Proofreading on Computer Science examples

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12000 words proofreading computer science dissertation need to be done in 24 hours
1. need to be done in 18 hours without negotiation. 2. you are the 3rd person to proofread my work, so it should be faster. but I need a more professional person 3.machine learning business consulting project 4. correct my reference page - havard BRITISH style. 5. tense need to be consistent 6. based on mark sheet - tell me what need to imporve 7. 12 font, 1.5 linespace...
representational state transfer
review the paper correct grammar errors sentence structure argumentive voice API style add some sentences to conclusions or any part to extend the paper number minimum 5 pages without cover page and references finish it in before 11 tonight no plagiarism
Ethics of Advertising and Technology
1. Does the author describe their chosen technology in sufficient detail to make it clear how ethical issues have arisen from the technology? 2. Does the author take an ethical position? If you can identify normative statements, e.g. who should be responsible, what should be avoided, what should be legislated, etc., that is a good clue. However, the author should..
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