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Reports on Project Management examples

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Practical uses of video-conferencing and Internet Relay Chat in a higher education setting
Parts 1 to 4, from the points below has been written just the conclusion needs to be written for part 5. There is two different part 3s, about video-conferencing which need to combined together. Overall need someone to edit the essay, combine two different reports about video-conferencing into the final report and writing the conclusion for the report A report..
Stakeholder Analysis and Strategy Development Report
You are required to watch the YouTube Clip Snapchat's three-part business model with CEO Evan Spiegel: You will also need to perform your own research on Snap Inc. You must then prepare a Snap Inc. Stakeholder Analysis & Strategy Program Report including an Executive Summary and a Conclusion and using the following..
Project implementation in a selected organization.
Prepare a project report project to be implemented in a selected context/ organization. Prepare a project report • Critically discuss the feasibility of the project to the organization. • Prepare a Statement of Work (SOW) and a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the project. • Draw a Project Schedule (Gantt Chart) using MS Project software. Assign the resources..
Risk managment in Project managment (theory vs practice)
Here is my report plan for the part about risk please follow it The aim of the report is to criticise the theory in general and show where it does not fit using examples of case studies in the articles I will provide bellow. 4. Project Risk Management 4.1 Risk Identification 4.2 Quantify Risks – Qualitative Analysis 4.3 Quantify Risks – Quantitative Analysis (PERT)..
You are required to produce Case Study Analysis. Purpose: Your analysis of the case study should be treated as a problem presented to you for analysis and decision recommendations. Hence, it should demonstrate the qualities of thorough and relevant research, logically sound analysis MORE INFO WILL BE ADDED..
Logistics and inventory planning issues (postgraduate level )
Part A: Explain in a critical and analytical manner the reasons why inventory management at NDC and RDC level is challenging to both manufacturers and retailers. Part B: Describe in a critical and analytical manner the various types of effective inventory planning methods used at retail store level...
Critical analysis of on-shelf availability in supply chain and operations management
To write up your findings in a report (2,000 words) about on-shelf availability in UK supermarkets. What to do: 1. Go to a supermarket of your choice (UK only) and make notes on any items that are out of stock. 2. Compare the findings from the first supermarket with a competing supermarket. Are the same products out of stock in both? 3. Conduct an analysis of your results..
Profiling exercise for services operations management
You are required to undertake a profiling exercise for a service or services, provided by a company with which you are familiar. By ‘profiling’ we mean: utilising the tools discussed in the PPT SLIDES to characterise the nature of the service provided. You will use this analysis to identify the implications for service delivery (for example on capacity management,..
Operations stratefy report based on Unity Electronics
Using slacks matrix for operations strategy, discuss how Unity Electronics (see attachment "Electric Utility") has changed their performance objectives and consequently their operation strategies over the years with respect to: i. technology/process development ii. supply network
Individual Evaluative Summary Report on Group Presentations
Assessment Description . This individual evaluative summary report requires students to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of Learning Outcomes 1 to 5 covering topics between Weeks 1 to12. . Follow the instructions below: 1. You are an independent consultant. Your brief is to provide a set of recommendations to a group of senior executives. You have..
Individual Progress Report
The Individual Progress report attached is the professor's instructions on the assignment. We are to write basically where we are currently within our projects. Our project for this course is to basically do some research and in the end use our research to get companies to recruit from our Organizational Leadership & Supervision graduates. OLS is an undergraduate..
Management of Projects
The task is to critically evaluate project management principles and approaches (scope and requirements, stakeholder management, sope change, performance measurement tools) on a given case study. I have a list of recommendations and guidance (including references) that I want. Detailed info upon agreement...
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