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Mega trends and economic drivers reshaping the music industry
digital disruption tipping points: Generate at least 4 topics of the megatrends and/or economic drivers that relate to the interconnected environment and market sector (music industry) that your good idea will exist within. Please use credible sources in references. Identify how some of these topics mature or evolve and if possible, how some of them link..
Assignment 1 - Individual Assessment Marketing Material and Assignment 2 - Individual Report
50% weighting – Marked out of 100. The Marketing Director of your company, who owns a chain of hotels and resorts, announces that the company is opening a brand new beach resort in Sri Lanka. This is very surprising given the fact that on Easter Sunday, the island was attacked by terrorists who targeted luxury hotels in the capital city of Colombo. The Director says..
Consumer Differences Will Become More Heterogeneous Due to Cultural Differences
Write a report that delves deeper into some of the concepts explored in your group presentation. In particular you are required to focus on the key debates around standardization versus adaptation, and to address the role of consumer needs and culture in these debates. You may cite examples used in the group assignment, as well as other cases that help you to illustrate..
Marketing Assignment Marketing Mix, Sustainability a
The case is Tengri Remember that, the report should be approximately 1,500 words (maximum 1,750 words) use Calibri 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing use Harvard referencing, 15 references are expected. Please use at least 75% of academic references. !!!!Please see attach file!!!!..
Describe and analyze the business model and core competencies of red bull company
•Describe the external environment of the company. •Describe the e-commerce presence of the company. You can use the red bull paper as reference to find some information. My part need include a swot analysis in comparative advantage and a digital iq test in e-commerce presence.
“The best marketing strategies aren’t top down, ..” Critically analyse this statement using Amazon
For reaching information about Amazon, you may either have a direct search to Amazon’s website or look for industry related information such as Amazon’s press releases. A strong assignment submission must include the following: - Relevance - Good Portion of Knowledge - Consistent Analysis - Argument Structure - Critical Evaluation - Good Presentation -..
Briefing Top Management in preparation for a potential launch. Mundo Verde Vegan Alfarroba Chocolate
• To apply and demonstrate knowledge of Market Research gained during this module to the analysis of a research project. • To analyse and interpret a set of research data from qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques. • To produce a report for top management, in a visual way suitable for conversion to a presentation that will summarise the current state..
Bamboo industry Analysis of suriname and guatemala
MBA report i have most of the research which i can share APA citations Industry: - Bamboo Countries: - Suriname (South America) - Guatemala → report with 2500 words Compare & Evaluate in each country → ability of Bamboo to participate in our countries History, trends & implications in 1.a.geography, b.environmental, and c. resource characteristics 2.industry..
Consultant Report on the Bank of Nova Scotia towards strategic change
This a two-part report The first part (2400 word) is writing a report to produce a focused strategic analysis of an identified and critical aspect of the bank of Nova Scotia external environment. Demonstrate the implication of this analysis for the strategic marketing position of the organization The second part (3600 words) will be on providing and evaluating..
Please prepare a report - Critical analysis of skills
Please prepare a report to include: - ⦁ A critical analysis of which skills are required at each stage of the research process and which chapter of the dissertation each research stage fits into:- ⦁ Problem Definition ⦁ Literature Review ⦁ Research questions/objectives ⦁ Methodology including research ethics ⦁ Data collections methods ⦁ Data analysis methods..
International Marketing Plan: Expansion of a Luxury Fashion Branch in another market
You are an international marketing consultant who has been appointed by Burberry ( a luxury UK brand) in order to identify a potential market for the brand into which it might launch a full marketing campaign and to write a report that presents a detailed marketing plan explaining how Burberry might launch the product in that market. You should look objectively..
To research thoroughly the adoption of social media in telecommunication field. Please see instructions
Social Media for Business You will have to prepare a CONSULTANCY REPORT. You are to assume the role of an external consultant for your Telecommuncation Sector. You will need to research thoroughly the adoption of social media within the tellecomunication sector in order to determine how it has transformed the way organisations within your sector interact..
report identifying an organisation who is incorporating old marketing DNA into their marketing operations
The report must identify key traditional marketing tools being used by the company, and assess their usefulness and effectiveness. You will also argue the case for the company applying new marketing DNA and offer practical recommendations. -I recommend choosing a company in an undeveloped country, or choosing a company like a tailor suit company for example..
Creative​ ​Fashion​ ​Marketing​ ​& Promotional​ ​Campaigns
This unit explores how the fashion industry uses new media and subtle marketing to reach identified target audiences. You will research and explore current industry practices and evolving marketing techniques to create a fusion between the physical and digital worlds. You will use current thinking and practice to devise a campaign in response to current..
For an organisation of your choice research and analyse the existing strategy of that business.
For an organisation of your choice research and analyse the existing strategy of that business. You have recently been appointed as the CEO of your chosen organisation, apply your critical thinking skills to develop strategic recommendations for the development of the business over the next 12 months. To submit a definitive and complete Report for the organisation..
Global Business Situation and Opportunity Analysis
At least 15 references and The referencing style is the APA style, which is the Faculty standard for Business courses. - Global Business Situation and Opportunity Analysis. - Assessment Criteria: • Executive Summary (3%) • Introduction (5%) • Company Structure, Capabilities, and Resources (15%) • Products/ Markets/ Distribution and Supply (20%) • Competitive..
A business report to the CEO, showing team allocation & budget by location or channel.
You must choose a B2B product or service that would be available in the Australian marketplace such as a computer or telephony system, a large piece of machinery or professional service such as major consultancy. Please Note: You may choose a product or service that is also available for the B2C market. You are the Sales Director. Your task is to build a sales team..
Service marketing plan for TWG MARINA BAY SANDS singapore
This is a group assignment. This is my part that i must do . my company is a tea company or cafe based in Singapore, TWG Marina bay sands. Strengths and Weaknesses Outline and discuss internal strengths and weaknesses inherent in your client’s service firm. Competitor analysis 1.Identify direct and indirect competitors l Outline the role that proximity plays..
Data Analysis for Multivariate Analysis and Experimental Design paper
1-You will be given an SPSS data file for this assessment. Your task is to analyse the data and produce an academic report that details the core findings in regards to the problem as given at the outset of this research. You will need to demonstrate competency in a range of analytical techniques as well as in your ability to synthesise the information and write in..
lan for an integrated marketing communications launch of a new product. You are required to
Dear I need you help me to do my report, i have put the green colour just do it, because this is my part, this is group assignments, but im doing part 5 and b. also i have attached file please check it. I have choose the brand is ZARA and product sock's that i have put there link there.
Marketing Assignment (prepare marketing objective for a already chosen product)
prepare the marketing objectives, STP (i.e. market segmentation, targeting and positioning), marketing strategy and action programs for the first six months from product launch. Need a very good marketing expert
(Capstone) Video Business Case Report - Synergy (Youtube Link Provided) This assignment challenges students to formulate a professional response to in-depth issues contained in a real life Video Business Case. The Video Business Interview and Case to be critiqued will be announced by Seminar 03 and will be available under Blackboard > Assessments > 2) Video Business Case Report..
Why do college students prefer streaming (videos) over watching cable report
This is a group project. I just need to finish these part which is the conclusion. And I do have an example that teacher gives us to compare. The other docx and picture are all the information from our survey.
Marketing Analysis Report-Woolworths Company (550 words)
-Identify and evaluate the relevant issues in the various environment for Woolworths Company -Identify the segmentation, target market, and positioning strategies of the company and evaluate the success of the company in these areas -Evaluate the marketing startegy of the company -Your recommendations for the Woolworths Company moving forward. Deliver..
Retail Marketing
Using the retailer chosen for your second assignment, undertake a comprehensive and extensive look at the internal positioning of this company in regards to how it is dealing with the issues identified and discussed in you essay.
Key account management
A report outlining a strategy for Key Account Management and Global Account Management. (2500 words)
Key account management
A report outlining a strategy for Key Account Management and Global Account Management. (2500 words)
Key Account Management
A report outlining a strategy for Key Account Management and Global Account Management. (2500 words)
a comparative analysis of three corporate brands
Summary: A brief description of the contents of the report (one paragraph) -Main body of the report: use appropriate sub-headings -Conclusions and recommendations -References (use Harvard Style Referencing)
Marketing Strategy based on SWOT Analysis
You are expected to prepare marketing strategy content for Sky Zone Trampoline Park. You are expected to provide content for the following headings: Matching and Strategy Alternatives Marketing Strategy Source of Business Consumer Profile/Target Market Segmentation Strategy Positioning Statement It is not necessary to include the SWOT analysis in your..
Marketing Strategy Assignment
Please see attached file for instructions. Size 12 Times New Roman font, NOT double spaced.
Research Methods Assignment 2
• Clear discussion of literature sources with good elaboration • Range of literature sources including specialist textbooks/ academic journals (perhaps beyond minimum) • Evidence of up to date ideas and contrast or comparison of perspectives • Evidence of balanced and integrated commentary • well-developed explanation of focus of research • evidence..
everything in the files
I uploaded the whole case pack, my case starts on page 81 till page 94. Also uploaded the guide questions and the rubric to know what my instructor is expecting. it's an essay, not a Q&A form
Marketing Mix
Must be 4000 words, accurate, with proper APA referencing
Mapping Consumer Digital Journey
1. follow assignment structure and exemplar attached 2. for part 3 mind map follow the photo attached 3. use journal articles, credible and trusted websites for reference with a minimum of 5 references 4. use Chicago 17th (author-date) referencing with in-text citations
Contextual Analysis of British Council
Mapping Consumer Digital Journey
1. Please refer to the file that i have attached to you 2. Using times new roman, font 12, line spacing 1.5 3. Use in-text reference and reference list by using Chicago 17th guide 4. Marking rubric is important for you to know what kind of expectation that is needed.
Mapping Consumer Digital Journey
1. please refer to the file that i have attached to you 2. using times new roman, 12, 1,5 line spacing 3. use in-text reference and reference list by using Chicago 17th guide 4. marking rubric is important for you to know what kind of expectation that is needed.
Mapping consumer digital Journey
1. Please refer to the file that I have attached to you. 2. Using times new roman, font 12 line spacing 1,5 3. Use in-text reference and reference list by using Chicago 17th guide 4. marketing rubric is important for you to know what kind of expectation that is needed.
Mapping Consumer Digital Journey
1. please refer to the file that I have attached to you 2. using times new roman, font 12, line spacing 1.5cm, 3. use in-text references and references list using Chicago 17th referencing guide. 4. marking rubric is important for you to know what kinds of expectations that is needed
Building a Digital Marketing Resource for a New Industry
Description of Assignment: Now that you’re acquainted with the medicinal cannabis industry, we’re going to narrow the scope and create a digital resource for one of its niche industries, CBD. As you know already, CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the 100+ cannabinoids present in cannabis but it has been classified as a food supplement and its sold in the UK and many..
NGO-corporate collaboration in emerging markets in Asia
1. please refer to the criteria file that I attached to you 2.Using Chicago 17th for the reference list and intext references. 3. please provide the cover page, table of contents, references. 4. there is a reading that you need to read about at the criteria file that I attached to you Reading : Topic 3: Corporate-NGO collaboration in emerging markets in Asia 4. please..
writing for media - media release
the assignment instructions are attached as well as the main promotion plan which the media release should be based on. There are 5 parts where each part on a page • One cover sheet with name and date, professionally presented • One media release • One media brief distribution plan • One Public Service Announcement • One Media Advisory..
Marketing Strategy proposal
Ryanair Ltd wish to increase their market share and you are asked to write a consultancy report that will include: - An Overview of your findings of a comprehensive marketing audit. the main body of the report should only contain an overview of your findings. The main findings are to be contained within an appendix of up to 6 pages. the content of the appendix will..
marketing report for Vintage Guru
Assignment must be in Report format with cover sheet ,content table and subheading of each section you are going to talk about, add citation and Harvard referencing throughout the work. must use Academic resources and use journals. introduction and conclusion needed. SOSTAC structure used throughout the report. write in third person. i will add a file with..
Digital & Social Media Marketing -
You are a consultant hired by Debenhams at the time of the case to advise on Debenhams (Digital) Marketing. Write a report addressing the following: Suggest a customer audience Debenhams needs to be targeting online? What key digital marketing techniques and channels do you recommend for Debenhams to acquire new customers? How should Debenhams segment there..
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