PowerPoint Presentation on Sociology examples

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Assessing Reliability and Credibility of CAM Resources
As you do your research about CAM, it is vital to establish what information is credible and reliable. By the time you complete this assignment you should have made some decisions about the credibility and reliability of information related to CAM. Create an 14- to 16-slide (including introduction, conclusion and reference slides) presentation (Microsoft®..
Positive Outcomes and Association Costs within a Nursing Career
I need a 15 minute presentation on a research paper that is completed. I also have the interviews transcribed that can be shared in order to put quotes from the interviews in the presentation. There should be 6-10 slides in the powerpoint. I will be presenting this so a word document with what should be said would be great...
Prenatal Development: Influenced by Environmental or Genetic Factors
Develop a chart or diagram that will illustrate how prenatal development is influenced by environmental or genetic factors. Creativity is strongly suggested. There is no requirement for APA format in this assignment. There is no requirement of references for this assignment.
Do video games cause aggressive behavior and violence?
Do video game cause aggressive behavior and violence? I need an opposing side and supporting side. Need to be 8 to 10 slides with a work cited at the end support my argument that I do support that video games do cause aggressive behavior. I need to be clear straight to the point with examples supporting my claim...
Social and cultural influences on health and emotion
I need a powerpoint presentation on chapter 6 of the book working together by Stephen R Zubrick. It needs to have the following two parts a. Emotional contagion, crowd mentality/group think b. Stigmatism, oppression, discrimination It needs to be 8 slides focusing on the two above topics. I need by tomorrow at 2 pm...
subculture or counterculture Powerpoint Presentation
Choose a subculture or counterculture(10 points), and using the six elements of culture, research your group and share your research in a PowerPoint presentation. The six elements are: symbols(10 points), language(10 points), values(10 points), norms(10 points), beliefs(10 points), and material culture(10 points). Presentations will need to meet..
Powerpoint presentation following previous assignment
Powerpoint presentation following previous assignment. (10 slides) summarizing what in the attached document. The instructions are in the previous assignment's chat. The deadline is in 12 hours. The points in each slide have to be bullet points, not full sentences. I also need speaker notes for each slide...
Social Forces that contribute to poverty in the Overtown Community
A photojournalism project featuring pictures that represent a sociological topic.. I have 35 photos, but I am unable to attach the file. in a community in Miami fl a neighborhood by the name of Overtown I am looking for a well put together journal with a little detail of those photos
The Impact of Imprisonment of Activists Towards Correctional Services in HK
In recent years, some of the most extreme activists in Hong Kong have been sentenced to imprisonment. We are studying whether they will have a different impact on the prisons in Hong Kong once they are sentenced to imprisonment. In this assignment, I was responsible to set up an interview schedule. The interview target is 12 Hong Kong Correctional Services stafsf...
Make PPT 8or9 slides and script of each slides which I can read
I attach the file which I've already made the powerpoint on one page. (You don't need to research or make it again, just follow my file and make it to the presentation purpose) You can follow the file, and make powerpoint slides for presentation. (15 minutes long) * And I need a script of each slides which I can read (conversation version) You only have to divide my..
Discrimination, Prejudice, Racism, and Stereotyping
Create a PowerPoint® presentation of 9 to 12 slides that you will present in an urban, racially diverse high school. Compare and contrast each term: discrimination, prejudice, racism, institutional racism, and stereotyping. Make the presentation relevant to the lives of urban students in a racially diverse school. Include the following: Introduction..
Creative Problem Solving and decision making skills action plan
Create a 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes on each slide answering the following questions throughout the presentation: What conflict styles have you encountered while working in groups? How will your approach to conflict change in the future based on what you have learned in this course? What group cohesion..
Teenage abortion and unwanted pregnancy problem in Hong Kong
You have to write a draft of a speech, total 5mins for my parts. (Intro & Conclusion) You can see our draft powerpoint (SPD1087-English Presentation.pptx), and answer the questions in P.3 & P7. Same as writing the essay, you still have to give me the references. I already copy P.3 & P7 to you, please see below: Introduction: • What is the problem? • Why is the problem..
Liberal and Feminist Theory
What kinds of changes are being proffered by each perspective? 2 slides each What are the limits of each theory? 2 slides each
The Nature of Racial and Ethnic Relationships in the U.S. Today
Create a PowerPoint® presentation of 9 to 12 slides.  In the 2000 census, people of mixed-race were allowed to select more than one race for their racial category. This change reflected a national increase in: The acceptance of interracial couples The number of interracial relationships (formal and informal) The number of individuals who identify with two..
Creative Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills Action Plan.
Create a 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes on each slide answering the following questions throughout the presentation: •What conflict styles have you encountered while working in groups? How will your approach to conflict change in the future based on what you have learned in this course? •What group cohesion..
SSO270-3: Compare the scope and causes of various social problems on local, national, and global levels.
Create a ten-slide (minimum) PowerPoint presentation to illustrate student’s understanding of the impact of a social problem of the student’s choosing at the local, national, and global level. The title slide identifies the social problem to be analyzed. The remaining slides show the scope and cause of that same problem at the local, national and global levels...
power point for presentation with script based on my essay(6 pages only)
Hi, this is for my presentation (10-13minutes,max 11pages) it has to be made based on my essay which is only 6pages and easy to read. and i also need thr script ot each pages which i can present with.
Savage, it get better
Dan Savage, It gets better Project This powerpoint is on this project _ by Dan Savage, It gets better It should be detailed , with pictures , video links Detailed about what the project is about , what it does, what impact it has and detailed and creative with pictures and video Also there should be two questions in the end..
Do flexible working hours have positive or negative impact on employee turn over
I need a theoretical underpinning for work title "Do flexible working hours have positive or negative impact on employee turn over" use theories like Maslows hierarchy of needs to support flexi work time, use illustrations accordingly, - use 3 power point slides + 1 for referencing - Harvard referencing system preferred (very important)..
special needs population presentation
Special Needs Populations Presentation [due Mon] Assignment Content 1. Select a special needs population from the list below: o Mental Health Create a 3-slide presentation based on your selected special needs population. This presentation will be an analysis of the case management process as it applies to criminal justice special needs populations. Include..
Social Inequality
1. Do some historical research on agency and resistance (fighting back for freedom, civil rights, safe and humane working conditions, better pay) for any of these groups: African Americans, American Indians, Asian Americans (choose an ethnicity), White working class, Latinos (choose an ethnicity). You could focus on a leader or on an event (such as a war or..
Meals for Hungry Kids
FINAL EXAM POWERPOINT Scenario: Create a mock organization to tackle the social problem of your choice- 1) Name your Organization 2) State the Purpose /Mission of your Organization 3) Identify several POTENTIAL solutions to solve or work on the chosen social problem. 4) Create a PowerPoint highlighting/developing ONE of those proposed solutions. Presentation..
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