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Air flow inside combustion engine cylinder and its influence on the performance of the engine
the research paper is for fluid dynamics, for chemical engineering write a research paper about the importance of fluid flow in the automobile industry and its impact on the engine’s power and emissions. discuss the importance of fluid dynamics in internal combustion engines and its influence on the performance of the engine, fuel consumption and also more..
Nanotechnology in microfluidics, optics and surface chemistry
Focus of this report should be on the following; - Biomedical Applications - Tools and Technique - Provide a literature review including the latest developments/applications regarding the term paper topic. Provide critical analysis of the important contributions found in the literature review. Discuss their significant achievements and limitations...
the impacts of environmental psychology in both Civil engineering and an oil field engineer
Compare and contrast, Civil engineering ( regular 7am-5pm job) and an oil field engineer, night shift (6pm-6am) ; how environmental psychology plays a role in both positions. use 3 peer reviewed psychology journals . take into consideration their work environment, and their attitudes, actions. for example for the light, weather, noise, etc... APA FORMAT..
Piezo Technology – Applications on Medical Devices
Research Papers •Do a research paper on a biomedical instrumentation of your preference •Collect and analyze information from at least 5 published research papers •Needapproval from the instructor. Submit a hardcopy proposal detailing the research topic, research objectives, and research methodology. •Individual research paper..
Turbo charged cars are better than the superchargers
Prompt: Obtain, summarize, paraphrase and synthesize material from a variety of sources that develops an argumentbased on an original thesis. Sources: Must use at least 5-6 sources- this is what you must use: at least 2 books, 2 scholarly journals, 1-2 websites.  Format: LA; Times New Roman, 12-point font for the 3 pages of research. The Works Cited page requires..
Effects of Low raised building shapes on the speed of wind
The big title of this research is "Effect of wind speed on low rise building which is less than 10 m. and my part is "Effects of Low raised building shapes on the speed of wind ". Last semester I have done it and ill upload the work i did. but now he is asking me to do a literature review using the recent articles (since May 2018-now). No other artilces are allowed in this..
[Urgent]Make a reference for Literature Review in Research Report (Lighting Design)
Make a references by Harvard Referencing for part of my research report:- -Abstract -CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION -CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW Requirement: - Citations should be used the Harvard Referencing System (Around 10-13 nos. reference, and The newer references as better
[Re-writing and Custom Writing]Research Report- Lighting Design in Commercial Buildings
Lighting Design in Commercial Buildings *Part 1* -Abstract -CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION -CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW (You should summarize the methods/ideas you have read and discuss their advantages and disadvantages by previous studies and discuss how your proposed research could contribute to the knowledge advancement in the area.) -CHAPTER 3: Methodology..
Research Report- Lighting Design in Commercial Buildings
Research Report- Lighting Design in Commercial Buildings Lighting Design in Commercial Buildings *Part 1* -Abstract -CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION -CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW (2500words, 11/8 submit Interim Report) Requirement: - Dissertation Format will be given and should be followed - Citations should be used the Harvard Referencing System. Will Be..
Internship Technical Report and weekly activity log
Internship Technical Report Format Your Internship Technical Report is a well written report that is related to the objectives set for the internship by you and your site supervisor. The report will be a 7-10 page report based on the objectives agreed to by your site supervisor and you during the first week of the internship. The report(s) should reflect the objectives..
A Study of Innovative Construction Technologies Used in Sri Lanka
My field of study is quantity surveying and therefore the research shouldn't have contain lot of technology related contents. i have written a little bit of the proposal and it may need to modified accordingly and may have to follow the suggested structure for the final research.
list and describe the most important components needed to convert ac to dc
most if not all our personal electronics operate off dc voltage, however, all our homes are equipped with 120 Vac power. research how to convert AC voltage to DC voltage. in your research efforts, make sure to discuss the following. 1- list and describe the most important components needed to convert AC to DC. 2- Research different types of such circuits including..
research paper on the Emission inspection in Northern Virginia
Emission inspection law or regulation title and law or regulation number in northern Virginia. The date the law or regulation was first published The date the latest revision to the law or regulation occurred A summary of the standard. Your opinion of the standard consisting of at least one full paragraph one page out of the three pages The source of your information..
KG1-1st grade mechanical engineering education through a lego education model.
To write a full research paper including: Chapter 1 is introduction to the project and should include aims and objectives and brief background on the importance of such project. Chapter 2 should be literature review .. ie what has been done elsewhere on this topic with majority of sources from peer reviewed journal (30%) and books (30%), rest can be spread from..
application of power electronics converters in the area of Wind Energy System
In the Power Electronics you have different type of converters. These converters are used to build various systems that have a very positive effect on the society and the environment. In this research review paper you are to show the application of power electronics converters in the area of Wind Energy System. The review paper should be 5 to 6 pages as per IEEEE..
The Benefits of the Next Generation of Space Technology
I was thinking about doing my research paper on if continued space exploration is beneficial enough to warrant spending millions of dollars and using valuable resources. I am considering this topic because of the recent success of a company owned by Elon Musk named SpaceX. A reusable rocket designated the “Dragon” successfully achieved the first reflight..
Moulding of polymer (Needs engineering experience)
Hello. I wrote a paper in Engineering about 2000 words. The aim is to publish in a journal with high Impact No as Elsevier or Springier. So, it Required: Development with expansion up to 5000 words; writing with: case study, formulation, modeling, simulation with ANSYS and Mat lab, adding results, DISCUSSION,, references and citation. Also formatting, editing,..
Tiltrotor Helicopters - Operating principle, advancement and challenges
1. use clear diagrams where it contributes to the comprehension of the discussion 2. include in text referencing throughout to support your research (Reference in Harvard Style) 3. For structure and template please see the attached file. Abstract is needed.
Pilot-less commercial aircraft - how ready is current technology? What are the barriers to imple- mentation?
You are to develop a brief research paper on an advanced field of Aerospace Engineering. The research project should allow you to demonstrate your ability to research, interpret and present the critical points of advanced subject matter. An appropriate length to cover all topics clearly and concisely (between 6-8 pages of content as a guide). You should use..
Research Summary Problem Statement || Career Path: Interview and Essay
***Career Path: Interview and Essay *** Due 10/16 This assignment is meant to emphasize the importance of reaching out to potential mentors to gain advice - an important aspect of healthy growth and development. Invite someone that is at a stage in their career that you have questions about to be interviewed. Examples include: -Upperclassmen who have selected..
Introduction of IBM System x iDataPlex HPC cluster
Read the attached documents which introduces IBM System x iDataPlex HPC cluster. Write one article (at least two pages) to introduce hardware of this cluster. Search for other resources to enhance your writing. Cite all the references at the bottom of your paper.
Assignment 1
Define metrology. Relate metrology to device size and length scales in integrated circuits. Research metrology via microscopy in the integrated circuit industry. What techniques are used and why? Give references for your work. Write a 1-2 page summary on this topic. You can include illustrations. I decided that the "extra" items for the midterm would be to..
Boston Molasses Disaster, Part Two
Overview: In Module One, you reviewed the engineering codes of ethics and intersection of ethics in engineering, society, and business. You will now apply your knowledge of ethics to the molasses disaster case study. Prompt: Begin by reviewing the resources in this module that relate to the molasses disaster:  Seeing the Molasses Flood Through the Eyes of..
Bridge Collapse
Research on a bridge design related catastrophe/incident/collapse in recent times Write a 4 paged paper (3 pages for content and 1 page for references) following MLA format Your paper should include a detailed summary of the incident, impact on the affected community (support with data), your engineering recommendations on improvements that could be made..
Codes of Ethics Report
Overview: Throughout the history of engineering, and especially after engineering failures like those you will study in later modules, engineers saw the need to organize and create codes of ethics for their profession to ensure quality, responsibility, and safety. Prompt: Review the five codes of ethics for various engineering disciplines that were provided..
develop the system test and evaluation master plan (TEMP)
Using the system operational requirements document (ORD) developed previously and as a baseline, develop the system test and evaluation master plan (TEMP). Use the research done in a previous assignment on the TEMP to help you with this assignment. Specifically, the test and evaluation management plan (TEMP) must consider the following (Blanchard & Fabrycky,..
Demand side management; Technology and future potential
Write a Research Paper on an important aspect of electrical Power Systems using Demand side management; Technology and future potential. The paper should be 5-8 pages long and contain quantitative information that describes the potential of technologies. For example, what would be the maximum grid penetration potential for renewable energy sources: xx%...
Develop the operational requirements document of a system
Select a system of your choice (e.g., aircraft, automobile, Web site, or the service of a bank or restaurant business), and do the following in 3–5 pages: • Develop the operational requirements document (ORD) for that system. • Based on the operational requirements, develop the maintenance concept for the system. o Construct the necessary top-level operational..
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