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How culturaral communications affect our daily lives.
ffective intercultural communication requires an understanding of the various aspects of culture and how people respond to different cultures in a variety of settings. Beyond understanding concepts such as bias and stereotyping, effective communication includes the ability to understand the nuances of both verbal and non-verbal communication, how..
report for each news item from Italian news archive of the last three months
Select three articles in the New York Times Italian news archive of the last three months: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and research additional information that will help you place them in context.
Gender Violence, Reproductiive Justice and "Feminicide"
This week's readings delve into a critical analysis of gender violence as an expression of domination, control, oppression and power over women. Antonia I. Catañeda examines the historical role of rape and other forms of sexual violence as instruments of terrorism used against women to maintain heterosexual male supremacy. She also analyzes how the objectification..
Chicana Aesthetics, Reclaiming Sexuality and Representation
This week's readings focus on Chicana sexuality, patriarchal oppression, internalized colonization, religion, and culture. In Black skirts, Dark Slacks and Brown knees, Catherine Ramirez argues that traditional gender roles, were repeatedly challenged by the dress, speech, and actions of Pachuca’s. Rodriguez argues that the Pachuca represented a..
in this class, professor introduced Chinese traditional Taoist ideology, there are Yin Yang, Tai Chi Chuan, Stances (movements), Kaimen (Chinese yoga), Dao Yin (breathing exercises), Pushing exercises and Chi expressions (energy work), in general, we practice those tricks every class, and after class, we need to write a learning journal though what we..
Incarceration-imprisonment of African-American men with 19th c. U.S. mental asylums and prisons
your assignment is to write a research paper on a historical case study. Your case study must date from before 1966. You will use visual and written sources. The paper will make an argument for how your case study relates to the contemporary case study or to the broader set of issues. Be very careful to choose an event for which there is powerful visual material, since..
GMO food safety is dangerous due to the lack of long term study and regulation
Your job for the essay is not merely to inform me(the professor) about the topic you've chosen for your research paper, but to persuade me of your specific position on that topic. To do this you’ll need to utilize effective rhetorical appeals appropriate for the particular audience (a college instructor). You will establish ethos by following MLA or APA format,..
Assimilation of Native American in Boarding Schools of Arizona
At least 3 primary sources and at least 1 secondary sources (scholarly such as .org, .edu, and .gov) Include at least 1 image. Write about the Arizona topic in detail. Incorporate the phrase "Kill the Indian, Save the Man" and its meaning to assimilation. Talk of the signficance of boarding schools specifically to within Arizona, such as the state having the 2nd..
Madagascar African Nation Economic and Culture Paper
Complete an African nation’s economic and culture paper 1-2 pages on Madagascar. Please use the below resources
Essay on Luxurious Consumption in Contemporary China
You are required to submit a research essay of 1000 words (4 pages, double spaced printing in #12 letter size). This essay should treat some important issue in contemporary China (Post-1949), and it must include at least 4 different sources, which can be books, journal articles, media, internet and other acceptable sources. You are required to use Chicago style..
Renewable Energy vs. Health and Environmental Issues
I need a 5-7 page for/against essay research paper about Wind Turbines. It needs a cover page, pictures, and a bibliography, which may bring it up to 8 pages. I have included what I have submitted in my rough draft.
How did the zoot suit era influence fashion within our society
I need this paper done within 3 hours!!This is a research paper that must include quotes and citations. At least 4 pages long. Explain what the zoot suit era was. what the fashion was like. and how their fashion style influenced people such as gangsters, chicanos, and other people.
Portrayal of Asian American Women in the Media and Domestic Violence
Write a final research paper in the following topic: Portrayal of Asian American Women in the Media and Domestic Violence It must be 6-8 pages (not including the works cited and title page) It must analyze in depth about some issue or topic pertaining to Asian American Women. Supporting information must be documented using APA format...
Complete a generational analysis of the Silent Generation and the period 1946–1963.
1963—Generational Analysis Complete a generational analysis of the Silent Generation and the period 1946–1963. You will be working on a generational analysis Your analysis will explore the zeitgeist (German for “spirit of the times”) examining a single facet of popular culture related to Graphic Design field of study. Consider the generation’s characteristics..
Analyze the impact of a product or company on the culture of Japan
The essay has to analyze the impact of a product or a company on the culture of japan and the world. The product or company must be something that has had a huge cultural impact on the Japanese culture and then the world as a whole.
Why France and Germany opposed the displacement of Syrian Refugees in their country?
Research Question: Must be proven by the hypotheses listed below 1) Nationalism 2) Economic Disparity 3) Islamophobia in social media Focus on negative public opinion France and Germany biases Compare and Contrast Hypotheses must be proven by at least 10 scholarly sources and electronic sources (Pew Research Center for public opinion) What I started to write.....
focus on the Lost Generation and the period 1900–1929.
Overview and Description focus on the Lost Generation and the period 1900–1929. 600-word (minimum) M1 Task 2 generational analysis. Minimum of 4 images presented and described. Minimum of 4 sources consulted and cited in MLA format. Spirit of the Times You will be working on a generational analysis that culminates in a final, edited compilation due in Milestone..
Germany's Economy
A 5 page research paper on Germany's economy. Please include citations, references and bibliography from reputable sources. Instructions attached.
the evolution of tibetan women’s social status from past to present
I want you to write me a introduction. my topic is the evolution of tibetan women’s social status from past(from 1930) to present. I want to write past first, and present second. I will mainly focus on Tibetan women's marriage, fertility, social work participation, education. I need a perfect introduction. this is for my graduation...
Popular Culture's Perceptions of Sexuality and Elderly People
Complete a web search to find a cartoon or advertisement in the popular media that conveys an image or message related to sexuality and older people. Examine the medium's portrayal of sexuality in older adults by answering the following questions. Also, attach or provide the url of your cartoon or advertisement with your assignment submission. Using a minimum..
Civil Rights Movement
Write a four to five page essay divided as follows, with each number referring to the following four parts of the question: 1) the most important events and developments that created the conditions for the Civil Rights Movement; 2) the philosophy and strategy of nonviolent civil disobedience used by the Civil Rights Movement; 3) the major events of the CRM; and..
CMO206 Interpersonal Commuications
CMO206 Activities List CMO206-1  Explain how self-concept and perception impact interpersonal communication. (1) (W) Define what is meant by self-concept. How is self-concept different from perception? Identify at least two ways in which your self-concept can influence your perceptions. What role can that influence have on your interpersonal communication?..
CMO305 Communiticating in a Diverse Society
Activities List: PANeL_CMO305PX Directions: The evidence to fulfill the PANeL requirements consists of four activities. Select three of the four activities to include in your PANeL submission. You should select the three activities that you think will highlight your best work that aligns with the course outcomes.  Please note: At least two of the activities..
Non Anglo-American influences on American food and diet
For this assignment consider how American culture and communities have integrated other traditions and cultural influences through the food we eat. You can approach this by researching the top foods consumed by Americans, the top recipes used, or dishes served at American holiday parties. This is a research paper, with no less than 1000 words and include at..
The current state of Ethnic and racial relations in Great Britain and historical basis for the current state.
catholic and social teaching
You should choose a movement/group that at least to a certain extent inspires you. You do not necessarily have to agree entirely with their perspective. Making your choice of topic from the list will very likely require you to do some quick online research, so that you choose a topic that interests you. Once you have chosen a topic, you will of course need to do more..
The Beginning of Hip Hop culture
Write 4-6 page paper on the beginning of Hip Hop Culture. Your paper must do the following: 1. Discuss the social, political and economic state of the country (US), state of New York, and the South Bronx that made it ideal for the birth of hip hop culture. 2. Identify and describe the FIVE founding elements of hip hop culture: Djin', MCing, Breakdancing, Graffiti/Writing,..
culture observation
Live Culture Observation observe members of the culture engaged in a typical activity and note as many of their individual communication behaviors Research on the Culture List your two sources and a brief (4-6 sentences) summary FROM EACH SOURCE of what you learned about the culture from the source here. Please italicize your response. Observation #2 observe..
Hispanic culture
Cultural Snapshot The purpose of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to look analytically at families across the globe. Choose a particular culture and assess the values, dynamics and roles within a typical family. In your 4-5 page paper (typed, Times New Roman, double-spaced) be sure to address the following: What culture did you select and why? What..
How the internet is Affecting the Workplace
MAX 2000 word A research paper examining from both individual and social standpoints the relation between changes in the workplace on one hand, and the Internet on the other. Focus on the factors like the increasingly ‘precarious’ nature of work, job security, career prospects and economic inequality...
Ancient world : analysing the inscriptions on women’s diseases from Epidaurus
analysing the inscriptions on women's diseases from Epidaurus Primary source : You need to choose main points to analyse with setting a research question. (for example, "To what extend ....") Research paper should contain some informations and analysis of >who are these inscriptions..
Religious Culture in America: Government, the American Dream, and Mental Health
This paper must be about American Culture in the United States. I chose religion as my topic and government, the American Dream, and mental health as my themes. I have a written rough draft and just need the paper completed and edited from that point forward following the professors comments. I need 4000 words excluding the title page, abstract, and bibliography...
Religion as American Culture: Government, the American Dream, and Mental Health
This paper must be about American Culture in the United States. I chose religion as my topic and government, the American Dream, and mental health as my themes. I have a written rough draft and just need the paper completed and edited from that point forward following the professors comments. I need 4000 words excluding the title page, abstract, and bibliography...
Hispanic culture health
"Answers in the homework should demonstrate that the student has read carefully and critically in the relevant field. Answers should be thoroughly supported by evidence, examples and observations. Answers should be clear, coherent, error free. Homework should be completed in MS Word and submitted via the Assignments tool in Blackboard. All submitted file..
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