Proofreading on Politics examples

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"The US dollar hegemony and its dependency of Middle Eastern Oil.
I need: check for spelling mistakes, check for structure (if needed), Rephrase If (needed)- , minor changes of text when required. English is not my first Language. Oh and a short description of Methodology (300) words. I did not have the time to do it myself. 30£ I need the paper by Tomorrow at 8.AM..
Culture and Politics-Why I want to Get a degree in this major
THis is an admissions essay for a BA in Culture and Politics. Please let me know if you can edit and revise this within 1 hour.
Analysis, Summary, and Criticism on the Cold War on Terrorism
I need to improve my writing. The assignment guidelines are below. Please correctly format the work, correct any errors, and make it flow. Criteria. For each paper, choose a problem or objective not headlined in the selected article, propose a solution, collect new evidence (i.e., not cited in the article itself) to support your solution, and write your conclusion...
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