Reports on Communications examples

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Direct strategy informational memo report (Communications)
Full 2 page DIRECT STRATEGY Informational Memo Report THE INSTRUCTIONS ARE ATTACHED. PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY! This assignment is format and structure based. So please read the instructions in detail! You MUST use the University library database to find the sources. I will send a private link to the sources with access once hired...
Issues for organisational communication by working with stakeholders
Topic: What are the issues for organisational communication when organisations work with stakeholders from more than one culture and how are these issues addressed both within the organisations themselves and by external communication training providers? Task: -Make a research of external training providers like Global LT (US), SIETAR (UK), LEARNLIGHT..
Is Fake News Really An Alternative to Corporate News
Essentially, social media news (like Brietbart) is considered fake news while actual television news organizations are considered fake news due to the fact that they supposedly hate Trump and are owned by corporations that have their own agendas (note how NBC was offered Ronan offered his Harvey Weinstien report which NBC "passed on" (they had financial deals..
Business Report task- Business communication subjects
Hi can you do my assessment? i'll give you my lecturer notes.... firstly you need to understand my lecturer notes and then have a look the question.... then you can start it with the reports. Thank you!
Setting of Ethnography - Robina Town Centre (Food Court) Time of Observation - 1:35pm
Social Network Analysis Report
Attached below are the instructions and guide on how to do the report. You have to follow the template that are assigned on the guideline as well. I will also attach the network that I have made for the chosen topic which is based on the TV series "Modern Family".
Informative Speech Evaluation
To complete this assignment you will need to go back to the Policy Speech discussion board and watch your 4 assigned speeches then write up a peer evaluation (criteria below) for each to submit here. I recommend taking notes while you watch and then transcribing your notes into a word (or similar) document to submit. Save and submit separate documents for each..
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