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The authenticity of Mr Brainwash aka Thierry Guetta
The thesis of this essay is to argue the authenticity of Mr Brainwash aka Thierry Guetta. An artist introduced in the Banksy film "Exit Through The Gift Shop". I argue that he cannot be considered a legitimate artist due to his lack of personal innovation and deep connection to his artwork. There should be artwork comparisons of his work with Banksy's as well to..
short research paper analyzing the Representation of the Human Figure in Western Art.
you will write a short research paper analyzing the Representation of the Human Figure in Western Art. Your paper is worth 100 points and due on November 19th. Length: 2-3 pages of text, typed, double-spaced in 11 or 12-point font using MLA Format. Description of Assignment: Look through your text, class PPs, or a museum site to find an artwork that depicts the..
Essay 1: Natural Science, Ethics, and Critical Thinking
This week, you will be completing your first essay in this course, using the topic proposal and outline you submitted in Module 1. Do not write on a different topic from what you chose for the Module 1 assignment. Natural scientists have often been confronted with ethical dilemmas as they make the connection between pure research and human application of the research...
First day discussion - Augusto Boal and Jessica Santone
Read the two texts by Augusto Boal and Jessica Santone which you will find as PDFs below. Then contribute a posting here based on the following prompt. Your contribution should be between 250 and 400 words long, and can be either in bullet points or paragraph format. In addition to your text, single out between three and five keywords that you think capture the essence..
The reaction of people towards the movie( inxeba, the wound)
why did the movie generate controversy how did south african's react to the movie, why? how did the tribal leaders of the represented culture react to the movie and why? how was the movie received on an international level and why? how did white South African's react to the movie and why? make a thread out of this ( create links) the essay must be coherent use the Harvard..
An experiment with a bird on a air pump (painting)
Imagine that you are an art historian researching your chosen artwork. You will need to find detailed information about the artwork and write up your findings in a research report (1,000 words). The research report should be organized into 4 sections (using the headings listed below) and consist of paragraphs written in complete sentences. Your research report..
Mondrian' s painting- "Broadway Boogie Woogie" is related to De Stijl movement and Modernist Abstraction
- This five-page research paper is a visual analysis and critical thinking, research paper of a work of your choosing. It will be a typed, five-full pages, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman Font, one-inch margin top and bottom, research paper. Students must develop an art historical bibliography, in addition to referencing/citing an aspect of the assigned..
Reading Response #2 - In Defense of the Poor image
The text by Hito Steyerl presents an analysis on the way in which the internet behaves as an institution that controls our flow of image sharing, based on the degradation and loss of quality of images when they are proliferated. Respond to this text with your own personal take on the matter, and it may be helpful to also take a position...
Dramaturgy: Annotated Bibliography Submit Assignment
Provide five sources (books, peer-reviewed articles, or other respected resources) with annotation explaining its relevance to your chosen period/style. Each annotation should be expansive enough that it provides any reader the basic importance of a given text but it should be succinct enough that you do not go beyond a one-paragraph description. You will..
History and Gentrification: What is the history of gentrification in the Meatpacking district/Chelsea?
History and Gentrification: Chelsea, Capital of Modernity? This class has discussed many of the ways that art responds to contemporary urban life, and influences it in turn. New York City offers many rich examples of this relationship. For example, the old Meatpacking district in downtown Manhattan has undergone profound and rapid gentrification in the..
Dramaturgy: Annotated Bibliography Submit Assignment
Provide five sources (books, peer-reviewed articles, or other respected resources) with annotation explaining its relevance to your chosen period/style. Each annotation should be expansive enough that it provides any reader the basic importance of a given text but it should be succinct enough that you do not go beyond a one-paragraph description. You will..
Seeing Women in the Villa of the Mysteries: A Modern Excavation of the Dionysiac Murals
Specifications: -5 pages using Times 12 font; double space; 1” margin on all sides. No hand-written, e-mailed, or late papers will be accepted. -Follow Chicago Manual of Style format for bibliography and footnotes. -Due: Thursday, April 19 -Purpose: This short writing assignment will introduce you to recent research on the art and archaeology of ancient..
The Role of the Registrar in the U.S and Italy - Cultural insight
I will need a 6 doubled space pages on the history of the role of the Registrar inside a museum , the relationship it has with other museum's worker such as the curator or staff. Make a comparison between the American and Italian ( european) system. Compare different cultural work environments, giving if possible some examples. Refer to outside sources from scholarly..
Comparison of Baroque and Renaissance Style Statue of David
Selecting a Term Paper Topic 
Your final paper should be based on a comparison of two specific works from two different time periods or two different cultures. Your paper topic should be on a specific theme or question that links the two objects. We will discuss during the semester suggestions on how to chose and formulate a research topic. Please type and hand..
20th Century Film and Theatres' Impact on the Fashion Industry
1500-2000 words (exclude Abstract & Bibliography) APA format Abstract - 150 words Introduction, Body, Conclusion Bibliography and at least 3 references at least 4 Images (to be no bigger than ⅓ of the page)
compare and contrast two paintings one from era of invention and one painting from new York skyscraper culture
4 page research paper compare and contrast one painting from era of invention and one painting from new York skyscraper culture and the jazz age. first paragraph discussing the social climate of cultural and historical context second body paragraph analyzing the chosen work the era of invention third body analyzing the chosen work "new York skyscraper culture..
Comparative analysis of Revenge before and after Hamlet
Your paper is to be 70-80% original and 20-30% resourced. Your final paper should be 8-10 pages, and use 5 academic resources. It must be impeccably cited and formatted. End references are required, and APA. Writing for the Humanities Composing for the humanities is "technical" in its own way. Students are to read broadly in philosophy, art, literature, political..
Canadian Design with Nordic touch(from 1900 to recent): How Scandinavia influenced design in Canada
The 1,700 word Research Paper will include a Title AND Your Name, Thesis-Introduction (100 words) and approximately 1,600 words of text, You require at least 3 web references and 3 academic journals, or more required. Make sure your first paragraph contains your thesis. (the thesis is included along with the rest of the text in your paper.) Your Research Papers..
Focusing in particular on performance practices for genres and styles of music performed in their ensemble.
The research paper should focus on the songs included in musical "RENT", songs are " rent, one song glory, without you and so on" A brief introduction and statement of your research topic and methodological approach (1/2 page, approx. 300-500 words) d. The body of the paper, supported by text explanation, musical examples or other evidence to support your argument,..
Compare and contrast two genres from the 20th century.
Goal: Compare and contrast two genres from the 20th century. Find one genre that has influenced the second. Utilize primary sources such as works of visual art, musical compositions, literatrue, etc. to exemplify the genres chosen. Genre: a class or category of artistic endeavor having a particular form, content, technique, or the like: the genre of epic poetry:..
The Impact of Ancient Greek and Roman Play (Client Yao)
1. The topic should be about The Impact of Ancient Greek and Roman Play, could be the Impact of Ancient Greek and Roman Play on the film or art or painting. 2. Please use simple language because English is the second language of my client 3. Please use the plays in the syllabus or in the attached pictures as sample to illustrates the impact of Ancient Greek and Roman..
The Impact of Ancient Greek and Roman History on theater Art
1.Requirements: A research paper of minimum 12-15 pages is required of each undergraduate student for graduate students, You must submit proposal(s) for the instructor’s approval. Draft(s) must be submitted at least once prior to the deadline for the completed paper. No draft will be reviewed during the submission deadline’s week. Specific guidelines..
Artemisia Gentileschi why she is considered an early feminist
evaluate the work of Artemisia Gentileschi Renaissance Artist and interpret why she is considered an early feminist This course will take you through huge chunks of human history from the Paleolithic era through the Vietnam War and into our postmodern world. Your course project will culminate in a nine-ten page paper. Your research paper will require a minimum..
Gallery visit paper
So, I have to write a Gallery visit paper, and I already visit the Gallery, take a picture of the two painting. All you have to do is follow the instruction and write the paper describe the gallery and how the two painting looks like to you.
Madonna's Role Models
Who where Madonna's (the singer) role models? Analyze how did they influence her. Marilyn Monroe, David Bowie... This paper is not to be a biography but might include biographical details. The paper must include a Works Cited page and MLA-style notes. Never use pronouns "I," "me," "you," "we," "us" or possessive adjectives for first and second persons. Never..
The Impact of interest in Leisure Arts on Workplace Innovation
Please build off the attached document. I need this by tomorrow morning. 10am CST! Five double spaced pages (APA 5th Edition) • Paper must have a minimum of 5 references
An argumentative research paper on any theatre history/dramatic literature topic
See attachment requirements
Donald McKayle "Rainbow Round My Shoulder"
Hello How are you. I have used you before and was very happy with your work!! I have another assignment if you are interested. I did start it already with a Thesis and an outline. I will submit these to you. Please feel free to change them if they need it. Let me know what you think of this subject and if you are able to do it Thanks..
Creative Exploration Project
Creative Exploration Project For your last project this term you will create your own visual work, so from the start of the term you should pay attention to the wide range of images we will look at, searching for inspiration(s) for your own work. You will post a photo(s) or video on Canvas along with a 1 page personal statement about the work. For this project you will..
American art (Beyond the battle)
You will revise the TPQ, American art (Beyond the battle) see below for details, explore the Online Library databases identified in and list 5 specific research sources (Internet sites and library books/articles). Further revise your TPQ (Topic-Purpose-Question): Topic: Purpose: Question(s): In addition to your TQP, write 3–4 paragraphs on your topic..
Visual Arts Research Paper
DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ALREADY WRITTEN IN BLACK. ONLY THE THINGS IN RED CAN BE CHANGED BASED ON THE INSTRUCTIONS. DO NOT CHANGE THE THESIS! Work with what I already have written and just add on with the research. You are not to use additional research besides the ones provided. After fixing everything in red change it all to black. When doing the research and adding..
capstone module 4 and 5
module 4 is due this Saturday Module 5 next wednesday
a ballet choreographer and analysis of his/her work
Please, READ the instruction carefully This is not a mere copy&paste; research paper -- you need to make a thesis & analysis gathering evidences I want college-level research paper
Artist Who Uses Social Media as Marketing Tool
Instructions are in attached file. ARTIST INFO: Elizabeth Gadd (Photographer) Website: Instagram: @elizabethgadd Tumblr: Facebook:
Marketing Research Project
brief analysis of market segment/s - indicating why you have targetted a particular niche or segment targeted audience/s - refine your audience analysis from assessment 1 pitch competitive edge - how will you differentiate yourself and your business to others? 4Ps of Product, Price, Place and Promotion. This is the major part of your Marketing Plan so make..
Elizabeth murray
ou are seeking to gain some understanding of that artist's creative and technical processes, influences, and intellectual motivations for creating artwork. While it is important to note the appearance, nature of the work and the materials and process involved, primarily you are trying to achieve insight into the artistic problems that interest the artist..
The Complete Maus
The Complete Maus: Essay Paper due July 19th After reading Maus, review any of the six (6) scholarly articles (see Module section on Canvas) and use that as your central thesis to prove a driving point. Thus, this will require you to quickly scan, then select your topic and then spend some time re-reading your chosen article. You should be in accord with your topic..
Introduction to theater Art
Because our textbook gives us a very quick review of a large number of Non-Western theatre forms, I thought it would be great to have the opportunity to take a deeper look into theatre that has been around just as long as Western theatre, if not longer! Please choose a theatre form that interests you, is part of your heritage, or one that you'd simply like to learn more..
Computer Games as a form of Art
Write a a five page research paper, include a title page and cited works for a total of 7 pages 2. Citing Sources: make sure you have at least 5 or more sources and they must be a variety. Not a bunch of web links. And, they must be cited properly, See attached MLA Style below. No encyclopedia or wikipedia of any kind as a source, Not allowed. 3. Include a Title Page (with..
Canadian Cinema
The essay must be 250 words/page and no longer than 10 pages — excluding direct quotations from sources, which must be properly cited along with the inclusion of a bibliography. The essay must contain a comprehensive summary of 5 essays, wherein the theme or subject is Canadian cinema. Furthermore, a minimum of 3 Canadian motion pictures, or movies wherein the..
Need help with the title
Research the life and work of one of the following artists: Angelica Kauffmann, Rosa Bonheur, or Mary Cassatt. Write an essay discussing how the artist’s work relates to the artistic movements of her time. Students should include in their analyses how gender impeded artistic careers in the 18th and 19th centuries, and whether they think that female artists..
Formal Analysis
Using all that you have learned from Section one, please write a Formal Analysis on ONE of the pieces of art listed above. I chose these because they are all great examples of how the Art Elements and Principles of Design are used to design, or compose a piece of art. Use the Art Analysis Checklist that was introduced in last week’s Module to help organize your thoughts...
Research Paper
Research Paper 2000words minimum-3000words maximum. Final paper for class must be taken seriously.
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