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The impacts of the operation of low-cost airlines on tourism in a country
A description of the low cost airlines operations in the destination (including number, size, where they operate from, since when and so on). Provide evidence of the impact of the carriers on tourism (i.e. development of new products, new destinations, new markets, impact on prices/availability of routes). Reflect on the future of the low cost carriers (i.e...
Critically explore three of the experiences you had whilst working within the Tourism
Critically explore three of the experiences you had whilst working within the Tourism, Hospitality or Event industry. Reflect on the learning opportunities from these three experiences and consider the ways in which these experiences have enhanced your future employability with particular reference to transferable skills. Integrating reflective theory..
Service excellence for the service setting (Correction for the paper)
I have a paper that needed to correct. These files are the question and the table of contents I have developed. This is very urgent job. I already have a paper. You have to correct it. Some contents are incorrect. I have highlighted some big problem. You should also go through all the journals and books that i provided to you. And see how to improve the report as well..
Critically explore a socio-cultural theme or theory relating to the consumption of tourism
Critically explore a socio-cultural theme or theory relating to the consumption of tourism and apply it to a specific destination, population or touristic behaviour. Guidance: In this assignment you need to deliver an individual presentation which employs a visual aid of your own creation (No PowerPoint or Prezzi as mentioned below) . The major part of the..
Airline ticket price fluctuations and revenue management strategies
Airline ticket price fluctuations and revenue management strategies A key element of a profitable global aviation industry is the ability of airlines to generate a sufficient amount of revenue from passengers on each route. Airlines rely on a team of revenue management analysts to ensure that every seat sold is done so at the maximum price possible. When revenue..
report for design website for an organisation/service which has real-world relevancy to Tourism industry
Your task is to design and build a bespoke website for an organisation/product/service which has real-world relevancy to your degree – this organisation will be known as your case study. You may choose either an hypothetical case study (for example, for a business opportunity which you would like to develop in the future) or an actual case study (for example,..
Reflective Report - Personal and Professional development
5.4.2 Reflective report (individual assignment) The reflective report is an individual piece of work of 3,000 words. The aim of the assignment is to encourage you to think critically about your own experience, knowledge and future career plans in depth, using secondary research and also theoretical models & concepts to support your ideas. Please follow the..
Report regarding 2 airports regarding airport planning and development project
You work for a global consulting company with a number of large airport customers and the company has asked you to work on an airport planning and development project. You have been assigned to write a report regarding 2 airports to use as case studies for the teams who will be working with their various airport customers...
write a report describes marketing activity of an organization is relevant to tourism or hospitality
Your task is to write a report which describes and evaluates the marketing activity of an organization which is relevant to your degree (tourism or hospitality). In your description and evaluation of the organization’s marketing practices, you should refer to relevant concepts and theoretical models of the key marketing principles. The total word guide..
Analyse a range of tools and approaches used when planning and managing the Olympic Games
Purpose of the Assessment Analyse a range of tools and approaches used when planning and managing the Olympic Games legacy to a high level. Assessment Task Based on a historical Olympic Games event /host city of your choice, you are to provide an individually written in-depth analysis of the bidding and planning aspects, which should include the following:..
Place Experience and Festivals: Exploring eventfulness in Buxton
Follow Module handbook instructions. Mainly, It is a destination analysis (Buxton, UK) with the purpose of recommend and create an innovative (never done before) festival to attract more tourism for the destination. This needs to be linked with the data collected (Graphics and FOUR Interviews). Interviews still need to be coded. While Questionnaires are..
Choose ONE airline as a case study and write 2,000 words report
Choose ONE airline as a case study and then: 1. Identify and discuss the key innovations adopted by your chosen airline over the past decade 2. Analyse the key drivers behind the innovations introduced by your chosen airline 3. Examine the link between innovations and improved business performance for your chosen airline..
Tour218 Report: Resource Management in the Restaurant Industry
Report How can tourism and hospitality businesses use yield management to enhance profitability? Your report must focus on one sector of the tourism industry: restaurants. Within the sector you have chosen explain what yield management is and how it works, and present strategies of how it can be implemented...
Critical Analysis: Tourism by Goeldner and Ritchie
I will send you the article via gmail. 1. Read the article titled Tourism by Goeldner & Ritchie. This article can be found within Canvas in the Weekly Readings folder. 2. Make sure you understand “critical thinking” from the Week 1 reading. You need to analyze and answer the given questions based on your critical thinking process. 3. You are responsible for answering..
Case Study Report about Leeds event porfolio (see instructions)
The report needs to address the following tasks: -Introduce Leeds and the issues it currently faces -Using relevant models, evaluate Leeds’ event portfolio -Assess what Leeds is currently doing / has done to use events strategically to assist the city’s development -Based on your observations and key readings, recommend what (else) Leeds should be doing..
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