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the use of narrative and its impact on one's perception of reality
I would like to get my essay edited and corrected, I'm not a english first language speaker so I know I might have some difficulties with sentence forming. I want my essay to be more fluent and use more varied and rich vocabulary thank you
Do Structural Adjustment programs work? Outline the key elements of structural adjustment programs by the IMF
Do structural adjustment programs work? Outline the key elements of structural adjustment programs by the IMF (the latest version, they have changed since the 1980s) and explain whether or not they work on the basis of a country study: Greece could be a good example here or Chile; or Argentina; etc. it would be interesting to find a case where structural adjustment..
change referencing and citation format to APA Style
I need the references and in-text citation within the following academic article to be converted into APA style. No editing of any actual text is required, please just change the references and citation.
Proofreading and Minor Paraphrasing for completed Meeting Minutes
[Urgent] Proofreading and Minor Paraphrasing for completed Meeting Minutes Proofreading and Minor Paraphrasing for completed Meeting Minutes -Check the (grammar, preposition...etc) to make more clear/ smooth for minutes. -Rephrase for more simplify.
i have a paper thats typed out and is 8 pages. Right now its ina single space format I need it in a chicago style format. with chicago style format citing for my sources. THIS IS JUST EDITING NO WRITTING unless its to fix a mispelled word or try clarify a confusing sentence. it is 8 pages. let me know. i need this done before 11pm western time...
"The US dollar hegemony and its dependency of Middle Eastern Oil.
I need: check for spelling mistakes, check for structure (if needed), Rephrase If (needed)- , minor changes of text when required. English is not my first Language. Oh and a short description of Methodology (300) words. I did not have the time to do it myself. 30£ I need the paper by Tomorrow at 8.AM..
Editing parts of CV and Cover letter for Job Application
Hi There, I need to edit my cover letter and parts of my CV in a way to make a successful job application in data science field. I need it to be impressive and effective in getting the attention of the employer
Professional Philosophy of the Classroom; the Foundation of Teacher and Studen
IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND SOMETHING, FEEL FREE TO REWRITE IT AND MAKE IT BETTER. The statement of professional philosophy presents your current stance as a language professional. The process of articulating your professional beliefs about language, language learning, and language teaching should help you to build a critical awareness of your values as well..
peer review Need done in 3 hours please only accept if you can
What approach has the writer taken to the reflective essay? What appears to be the writer's purpose or goal? What works in this reflective essay rough draft? What aspects of the essay are most successful or effective, and why? What is your overall impression? What message or effect do you come away with? What specific aspects of writing does the essay discuss?..
Discourse Analysis - Preparatory News Article Worksheet
related to any of the structures and processes of globalization that we have covered in class. The article you select should be a substantive piece of reporting rather than a generic news brief, and should come from a reputable source in the popular press. This could be a newspaper like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, or the Washington Post; a news magazine..
Proofread/ Provide a strong thesis statement/ correct citations/ APA
For this assignment, I will need someone to proof read the essay and make the needed corrections. A strong thesis statement will be needed, proper citations will also be needed according to the instructor.
EXPLAIN, WITH EXAMPLES, WHAT COOLEY MEANS BY THE ‘LOOKING-GLASS SELF’ AND WHAT GOFFMAN MEANS BY THE ‘PRESENTATION OF SELF’. CAN THEY USEFULLY BE COMBINED (IF SO, WHY)? I need help with improving this essay as much as possible. I don't mind any corrections/changes. + I would like to ask for help with referencing..
A philosophical and linguistic comparison between theories of meaning
This essay is already written but needs to be proofread and edited. I would also like to note that i need you to make it more coherent and well structured and then give me feedback on my mistakes. The word limit is 2100 and i exceeded that word limit, so if possible, please cut out unnecessary information. I would like to emphasize the importance of coherence and structure...
12000 words proofreading computer science dissertation need to be done in 24 hours
1. need to be done in 18 hours without negotiation. 2. you are the 3rd person to proofread my work, so it should be faster. but I need a more professional person 3.machine learning business consulting project 4. correct my reference page - havard BRITISH style. 5. tense need to be consistent 6. based on mark sheet - tell me what need to imporve 7. 12 font, 1.5 linespace...
proof reading(adding more ideas- correct it- connect the ideas
add more ideas until it became 2 pages.(delet i correct it and add more information about helen keller in every paragraph) i would like good writing not advance leve. the story is about personal experience Ameira not real story it is a creative soty. and references ApA format just from the pages that i uploded..
Do self-disclosure and intimacy affect your weight management in a relationship
Please read carefully. I've already done my paper completely. I'm looking for help with grammar, flow, and transitions from one section to the other. Also i'm open to suggestions as long as it helps. My teacher failed the last paper i got, so i'm really looking for someone who can help, not just take my money. If you think the topic would be better with one or the other,..
girls having equal educational rights in some parts of the world
It's discussion essay, So you should think about what answers could be found to solve this problem of girls not receiving schooling. look out for reasons why girls don't get educated and what could be done to solve this problem.
Peer Review for Essay (Choosing to work in Canada or France)
Please complete a peer review for a written essay. It is due tomorrow at 10 AM so please have it done by tonight (Ideally by 12), no later 5 AM. You will be correcting the paper on, please don't submit the review before I get a chance to review it, there's a save button. I will give you access to the essay and the directions once I choose you to complete this...
In what way can we ever claim that a personality is 'abnormal'?
Please proof read carefully! Also, I have used too many references. Could you please check which ones I could take out? Does it flow nicely and discuss the question appropriately? I will also attach notes by the professor that were meant to guide the 3000 word essay. Important to look at those! Additionally I will attach powerpoint presentations that were about..
Montessori Action reseach plan proofreading, rephrasing, correct refence
I have written a very rough version of this assignment. It is an action research plan including a review of the literature and a proposed plan. I have gone way over the word count (3613 to be reduced to 1500 + 10 %), it includes many errors and incorrect referencing I would love to have it proofread thoroughly including rephrasing languaSee part of the brief below,..
use this job description to make me a resume and Il add my personal info and experience
below is my resume without my experience that relates to the job in the other attachment called job description. I need to make a resume asap that reflects more of an international manufacturing experience which I have and need to include but maybe you can retitle, reword, and change the objectives and feel of this resume to reflect a construction manufacturing..
The efficacy of the WTO dispute settlement process
The detailed description of the task: The WTO dispute settlement system makes an important contribution to realise the objectives of the WTO as the primary international organisation for international trade and trade-related matters. Critically appraise the efficacy of the WTO dispute settlement process Please proofread the attached draft. Editing/commenting..
Women Working in Male-Dominated Industries Women and gender studies
WOMEN and GENDER studies. MUST READ topic is: women working in male-dominant professions in Canada and the US. focusing on women and their gender roles in any institution in the society. Students should focus on social construction of conventional and/or unconventional gender roles that are of particular interest to them. What changes have occurred (if any)..
Personal development and study skills
I need to corect grammer and the the English in an understanding way, reference in and Last Page. Table content. And to write conclusion and recomendation based ón the Evidence. Thanks
representational state transfer
review the paper correct grammar errors sentence structure argumentive voice API style add some sentences to conclusions or any part to extend the paper number minimum 5 pages without cover page and references finish it in before 11 tonight no plagiarism
The MIllers Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer
am looking for someone to proofread my paper and to make sure it follows instructions. its about 2 pages long with a bibliography.
Make my Resume look profestional
Please make this resume look as professional as possible. Re-format it to look more desirable. Add good sounding language to discribe the things that I have done. I will need it by the end of tonight at midnight insead of the 17th; it did not let me choose today.
How much can you do a proof read. there is no much words start with number 5. and do proofread to just required places.
check the grammar and re-wording if you found the mistakes of sentences,
Hello, I need this CV to be reviewed as soon as possible. Thanks
Proof Reading
Hi! I would like my job application to be on one page. If any part needs re-structuring, please do, I would like a well written standard job application letter. Please bear in mind standard rules and advice.
Postcolonial Literature
Is Anand’s Untouchable a “postcolonial” novel, or does it serve other purposes? Since the British Raj is not as explicitly a part of the novel as are caste relations, how does the fact of imperialism influence (or not) the way readers should understand the novel?
knowledge assessment about anemia among antenatal mothers
refrence style should in coventry haravrd style
Ethics of Advertising and Technology
1. Does the author describe their chosen technology in sufficient detail to make it clear how ethical issues have arisen from the technology? 2. Does the author take an ethical position? If you can identify normative statements, e.g. who should be responsible, what should be avoided, what should be legislated, etc., that is a good clue. However, the author should..
Being Resourceful
Proof reading and more writting identify, define , and conceptually discuss ONE skill you found most helpful in you professional studies role This semester, Discuss how you applied the skill providing concrete examples. the skill that I am using is that I am very resourceful. I am a domestic violence advocate and I run a woman support group so I need a few examples..
Culture and Politics-Why I want to Get a degree in this major
THis is an admissions essay for a BA in Culture and Politics. Please let me know if you can edit and revise this within 1 hour.
Analysis, Summary, and Criticism on the Cold War on Terrorism
I need to improve my writing. The assignment guidelines are below. Please correctly format the work, correct any errors, and make it flow. Criteria. For each paper, choose a problem or objective not headlined in the selected article, propose a solution, collect new evidence (i.e., not cited in the article itself) to support your solution, and write your conclusion...
Financial Accounting and reporting
I have completed my coursework. I just wanted to know if my coursework is done to the correct standard. Section b is about comparative analysis for two companies. The links to their data is on the attachment called 'maths'. The excel attachment is the one i have done to calculate the calculations
(Anorexia nervosa) Developing Recognition of Common Mental Health Problems
Hello, please I need help with my assignment, have written it and sent the draft to my tutor, he gave few feedback, just little correctios and conclusion to be written. (Note: Harvard reference and UK English language required)
I am looking for people who can check my thesis. I need it fast.
Transposon Insertion sequence o Elizabethkingia anopheles (E. anopheles)
It is 1000 words coursework. I need it to be proof read, change words and phrases if possible. it has to be done in 1 HOUR. if you can do it please text me
nursing care plan
need proofreading only in just 3 hours please, its urgent
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