Reports on Biology examples

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SMOKING Community Action Plan for Mericopa County, Arizona
Your Portfolio Project for this class is a community action plan designed to alleviate cigarette smoking in Maricopa County, Arizona. Below are some useful sites where you can find examples of the elements of an action plan. • •
Perspectives in Biochemistry: Green Fluorescent Protein
The lab class demonstrated how proteins could be isolated using hydrophobic interaction chromatography. The report is in two sections, to describe the purification technique and to evaluate its effectiveness. How chromatography works? Part 1) words. (75%) With the use of diagrams describe in full how the Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography works..
Practical 3: Blue-White Selection and -galactosidase assay Part 1 – Blue-white selection of pUC8 vector with insert
Pre-laboratory Questions – fist page of the attachment which is 8 question, answer will be on the same attachment in this section no word count lots of page required as long as all question has been answered correctly due date for this part is on the 07/09/2016 par two: lab report for the same attachment due on the 12/09/2016 Laboratory report requirements:  Introduction..
which specific academic skills are the most valuable for student progression during their study at university.
your report will include a title page, summary, contents page, a clear introduction with aims and objectives a firm conclusion and recommendations and a Harvard style Reference list. 1500 words in Ariel size 12 1.5 or double spacing with the use of the Harvard Referencing system.
Emerging and re-emerging infectious disease threats
a report about ALL emerging and re-emerging infectious disease threats in the USA within the past 5 years. List of emerging and re-emerging infectious disease threats should contain at least 10 diseases identified through research (examples, Zika, West Nile, etc). I have an outline/sample that I will be attached later and additional guide to frame the paper/sections...
Emerging Threats Report for the Scientific and Policy Communities
Part 1: Emerging Threats Report for the Scientific Community Table of contents that contains all the prescribed sections of the report Clear and concise executive summary Emerging/Re-emerging Infectious Disease Threat Section contains the following: • Name of disease • Pathogen type • Type of disease • Case rate • Mortality rate • Source of infection • Treatment..
Report on the structure and action of voluntary muscle and sliding filament hypothesis
Produce a report that describes the structure and action of voluntary muscle and explains the sliding filament hypothesis. The report should be in an academic format, with a maximum 750 words and include at least 3 sources using the Harvard referencing system.
Epidemiology report: 1. Introduction - History/ Time line of the disease. - Target population - Origin of the disease - Notable scientists/ doctors 2. Pathophysiology - signs+ symptoms - mechanism of action - nature of the infectious agent - vectors of transmission - life cycle 3. Effect/ changes on population dynamics - economic - social - political 4. Lessons..
discussion board
It is actually 2 discussion board . Assignment 1 No.5) What do you think of these discoveries? What ethical considerations should there be regarding being able to reprogram your brain? What do you think about the little girl with half a brain?!? for this question you need to read following article and watch youtube videos . Article:
drosophila melanogaster
i need a bio lab report on comparison of blue mutant and wild type flies and their morphological difference . i have the results but you have to make a report out of it.
We have to pick one
Apply what you have learned about the structure and function of microorganisms in a report about a known disease and its impact on human health in a written analysis report that meets assignment requirements below. Conduct a search for an applicable case study for the infectious disease of interest to you. Research more about the disease, using authoritative..
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