraphs where you will demonstrate the pros and cons of overpopulation, the other sides opinion and refute it and your opinion supported by the 9 sources.and of course a conclusion. i will need..
“use of cell phones while driving: is it acceptable or should it be banned”
Minimum 8 and a half pages excluding the work cited page MLA format, margins on MLA should be 1 inch, times new roman font size 12. Minimum 2 citations per page. Also Minimum 6 hardcopy of work cited that i can easily print out for my instructor to know where i took the information. Talk about both sides but settle for the support for the ban of cell phone...
William Shakespeare - what literary greatness means
Your task for this assignment is to research one of the great authors – William Shakespeare and to present your findings in a well-written and well-organized report. Part of your task will be defining what literary greatness means, and devising some means of measuring how William Shakespeare meets the criteria you’ve outlined...
Research the topic and confirm what scholar's believe: Did Shakespeare really write all society gives him cred
Write a research paper using the current (2009)MLA format for written research paper. A Minimum of five full pages,Six in text citation from at least four different sources, A work cited page,Double space, Time New Roman font using size 12,Do not use first person singular or plural personal pronoun, I or we,except if it is used in a quote you cite.Dont not use second..
The Evolution of the American dream (How the american dream has changed over time) - Complete before 3pm on JULY 25
Length: 5-7 pages (typed, double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font, 1” margins). Include (at least) two legitimate sources from databases provided by the SSU Library. Include two short, direct quotations (no block quotations) from the sources you have located. Include a Works Cited page (this does not count toward length requirement). All sources..
Technology in Education in secondary schools in Jamaica or the Caribbean
Research paper should entails; APA Format, Based on Jamaica Abstract 150 words, Text of research paper (content) 1,500 words, Conclusion 120 words, References, Appendices, Citations should be in content of research paper
Why you agree/disagree that offering organ donors comp is a moral/ethical solution to the organ shortage
Paper must be between six (6) to eight (8) pages, double-spaced, with a font not exceeding twelve (12) and must adhere to MLA formatting, citation, and documentation rules/standards. Your “Works Cited” page counts as a page.This is a research paper; therefore, in addition to the sources in your text, you must have a minimum of two (2) others: one from a newspaper,..
What is the cause of the increase in child obesity in the USA?
Write a paper of 1500 words. Cite all sources. Use 4 or 5 sources, this is not based on your opinion only. It has to be supported by investigation. Avoid copy and Paste. 1- Plastic surgery –Is plastic surgeries a way to become more beautiful, or just someone’s unhealthy idea? Do people who go plastic surgery have more opportunity in life? 2- Do you believe that Animal..
Motivation, Expectations, and Concerns of Adults in Higher Education
I have to use at minimum 1 source from EAR (Everything's and Argument with Readings) Chapter 5 and 4 sources from Galileo library. I am attaching my proposal. Remarks from Professor on the proposal. I would approve your proposal with some suggestions. Make sure to balance personal opinions and factual evidence, e.g., statistics, to respond to your research..
Research paper on some compelling aspect of Hamlet
Write a 4-page research paper on some compelling aspect of Hamlet . include a MINIMUM of four outside academic sources (academic essays or
books). : 4 pages and 4 sources. You must have a WORKS CITED page as well (not counted in the 4 required pages).
Social Networking and How it Effects Real Life Social Skills
Remember that you must create an original argument concerning the topic. You should not write an outdated or trite argument. Instead, you should research, find out interesting, thought-provoking information, and use it to develop your own original thesis. You should not write a paper that is a summary of the research you have done. You must use at least six outside..
Discuss the connections/differences Oedipus Rex play written by sophocles and War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy.
**full question ** Discuss the connections/differences between the Oedipus Rex play written by Sophocles and War & Peace written by Leo Tolstoy. Five pages Minimum. Work cited, directly from the book and the play. The book and the Play can be both found online.
2001: a space odyssey (MOVIE). Research paper. New ending
I. INTRODUCTION Begin with a question or quotation Background info--- quick overview of film plot, director, actors, screenplay, book, adaptation, Thesis question- Why is the ending the least satisfying aspect of the film? Why? Thesis statement II. Detailed summary of the film's plot III. Reinvent the ending IV COnclsuion- Restate the thesis... clincher..
Final Literary Analysis *Phyllis Wheatley $4-5 Page Non-Negotiable
The final literary essay that extends your analysis of the work of Phillis Wheatley, the final essay should follow the attached outline and include an analysis of the following: A. The purpose of this paper is to examine the cultural difference of the feminist movement during the early slavery period as it relates to Black and White Woman. B. In many of the salve..
Should same-sex marriages be legalized throughout the country?
Please find below two (2) topic choices for your final research paper: 1. Is gun control an effective method to reducing crime? 2. Should same-sex marriages be legalized throughout the country? Your Annotated Bibliography should be at least two (2) pages.
Loan problem in CUNY college Research paper using Collage of Staten Island library
-MLA format: You must follow all MLA conventions. -The paper should include a bibliography, listing the sources in alphabetical order. -Papers must be 7-10 pages, double-spaced, and typed in a 12-point standard font (such as Times New Roman). Each page must have your name and page number in the upper-right-hand corner. -The paper must have 5-7 relevant sources..
argumentative essay How would legalizing marijuana in United States affect the crime and incarceration rate?
topic- Legalization of marijuana would reduce drug related crimes research question- How would legalizing marijuana in United States affect the crime and incarceration rate? claim- the legalization of marijuana in the United States is complex because it can have good or bad outcomes on individuals and society...
Discuss the evolving role of the academic library.
Write a research essay of approximately 1,000 words on the topic “Discuss the evolving role of the academic library.” For this assignment, you are required to use a minimum of 3 sources (2 scholarly) from the assigned list (see p.2). You are required to document your sources using APA-style in-text citations and a reference list...
the metaphysical fate in Queen of Spade and the materialist determinism fate in Notes from Under. and The Duel
The research paper needs to engage with 5 scholarly sources. It should be 7-8 pages long, double space and engages directly with the texts mentioned. the radical distinction between the metaphysical fate we meet in Pushkin's Queen of Spades and the materialist “fate” (as materialist determinism) in Dostoevsky's Notes from Underground and Chekhov's The Duel..
Stress Test Gaining a Better Understanding of College Student Stress Levels?
Your goal for this essay is to choose a question or an issue and research it first hand by either conducting an interview or a survey; the essay also requires at least 3 secondary sources (like the ones you’ve used for the previous two essays). The issue you choose to research can be anything that interests you, but ideally, it should apply to the field you plan to enter..
Next 15hrs Assignment 1 write 1 page Proposal (one paragraph) write 2 pages Annotated bibliography write 6 pages Research essay on THE CONSEQUENCES OF PROCRASTINATION AND THE SUCCESFUL STUDENT, With references. APA format
Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority Research Paper
a. Provide a brief history of the organization. If founder, why you start this organization? If not, how did you become affiliated with the organization, why and when? b. What types of services does the organization provide? Describe the programs offered? Who are the clients? How is this organization unique from other similar organizations? What do youthink..
The Impact of Illegal Immigrants on the American Economy
The Introductory Section: As this is a longer essay than your first one, it may take more than one paragraph to introduce the argument. The intro may be two or three paragraphs, and take a page or so to complete. Still, there are specific elements that need to be included. Quality, in all cases, is determined in terms of accuracy and precision. 1) How well does the..
How the benefits of having/offering longer paid maternity leave will outweigh the costs of a business
The paper should be AT LEAST five double-spaced pages, not including the Works Cited page. Try to not go over six pages of text. -Sources MUST be credible and you must use (and cite) at least five. -Include concessions to indicate points upon which you and the other side can agree. These are normally answered with counterarguments/refutations. (Example: "Even..
Research on hurricane Harvey that cause employement loss and hunger
Reread the paper and add more details and fix error. Due by tonight!!!! Read the attachment for instruction and ask question! MUST NOT BE LATE!!! I put the due date as Dec. 1, however it is due by tonight! Not Dec. 1. MLA format
Adressing Indigenous and non-Indigenous contexts in reen Grass Running Water
Write a synthesis of critical responses to Thomas King’s Green Grass Running Water. Your basic task is to determine what issues have shaped critical responses to this novel. But you will need to focus your synthesis; choose one of the following questions to help you to focus and organize your paper. Remember, you will need to develop a thesis that makes conclusions..
How Opioid Addiction Changes The Chemistry Of The Brain
Need a science mini literature review(facts only) of how opioid addiction changes brain chemistry and affects addiction. must use 3 articles from only. must be in APA format using most recent Scientific facts only. One chart or graph to corroborate finding answering the question of what has been discovered about this subject...
Undocumented Immigrants Qualified for Amnesty Should Stay in the U.S
MLA Fornat i will provide 3 sources i started already i highlighted my thesis in yellow use more sources include work cited talk about undocumented students , hard undocumented workers who psy taxes, and undocumented non criminals... include opposing side
why the federal government of Canada should not legalize the ise of recreational marijuana
the sheet with the highlighted part is what the work contains I've highlighted the important stuff and there is another sheet with different sources the ones with asterisks are the ones you should cite from you can access those sources by visiting this website and typing the title of the source .Thank you..
English as the most useful second language to learn
Paper #4 – Source-Based Argument Essay Your final formal writing assignment is a research essay on a topic of your choosing. Your idea must be approved before you begin. The essay should be typed, double-spaced, with 1” margins, using Times New Roman font (12 pt). It must be in MLA format, using in-text citations with a Works Cited Page. You must cite at least three..
Why is Michael Jackson, Thriller (1932) considered a classic
Why is Michael Jackson, Thriller (1932) considered a classic, groundbreaking example of virtuosity (artistic and technical excellence)? 11 pages typed, MLA citations + works cited page/Name of artist and album, release date The length of time it took to produce that album, albums producer + how he helped shape it + influences helped the artist & produce to..
What are some ways that people can help heal the planet through their food choices?
Attached are the topics that you may choose from for your ELD Challenge. It is important to follow the instructions and to answer the questions from the topics completely. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Your research paper must be 10-pages in length, not including the reference or title page..
Peter Singer "The Why and How of Effective Altruism"
Essay must have: -Intro with hook, intro of full name and title of talk, rhetorical aim, speakers background, surprise reversal thesis statement -Summary of main points -Analysis of ethos/logos -Analysis of pathos/visuals -Must use textual evidence -Must use textual evidence in MLA -Must include a counter argument and rebuttal - Conclusion -Works cited..
green vision (implementing LED and New Trees , Zero Emission Lighting)
Group Project format APA, I attached the file with the link gives more information, but my mart is only designing. part.1. what kind of structure of LED, what type of pole like short or long, how many lights needed for one pole to brighter likewise designing 2. Trees should be longer if we want to implement LED lights otherwise there would be shading...
Should it be easier for people to become United States citizens?
ENGLISH 102: Critical Writing, Reading & Research Professor Ash Short Research Paper Length: 5-7 pages double spaced, MLA format, 12-point type, MLA Works Cited page Sources: Your sources should not be solely internet sources; be sure to access and utilize scholarly articles via your Montgomery College library database (sources need not be scholarly)...
Should marijuana be legalized on the government level?
Introduction- thesis/ claim Paragraph- evidence/ 1st point Paragraph- evidence 2st point Counter claim/ opposing point of view mentioned Paragraph- refuting/ shutting down counter claim Checklist: Transitions, Hook, Topic sentences/ indented paragraph, Persuasive/ Description/ Details *MLA /APA documentation* Title Conclusion Dominance resistance..
Problems faced in schools that affects students learning
Points: 1) Overcrowding Subpoints a) Difficult for teacher to connect with students on a deeper level. b) The effect on a child's ability to learn; students fall back because they are not given the attention they need. 2) Lack of resources Subpoint a) Long term effect' no resources equals not being able to teach every aspect that needs to be taught. b) Teachers..
The United States Governments should or should not continue domestic surveillance
- 3 and a half pages, plus works cited page. - 7 paragraphs. P#1 - Introduction, history, background of the issue, and claim statement. P#2 - Con - opposition "Against." P#3 - Pro - your counterargument P#4 - Con 2 - opposition "Against." P#5 - Pro 2 - your counterargument. P#6 - Pro 3 - your position - an additional reason. P#7 - Conclusion - recommendation for the..
Annotated Bibliography and Research Argumentive Paper
This is a 2 part paper.... Annotated Bibliography (7-10 sources with a summary for each source) and Research Argumentative Paper (6-8 full pages) both papers should coincide the annotated bibliography will be the source pages for the Research Argumentive Paper.
Should the Drinking Age be Lowered from 21 to a Younger Age
Major Essay: Research Essay including approved thesis statement using 3 compelling reason why the drinking age should NOT be lowered. Total of 5 Pages using MLA format. Essay must include cited work within the essay. And a work Cited page by itself. Research paper must be 4 pages and one work cited page. Total 5 pages..
Radical HealthCare Reform: Free vs. Paid in the United States.
Argument/Persuasive Writing Paper: 5-7 pages - properly sited APA sources. Argument essay based on binary, research and analysis, evidence, claims, and properly cited sources. Rubric standards: 1. Essay develops an original idea by identifying patterns, defining key terms, uncovering assumptions, reformulating binaries, and crafting analytical..
Should the Drinking Age be Lowered from 21 to a Younger Age?
Major Essay: Research Essay including Annotated Bibliography (3) sources with 2-paragraph annotation, works cited page + approved thesis statement using 3 compelling reason why the drinking age should NOT be lowered. Total of 5 Pages using MLA format. Essay must include cited work within the essay.
How Can We Prevent African American Children from Injury and Death Caused by Drowning?
So this is the fifth assignment of a serious problem here in the united states that revolves around Re: How Can We Prevent African American Children from Injury and Death Caused by Drowning? and how it carries out throughout their whole life. Children and teenagers die because as children they didn't learn how to swim. The target is low socioeconomic minority..
Assignment 3: Persuasive Paper Part 1: A Problem Exists
Using your thesis statement and research, present the problem that needs to be addressed with your proposed solution. Note: Your solution, advantages, and challenges, will be in Parts 2 and 3. Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you: 1.Provide an appropriate title and an interesting opening paragraph to appeal to your stated audience (appeal with..
Why are children in the US getting more obese in the 21st century?
Synthesis writing. Students are reminded to start with a question. Their assignment is starting with the question Why are children in the US getting more obese in the 21st century? (you may change the question around. for example "the cause of obesity in American children.)" You have to use the three articles provide by the instructor. I will provide articles...
Analysis of the assasination attempt of Lorenzo di Medici
The last paper (attached) is an analytic book review on "April Blood" by Lauro Martines. My teacher did not like it because the middle was not analytic. This is a feature article based off of that paper with a goal to focus on a smaller part of the topic. It also needs an additional book and 3 articles as sources (for a total of 2 books and 6 articles). Sources cannot just..
America does not need a stricter immigration reform.
this is a 3.5 page research paper that will go over how immigrants have been a vital part in making America what it is today. we do not need a stricter immigration reform. there should be a minimum for 4 current web reference with proper citations and in text citation. attached is a rubric that needs to be followed...
Greetings: In Gayl Jones Corregidora (1975) and Octavia Butler's Kindred 1979) discuss and analyze the traumatic effects of enslavement on the lives of the two Black female protagonist Ursula Corregodora and Dana Frankllin.
Greetings: In Gayl Jones Corregidora (1975) and Octavia Butler's Kindred 1979) discuss and analyze the traumatic effects of enslavement on the lives of the two Black female protagonist Ursula Corregodora and Dana Frankllin. This essay in proper MLA style must have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion along with theirs component parts. This essay of ten..
research paper- spelling in English language (correlation between derivational morphology and spelling)
Dear Carter Williams i want to ask you if you can do this research paper for me due to 10.10.17 my friend suggested you to work on it. i have written all the instructions and included all the data analysis in the file. please take a look.. and tell me if you can do it. if you have any question tell me. i have found articles and i want to send them for you. but if you found them..
How the federal legalization of marijuana has affecfed the sales of alcohol
The sources used must include scholarly material and should involve extensive use of the library’s databases. The expected percentage of scholarly sources will vary according to your topic. The paper must adhere strictly to MLA or APA formatting and citation guidelines. also need 6 cited sources in an annotated bibliography. paper actually needs to be from..
How does self-driving/driveless car affect jobs/career?
Research paper for english, 7-8 pages discussing how the (drivless car) automation affect other jobs. Like bus driver... Taxi driver... Car insurance company. 8 works cited (at least 1from book and 1 from peer review) in text cite and cite page. I need it in 2 days. Well written! I need A Since I made an order before and the writer didn't reply me. I hope you can help..
Oedipus: The search for Identity : Is He a Hero or a Fool?
Topics: research papers/ Source folders Length: 6-7 pages. Types, double-spaced, using documentation according to the New Revised MLA Format. Includes a Works Cited page. Works Cited page will include 4 sources-minimum. 1. The primary work of literature: Sophocles's " Oedipus Tyrannus." 2. "Passages from Ancient Authors" and Aristotle, "From the Poetics"..
A Feminist Critique of Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway
- Must be related to "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman - Must be a feminist critique of the text Mrs. Dalloway, used with sophistication and depth of understanding - MLA format - 10-15 pages - Thesis is clear, specific, original, and thought-provoking - Paper includes ample textual evidence from the primary source for all points made, and evidence..
Argumentive research paper on how exercise impacts one's health
OUTLINE Submit a minimum 3 page outline complete with Works Cited page. Outline must be: •written in complete sentences. •in MLA format. •include citations. Outline and Works Cited page should be the same document FINAL PAPER It is now time to take all the research and writing you’ve done and combine it all together into a cohesive research project. You will need..
A character analysis on Okonkwo from things fall apart
1 research paper split into 3 separate essays. 1. Essay about his role. 2. About his characteristic 3. Connection to theme. 4 sources book counts for 3 outside sources. From my schools online library. 10 pages. Cover page. Title page for all 3. Table of contents Bibliography Appendix
Why vending machines should be removed from schools
Title page Abstract page Body section:Full title should be centered at top of the first page of the body. Reference page:References should begin on a page by themselves after the last page of your body section.
Social media (FB, IG, Twitter, YouTube, etc...) is detrimental for children (defend your position)
Write a 5-8 page paper, APA style with an abstract. Include a reference sheet with at least 3-10 sources, with no more than half being internet sources. Please remember to be vigilant of fragments, run-on sentences, spelling, and subject-verb agreements.
ARGURING YOUR STAND ON: The Influence of Love and Happiness on People: Explaining the Meaning of Dopamine
this part of the paper is to argue your side of what influences love and happiness on people. ALL WORK MUST BE CITED IN MLA. its feeding from the previous assignment you submitted. I attached the pdf of the final paper I turned in. if any questions feel free to ask! I hope you accept the assignment. I loved your work...
Facebook and Social Networking - Good for how we relate?
at least 1750 words. no more than 2000. these statment underlined and the last sentence of the intro paragraph. do not use 1st or 2nd person. use 4 journal articles i have already picked out. need at least one quote from each.
Character analysis on Okonkwo in things fall apart
1 research paper split into 3 separate essays. 1. Essay about his role. 2. About his characteristic 3. Connection to theme. 4 sources book counts for 3 outside sources. From my schools online library. 10 pages. Cover page. Title page for all 3. Table of contents Bibliography Appendix
Is it better to sudy abroad or in one's own country?
When citing Internet sources, refer to specific website document. If a document is undated, use "n.d." Minimum 1000 words free of plagiarism need to have Introduction, body paragraphs , conclusion. -APA format -A page of all references
What is more detrimental to society in America, drug use or alcohol use?
This is a classical argumentative structure starting with an unbiased outlook and moving toward a favorable position on the topic. The goal is to destroy the other's argument where your side can be the only logical one to choose. I have chosen a side already and done most of the research and outline to structure the paper, please include the refutation as this is..
2-PART Research Essays DUE in 24 HOURS(7/26)! Another Movie Based Essay Due in 7/27
This project asks you to write two papers. Paper #1 previews sources you intend to use on Paper #2, which is an argument about the meaning or significance of some aspect of a text or texts. I WILL PROVIDE THE RESEARCH TOPIC AND SOURCES TO WORK ON. [paper 1] Write a formal, titled EXPOSITORY essay of at least 1000 words and exactly five paragraphs, reporting on three..
Beliefs and why people believe in the paranormal or supernatural
Persuasive Research paper (due 8/7) Length: 6-8 pages (double-spaced- MLA format 8th edition) Reading sources: 8 total, will provide resources. Annotated bibliography (due 8/1) The research paper is due (8/7) It will be better if work finished before their due dates.
Homeschooling: A Valid Alternative to Public Schooling
I will attach the assignment description and the grading rubric as well as the sources that I have found on the topic which should be used. I won't accept a paper that uses any sort of paper generator and I won't accept a paper that doesn't follow the rubric.
Reading Black vs The literature of The American South
I need a research paper based on 2 books Reading Black pg. 471-478 The Literature of The American South 1040-1052 I need a 5 page essay with 5 sources mla citations. I have attached the directions for the research paper and attached pictures of the pages you will need to read. The author is Dorothy Allison. The essay should be about her life and her work please refer..
Air pollution, climate change and environmental regression.
The introduction should have two paragraph first paragraph the thesis and the other paragraph is a quotation. And read the picture i upload to give me a good paper. Thesis: In this paper i am presenting the air pollution problem, climate change, and i will mention the proposal of the laws that some countries put to save the environment...
Paper IV: Opposing Views & Counter Arguments (The ethics of Animal Testing)
n paper IV, you will continue your paper by presenting two opposing views and then counter arguing by conceding or refuting those views. Counterarguments, or opposing views, are a common feature of composition courses. They can also be used to strengthen essays for other classes. Professors want to know if a student has thought a topic through from multiple..
violent substance abuse men and women are victim of domestic violence
Hello, I will upload a ruff draft that the teacher has look at the paper and this is what she said, 1. the abstract does not capture the purpose. 2. I have organized the material well. 3. need to provide more specific case studies/examples to bring the issue to life. 4. was i going to propose any solutions to the problem. 5. limited research done. 6. the references list..
Smoking is still legal and smokers should have rights too
I need a thesis paper 2 paragraphs and a rough draft by 04-18-16. I also need a final paper on this topic and it should be 1500+ words 3 to 4 pages and a minimum 5 sources 2 should be non electronic MLA format work cited required. I would need the final paper by 05/02/16
How has Donald Trump changed the Presidential election process in the United States
1. A developed thesis in which you clearly state the essay’s argument or terms of analysis 2. Specific, well-developed, relevant evidence that directly supports the argument 3. 3-5 peer-reviewed sources (wiki sources NOT acceptable), including book chapters, journal or newspaper articles, reviews, etc. 4. An introduction, conclusion, and body that is..
Assignment #8 – Scholarly Journal Search (The ethics of animal testing)
Instructional Objectives In this assignment students will: refine strategies for understanding and evaluating sources by finding a reasonable number of scholarly journal articles on approved research topic, refine strategies for searching online database systems using various key words on the approved research topic to locate 3 scholarly journal articles,..
Assignment #7: Primary Research (The ethics of animal testing)
Instructional Objectives In this assignment students will: refine strategies for understanding and evaluating sources by locating primary research either with conducting field research or an online database primary article on approved research topic, refine strategies for searching online database systems and conducting their own primary research..
Paper III: Position/Proposal Statements & Convincing Arguments(The Ethics of Animal Experimentation)
Learning Objectives Students in this assignment will: further develop their ability to read critically, generate original ideas, and present these ideas persuasively in an academic, college-level essay. This includes writing well-supported, coherent, original arguments, and synthesize sources to help argue a position or proposal. Defining the Issue..
Dominican Republic Vs Unites States: Lifestyle and cultural Differences
I already wrote my paper I would just like for someone to read it and make some changes. and am also missing the work-cited page is suppose to be a MLA format reference page, and I am having a little trouble finding info to support my opinion.
Sources – Locating Periodicals in Databases (animal testing)
Instructional Objectives In this assignment students will: refine strategies for searching the online database systems by logging into the GCC online database and locating articles related to research topics, and practice note taking skills by writing paraphrases and quoting sources for the articles located within the GCC online database and adding them..
Compare/Contrast Essay-Colonel Munro and Gen Montcalm
Write a five paragraph essay with five to seven sentences in each paragraph comparing and contrasting two of the characters in the our novel, " The Last of the Mohicans" Use MLA format Use 12 point Times New Roman, double space Use the tab key to indent at the beginning of each paragraph and do not use the enter key at the end of each line. Deadline: Friday, June 23, 2017..
Sources: Locating Books (animal testing vs medical testing)
Instructional Objectives in this assignment students will: refine strategies for searching the online card catalog systems by locating two books for potential use on research topic, and practice note taking skills by writing paraphrases and quoting sources from the online books students locate. How to Search the Online Library Catalog A library catalog..
Paper I: Position/Proposal Paper Outline (Animal testing Vs Medical Research)
Learning Objectives: In this assignment students will: generate original ideas by processing information on research topic by answering specific questions to develop an outline, present an idea persuasively in an academic, college-level outline (Full Outline), and refine strategies of academic research, including selecting a topic and defining the..
Review Job Search Websites and How to Create Employment Portfolios
Review Job Search Websites and How to Create Employment Portfolios 1. Write a review of "The Riley Guide" in Table 18.1 page 522. Then, choose five other sites and review them as well. Obviously, if any of the sites you choose no longer exist or cannot be opened, choose others. Use the textbox on this assignment page to write your reviews You should use critical thinking..
You can choose racism and health or Any other topic related to The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Introduction: why is this a debatable issue 1-2 pp. ( background info on your topic) Body: Discussion of the experts in the field. 3-5 pps. What are their concerns, opinions, etc Conclusion: your opinion of what should be done about this issue? 3/4 -1pp.
Rough Draft Corrections to Veterans do not receive healthcare and disability benefits
I have a rough draft of a 5 page research paper that the teacher has made several comments on. I need some help with the corrections as I am on a short time frame. I am attaching the teacher comments and also the original word document so you won't have to re-type. I am also attaching the checklist for the original assignment...
Legalization of Medical Marijuana is Morally Sound
I need 7 pages of this research paper by Monday( not including abstract). Then, i need rest of the research paper on 6-7-2017. Please follow the format document that i uploaded. Otherwise, i uploaded the checklist that you can check what is missing. i also have the sample of research paper document, which is the best sample that my professor thinks. Please follow..
How Gender Influences Sociolinguistic Aspects of American Sign Language
I do not have any instructions. I am trusting you! I know there is a spot in here to put the page number, but I don't know if that is the right word count. I need it to be at least 8 pages. Also I have a couple sources that I would like you to use such as "What is your sign for pizza?" and "Translation, sociolinguistic , and consumer issues in interpreting"...
exploring xuelas sexuality (The Autobiography of my mother by Jamaica Kincaid)
this is a research paper exploring the main character xuelas sexuality . why what makes her the way she is? why did she start so early? what is her attitude towards sex? why does Jamaica Kincaid create xuelas character like this? this has to be a 6 page paper with citation page . this assignment has to be uploaded to safe assign. I have been really struggling in this..
How does a higher educational institutions’ student support system affect students’ academic satisfaction?
Please read and understand the instructions very carefully. This assignment is survey-based research paper and I have the responses already. The assignment requires very precise and qualified information. PLEASE! be sure to contain all the requirements in the paper. Thank you!
Freshmen English Class Research Paper using the movie 'Alien' with other articles
*Read Attached Document First -Yes the paper is about the movie Alien. Avoid using any stark trek references because I forgot what two episodes it is talking about. *Note it says this essay must incorporate at least three additional scholarly sources. Also I attached the links for two of the articles that can be used. The paper is not due until Friday but I have a..
A legal pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants
This research must be typed and double-apaced, in times roman or calibri 12 point font, and paginated. you must have a clear thesis statement and follow the standard requirements of an essay. you must narrow your topic to a specific question that you will research. you will need at least three scholarly sources that you will use to answer your research question...
Ginsberg's Howl, and the influence of Madness on Creativity
This is a research paper that is looking at Ginsberg's poem Howl, and how it criticized society at the time. I kind of would like the paper to start broad, with like a bio on Ginsberg, then narrow the scope towards the poem, and then have the end broaden the picture to see how this poem may have influenced others (during and after the BEAT generation)..
Text Messaging Effects on Teen Literacy and Social Interaction
attached (research intro- step 2 -2page instruction's (20 work cited needed)- see example's of work cited page MLA style needed. step-3 instructions source cards(don't need cards just separate ( see examples) author& pg# each on a paper -[Ill put on cards]
How social media can affect our lives, our minds and develop a psychological problem
Heading, header, title in-text citations including sentence introductions of sources and parenthetical references a list of 6-7 CREDIBLE sources listed on the Works Cited page, 6.5 pages. Times new roman. Double spaced. Argument writing
Research Based on Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart
** Literature writers only ** Reading: Instructions to paper: This paper is designed to require you to expand your understanding of Things Fall Apart by combining knowledge and application of content with your own interpretation and judgment. You will write a research paper about Chinua Achebe’s Things..
Why every couple should be required to adopt a child after their year of marriage
So far this semester we’ve kicked horses, watched our dreams, and decided to kill the fat man overlooking the train tracks. As I said at the beginning of the semester, a lot of this class would focus on critical thinking, and we have done so. If it hasn’t been clear to you thus far what these discussions have to do with writing, this assignment should help. You’re going..
Research Paper Topics (Elements of Craft, Authors, & Analyses)
Outline: Points will be deducted for missing or incomplete outlines according to the schedule below: Missing outlines for the research paper = - 9 points Incomplete outlines for the research paper = varies (- 1 to -8 points) Length: The ATS site indicates that the length of the Research Paper must be approximately 1,500. The ATS site also indicates that you may..
Tax breaks to large corporations should be eliminated
This is a persuasive argument paper written in APA forma that requires research, Should be written in the third. Paper requires Cover page, abstract , and reference page with at least 5 references. The topic of the paper is why tax breaks to large corporations should be eliminated , you should also bring up the oppositions point of view and then refute it. The paper..
Langston Hughes impact on the Harlem renaissance of the
Choose one of the poets on the syllabus, or a specific theme or period of writing, and develop a strong thesis statement that addresses a recurring theme in the poet’s or poets’ works. Remember: a thesis statement requires that you take a position and present an argument which you prove throughout the paper; it is never a statement of fact. You will need to read texts..
the effect of the American dream on haitian immigration
Feel free to modify the title, but keep the broad topics american dream and immigration. If you need to narrow the topic by population, I'd like Haitian immigrants. I have some sources already if needed
NFL Controversies leading to decline in popularity
Write a research paper on How NFL controversies will lead to a decline in popularity among consumers. Examples (Domestic Violence, Concussions/CTE, Cheating Scandals). Must include sections with:Cause and Effect, Comparison(possibly in contrast to the NBA), Counter Arguement,and a Definition section...
What effects does Mass inccaseration have in the comunity.
The Pro and Coins of Immigration Laws being enforced - why its such a hot topic now.
MLA style with citations and biography of sources and statistics of why the Immigration laws of this Nation are finally being enforced. The pro and cons - why this topic has risen as a hot topic of this Nation.
Veterans Do Not Receive Timely Healthcare and Disability Benefits
Would you be interested in doing a 5 page research paper? The annotated bibliography is complete and received a grade of 100%. I attached the thesis statement that I previously turned in along with the teachers comments. I originally was going to write paper on why NFL players are paid more than the military but she encouraged me to broaden the topic so if I could..
Critical Response Paper: British Literature after 1800
This paper needs to be 4-5 pages with 4 secondary sources. After speaking with my professor she said I could focus on the one author or even branch out and write about other authors of that time that wrote about the infanticide, women, etc. However, I think I would like the paper to focus on Elizabeth Barrett Browning and her writings only and the reason she wrote in..
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