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Scholarly Article Review. Subject between 1900-1941
Go on JSTOR on avance search choice history and choice a journal you want to write about. I need first outline by Wednesday 4/10/2019 before you write this paper it need to be approved by the teacher ones the teacher approved it I will let you know so you can continue working on it.
Response to The Discovery and Conquest of Mexico (By Bernal Diaz Del Castillo)
Please write an essay on the book in the title using the attached picture with questions that you have to answer in the essay. If possible, have it done by midnight tonight!! Need this asap!!!! Sorry for the short notice.
Arab-Israeli Conflict Multimodal Research Assignment
Task This multimodal research assignment will be presented as a recorded news segment. For the purposes of the news segment, you will take on the character of a foreign correspondent for the current affairs program Dateline. In your role, you will be required to assist viewers in understanding the current Arab-Israeli conflict, by presenting a news segment..
Final project
Three people I have do are Elizabeth Key Grinstead, Black Hawk, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The assignment base on the link in the chart in History 032.docx
The Roots of Conflict
Think about some of the conflicts that we hear about in the news every day. Have you ever thought about how they started? We have already learned about the roots of the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Their conflict has religious roots. When studying the former division between East and West Germany, we examined the conflicting philosophy..
Primary source analysis
Need a primary source analysis done on a picture and due on 02/20/2017
Declaration of Independence Analysis
I ask you to write a long Essay 650-1100 words in length. (You can go over but please don't go too far over a 10-15% overage is acceptable). - Note 650 is a minimum, a minimum length essay usually equals a minimum grade, typically shorter essays that just meet the minimum do not do very well. Please review the supplemental review guide and the overall review guide before..
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