Proofreading on English Language examples

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the use of narrative and its impact on one's perception of reality
I would like to get my essay edited and corrected, I'm not a english first language speaker so I know I might have some difficulties with sentence forming. I want my essay to be more fluent and use more varied and rich vocabulary thank you
i have a paper thats typed out and is 8 pages. Right now its ina single space format I need it in a chicago style format. with chicago style format citing for my sources. THIS IS JUST EDITING NO WRITTING unless its to fix a mispelled word or try clarify a confusing sentence. it is 8 pages. let me know. i need this done before 11pm western time...
peer review Need done in 3 hours please only accept if you can
What approach has the writer taken to the reflective essay? What appears to be the writer's purpose or goal? What works in this reflective essay rough draft? What aspects of the essay are most successful or effective, and why? What is your overall impression? What message or effect do you come away with? What specific aspects of writing does the essay discuss?..
Proofread/ Provide a strong thesis statement/ correct citations/ APA
For this assignment, I will need someone to proof read the essay and make the needed corrections. A strong thesis statement will be needed, proper citations will also be needed according to the instructor.
A philosophical and linguistic comparison between theories of meaning
This essay is already written but needs to be proofread and edited. I would also like to note that i need you to make it more coherent and well structured and then give me feedback on my mistakes. The word limit is 2100 and i exceeded that word limit, so if possible, please cut out unnecessary information. I would like to emphasize the importance of coherence and structure...
The MIllers Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer
am looking for someone to proofread my paper and to make sure it follows instructions. its about 2 pages long with a bibliography.
Make my Resume look profestional
Please make this resume look as professional as possible. Re-format it to look more desirable. Add good sounding language to discribe the things that I have done. I will need it by the end of tonight at midnight insead of the 17th; it did not let me choose today.
How much can you do a proof read. there is no much words start with number 5. and do proofread to just required places.
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