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ADHD and executive functioning in 6th grade students
I need a total 10 pages of a research paper on the above topic out of which I have already completed some portions: abstract, introduction, methodology, and literacy review on the topic. I will provide those for you to complete the research paper. I need the remaining topic statement, research questions and hypothesis, the need for research on the topic, methodology..
Disability Paper : Speech/language impairment (Disorder)
Directions: You will research and write a three to four page research paper discussing a specific special education disability: Speech/language impairment (Disorder). Use no fewer than three varied references to research information concerning the : Etiology, behavioral characteristics, historical aspects, and educational implications of the disability...
To What extent is Educational inequity a Problem?
I’m writing this research paper on this question “All the Readings in this unit focus on the ways curriculum, resources, and educational opportunities are segregated based on social class and ethnicity. Researching specifically a school district in the Sacramento area, to what extent is educational inequity a problem? If it inot, why not? If it is what are..
What ways has our view on marriage changed in post-modernity?
Research Paper Focus: The paper is to have a thesis statement that names the topic and lists the focus and main ideas to be discussed. The topic should relate to an idea or person that is covered in the text. Sources: Make sure all sources used for quotes, statistics and facts are credible and cited. The paper should have at least five different sources. Structure:..
Pedagogical Innovations, titled Flipped classrooms
This week, you have explored whether the ideas about how we learn are present in the pedagogical innovations currently occurring in education. Earlier in the week you selected a topic from the following list: Game-based learning Flipped classrooms Mindfulness curriculum Interest-driven instruction Your own selected topic Based on your research, create..
research paper about how do university students cheat
I want a reaserch paper about how university student cheat { the Technics and the methods}. the paper has to have the following sections: Abstract Introduction Literature Review Methodology: Participants, Survey and Data Analysis Results and Analysis Discussion Conclusion References we should contain and conduct a survey about the subject using google..
Experiences That Predict Early Career Teacher Commitment to and Retention in High Poverty Urban Schools
I thought I would have time to write it, but I had so many other assignments to do. I have to analyze a quantitative research study. I have attached the assignment instructions as well as send you the pages of the book that I have to answer questions from, within the research paper (Ch. 23,pg. 610-612). This is my first semester of graduate school and the course is Intro..
English Speaking Anxiety in South Korean Foreign Language University Classrooms
This research study is between 20-25 pages (excluding title page, abstract, references, appendices). Use APA style. Sample Layout Guideline: . Title page . Table of contents . Abstract . Introduction . Literature review . Methodology . Findings . Discussion . Conclusion
Transforming Learners to be Critical Thinkers : An advocacy to quality education
I actually have about 10 pages of the paper with the main headings but there's a lot more to do & improve. Could you write at least 8 more pages of additional Lit. Review and 7 more pages on other parts of the paper. I just have to link the paragraphs to make it on point and cohesive to my desire to investigate why US education is failing and if Critical Thinking could help..
Articulate the History and Progression of Governance in Higher Education
Instructions This week, you have reviewed the roles and responsibilities of governing boards in higher education. In this assignment, you will create a graphical timeline of the history and progression of college or university boards. You can be as creative as you like; however, if you need a template for a timeline, you will find one in the Books and Resources..
How Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices Support Early literacy development for Indigenous Students
2000 word apa format. Sociocultural perspective. Explaining the state of the literature on this topic. Similarities and incongruities among findings. Practical strategies for implementing the findings. How it informs teaching practice and what further research is necessary. Primarily canadian perspective on early childhood learning...
Categorize Legal, Ethical, an Political Influences
This week, you will conduct your own research on legal, ethical, and political influences and influencers that may affect your own industry and/or the ID profession as a whole. You may already know of some such influences (and please make sure that you discuss them), but you should also look for influences and influencers (e.g., agencies, individuals) with..
Ethical and Legal Considerations Analysis Reflection Assignment
Reflect on what you consider to be the primary ethical and legal considerations for teachers in a K-8 educational setting. Write a 450 to 750-word reflection paper on what you consider to be the primary ethical considerations for teachers in the K-8 educational setting. Some of the reflections should include reflections on these questions: What are some privileges..
The Relevance of the Ethics of Care and how it Contributes to Student Learning and Development?
I have done the research and will attach the articles that I need to be refernced. I am ill and just can't seem to pull this together. There needs to be a reflection on teacher identity. It needs to be done in APA format. I can send you PDF's from the sources if need be.
Research based neurological benefits of music and movement in an inclusive classroom
should cite and reference a minimum of 10 sources. students are additionally expected to complete a 10-15 page research paper on this topic. This paper must be in full APA format.** Rubric – Professional Presentation Outline Meets Expectations (5) Approaches Expectations (3) Below Expectations (1) Points Received Content A clearly defined audience is stated..
Code of Ethics and Principles of Professional Conduct
For this research paper, students identify three cases in which ethical principles have been violated (they can look nationwide). You will describe the cases and highlight (specifically) which of the ethical codes and principles were violated. You will end the paper by discussing why having an ethical code is necessary and beneficial to both students and..
The effects of Teacher Persoanlity in the classroom using human development theories
8 pages: due 10/13/2018 at midnight; knowledge and understanding of children’s characteristics and needs; number of current, respected sources of information required; Student knowledge and understanding of multiple theories of human development as influencing young child's development and learning; Student demonstrates ability to use knowledge..
Written Submission refugee (immigration course canada)
Do a submission will send you already done assignment done which my friend did and make work easy for you on how to do the assignment. If he didnt do right I have included the instruction sheet along as well. You need follow the guidelines dont just use the same links as used the already done assignment you may use 1 or 2 thats ok. Need the assignment in 8 hours. Course..
how globalization affects education - both positively and negatively.
You will support your description with valid references – both from course readings and outside (at least 2 external sources). As students in the graduate program, comment on globalization as it pertains to delivery within Canada. The length of this paper should be about 3-5 pages, excluding the cover sheet and references...
SLIDESHOW Clinical Field Experience A: ELL Instructor Interview
Allocate at least 1 hour in the field to support this field experience. Interview one content area classroom teacher that services ELLs in a Title 1 setting about how assessment is used for placement. You should also inquire also about how placement is determined for both special education and gifted ELLs. Your questions might include, but not limited to, the..
Infant and Toddler Disorders Scholarly Article Review
For this assignment you will review a single scholarly article in the APUS Library and summarize what it says about a specific infant and toddler disorder of your choice (Infantile Autism, Tay-Sachs Disease, Sickle Cell Anemia and Cerebral Palsy are some examples). This 2-3 page paper must be a review of scholarly research, not commercial Psychology Today,..
Founders and Contributors in Early Childhood Education
INTERNET/LIBRARY RESEARCH (approximately. 10 pages in length, typewritten, double spaced, please) Conduct an internet and library search (primary original sources are preferred) on founders and contributors who have influenced the field of early childhood and primary education, For example: Jean Piaget, Maria Montessori, Lev Vygotsky, John Dewey,..
Teacher Interview and Observation on Lesson Implementation
Observe a teacher implementing a lesson in a classroom setting. Interview a teacher about lesson plan development. Note: Bring two printed copies of lesson plans of your own or from the Internet or a published source when you meet with the teacher. Participate in a discussion about what you think are the important components of an effective lesson plan and generate..
Is The Mixed Schools Are a Better Choice for Success?
Hi I want this research paper quickly because I want to deliver it today. So I hope find writer can do it in maximum in 8 hours. With excellent research paper. ❤️
Higher Education Access for low-income students in USA
The topic of this research paper is, "Higher Education Access for low-income students in the U.S.". This Doctoral research paper will examine, "Why this is an issue"? Further, propose a response to this issue from the perspective of an educational leader responsible for acting upon the issue. This paper must incorporate both theoretical perspectives and..
Adolescence and Development Theorectical Paper for Graduate Education class
8- 10 page APA format final term theorectical research paper for my Adolescence Development Education Grad class. In this paper you have to describe a high school geared towards educating adolescents. The purpose is provide a thorough assessment on what makes a high school effective based on the theories learn in class. There are guidlines which I have attached...
Graduating Under and Individualized Education Plan
Review of Literature – minimum of 5 primary sources in annotated bibliography format. Purpose of the Study – this is the section where the researcher is seeking justification. You must demonstrate the importance of the study, indicate any/all implications if your hypothesis/question is supported, where the study may fit into the current body of knowledge,..
Equity and Diversity Research PowerPoint Presentation
Equity and Diversity in Special Education Instructions are in the three (3) attachments below. Please READ and follow DIRECTIONS Carefully. This is a group work and my part is Special Education via my main topic and then the three other topics are my sub topics that I’m going to talk about within my main topic Special education. ZERO PLAGIARISM PLEASE!!!!..
Develop Instructional Programming for At-Risk Preschoolers/ADHD Students
Part I: For this task, based on an analysis of at-risk preschoolers and students with ADHD, write a paper that indicates your understanding of the following: The definition of: at-risk preschoolers ADHD Characteristics of students with: early developmental delays ADHD Best-practice instructional strategies for students with: early developmental delays..
Literature Review of Gender Construction in the Early Years
I need help writing a Literature Review on Gender Construction in the Early Years Use of relevant literature drawing from a range of peer-reviewed sources. Submission of a literature review that demonstrates a critical analysis of existing literature and makes clear links back to the relevance of the Gender construction in the Early Years Submission of a literature..
What is the relationship between physical activity levels and childhood obesity?
Minimum: 4 pages + 1 page reference Research question: What is the relationship between physical activity levels and childhood obesity? Your research question is something to keep in the back of your mind as you research, though you will not actually write this question in your paper Your thesis statement, which you will write in your paper, is the answer to this..
Impacts of Information Systems on Policies and Student Learning
In 3-4 pages (not counting cover sheet and reference list), explain your thoughts on how technology does or will impact you in your current or future classroom. Cite your sources. Think of the changes in technology that are happening on a daily basis, and the impact they have on the future of education. As always, this assignment may be focused on your preference..
Impacts of Information Systems on Policies and Student Learning
The paper has to be written on Pennsylvania and their state board of education. Include recommendations for additional e-services related to your chosen State Educational Website. Distinguish between services that provide support to parents, educators, or community at large. Based on your research, recommend at least one new e-service and in 2 to 3 pages,..
the five distinct negotiation strategies in Education
Each student should write a 7-10 page research paper that identifies the five (5) distinct negotiation strategies and factors affecting the selection and successful implementation of those strategies. The student should also discuss the legal position of the teaching body and the board of education throughout the negotiations process. Please refer to..
Assignment: Develop Instructional Programming for Students
This assignment includes two parts, which will be submitted in the same document. Part I: For this task, based on an analysis of students’ with hearing and visual difficulties/physical and health disabilities, write an essay that indicates your understanding of the following: Definition of: deafness hard of hearing blind low vision orthopedic impairment..
Develop Instructional Programming for Students with Emotional, Behavioral, and Communication Disorders
This assignment includes two parts, which will be submitted in the same document. Part I: For this task, based on an analysis of students with emotional, behavioral, and communication disorders, write an essay that indicates your understanding of the following: Definition of: emotional disorders behavioral disorders communication disorders Characteristics..
This assignment requires students to observe and interview preschool aged children.
The Assignment: Take a day out of the week to visit a preschool, child care center, kindergarten, or a child at home playing with his or her neighborhood friends. The child observed should be about four to five years old. Observe for at least half an hour, taking down verbatim as much as possible of what the child says. Be sure that the child is engaged in play activities...
Stages of Child and Adolescent Development - Part II
Now that you have identified the stages of child and adolescent development for grade levels, you will now use this information to identify the major concepts, principles, and learning theories related to the stages of development. This information will help in determining effective teaching practices, based on learning theories and research of child and..
Information Services at the National/State/Provincial Levels
In text citations and references must be in APA format Teacher Salaries "Caution" is often the word you hear when someone is talking about using information systems as tools to make decisions. In order to fairly and accurately review and analyze the data, it is important to know as many details as possible about the assumptions and limitations under which the..
Information Services at the National/State/Provincial Levels
My chosen state is Pennsylvania. Teacher Salaries Go to the American Federation of Teachers website and search for the most recent data on "teacher salaries" and find the state you selected for your Session Long Project. Compare the teacher salaries in your state to teacher salaries in 3 other states and to teacher salaries in the United States in general. In..
Assignment: Develop Instructional Programming for Students with Learning and Intellectual Disabilities
This assignment includes two parts, which will be submitted in the same document. Part I: For this task, based on an analysis of students learning and intellectual disabilities, write an essay that indicates your understanding of the following: Definition of: learning disabilities intellectual disabilities Characteristics of students with: learning..
Causes and Consequences of the rising cost of public education
Completed by October Sunday 7PM(Pacific Standard Time) Los Angeles 9 pages (Before cover page, abstract, bibliography) 10 Sources for bibliography APA Format Argumentative Research Paper Topic: What are the causes and consequences of the rising cost of public education? Position or Claim(Please recommend): Basic ideas: I agree to help pay the rising cost..
The Effectiveness of Project Based Learning on Student Engagement in Learning Science
I have a research propaosal, attached below, that needs to be turned into a research paper with the following guidelines: Cover/Title page Abstract Acknowledgement Table of Contents Table of Tables and Figures Chapter 1: Introduction and Literature Review Chapter 2: Method (or, Methodology) Chapter 3: Results Chapter 4: Discussion References Appendix..
Facilitate the Special Education Process parts 1&2
For this task, assume you are a leader in special education. You have been asked to deliver a lecture on special education evaluation and the placement process to increase faculty understanding within a public educational institution of personal interest. Then, develop a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following: Pre-Referral Process Pre-Referral..
Submission Two (6 page extension) + Research Proposal Outline (3-4 pages)
I need to add 6 pages more to Submission 2 (the specific guidelines for each section are attached). I need more information for each section (especially for social problems, presentation of cases, issues arguments evidence, plans and actions - and add a section of challenges of having free education - and if necessary add more sources to works cited list) in order..
Alcohol and Drug Abuse (PreK-12 children and families)
Mid-Term Research Project 1. The student will select a special group not specifically addressed in the class. These groups frequently experience bias and prejudicial treatment by society. The student will select a research topic from the following subgroups listed below: --Alcohol and Drug Abuse (PreK-12 children including families) 2. The research should..
Should the U.S. provide free education for all U.S. citizens?
This work includes the research paper proposal (in the outline form as it says in the guidelines I attached), the annotated bibliography (several sources as says in guidelines), and Submission Two (intro, social problems, conceptual definitions, limits for project, positions/stakeholders, issues/arguments, plans/actions, and works cited). This is..
Teachers’ Attitudes toward Using Assistive Technology Students Intellectual Disability in Saudi
please, I want you to write an introduction and literature review within 1200 words, the intro and the literature have to have an argue about why you have to do this research and why in Saudi Arabia and why it's important to search about that topic. and please all the references should be with in 2010 to 2017 thank you..
Include All Children in an Early Childhood Classroom
Feeling included in a classroom is so important to a child's self-concept development and ability to learn and thrive. Early childhood teachers, through observation, can see which children are feeling included and which children are feeling excluded. For this assignment, you first review the resources for the week, which shows a culturally and linguistically..
Create Goals for a Developmentally-Appropriate, Multicultural, Anti-bias Early Childhood Classroom
In order to set up a developmentally-appropriate, multicultural, anti-bias classroom, it is important to establish classroom, teacher, and child goals for the classroom you want to create. A classroom goal might be related to the learning environment. A teacher goal might be related to something that you want to learn. Your teacher goal might be at a novice..
bullying (physical/verbal) in schools ,Saudi Arabia.
1- I want my assignment talking about bullying (physical/verbal) in schools, especially in Saudi Arabia. 2- the paper has to contain Contexts/ Statement of the problem/ Literature review * Meetings with schools' student counselor. * Reading different sources which state that the issue of bullying (physical/verbal) exists in the resources has to be an Arabic..
how Girls education of Bangladesh is different from other country with Bangladesh..
1)it should be an academic paper 2)should have a literature review 3)abstract should be around 200 no need to write name and institution(it eats words, i don't want that) Should have authentic information and relate it to western country compare it with south Asian like Bangladesh girl education present situation..
Attachment and Hofstede theory on Teacher-Student Relationship in South Asia
Attachment and Hofstede theory on Teacher-Student Relationship in South Asia Develop a paper discussing Attachment theory and Hofstede’s theory extensively in relation to the teacher-student relationship in South Asia instructions: • You can discuss on the abstract why South Asia has this problem and expand it in the body of the paper. • how it differs or..
Upload Assignment: Information Literacy Assignment
Your Information Literacy Assignment is to create an Annotated Bibliography on your assigned Marketable Skill. A bibliography is a list of citations or sources that you consulted (also known as Works Cited). An annotation is a short paragraph telling about the source. Your assignment is to research the Marketable Skill you were assigned using three different..
Develop a fictitious qualitative data analysis and interpretation
a role playing technique will be used. Locate five people who are familiar with your target population for a qualitative study you might conduct for your dissertation. For example, if you are planning to interview middle school teachers regarding student motivation to perform well academically, find five people who could reasonably play the role of these..
Develop a qualitative methodology design for a ficticious study
Parent involvement: Steps to make it work How do we create the interest for these busy parents to get involved? How important is it for parents to be involved in their child’s education, beginning in preschool? • • • 1-Develop a one sentence statement of the problem (“The problem is…”). • 2-Develop a one sentence purpose of the study statement (The purpose of this..
Voices of Latinx Graduates from Hispanic Serving Institutions
Hello I was referred to you by my friend Amanda Metcalfe that has done work on Cuba and the Kurds. I was needing some editing done to my research paper and needs to be done by Monday Morning I will list items that need to be done for this paper: Spelling, Also please check that is in third person and adheres to APA Make sure everything is in APA format and Cited correctly..
Article Revision for "MOOCs and e-Learning Programs for Financial Sector Customers"
i will need major revisions (attached along with my initial article) on the article aiming to be published on an academic journal. My deadline for the revisions to be completed is Friday 28/7. Note that all revisions must be marked in yellow.
Why Should the United States switch to Universal health care?
This is a research essay for my English composition 2 class. I would like to research why the united states should offer universal health care, and also research how other countries like Canada, Switzerland, and the United States are doing with it. This essay needs to be submitted to my teacher by Sunday, July 16th, at 11:59 p.m. I have attached the instructions,..
Assessment 2: Authentic Case Study of a student with intellectual gifts and/or talents
Actually, this EDUCATION assignment is due in the next 30 hours. 3600 words. It is urgent. It requires prior knowledge of gifted education. Take this order if you are confident to complete it on time in a satisfactory quality. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Authentic Case Study of a student with intellectual..
Analyze Qualitative and Quantitative Research. Subject: Autism in education - higher education
Assignment: Analyze Qualitative and Quantitative Research Subject: Autism in education - higher education Due July 2 at 11:59 PM Consider the potential qualitative research topic you might choose for your Signature Assignment. This can be a topic you have examined in previous courses or one you have recently become interested in exploring further. This..
Struggling Readers: What are the implications of holding Elementary school students back a grade?
1.Literacy Research synthesis/Literature Review 2. 10 empirical research studies found in academic journals from the past 10 years. 3. Research these ten research articles and create a (table synopsis) for each reference. TEMPLATE – Copy and paste and type into this Your name: Your topic: Date: Full Reference Research Question Design/Method What did they..
curriculum design is the most important work to be done in the field of gifted education (I agree)
* provide summary of topic *provide a response to the question asked by stating a rationale. this is usually written, 'because statement' *provide the research to support ypur position *provide a counterargument with accompanying research *noteworthy and reputable source *3-5 pages, MLA
Education Reform in Haiti: How the governmental leaders have failed to create a unified nation
Education Reform in Haiti: The history of Haiti has shown how the government have fail to create a unified country I want to talk about the history of Haiti and how the governmental leaders has failed to focus on education the masses but care mostly about their own benefit. For example they are always changing the constitution to benefit their own need by declaring..
Analyze Scaffolding in the Early Childhood Classroom
Research indicates that scaffolding is always a best practice in the early childhood classroom. Prepare a paper on how to include scaffolding techniques in the early childhood classroom. Include daily, weekly, and quarterly ideas. Then, explain how you could extend this practice to the home as well. Provide examples to support your thoughts. Support your..
how Does High-Quality of Leaders affect the teachers' creativity and students' learning?
How could High-Quality Leadership standards make huge effects in educational organizations or how Does High-Quality of Leaders affect the teachers' creativity and students' learning? in 6 pages discuss this topic 1- You can modify the title but Keep the idea 2- Use APA style and follow criteria of contextual factors addressed demonstrating a comprehensive..
Should students' textbooks be replaced with computer?
PURPOSE: research a controversial topic and consider different opinions. Write a paper that informs and persuades the reader of the opinion in your thesis statement. A. Write in a formal, academic manner, you are the expert. B. Write at least (4) pages in MLA format: (3) pages of text AND the Works Cited page. C. Use at least one quote or fact from (4) different credible..
Self-Reflection Paper – What Do I NOW Know About Groups
my major is Child and Youth Care (CYC), and this paper is my final paper. I hope to get A+!!!! so in order to do so, please read over my privous assignment as attached. For this final assignment, you re expected to prepare a 5 to 8 page reflective paper exploring your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about what you have learned about groups during the course. Review your..
Teaching styles and effects of academic achievement
Write at least TWO FULL PARAGRAPHS for each heading. I have put questions you need to answer underneath each heading. There are only three headings. THis entails a qualitative phenomenological study. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE WRITING PLEASE! MAKE SURE REFERENCES ARE CORRECT APA style within the paper and in the reference page with initials as well as the last name. ONCE..
Compare and Contrast Leadership and Management.
Write a paper justifying the differences between leadership and management. Address the following questions in your response: •Define if one is more effective than the other (leadership and management). •Using examples from your own professional experience, compare and contrast management versus leadership. Please explain the similarities and differences...
Investigate events from Early Childhood Development
From the 1800s to today, the education of young children in the U.S. has changed dramatically and has been influenced by social, economic, and political events and trends. Choose at least four events from the history of the field that you feel have had the greatest impact on early childhood education. Examples include the Montessori movement, the founding of..
Should students' textbooks be replaced with computer?
PURPOSE: research a controversial topic and consider different opinions. Write a paper that informs and persuades the reader of the opinion in your thesis statement. A. Write in a formal, academic manner, you are the expert. B. Write at least (4) pages in MLA format: (3) pages of text AND the Works Cited page. C. Use at least one quote or fact from (4) different credible..
Coffee Flavors
Please use references that are less than seven years old
Compare and Contrast Two Academic Program Evaluations
Paper will be a researched paper (10-12 double spaced pages) at the micro-level on two different academic program evaluations. This paper is to compare and contrast the two different academic programs. The two academic programs will be selected by the individual student.
Evaluation Assessment
Paper will be a researched paper (5-7 double spaced pages) at the micro-level on the evaluation methods used during the assessment an academic program selected by the individual student. Due March 23
Research Paper
Write a researched paper (5-7 double spaced pages) on the traits, behaviors, skills and competencies needed to be a University/College President. Based upon these desired traits, describe the ideal president to lead, for example, Harvard University.
Behavior Management Model
Complete Behavior Management Table and write 250-500 word statement
Child Development Notebook
This section will contain an in-depth review of: · Constructivism · Motivation & Self Esteem · Taxonomies, Instructional Objectives, or Standardized Testing ((You may choose to discuss one of these in-depth)
Education Research Project Chapter 2 Literature
It is a research related to education and technology integration
Program Planning and Assement
Paper #1 will be a researched (3-5 double spaced pages) on a how the College/University of their choice developed program goals that support the organization’s mission statement and strategic plan. The College/University will be selected by the individual student. Prepare and contrast a specific college/ university strategic plan with its mission. Is..
Research of picturebook
Research and write a 2000 word study of a particular kind of picturebook or graphic novel or hybrid picturebook/graphic novel. It may be a study of ten exemplars of a form or genre within the form or a study of one of your favourite picturebook or graphic novel creators. The assignment is to write 2000 words which is about 8 pages on a kind of illustrated form such as..
New Standards and Old Inequalities
New Standards and Old Inequalities: How Testing Narrows and Expands the Opportunity Gap How, to date, is standard based reform in the United States maintaining the Achievement/Opportunity Gap? What are the critical/contributing factors in a standard based reform system that actually leads to the reform?..
Compare and Contrast Case Studies, Ethnographic, Phenomenological Studies
Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper comparing and contrasting data collection methods used in case studies, ethnographic studies, and phenomenological studies. Data collection methods differ because the intent of the research differs. Address the following: What types of problems would lend themselves to these kinds of studies? Each of these studies has..
Benefits and Disadvantages of Tracking in Education
Research the topic of tracking in education and discuss the benefits and the disadvantages of using this strategy to meet student needs. ** Paper should be 4-6 pages (excluding title & reference pages) in APA style.
Register Pharmacy technician research paper
Write a research paper, and discuss the regulations for your state regarding technicians. Here are some questions to start with: What is the ratio of RPh:Tech? What duties can you perform under what conditions? What are the licensure requirements?
High Quality Education: Navajo Reservation Head Start
1. Conduct a research on High Quality Early Education Program 2. What a High Quality Early Education Program means and location of Early Education Program 3. Compare & Contrast - High Quality Program vs. Regular Early Childhood Program. How does a high quality program benefit education and young children? 4. Include Cover & Reference 5. Quality Education will..
Leadership collaboration rough draft
Paper and powerpoint. Leadership Collaboration Project Rough Draft. Topic is (child health risk) Leadership Collaboration Project Rough Draft Due:Mar 4, 2017, 11:00 PM 1. Use outline feedback as a guide for rough draft development.. 2. Become familiar with APA format writing style. Essential to use citations directly in your paper and references to support..
Discuss various family lifestyles, extended family patterns, and child care arrangements as represented in the lives of current students, their own families, or their friends. Contrast these with what you remember (or have been told) about family patterns and lifestyles in older generations.
Role of Observation Activity
Describe Montessori s observation of children with mental and emotional problems. How did her observations change her ideas about the education of young children? What are the benefits and limitations of her methodology? Describe what Montessori learned while observing children using the sensory materials she designed. How did this observation change..
Genre Comparison Chart and Analysis
complete a comparison table that evaluates the similarities and differences of the genres in children's literature. The genres to be compared are listed below. The characteristics that you wish to compare must be decided on by the Learning Team. Poetry Traditional literature Then write 150 words including Detailed connections and takeaways determined..
Lesson Study: Disability Assessment Assignment:
Assignment Overview: The Lesson Study-Disability Assessment is an individual paper on a specific disability with students that are English language learners. You are to identify, research, and write about your identified disability that affects young children. Additionally, you will offer resources and an activity/assessment to help your understanding..
Democratic Equality versus Social Efficiency
In my Social Foundations of Education class for my masters degree, we have been exposed to the argument that aligns with democratic equality and the points made by social efficiency. Why does it always have to be one way or another? Why cannot both sides be blended to provide a better education system? I have not located peer reviewed work yet, and it is needed by..
Critical Review of an article
The aim of this assessment is to demonstrate your ability to critically evaluate educational research. Read and identify the various sections of the article, including the a) review of the literature, b) methodology, c) research questions/hypothesis, d) results and e) conclusions and or recommendations; Focus on the METHODS, RESULTS & CONCLUSION sections..
Action Research Project: Developing Stage
For this assignment, create a 1–2-page plan for analyzing the data you plan to collect for the action research inquiry proposal. In your plan, be sure to: Identify the strategy you will employ to analyze data. Provide a rationale for why this is the best protocol for analyzing the data you plan to collect. Cite at least one outside reputable source to support your..
Research paper review
I have the research complete and the paper in some what of a structure, need help to structure it correctly.
Action Research Project: Acting Stage
Write a 2–3-page paper in which you: Describe the population or sample from whom the data will be collected, and provide a rationale for targeting the population and/or selecting the sample. Describe what instrument(s) will be used to collect data, and how it/they will be tested for validity and reliability. Describe in a step-by-step manner how data will be..
Bilingual Education In Schools
Your task In this research paper, respond to the prompt below: Analyze the DOE report and the models of bilingual education available to public schools in New York City. Based on your analysis, choose a school in New York City of your choice and recommend a type of bilingual education best suited for the school to support the students who report being bilingual...
Educational Topics Research Paper
For each topic- write a 1 page answer (total of 4 pages) Sources: Book & any other cited sources *Topic #4 (Chapter 12): Providing Equal Educational Opportunity Discuss whether or not the United States is doing a good job providing equal educational opportunities to its citizens. Be clear and definitive and support your position with facts. *Topic #5 (Chapter..
Riverbend City: Planning Organizational Change Using the Four-Stage Change Process
Introduction Introduce your four-stage organizational change plan by identifying, summarizing, and diagramming the differences experienced by Riverbend City's medical professionals and the local Hmong community. Building a Foundation for Change Address the following: How will you engage the stakeholders? What will you do to help both sides realize..
The Action Research Process
Instructions Problem Statement Your problem statement should identify an area that requires study in order to identify best practice solutions to address the issue in a manner that will work best for the organization, classroom, or school. State the problem in declarative format. For example, "8 out of 10 students are not turning in homework, are consistently..
Application of Systems Thinking
Instructions Use the language of systems thinking to address the following: • Introduction. o How will you apply each of the following directly to your organization? • Historical and Theoretical Roots of Systems Theory. Address the following: o What is the experience of your organization with the historical and theoretical roots of systems theory? o How does..
BICS and CALP Visual Organizer
Create a visual organizer (e.g., chart, diagram, etc.) that compares the differences between BICS and CALP. Provide examples of each. Include one or more links to videos that demonstrate an EL student who has acquired BICS and CALP. Write a 350- to 525-word reflection addressing the following questions: How does this video(s) demonstrate an example of BICS..
Research Paper in crisis of sexual abuse in low income children
Research Paper: Students will assess the impact of a crisis situation (SEXUAL ABUSE IN LOW INCOME CHILDREN) in a 6 – 8 page, research paper that includes current preventative and intervention methods that should be implemented to address the crisis. The impact, prevention and intervention of the crisis should be evidenced by the current literature which should..
• Answer disability related questions (ASD) utilizing professional and evidence-based resources
Learning Goal: To increase your awareness, as a special education teacher, on how to access resources and research to provide accurate answers to questions about disability-related topics to assist individuals, families, and professionals in meeting the needs of individuals with disabilities.
Disability and Cultural Awareness
Disability and Cultural Awareness: Cultural Views on Children with Special Needs - Implications for working with ESOL Families _ Paper You will complete a small scale research paper around a particular culture and their view of children with disabilities. Use your text book as one of your resources along with resources available in the library and on the internet...
Legislation from Smith Hughes 1917 to VE Act of 1963
Discuss the evolution of the legislation from Smith Hughes 1917 to VE Act of 1963 – what do you see as the critical differences and what were the implications for schools and their programs?   Do this by performing an analysis of the differences in the legislation and a discussion of the implications. Should be done at Blooms Level IV: Analysis i.e examine and break..
NATS 1700 Guidelines for Computing Controversy Assignment
please choose one topic from the file
Early Childhood Research Paper
definition's source) for the topic researched). 3. The paper must be 3 typed pages minimum. Recognize and summarize important information, including positives (advantages) and negatives (disadvantages) recognized in the articles. Citations from the articles and other references made, must be included in the context of your paper. Do not use endnotes..
Diversity Issue Analysis
Task. Locate an article (from a credible source) that addresses the issue of managing diversity in organizationsthat you find particularly interesting. Examine the diversity issue within the article using concepts from the reading and scholarly literature. Concepts. Use at least concepts from the textbookas well as minimum three scholarly articles to..
And my Topic is Female genital mutilation (FGM) 1) Write up at least three key discoveries about your research questions from your library research this week. 2) Compile APA style reference/works cited list for (3 – 5) scholarly sources you think will be useful to you in making your argument. 3) Draft a working (tentative) thesis statement (or main claim)..
Family Engagement in Early Childhood
Issues in early childhood are vast and constantly changing. Your task is to write a brief research paper designed to go into greater depth about either a topic already discussed in the course or the presentation of an issue in early childhood education not already discussed in the course. You will have to make an argument about why this topic is an issue and provide..
Reporting of Student Progress
Research and evaluate four different report cards for K to Age 8/Grade 3. Include two that are from your practicum site (use up to 2 practicum hours) and two that are not. Create a one-page table with the following: Pros and cons of each report card’s ability to effectively communicate with families and how the information is reported to families. Suggestions..
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